Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't had the time to write more fics, I was too busy with college work if you know what I mean. Anyway, here is a new story that I came up with. Until Dawn is my new favorite game now, and I am still a fan of X-Men: Evolution, so I thought of making another mashup of both, this time the X-Men Evo characters are role playing the events of Until Dawn. So enjoy!


On one weekend at a lodge secretly owned by Erik and Pietro, the Brotherhood had a getaway party, with fun games, a few drinks (they had to be careful what drinks they had to take since most of them were underage), and party music, and even got the X-Men to join them, as a "bonding time." Ever since the fight with Apocalypse, the Brotherhood and X-Men started to mend ways, and it started through Lance and Kitty. At two in the morning, the mutants plan on playing a prank on Tabitha, who was formerly part of the Brotherhood, and the X-Men, but was invited by them anyway.

"I can't even believe we're doing this right now!" Jubilee was nervous but somehow excited about taking part of the prank.

"Hey. Don't you think this is, like, a little cruel, guys?" Kitty asked.

"Tabitha deserves it! She's been making moves on Scott and I'm just trying to back her off. Scott's my man!" Jean spoke up as she leaves the kitchen.

"Jean. You don't have to be that overprotective over me. I'm completely fine with Tabs making moves on me!" Scott assured Jean as he follows her along with Kitty and Jubilee.

"Whatever you say, babe!" Jean replied.

Scott, Jean, Kitty, and Jubilee walk to the guest room of the lodge. Bobby and Todd follow them.

The only ones not involved were Rogue, who refused to go along with the group's prank, and just sat in the living room watching the group while reading a book. Wanda was still in the kitchen looking out the window, ignoring the conversations of the group, while Lance and Pietro were passed out on the counter after having a few too many drinks at once.

At the guest room, the group gets settled in their positions. Jean and Jubilee crouched under the bed, Todd hid behind a closet, and Kitty and Bobby phased behind a wall, just leaving Bobby's phone out to record the prank, while Scott just stands around, waiting for Tabitha.

"Shhhh! She's coming! Everyone quiet!" Jubilee whispered to everyone as they heard footsteps.

Just then, Tabitha makes her way to the guest room, holding an energy ball as a source of light.

She kicks the door to the guest room open as her grand entrance, nearly startling the group.

"Helloo, Scotty!" Tabitha flirtatiously introduced herself to the brunette boy.

"Oh. Hey, Tabitha."

Meanwhile, back at the kitchen, while Wanda is still looking out the window, she spots a dark figure fleeing her vision.

"Huh. What the hell was that?" She walked over to her brother. "Pietro?" She tried to wake him up, to no avail.

"Ugh!" Wanda groaned "Again, brother, you've outdone us! I wonder what father would think about this!" She walks around the kitchen, before stumbling upon a letter, which wrote "Tabitha, you're hot under your pink top. I'll bet you look SMOKIN' without it! Meet me at the guest room at 2 AM ;) - Scott XOXO," noticing right away it's Jean's handwriting. "Seriously. What mischief could Tabs and the freaks get into right now?"

Back at the guest room...

"So, Scotty. I got your note. Glad to see me?" Tabitha asked Scott

"Uh, yeah. Definitely. So, you wanna get on with it? Do a little making out?" Scott asked uneasily.

"Hell yes! Now we'll get some boom-boom action up in here!" Tabitha excitedly said as she unbuttoned her top. Just then she heard giggles coming from the room.

"Oh My God!" Jean quietly exclaimed

"Did she just take her shirt off!?" Jubilee whispered to Jean.

"WHAT? HEY!" The blonde was terrified as she covered herself. That was when everyone came out of their hiding places. Then she saw Bobby holding his phone out.

"Bobby!? Toad!? What the hell are you doing here!?" She questioned.

"Tabitha, I can explain!" Scott spoke up, but the girl already left the room before she could hear him.

Rogue, still in the living room, sees Tabitha make her way out the lodge.

"Hey Tabitha. What's wrong-"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" She angrily pushed the goth aside as she storms outside into the woods.

"Those idiots." Rogue muttered under her breath as she followed her.

Just then, Wanda storms out the kitchen after claiming she saw someone outside, then got confused as she saw Rogue and the group exit the lodge.

"Tabitha!" Rogue and the rest of the group were calling out to her.

"What's going on? Where's my friend going!?" Wanda caught up to them.

"Relax, baby cakes! She just can't take a joke! That's all!" Todd assured her.

"It was just a prank, Tabs!" Jubilee yelled out.

"What did you do!?" Wanda started getting angrier.

"Wanda. We were just messing around. Nothing serious, really!" Scott said.

"YOU JERKS!" She hexed the group, knocking them away, then rushed off to find Tabitha.

"I'll go after her!" Scott was about to run after the girls, but Rogue stopped him.

"I don't think we should be facing Wanda's wrath at the moment, okay? Let's just wait here." Rogue sarcastically said to Scott.

"Tabitha!" Wanda continuously called out for the blonde mutant as she ran through the woods outside the lodge. Along the way, she encountered a few deer running away from her. And then she saw a burst of flame from a distance, and she knew the one person who could do it.

Pyro. The raven-haired mutant muttered.

As she moved further into the woods, she spotted Tabitha in a fetal position in the snow.



"Jeez. You must be freezing!" Wanda lent her scarlet jacket to Tabitha.

"I feel like an idiot, Wanda!" Tabitha angrily said to her while she was still in tears.

"No. They're idiots for doing a stunt like that. Now let's go back and then kick the shit out of them."

"Okay." Tabitha calmed down.

The two then hear a loud screech.




The two girls start running away and going back to the lodge. However, they accidentally take a wrong route and end up on a dead end, a cliff.

"No no no no no! Wrong way!" Tabitha exclaimed.

"Shit! We're dead!" Wanda screamed.

They hear the thing screech again, and this time, it's coming towards them. They walk backward to try to avoid the thing.

"Let's see if it can handle this!" Tabitha bravely readies her plasma orbs, but Wanda stops her.

"No! We're not risking an avalanche!" Wanda lectured her.

Wanda tried hexing the creature away, but to her horror, nothing happened.

"Crap! Just hold on to me, okay?"

The girls held each other's hands for security as they kept walking backward as the thing was coming closer to them. However, Tabitha's foot slipped and she and Wanda fall off the cliff. Fortunately, Wanda happened to grab on a branch that was under the cliff while holding Tabitha's hand with the other hand. But that meant she couldn't use her powers since both hands are occupied.

"Wanda, do something!" Tabitha yelled.

"How can I?! My hands are full!" Wanda protested.

They were left dangling at the bottom of the cliff, with Wanda's hand slowly losing grip from the branch. They then saw flames coming from the cliff. Wanda recognizes that it's Pyro from earlier, and he appears to lend his hand to Wanda.

Before she could do anything, Wanda's hand slips from the branch, and she and Tabitha start falling off the ledge. It was a very painful way down, as they roll a long down down the cliff, especially for Tabitha. She had the misfortune of having her back hit a rock, which killed her instantly. They land on a cave, deep within the mountains.

And they just laid there. That was the last time the rest of the group saw Wanda and Tabitha.

And that is all for the first chapter, or should I say, the "prologue" based on the game's events. :) The thing here is that I didn't want to copy too much of the dialogue from the original game, so I changed it so it can me more in line of how the characters from X-Men would act. And obviously since the main characters are mutants, it would be easy for them to fight off the monsters in the future chapters, right? Well, let's see.

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