A/N: Hi, well here with my first 7th Heaven story. It's taken me a long time to write anything, which is strange because I watched this show back when it was on the air, or at least the later seasons, kind of grew up with the later seasons. I didn't find the earlier seasons until much later, and I am currently rewatching for old time's sake and I got the idea to do a pre-series story. A hurt/comfort/ sick fic with plenty of Camden family moments of both trouble and sweetness to boot. I don't own 7th Heaven, belongs to Brenda Hampton and respective owners. I'm just expressing my appreciation for the show. The only characters I own are my OCs, the first of which makes his appearance here, Michael Panarotti.

Chapter One: Friday Notices

"Matthew Camden," Matt was getting ready to leave, but froze when he heard his teacher. "Where are you going?"

"It's 3:30 Mr. Panarotti. My mom's in the parking lot." Matt says. He tries not to be rude in his reply, but it's 3:30. He wants to leave, needs to leave.

"Your mother's a patient woman. She can wait a few moments." The teacher says. He then stands from behind his desk, and crooks a finger in a come over motion.

Matt feels the weight of what is in his backpack all the heavier as he walks over to his teacher's desk, antsy.

"It's Friday Matthew."

"I know Mr. Panarotti. That's why I have to go. My Dad's late at the church all day preparing for Sunday. Mom needs me to get my work done early so I can watch Simon. Lucy and Mary aren't going to do it, and Mom's busy with baby Ruthie and can't handle them both so I gotta go."

"I understand, but you know...the funniest thing happened when we were passing out Friday Folders."

Matt raises an eyebrow even as his hands go slick. He shifts his weight, as his gaze drops to the ground. "What Sir?"

"Well, Friday folders are collected on Monday."

Matt nods.

"You were here on Monday, correct?"

Another nod as his hand slips off the strap.

"This is a dilemma then. Because…I wasn't able to fill your folder. It wasn't here with the other students'. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?"

Matt removes his backpack and unzips it, pulling out a plain blue folder with his name written on a white label, full of papers. He doesn't look at his teacher placing it on the desk. "I'm sorry Sir."

"I see…" Mr. Panarotti nods as he sits back in his desk. He pulls out the form where the parent signatures go, along with every other important notice from the previous week one at a time. "You didn't give it to your parents last weekend. Might I ask why Mr. Camden?"

"Oversight I guess."

"Hmm…" The teacher then pulls a packet of papers out of his desk. "You realize many of the notes are time sensitive?"

Matt nods. "I do Mr. Panarotti, I...things got really busy. Church stuff." He looks at his teacher, hoping that Panarotti will respond as every other adult who goes to their Church and knows his father does.

"Well, you tell your father not to work so hard. Sunday is the day of rest you know. Even for the Reverend."

"I don't...think Dad would agree."

"Perhaps not."

"You're not going to...call are you?"

"I should, I really should." At the boy's wide eyes, Panarotti shakes his head. "But I'll make you a deal. This is unusual for you Matthew, extremely unusual so if you promise me that you'll bring back this form signed," He rifles through last weekend's notices and pulls out the form, the form that Matt had worked so hard to hide handing it, the packet from the drawer, and the folder back to him. "Show your parents this week's notices, and bring back your folder with the signature, this will just be a warning."

Matt nodded. "I will. I promise."

"I'll hold you to that Mr. Camden. I'll see you on Sunday."

" Thank you Mr. Panarotti. Have a good weekend!" The words come out fast, Matt grabs his backpack shouldering it and once he is out of the classroom and out of his teacher's view, he takes another look at the form releasing a trembling breath.

Flu cases have seen an uprise in the last month. It is our recommendation that students receive a flu vaccine.

This couldn't happen.

A/N: So, Matt is...well in trouble from his teacher because he didn't give the school notices to his parents. His parents don't know anything yet. How long do you suppose that will last?

Some technical specs: in case you're curious or well just want to know or care even. If you follow my stories, you know I pick celebrity look-alikes for my characters, this includes younger versions of canon characters that pre-date their first appearance in the series. Eric and Annie are both still portrayed by Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks. The CLA's for the Camden kids are as follows. I also made a polyvore set for this story which has pictures.

Matt Camden (Age 11)- Zackary Arthur

Mary Camden (Age 9)- Rowan Blanchard (when she is in Spy Kids 4)

Lucy Camden (Age 7)- Mackenzie Foy (When she is in Breaking Dawn)

Simon Camden (Age 5)- Cody Hamilton

Ruthie is an infant in this story. I couldn't find a look alike, but just picture a baby Mackenzie Rosman. ;)

Oh I've got a fun fact or two: Friday Folders was something that is a bit autobiographical. I'm sure every kid in school has had to bring home notices to parents. I imagine the Camden kids have it no different. So I added that little detail. This story was also spawned by three episodes in particular: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (S1) Faith Hope and the Bottom Line (S1) and (a bit indirectly) Do Something (S2)

Michael Panarotti, Matt's teacher, is portrayed by Stephen Tobolowsky

So what do you think? I'd love to know.