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Chapter Two: School Pickup

"Mary, come on please, please, please!" Simon reaches over Ruthie tapping his older sister on the shoulder.



"I told you, no way! Knock it off!"


Annie sighs. "Simon, stop poking your sister. Sit nicely please. You're bumping Ruthie."

"Matt said I could play with them later. Now Mary says no."

"You're still letting me play right?" Lucy looks over to Mary.

"Not helping."

"That's not fair!" Simon whines as Ruthie begins crying.

"Mary, Lucy, Simon! Seatbelts now." Annie demands.

"We're not even moving! We're sitting in the parking lot." Lucy huffs. "Matt's being a slowpoke."

"Probably talking to a girl." Mary laughs.

"I don't care." Annie says as she glances out the window in search of her eldest.. "You can't seem to sit still without seatbelts, so put them on please."

"Fine." Lucy rolls her eyes.

Simon knocks on the window at the sight of his older brother, the seatbelt flying out of his hand and zipping back into place. "Matt's here Mom!"

Matt nods in greeting as he opens the passenger side door sliding into the front next to his mother, placing his bag in between his knees as he turned to grab his seatbelt.

"How was school sweetie?" Annie begins to pull out of the parking lot

Matt shrugs

"Matt, you said I could play basketball with you guys later right?" Matt turns around with wide eyes as Simon is suddenly clutching the back of his seat.

Annie slams the brakes turning around as Lucy grabs Simon by the shirt collar frantically. "Mom said to put on your seatbelt dummy."

"Simon Jacob! Seatbelt now! Lucy, don't call your brother that, please."

Matt and Mary began to giggle as Annie turned back around and began to drive. "Ruthie's really working you huh Mom?" Matt says. Annie sighs.

"So can I?" Simon asks his question again.

"I already said yes. You're a bit short but...I think Mary needs to start at level 1."

"Ha!" Simon sticks his tongue out at Mary.

"Hey!" Mary shouts at the same time.

"We'll work on it."

Annie shakes her head. "Matt,"

"I'm just teasing Mom. Relax."

"Matt's teaching me for tryouts! Simon's gonna screw it up!"

"No, I won't!"

"You're practicing for tryouts a year early. There will be plenty of time Sweetheart." Annie tells Mary. "Just play a game for fun. Matt can teach all of you."

"Yes!" Simon fist pumps. "Awesome!"

Annie looks at her son. "That's alright, isn't it Matt?"

Matt is staring out of the window.


"Huh? Oh yeah, yup."

"What's with you? You're a space cadet." Lucy asks.


"Is it Macy?" Mary joins in on her sister's teasing.

"Shut up!" Matt snaps.

"Matthew Camden," Annie stops the car as they pull up in front of the house. "Language young man."

"Be quiet then!" Matt grabs his backpack jerking open the door and running into the house.

"Matt!" Annie sighs.

"It's definitely Macy." Mary looks at Lucy and they high five.

Simon's eyes grow huge as he comes to the realization. His sisters were double teaming. He jumps out of the car running into the house. "Matt! Matt, wait! There's too many sisters!" Lucy and Mary shake their heads laughing but proceed to begin a game of chase.

Annie chuckles as she gets out of the car and attends to Ruthie. "Do me a favor, and don't team up with anyone in the near future Honey. Stay neutral."

Ruthie coos.

"Glad we understand each other. Good talk."

Eric looks up from his reading as he sees his oldest son run past. "Hi Matt how was—?" Before he could get a greeting out, Matt was up the stairs and the door was slammed. "'Just awful Dad, can we talk about it?'" Eric mutters. "Oh sure. Good talk."

He then sees Simon running. "Dad help me help me!" Simon ducks under the table.

Eric moves his chair back and bends down so he's looking at Simon. "What's going on?"

"SHH! They'll hear."

"Oh...sorry… who are we talking about again?" Eric's voice drops to a whisper

"Matt left me with Lucy and Mary. They're acting weird!"

"Weird how?"

"Hey Dad!"

"Gotta go!" Simon ducks back under squeezing against the table leg.

Eric straightens out hitting his head on the table. " Ow..oh. Hey Luce, Mary, what's up?"

"Have you seen Simon?" Lucy asks.

"You know, I've been so distracted, I don't think I've been paying much attention at all." Eric holds up the pen he'd been using. "I even dropped a pen. He's probably around somewhere, why?"

"No reason. Everything's fine Dad." Mary says. The girls exchange a look.

"Well, my Dad senses are particularly hyper aware this afternoon. I have a hunch that there's more to the story. Am I wrong?"

"Can it wait? Please…"


Eric nods shooing the girls away as his wife places Ruthie in the high chair. "Go ahead. We'll talk later." The girls leave as Eric turns back to his wife.

"Dr. Bremerton called about making appointments for the kids' checkups."

Simon frowns as he begins the process of sneaking out from his hiding place. Checkups. He has to spread the word, even if it means Mary and Lucy catch him a man down.

A/N: So, the Camden kids are planning to play a bit of basketball, and of course none can agree on who should be allowed to play. Simon's doing everything he can to avoid his sisters, but found out his parents' intentions with the doctor's appointments. And Mary and Lucy have their own theory about Matt.

Next chapter: Eric and Annie talk, Simon tries to get his brother to pay attention, the basketball game, among other things.