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Mafia Queen's Game:

Chapter 2

Hermione watched with amusement as the door slowly opened to the great hall and in walked Serena Potter St. Claire.

The chorus of whispers that filled the air was like music to her ears, all of the pointing and the gawking it was like absolute perfection.

This was the perfect kind of atmosphere for someone like Serena. All eyes were on her, and that meant that no one was looking anywhere near Hermione. She could have stripped naked and danced on the table, and she doubted anyone would have noticed.

Serena herself was the picture perfect example of a gangster. She marched right down the aisle and up to the head table without so much as an ounce of hesitance. By her side were two individuals, one a hulking dark skinned man in a finely tailored suit, the other, a scrawny blonde, also in a suit.

The teachers at the head table watched her with calculating eyes as she made her way to them. She kept advancing until she was standing directly at the top of the steps, directly in front of them.

"Hello. My name is Serena Potter St. Claire." Serena introduced herself with a devilish grin.

A small smile touched at Minerva McGonagall's lips as that was the smile of James Potter. It was almost a perfect match.

"Serena Potter, my dear girl, welcome. It's so good to see that you've finally arrived." Dumbledore stated, just a bit louder then he probably needed to. He wanted everyone in the room to know for certain who this was.

"Well it wasn't my intention to ever come here, but it seems my hand has been forced. I understand a binding magical contract is involved?" Serena stated, getting right down to business.

"Yes, unfortunately, the Goblet of Fire is tied to a magical contract. Having your name come out of it has resulted in you being forced to compete." Dumbledore replied as he sent a glance down the table towards Barty Crouch Sr., whom nodded in agreement with Dumbledore.

"So it's as I've been told. Tell me… how in the hell did you manage to allow someone who doesn't even go to this school, to have their name entered into this tournament. I'm not on any of your registries, I've not participated in any school exams or had anything to do with magical Britain. So explain to me how the most powerful wizard in Europe manages to fuck up this badly?" Serena inquired in a calm and collected tone. Her words drew shocked gasps from everyone in the room and Dumbledore himself looked taken aback.

"I'm sorry my dear, these events were out of my control..." Dumbledore began only for Serena to calmly cut him off.

"So you're telling me, anyone's child could have been entered into this tournament at any time, and that poor thing would have had no choice but to participate?" Serena inquired earning loud whispers from the students who had quieted down enough to hear what was being said.

Dumbledore look appalled at the thought, obviously having not considered the full repercussions of what Serena Potter's addition to the Tri-Wizard tournament could mean. He wasn't alone as Barty Crouch Sr, started to sweat. Serena was right of course, if she could be forced into this tournament without ever having set foot in Hogwarts, then anyone in the world could have been entered against their will.

He knew the moment the press got wind of this, they would tear the Ministry apart. Crouch, Dumbledore, Fudge, everyone responsible for the Tournament in some capacity would then be in the crosshairs for every angry parent, that now realized that their own children could have been forced to participate in a life or death tournament, against their will.

Crouch knew now, without a doubt, that if this tournament went badly, it would at the very least, be the end for him. Dangerous or not, the tournament had now placed an innocent in the firing line, and that innocent just had to be the Girl-Who-Lived.

"So… this is the state of things, huh? Well, I guess my bed has been made for me, and I have no choice but to lay in it. I'll be returning in two days time. If I have no choice but to participate in this tournament, then I will, but know that I am doing so under duress, and that I will pursue all legal action against the Wizengamot and the Ministry for this injustice." Serena declared as she turned and started to march back down the aisle.

"So you'll be joining the students here… for the year?" Dumbledore asked as she marched away. His eyes were firmly locked on her, and filled with an analytical aura to them.

"Yes, headmaster. I'll retrieve my supplies for a Fourth year student, as that's where I would have been, had I chose to come here. I'll inform my new head of house, once I've been sorted, as to what classes I'll be sitting through." Serena informed them as she continued along the path.

The crowd could only watch in mesmerized silence, as the Hero of the Wizarding world made her way out of the hall. As quickly as she appeared, she had then disappeared with her bodyguards following close behind.

Hermione could only shake her head and smirk. Serena Potter St. Claire, always made things interesting. Now whether that was a good thing or a bad thing was up for debate, but at the very least, Hermione knew this year was going be exciting.

-Two Hours Later-

Serena sat outside of the Ministers office, a small smile adorning her lips. Her two bodyguards sat on either side of her, both quietly keeping themselves busy. The Minister's Secretary seemed uncomfortable as the sound of shouting could be heard from the other side of the door.

Serena knew her mother was inside, speaking with Minister Fudge. And by speaking, she meant tearing him a new asshole along with some friends of hers, which included a representative from the Prime Ministers office.

