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AN: i've had requests to make an actual fic of this, so I'm trying it. The reason why I'm not just starting on chap 2 of the one shot? I'm changing things to make it, IMO a better story.

AN2: the general look of Frisk/Chara at 14 or so will be from the youtube video [MMD x Frisk] stronger than you. Age her up or down as appropriate.

Chapter one. Falling for a new parent.

A fat man with a mustache that made him look like a walrus was standing before a hole, holding a one and a half year old. The hole was on top of a mountain, that legends say people can disappear in, and was the site of a battle between humans and monsters.

With a, "Goodbye Freak," the man coldly threw the toddler into the hole as hard as he could.

The fall would be dangerous for an adult, much less a child, and especially for such a youngling, and that was when they trip, or jump in.

A child that young being thrown in shouldn't stand a chance.

But he did, for that child had magic.

Magic that was attached to powerful wards, that despite being twisted and stretched were still active, and so, with the barrier starting to break them, they broke themselves, using the premise that while the boy's aunt hated the boy, she didn't want him dead.

The boy vanished midway to the ground...

and reappeared on the stomach of a short sleeping skeleton. A skeleton that when he woke up would be surprised to find the sleeping form of a human on his stomach.


Meanwhile, several thunderous detonations occurred in an old man's tower, and a single delicate divice started singing 'It's a Small World'.


"wake up kid," he said shaking the boy.

"Poppa," the young boy sleepily said snuggling in closer to the bony form.

With a sigh the skeleton gently made the boy's SOUL forcibly manifest. Or was it SOULs?

It was complicated, there was a core 'SOUL' that was yellow tinged with red.

A small fragment of one that was pitch black.

And finally a whole, if slowly degrading SOUL that was purplish greed, with purple the dominant color.

The purple SOUL seemed to be sandwiched between the boy's and the black.

sans gently tried to pry the three apart, and couldn't. He didn't want to wake the child yet, and it seemed to be painful for him to try.

He knew that the monsters needed a seventh soul to escape, but he also knew he couldn't live with himself if he murdered such a young one... and knew that if he took care of the boy he would grow too attached to do so later. Another problem was he didn't know anybody else he could trust to take care of the boy.

Looking at the snoozing child he said, "no i'm not your poppa kid."

"Mamma," came the sleepy reply, which caused sans to facepalm.

It should be noted that this incident sans would regret mentioning later, as it would embarrass him for years.

He made a decision, and shortcutted to his room, and placed the boy on his bed, then shortcutted to a tailor, and ordered a small coat similar to his own. He then took another shortcut to a mage whom gave him an odd look when she added in an illusion to make whom ever wore it look like a skeleton, and a bit of magic to make it fit for future growth.

Going back he put the child into the coat, just in time, for his brother came in right after. The guy was bone tired from training and crashed on the couch.

The next day Papyrus took the idea that sans adopted a child well.

Well not really, the fight about it was rather epic. The TV, the couch, the bone painting and much of the furniture were casualties. In the end sans wouldn't budge, and his brother gave in, as he really couldn't resist the tike that was hugging his leg.

And so time passed, sans was shocked when the boy started making bones... and miniature Gaster Blasters. The less said about the time the boy took a shortcut to be with his new parent at his station the better.

The boy learned many swears that day.

It took a few days until sans found out that the boy didn't know his name, and sans didn't either. He decided to do a small tribute to his father that was scattered across the void.

The child acquires the name Gaster.

Nine years later it happened, another child fell down. The child, a girl, had short brown hair, warm brown eyes, and was eleven years old.

"Chara, you there?" the girl asked worriedly, and a ghostly figure appeared behind her.

"Frisk?" the apparition replied, timidly. The spirit looked a lot like Frisk, except that she had blood red eyes, and an almost permanent blush.

Now Frisk was worried. Chara should never sound timid. Something was wrong, very wrong. The reset took too long, and was painful. That combined with Chara's attitude made her worry, worry a lot.

She tried to remember what happened.


Flashback, twenty minutes before last reset.

It had come down to this, Chara whom had control of Frisk's body was giggling, there were only two monsters left. Sans, and the king. She had managed to convince Frisk to kill everybody, and slowly give the body to her.

It was hard at first, in fact for the first five resets she couldn't do anything, but the world resetting in it's own when Frisk was just starting to be happy wore on the girl. Slowly she managed to convince her to kill everybody. It was now, in the thirteenth try against sans, on the thirteenth reset, that she succeeded. All she needed to do was kill these two, then she'd have the power to erase the world.

She attacked, when the soul of Frisk, well... she had an attack of conscience. She started fighting for the body. Her eyes were rapidly changing between the two colors, and the blush was appearing and reappearing.

Sans was stunned. He had fought Chara/Frisk in other timelines. Frisk had reset the first time upon seeing sans. The second through third time they tussled, but there was a hesitancy in the attacks. The last two resets, it was Chara that fought him, but Frisk managed to regain control and reset.

There had never been a fight between the two like this.

He knew he should just kill her, but he thought he felt something. It took a bit but his eyes widened as he realized that what he felt was a wrongness. A wrongness that never accompanied a reset before.

A window with the words 'Reset' and 'Continue' appeared and disappeared rapidly around the figure.

With a cry of, "I won't Let you kill again!" Frisk wretched control over long enough to hit the 'Reset'.

Before the hand hit the button, Chara was ejected from the body... and shattered completely.

The button triggered... and the last thing sans saw, was the button itself shattering.


Back to present.

With a though Frisk brought up the reset menu and stared.

Reset was Missing.

For once since the loop started, she was both relieved and scared. This was it, no more chances.

And she knew she couldn't stand seeing her friends dying again.

Chara was shocked as well, as she remembered what happened to her.


She had succeeded, and had erased everything.

Everything except herself. She was now alone, unable to truly live. Unable to die. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to kill.

She was alone floating in an endless expanse of white. She wasn't even able to hear herself talk. Even Frisk had been erased.

It was driving her insane... well more insane than usual.

She had to do something, anything.

Her menu opened. And there was a cracked reset button.

It was damaged. So damaged she thought it would break instead of working. But she tried it.


She was feeling something for the first time in who knows how long, a soul wrenching agony.


It was over, and she found herself floating above Frisk.


Return to present.

A Frisk with her SOUL, the same SOUL she had once bargained away for a second chance, which was then wasted as Chara had her kill everybody again. A SOUL that she still had.

There were now two frisk SOULs, an impossibility.

She knew one thing, she couldn't chance Frisk killing everything again, and returning her to that hell... and without the ability to reset she would have to be careful about whom she pushed her to kill, if she could push her to do so.

So she followed her sole friend, as much as she considered anybody to be so, and noticed that her determination was damaged, but so was Frisk's, but Frisk's was repairing itself faster than hers.

Neither noticed a red hooded figure watching from behind a pillar. A figure that vanished after the two left, one that would watch the girls, and if they even looked like they were going to go genocidal...

He would end them himself.


End chapter.

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