Chapter 5
Attack On Titan FanFic

Levi POV:

My alarm went off and I sat up yawning loudly, before getting up and getting dressed in a black suit with a white undershirt and black tie. I had the jacket part of the suit hanging off my shoulders as I grabbed my phone, room key, and FBI badge. I locked my room up then went to the front desk to ask the woman there if there were any places I could get some coffee. "There's a coffee shop just down the street from here. It'll say coffee in German", She said while typing way on her computer. "Do you know German? If not, I could help you", She continued, and I said softly and kindly, "Thank you, but I do know German". She nodded politely, and I left to get some coffee. I saw the coffee shop after about half a mile and walked in heading straight for the counter to order. It wasn't too busy, but it is early. I only had to wait for two people then I ordered a medium black coffee and that was it.

After getting my coffee, I walked over to a bench seat in a corner and sat down to quickly drink it then go get my pistol. I looked around the small shop and saw a few business men talking to each other. A mother and child and surprisingly I saw Eren Yeager sitting at a booth drinking coffee and typing away at his laptop with head phones on. I assume he's listening to music, but I couldn't see his screen. I should but it looks like he dimmed the brightness, smart for a hacker, beginners know that as well. Every few minutes or so he would grab his cup without looking away from his laptop or without pausing his typing with his other hand. After a minute I noticed he had glasses on, most likely reading glasses from staring at a computer for too long. When he smirked that when I knew he was hacking into something. Please tell me he wouldn't be stupid enough to hack into FBI HQ again after leaving his IP Address in the programming.

My phone dinged, and I tore my vision away to look at the text. I opened my phone up and got a text from someone named, Survey Corps. (Pronunciation of corps. Core) I blinked but opened the text and it said, 'Look up Special Agent Levi Ackerman'. I instantly looked up to see Eren had angled his laptop screen, so I can see it without looking suspicious, he also had brightened his screen.

He wasn't hacking, he was searching for me. My phone dinged again, and I looked at it. 'Special Agent, there is no way you're here to arrest me that fast. You were here to watch my game and investigate me, but because I was in a hurry, I left my IP Address in the programming. Then your boss Lieutenant Erwin Smith called you because your comrade, Special Agent Hange` Zoe traced me down. He ordered you to arrest me, I'm right aren't I? Of course, I am'. Then the name and texts just disappeared from my screen. I looked up only to see Eren stand up and walking to me then bent down and said, "Arrest me; but only after the game". He didn't even let me talk before he left. I assumed to get ready. I shook my head and called Erwin; he answered faster than I thought. "He knows you, Hange`, and I. he knows we are here to arrest him after the game", I said before he could talk then I explained to him how I know and what happened. "Just keep going with the plan to arrest him after the game, but do it right after he or the other team get the trophy". "Yes sir", I said before hanging up.

Eren POV:

Now I can focus solely on the game and win. I dunked a ball hard into the basket then went to the bench to get a head start on hacking into the president's computer, also for shits and giggles. I never really practice for games but this time I will, just to be sure that the Wings of Freedom will win. I dimmed my screen as I got to typing away on it. I already saw the stands being filled with German Folk and Americans as well. I also saw some news crews, German and American. I smirked as a very difficult algorithm popped up and I got to typing away to try and get in. I sighed, this was harder than I thought it would be. "Eren! Get off the computer and practice. It'll still be there before the game starts!" My dad yelled at me, I rolled my eyes but nodded and got up running in to the court stealing the ball from Armin who laughed as I blocked and passed through Mikasa, Connie, and Jean then shot a 3-pointer and made into the basket like it was nothing. That's when the chants started, "Eren! Eren! Eren!"

Some Americans and some German, I heard Armin laugh and playfully punch my shoulder. I laughed and waved at the people in the stadium seats. My dad walked over to me and said, "Son, German News wanna talk to you". Nodding I jogged over to them and of course they talked in German, so I switched into my native tongue. "Hallo Eren, wie fuhlst du dich heute uber das spiel?" The news reporter said. (All translations will be at the end of the chapter. I will not be using so much German after this news crew). I replied, "Ich mochte meiner mann schaft und dem deutchen Team Viel Gluck wunschen und daran denken, SpaB zu haben!" "Das ist groBartig", He said, then continued, "Wir warden sie dann wieder zum uben lassen". I nodded and jogged to Mikasa and Armin.

When it came time for the other team to come in, dad let us stop practicing to fuel up and get ready. I put my towel around my neck while drinking my Gatorade. "Dad, don't put me in until I say so", he looked at me like I had lost it but before he could talk I just said, "I have a plan". He sighed but nodded and I got to work on my laptop. Firstly, I texted Levi again saying, 'What seat number and what aisle are you in'. He texted back, 'Seat 110, aisle 20'. I smirked but before I could text back the referee called for both team captains up, speaking in English for Americans who didn't know German. I dropped my towel and drink then walked up to the middle of the court. We introduced ourselves as the captains, shook hands, said good luck then went back to our coaches. I went back to my phone and typed up, 'I'll tell you a secret. I won't be playing yet, my back up will at first. This is so I have time to do my job' and pressed send.