A few more minutes of yelling went by before the door opened and one of her mother's guards stepped out and motioned for her to enter.

She elegantly rose to her feet, her smile never leaving her. She entered into the office to find a terrified Fudge glued to his seat. It was obvious that he'd been sufficiently dressed down by his muggle counterpart, or at least his representative.

The whole time Fudge was getting dressed down, Aubrey St. Claire sat watching with a devilish smirk. She had more then a few powerful connections in the British Government and the Royal family, and all of them were in the habit of keeping her happy. When Aubrey St. Claire was kept happy, she kept everything in line. To many within the British Government, Aubrey St. Claire was a necessary evil. She held so much power, and her organization was so large that it actually presented a reasonable threat to the stability of a nation. If Aubrey wanted to she could cause unprecedented chaos. She had the resources for it.

No the real reason people respected and worked with Aubrey St. Claire was tied to that old adage, 'better the devil you know'. You take Aubrey out of the equation and you're left with a power vacuum that would lead to devastation in Europe. The last thing any national leader wanted was a gang war in their country. Especially a gang over open land. Gangs fought hard against other gangs to gain territory, but they fought even harder to take territory no one had yet.

So people played nice with Aubrey and in return, she played nice with them. She kept crime to a manageable level, and kept her control over the criminal underworld, discreet enough that most government officials weren't too worried about socializing with her.

Aside from all of that, Aubrey was a terrifying woman, and those that had tried to litigate against her in the past, had simply vanished. No body, no sign of where they went. They simply stopped existing and no one knew where they had gone.

As soon as she had heard that her daughter had been forced into the Tri-Wizard tournament, she got into contact with a few of her magical connections. After getting as much info on the tournament as she could, she then got into contact with some friends in the muggle government and voiced her incredible displeasure at what she viewed as a 'deliberate attack' on her daughter's safety,

Her words had done the trick, the Prime minister had sent one of his top aides to speak with Minister Fudge, and he planned on making a personal trip out to the Ministry of Magic to address this injustice against an innocent fourteen year old girl.

Fudge looked properly cowed. So much so that he barely registered when the Girl-Who-Lived marched through his office doors.

"Minister Fudge. Hello. My name is Serena Potter St. Claire. I believe we have some things to discuss." She stated with a malicious glint in her eyes, one that matched the one in Aubrey's eyes.

-Two Days Later-

Within hours of meeting with Minister Fudge, the Ministry had released a statement condemning the injustice of Serena's predicament. Stating that while it was good to finally have the Girl-Who-Lived back in the limelight, it was a travesty that this was how it had to happen. The Triwizard Tournament was dangerous, and despite who she was, she shouldn't have been forced to participate in a tournament such as this. The Ministry offered a full apology, as well as compensation, on top of ensuring a full investigation into how this could have happened.

This seemed to placate the public a bit, but many were still furious that the beloved Girl-Who-Lived had been forced into such a dangerous tournament as the ripe young age of fourteen. Some even questioned if she knew how to even perform magic, since she hadn't been seen in the magical world in over a decade. Once that question was raised, even more people grew angry as that meant that not only was their hero being forced into something dangerous for a magical, but she might be forced into something she had no earthly way to deal with, without having studied magic for years.

Regardless of the public reaction, Serena kept her head low, and gathered what she would need for a trip out to Hogwarts.

It was a day before Serena was set to return to Hogwarts, that she sat herself down in her mother's office and the two discussed their game plan.

"Your sure you want to go at this alone?" Aubrey inquired as she she eyed her beloved daughter from across her desk.

"They're not going to let me bring my guards." Serena noted.

"They would if I made a fuss about it." Aubrey offered, which served to earn a smile from her daughter.

"True, but… I think it's better this way. Someone is playing a dangerous game, and I think this is something I have to handle on my own. Someone wants me back in magical Britain, someone wants me involved in their world. I need to find out who, and why." Serena responded earning a calculating nod from her mother.

"I trust you have a plan?" Aubrey inquired after a moment.

"Yes. I'll contact Granger and have her work as my guard. She's still the best damn shot I've ever seen, and if anyone knows all of the ins and outs of Hogwarts, it'll be her. Aside from that, I'll just need to get a lay of the land. I'll find out who's who, and build connections from it." Serena stated, her emerald green eyes, shining with incredible cunning.

