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AN2: A lot of my inspiration for this is because I have been watching/listening to comic dubs of Undertale, and it has been giving me ideas, so Chara will have some non-cannon abilities, because I think they'd be cool, so she wouldn't be just a melee 'chara'cter

WARNING! WARNING! ANGST! This chapter is a complete deviation in mood from the rest of the fic. The rest of the fic has good times, and bad, this chapter is nearly 100% pure angst.

Interlude: Nightmares about the past.

Frisk was sitting at sans's kitchen table. It was well past midnight on a day when he was hosting the sleepover and here she was, staring at the glass of milk she had pored herself with a vacant expression.

She had been awoken from her sleep by her memories, and it was only due to her practice that she didn't wake up the other four... even Chara was still floating around sleeping.

"Kid, what are you doing up so late? Kid?" sans asked, then when he didn't get an answer walked up behind her, and then he saw it.

Due to the disheveledness of her hair, he saw the back of her neck for the first time... and there was what looked like the tattoo of a barcode on it.

"Kid, what is that?" he asked slowly.

For the first time since he came into the room, she moved, with one hand reaching around to cover it and her posture stiffening.

"My shame," came the whispered reply.

The skeleton walked to the fridge and picked up a bottle of ketchup, and sat across from the girl.

"Kid, I know we have problems, and while we haven't fully buried the hatchet, but talk to me, I won't judge," he said with his eyes fully on the girl, he had never seen her like this before.

"sans, tell me, what do you know of my past?" she started hollowly.

The skeleton took a sip of ketchup and frowned. He knew more of Gaster's life before he fell, than he did of Frisk's before she fell. That was odd, because she fell at a much older age than Gaster did.

"Nothing, nothing at all."

Her dead eyes looked at her best friend's father and she gave a chuckle that was so completely devoid of humor, it could almost be classified as an anti-chuckle.

"that was my intention," she started. "It can't hurt to talk about it... just one promise, don't tell Gaster, I will myself at some point, and that goes for you too Chara, I know your awake now."

Chara moved into a floating sitting position, and then both agreed.

"Well, this is my story..."



Frisk was sitting on the floor of her cell, she was only wearing what could be described as a sackcloth. The ten year old was freezing, but she was used to being so. The room was barely heated, and she was never given any clothing beyond the sackcloth dress.

Then the door opened, it was morning and her, and her fellow experiments were let into a common room to stretch their legs. It was also to allow their minds to work by socializing and educating them. It had been like this for the entire ten years of her life.

Today though, today would be different. Instead of a meal, then lessons then socializing, one of the steps was going to be different. The ability to make the change was due to the cameras in the common room being on the fritz, as well as the arrogance of the scientists involved. They believed that the girls were so beaten down they wouldn't DARE try anything...

The eighty-two surviving experiments were gathered in the center of the room, many of them deformed, many of them ill, almost all having less than a year to live.

Almost all, one was overheard to have a chance at a normal lifespan... for a human that is, not a FR15K unit.

FR15K... the codename given to the experiments. The purpose was to create a human that could manipulate time, using blood that had some unique genetic properties they found on a nearby mountain. Of course the blood was old and badly degraded, which led to them having to try and manually repair it, of course genetic manipulation is an imprecise science, that they made many mistakes.

The gathering consisted of the current surviving experiments, FR15K-3900 through FR15K-3981.

3900, the oldest, and the one with the estimated shortest lifespan started the meeting, "we may never get an attempt like this again, so I have a proposition, we rebel, and allow 3981 to escape, and destroy all the data."

Frisk's, or rather FR15K-3981's, eyes widened, and she shook her head and replied, "NO! You shouldn't sacrifice yourselves for me!"

3980, shook her deformed head and replied, "3981, look at us. All of these assholes have pretty much written us off, and the data they shared showed that all of us will be dead within the year, two tops, except for you. Let us spend our lives in a way that would matter, to stop them from making others."

"But... but..."

3950, who's fast aging made her look seventy shook her head, and replied, "Look at us, many of us, even if we had longer lives would be outcasts, and shunned. You on the other hand, could live a normal life if you escape."

3902 interrupted 3981 before she could protest, "You wouldn't deny us our vengeance would you?" she said with a bloodthirsty grin.