I went back to try to get behind the firewall until another text popped up, 'Hacking at your own game? Idiotic. Will you at least tell me who you are trying to hack into?' I almost laughed at the text, I sent a quick 'No' then erased any traces of my number on his phone and the texts and got to work. I focused on the game as well as this algorithm. Even though it seems that I'm not really focused in the game, I am. I investigated and watched how they played other games. They tire out easily so all they have to do, as in my team mates, is tire them out but not let their coach call time out. The Wings of Freedom are already 6 points ahead. It's 6-2, my team in the lead. I smirked as I got passed the algorithm and got passed another easier firewall, the other team scored a 3 pointer, now it was 6-5, my team was still in the lead. I now had to input a password, now I really had to think. While thinking the German team shot another 3 pointer, though they were tiring quickly. It was now 8-6, they are in the lead now. I still had time as I typed away and quickly.

After only two tried I successfully got in but only to log back out erasing my IP Address from the programming then said, "Put in me in!" I closed my laptop and stood up as my dad called for a switch. I walked in as the chats started again and the real game began. I smirked at the other team, the TV cameras and especially Special Agent Levi Ackerman who was most likely getting a call from one, Lieutenant Erwin Smith. I gave Armin a look that said pass me the ball. He nodded and just as soon as the other team went to make a pass, Armin ran in front as I ran to the other side of the court. Armin grabbed the ball and just as quickly tossed it in my direction. I grabbed it, dribbled it a minute then slam dunked. Even the referee was confused for just a moment. It's now 8-8, we're tied, I fell to the ground just as first quarter ended. Three more quarters to go and hello national championship.

Levi POV:

When he told me, he wasn't going in yet, I thought the reason would have been game related. But no, that idiot was hacking. Honestly, I didn't know if he successfully hacked into anything until I got a text from Erwin. 'Sly dog, sat on the bench to hack but we all know you knew that already. Surprised he did it so fast though. He hacked into the president's computer and of course this time, no IP Address in the programming'. The presidents! How stupid is he!? 'Yes sir, and continue the with the plan sir?', I sent back. 'Yes", he said, simple and quick, always Erwin. I sat back and enjoyed the game, knowing I'll be outing Eren on his law breaking, but I was a little upset because Eren seems like he can be amazing at first.

The Wings of Freedom got back in the lead in 2nd Quarter quickly. He seemed so happy, even though he knew he was going to be arrested. Maybe he doesn't care, maybe he was bored and wanted something exciting to do. Who knows, all I know is that I am arresting Eren Yeager Professional Basketball Player and Expert Hacker after the game. I'm arresting the one I love so much, it's a little depressing but it needs to be done.

It was now 3rd Quarter with a total point of 30-8. Eren hasn't let the other team make another point. The referees and announcers let the teams take a break and I got a text. I looked to see, Survey Corps, on the screen, I looked to Eren on his phone. I clicked open the text and he said, 'Let's make this look as if I have no idea that you were coming to arrest me'. Then it vanished again. 4th Quarter started and we all knew who was going to win. The game went on to be 50-25, the Wings of Freedom still in the lead. Eren was getting tired and I could tell. Mikasa was switched, it looked like she was having asthma attack or something. Armin stayed in, though it looked like he was exhausted. Fourth quarter bell went off and the Wings of Freedom won with 50-25. The whole of Eren's team ran to him hugging him and sprouting out yippies and the Eren chants began again. But they were louder.

"EREN! EREN! EREN!", they repeated over and over again, I even caught my self-screaming his name as well. The announcers had calmed everyone down. Eren and the other captain had shaken their hands and all that. Then Eren and his team were given medals and The National Championship. I quickly stood up and walked out of the stands to arrest him on the court where he stands.

Eren POV:

I was so happy I forgot about Levi arresting me until my hands were behind my back and a new crew from America shoved a microphone to Levi's lips as he recites why I'm arrested and my rights. "Eren Yeager, you are arrested for committing the felony of hacking into FBI Headquarters, for hacking into the President Donald Trump's computer. You have the right t remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of all…" He trailed off as he walked me off the court, of course, Lieutenant Erwin Smith, Special Agent Hange` Zoe, and another Agent I do not know, walked into the stadium to take me to a private plane, I assume.

My dad as well as Armin and Mikasa ran up to us only to have Levi stop them immediately growling out an annoyed shut-it. Lieutenant Erwin pushed me out to the plane and I climbed on board. Soon after, Agent Hange`, then that Agent I don't know. Then Erwin and Levi as the plane door shut and we were off to America. "You have a lot of explaining to do, Eren Yeager", Erwin said. I leaned my head back and sighed, I should've ran off right then, no waiting. But I got to excited and stayed there. Now I feel like an idiot.

German Translations:

"Hallo Eren, wie fuhlst du dich heute uber das spiel?"

Translation (Rough, this is from google translate, so please, let me know if I am wrong) "Hello Eren, how do you feel about the game today?"

"Ich mochte meiner mannschaft und dem deutschen Team viel Gluck wunschen und daran denken, SpaB zu haben!"

Translation: "I feel great to be honest. I just want to wise my team and the German Team a good luck and to remember to have fun!"

"Das ist graBartig"

Translation: "That is amazing"

"Wir warden sie dann wieder zum u lassen"

Translation: "We will let you get back to practice then."

Here's the translations!