Aubrey offered a nod as she stared at her daughter. It surprised her just how quickly children grew. Much to her dismay, the beautiful little child she had adopted as her own, had grown into a devilishly cunning young woman, and while Aubrey was proud of who her daughter had become, she also couldn't help but worry. Once upon a time, Aubrey herself had been that young, with that same gleam in her eyes, that same drive for power and dominance, and she now held the scars from her endeavors. Serena was powerful, that much was true, ever since she was ten, she had been tutored by some of the best magical and muggle teachers, Europe and Asia had to offer. She was a skilled fighter, and excellent shooter, with powerful magic, and she had a cunning mind and will to use it all. Aubrey knew her daughter was going places. So despite her worry, she knew she couldn't stop Serena from doing this.

Instead she simply let out a sign and reached into her desk. From it, she withdrew a small box. She placed the box on the desk and opened it. Inside was a Silver and Black M1911 handgun. The gun itself had an elegant and intricate design carved into barrel, and the metal almost seemed to gleam with an unnatural shine to it.

She removed the gun and set it on the table between her and her daughter.

"I had planned on giving you this when you turned sixteen, but I think now is a much better time. I know you need to handle this on your own. And I know you don't need me to tell you that I'm here if you need me. You're too stubborn to come to me for help, so instead I've giving it up front." Aubrey began as she slid the gun towards Serena.

Serena picked up the weapon, the first thing she noticed was that it was unnaturally light. Serena had been using firearms for years now so she knew the weight of a handgun, especially this particular model, as it was her preferred type. It was far too light to simply have an empty magazine. It felt nearly weightless in her hand.

"Goblin metal. Made in Germany. It'll take regular rounds, which I'm sure you'll bring plenty of, but I also had these custom made for you, in case you ever needed them." Aubrey stated as she turned the small box around, to reveal several lines of silver bullets. Twenty-eight to be exact. Each silver bullet looked to be inscribed with some sort of pattern.

"Specially made. Silver, and infused with runes. These rounds will kill anything, from a Vampire, to a Werewolf, to almost any kind of Fae. The Goblins did excellent work and believe me, the price was worth it. They weren't cheap, so use them well, when you have too." Aubrey explained earning a small smile from Serena.

"I will. Thank you mother, for the gift. I'll use it well." Serena stated as she set the pistol back on the table and offered her mother a nod.

"Find the person who did this, and deal with them. I don't like you being targeted, but I'm trusting you to handle this. Your one of the best fighters I know, and you've got more brains then half the guys I've got working for me. Handle this, like I know you can, and get home." Aubrey ordered, earning another nod from Serena.

"I'll see to it. Wish me luck." Serena stated with a charming smile. Aubrey stated at her for several moments before rising to her feet. Serena was quick to join her, knowing what was coming. Aubrey stepped around the table and drew Serena into a powerful embrace, which her daughter returned.

"Good luck." Aubrey whispered into Serena's ear.

"Thanks." Serena whispered back.

The following day and Serena was back at Hogwarts. She had never intended to go to school there, or spend much time at all in the castle. The place simply wasn't important to her when she had so much else to do. By the time she had gotten her Hogwarts letter, she was already learning second year spells from prestigious masters from around the world. Her mother spared no expense in ensuring she got the best muggle and magical education she possibly could.

Now she was being forced to spend several months there. It didn't sit well with Serena, or her mother, but it was the way it was. There was nothing either of them could do.

Much to her chagrin there was a large collection of reporters waiting outside the castle when she arrived. A barrage of camera flashes, illuminated her path as she passed through the gates and marched up to the castle entrance.

Within a few moments she was back in the great hall, and just like the previous time, all conversation came to a halt as soon as she entered.

She strolled right down the center aisle towards when Minerva McGonagall stood waiting for her. By her side was a stool and in her hands was an old pointy hat.

"Have a seat and we'll get you sorted." Minerva stated, earning a nod from Serena.

She slowly sat upon the stool and turned a cool gaze out over the crowd of students. The hat was then placed on her head.

"Ah, what powerful Occlumency shields you have. I'm surprised to see such a thing in one so young." Serena heard a voice whisper in her mind.

"I've been trained since I was little by magicals and muggles alike. Despite not going to a magical school I am well versed in the many arts of magic. Keeping my mind safe from external intrusion was one of the most important lessons I learned growing up." Serena thought back in reply.

"Well, I don't need to know what in your head to know you'd do well in Ravenclaw." The Voice stated.

"Just put me in Slytherin. It's where I'll be able to get the most out of my time here." Serena thought.

"Slytherin aye? Well if that's where you see yourself, I wont stop you. Still think you'd do well in Ravenclaw but I guess it'll have to...' Slytherin!" The hat finished with a shout earning stunned silence from Slytherin house and shock from the rest of the Hogwarts student body.

Serena was quick to hop off the stool and pass the hat back to Minerva whom also looked surprised. Serena didn't spare the head table and glance and quickly and confidently strode over to the Slytherin table. She found an open seat between two older boys who eyed her curiously as she sat between them.