3981 looked at the determined faces of the eighty-one others and hardened her own determination.

She agreed to make her move while they started the fight, and to never look back.

When the scientists came back with the evening meals, that due to their arrogance, had metal silverware it happened, 3910 grabbed a knife and slammed it into the scientist's eye, and into his brain, killing him instantly.

Then all hell broke loose as eighty-one experiments attacked en mass.

The last one snuck out the door and into a locker room. Grabbing some massively oversized clothing she fit herself in it as well as possible, with the oversized boots stuffed with cloth to help keep her small feet in them. She also saw a backpack with her number on it, and grabbed it as well, thinking could be useful. She headed towards the exit, practically ignored by the adults as they had a rebellion, and fires to put out.

Only one man noticed her leaving, and the distraction landed him a knife in the side.

Opening the door she was greeted by a white out blizzard, and with only a slight hesitation, she headed out wracked with grief about what the probable fate of her 'sisters' would be.

She left behind a lab, that was slowly being consumed in an all encompassing blaze.


Unknown to her, the rebellion was a success, with the lab being in flames, and all the fireproof containers opened and dumped out to ensure the data being lost, the final survivor, but not for long, a scientist named James Jefferson, mortally wounded from a knife in the side, gave a dry chuckle as he felt his life ebb, and was reading a file.


Vital status: Normal for age, weight, and height

Life expectancy: Unknown, estimated to be human average at least.

Experiment status: Unknown, possibly successful. When compared to the original DNA sample, the non degraded parts matched up, a scientist named James Jefferson, working alone, used his own DNA to patch the degraded strand. This appears to have given better results than simply trying to rebuild it. When questioned on why he used his DNA, he suggested that the original DNA came from a missing child, that went missing on the mountain two hundred years ago, and he was descended from the missing child's brother, so his DNA should be at least marginally compatible. Especially with how small the town nearby was.

There is no proof of his theory, but we can't deny the results. The new unit is healthier than any of the others. She has also shown signs of showing some odd abilities, and some of our monitoring devices show some anomalies surrounding her, anomalies that have nothing to do with her health.


The unit turned ten today, and we partied. She had, according to the sensors, looped time for a second. We had done it, now we can work on isolating why it happened, how to expand it, and how to incorporate it into others. Then we can market it to the military. Imagine a spy that can reset time after getting the info, and then give it to the military, and nobody knows the spy was even there! The other applications for the military were endless!

James was complaining again, saying we should get the experiment real clothes, and a real room.

Everybody was mocking him, as she was scheduled for dissection on her eleventh birthday.

Found James staring at 3981 again, assigned him to check the cameras in the experiment common room. He worked on them for several hours, and spoke to 3980.

Today I reassigned James, he's so incompetent that he broke the cameras. Good thing he's no longer part of the main project.

The man started chuckling as he threw the file into the approaching blaze, only to stop as he started coughing up blood.

Looking up at the ceiling, and hearing it start straining he said, "Good luck 3981, and live well."

The ceiling collapsed on the man, finishing off the last living thing in the lab.


3981 was in a cave, sheltered from the storm, and looking through the backpack. It contained a striped shirt some jeans and a pair of boots in her size.

She kept the clothing she had to put over it, to help keep her warm.

Leaving the cave the next morning 3981... no, Frisk, as she had renamed herself, headed further up the mountain, hoping that being further from humans would help. She then found an unusually warm cave with a hole in it, and when she leaned over the hole, she tumbled in, leading her into a new adventure.


"... and that's my story," Frisk finished, along with finishing the rest of her milk.

sans was silent. He hadn't expected that when he asked her to talk to him. Taking a deep breath he found his voice, "kid, you have nothing to be guilty about. They gave their lives to spare yours, and did so willingly."

"I know but..."

"Get some sleep kid, things will look better in the morning."

The teen nodded hesitantly and put her glass in the sink, and headed off to bed.

As soon as the girl had left, sans took a shortcut to a deserted field.

He regretted asking, as it brought up bad memories of his own, memories he had suppressed due to how horrible they were.

The memories of when he was in a lab himself.

He needed to get back, his son is an early riser.


Interlude end.