Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Bros and its characters. This story also takes place in my AU (my first one).

Lucas invited Ness over to his house. The blonde boy's parents were out to watch a movie, while Claus' in his room.

Both PSI wielding boys mostly played video games with each other.

The blonde boy was having fun, until Ness brought something up.

"Hey Lucas.", he started. "Do you remember last week?"

Lucas looked at him, slightly confused.

The raven-haired boy was nervous to bring it up at first, but said it. "The time when I found you bound and gagged in your room."

The blonde boy blushed in embarrassment. He slowly nodded.

Silence entered the room.

"I didn't want to do the hurtful, so that time, I just rubbed you.", Ness added. "B-But did you like it by any chance?"

"For being tied up?"

Ness nodded.

"Truth? Y-Yeah..."

Silence entered once again.

Lucas didn't know if he should keep hiding it. He finally told it. "For the past few days after that, Claus and I would have some fun tying up each other. It's always me that gets to be tied though." The blonde boy turned away, not wanting to look at Ness at the moment.

Ness looked at the package, then back at Lucas. A smirk started to appear. He went to get the package.

The blonde boy looked a bit, as his eyes widen a bit. "Um...Ness?"

He pulled the package closer to the blonde.

"Are you-?"

Ness nodded and said, "Give me your hands."

Lucas followed, as the raven-haired boy began to tie yellow silky ribbons, one on each wrist.

He shortly put his hands above his head and began tying them to the bed post.

The blonde boy blushed more, and struggled lightly.

"Don't worry... I promise to be gentle." Ness then tied Lucas' legs together, before pulling up the blonde boy's shirt.

Lucas began to whimper, he felt to embarrassed. "P-Please Ness. Please st-mph!"

"Shh~" The older boy placed a ballgag on the other's mouth, strapping it in. "It's okay. Just let me finish."

He had mixed feelings right now. Embarrassed that his best friend is doing this and knows his love of bondage, and happy that he's doing it.

Claus was tired from yesterday, he was at Ninten's house playing with him, and came home late. So he can't 'play' with his younger twin for the day.

Ness began to rub Lucas' chest.

This made the blonde boy moan through his gag.

Next, he pulled out something from the drawer. Some headband ears and matching tail. The raven-haired boy placed the fox ears on Lucas' head, followed by tying the matching tail to his back. Then he put on the same thing, but it was a wolf instead (he had to remove his hat for that).

Lucas started to relax, he got used to the fact that Ness was the one that tied him up for the day.

Ness removed the gag, later slipping his lips in Lucas'. Kissing him effectively. 'Hopefully Claus won't get jealous.', he thought as his tongue went deeper inside the blonde's mouth.

He slowly closed his eyes, if his fake fox tail was real, it would've been wagging, and the fake fox ears would've been drooping. His mind drifted to sleep after the long kiss. So he was unsure on what happened next.

~~~time skip~~~

Lucas woke up, feeling very sore. He was freed from his bindings.

The blonde boy slowly looked down to see Ness asleep in front of him. (Both are still wearing their clothes, so no rated M stuff happened in the time skip.)

"Hey Ness..." He shook his best friend awake.

"Hmm...?" Ness got up weakly, feeling sore as well. "Yes...?"

"That was fun." A small smile appeared on Lucas.

Ness smiled back. "I'm glad you like it."

Lucas remained silent for a few minutes before speaking. "Maybe...we can do this again?"

"It's a date~"