Slowly but surely whispers began to brake out, and soon Dumbledore himself, rose to his feet and with a wave of his hand, food appeared on the tables, signifying the start of dinner.

Several minutes of quiet tension went by before one of the older boys sitting next to Serena finally spoke.

"So potter, where have you been hiding yourself these last few years?" The young man asked.

"At your mother's house." Serena replied almost immediately. Her reply earned a few snorts of amusement from those across the table.

"What? What do you mean by that? I've never seen you at my mom's house." The guy replied with a confused look.

"You check your mom's bedroom?" Serena responded as she glanced up from the plate where she was gathering food and locked eyes with a girl about her age, sitting across from her. This girl had dark hair and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. She had pale skin and was around Serena's height. She was sitting next a blonde haired girl, with cold, icy blue eyes, who was obviously listening into the exchange with a bit of confusion.

The dark haired girl was smirking, obviously catching onto the joke.

"No. Why would you be in her room?" He asked, again glancing around at some of his classmates. He was obviously not getting it.

"Well at least you know what privacy is." Serena stated with a shake of her. It was obvious that this boy was a pureblood and had no concept of what humor was.

"So Potter, where 'have' you been all this time?" The dark haired girl inquired.

"London. Working, training, learning. All the basics. Not overly exciting. I didn't catch your name." Serena responded with an elegant smirk.

"Tracy Davis." The dark haired girl replied with a smile.

"Cute. Serena. Serena Potter St. Claire." Serena responded earning a curious smirk from Tracy.

"St. Claire? Where's that from?" Tracy continued her questioning.

"My mother. My adoptive mother. Aubrey St. Claire." Serena responded. Her replied caused the smile to slightly fall from Tracy's face. Serena's smile grew at that. It seems even in the magical world, people had heard about her mother. At least the half-bloods knew about her. Which probably meant the muggleborn knew as well.

"So Potter, go on any adventures lately?" Came a reply from an older girl a few seats down.

"Adventures? Nope can't say I have. Most recent, major event of my life was the fire that killed my muggle family, and before that it was when I killed the Dark tosser himself. Can't say much else has occurred in that time." Serena responded with a devilish smirk. Her reply got her the exact reaction she was hoping for. Those that supported Voldemort and the Dark agenda displayed just a bit of anger at her statement. Not enough for anyone to notice unless they were looking for it, which Serena was.

"Oh god… what did you call him?" Tracy asked with a small giggle.

"Who?" Serena feigned confusion.

"You-know-who." Tracy replied in a whisper across the table.

"Obviously not since I asked who." Serena countered, despite know what she meant by You-know-who.

Tracy stared at her for a second looking confused before it clicked in her mind and she realized what was happening. "Are you screwing with me?"

"Depends. How flexible are you?" Serena responded, so quickly and casually that it caused the boy who had tried talking to her earlier to spit out his drink as his mind interpreted what she meant by that statement.

Tracy herself looked taken aback and her cheeks reddened a bit. The blonde next to her, widened her eyes slightly but tried her best to stay focused on her food and pretend she wasn't listening in on the conversation.

"So… anyone here have any idea who put my name into that Goblet of Fire?" Serena inquired. Those around her shared looks and offered shrugs in reply.

"I'll give a thousand galleons to the person who brings me the correct answer." She stated as she began to dig into her food. Her response drew several looks and whispers from those around her. A thousand galleons was a lot of spending money, even for rich purebloods. Any one of them could do a lot with that much money.

While those around her began to discuss amongst themselves, Serena turned her eye towards a far off table. Sitting there, tucked into a book was possibly Serena's only ally in this school. Hermione Granger. She stared at Granger for several long moments until the girl reacted. Her eyes shot up from the book. A small smile crept across Serena's face as Hermione locked eyes with her, finding her almost immediately. She offered Hermione the smallest of nods, which Hermione returned before looking back to her book.

This trip would be troublesome, but it was also a chance for Serena Potter St. Claire to step out of her mother's shadow and make something of her life. Someone was trying to draw her out, and they were using this tournament to do it. Serena intended to track them down, and beat some answers out of them, and along the way if she happened to make a few allies, that couldn't hurt either.

Despite her misgivings about this trip, Serena intended to make the most of it. Just as her mother would. She would dominate this school and everyone in it, if that's what it took to get what she needed. After all, she was the Girl-Who-Lived. The last Potter, and the daughter of a ruthless crime lord. The world was her playpen, and she could make or break it, if she put her heart into it.

Right now she needed to focus on this tournament and learn the truth, but perhaps something more could be gained here. Only time would tell.

To Be Continued

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