MINES, 6:08 AM, 1 Hour Until Dawn

Pietro woke up on the cavern floor to the sound of voices. Voices that kept calling out his name. "Pietro... Pietro... Pietro..." The voices kept whispering to him.

"...Wanda?" Pietro recognized only one of the many voices he heard.

"Wanda! Where are you!?" He looked around him for a way out. "How did I end up here!?"

He sped his way through the mines, hoping to find a way out. It took longer for him than he thought, but he had no luck. All that was left was him stumbling through the mines before he came back to where he was before.

"No... no way out... what can I do... I'm lost... help me... please help me..." He mumbled as he collapsed to the ground, and curling himself into a fetal position.

"Pietro... Pietro... Pietro... Pietro..." The voices appeared again.

"Stop...!" Pietro begged for the voices to disappear. "Stop...! Please! Go away!"

He bolted back up to cover his ears. "No! I'm not hearing anything!"

Pietro started to hear giggling, coming from Wanda and Tabitha.

"Shut up! Just shut up already!" Pietro begged as the giggling became louder.

"Pietro...!" Wanda's voice echoed.

"Hey speedy!" Tabitha's voice followed.

"No! You're dead!"

"Come play with us, Speedy." Tabitha's voice echoed.

"We miss you, Pietro." Wanda said.

"Join us."

"So we'll be together forever..."

"and ever..."

"and EVER!" Pietro felt Wanda's powers strike him in the chest when she said those words.

"SHUT UP! YOU AREN'T REAL!" Pietro yelled. "ALL OF YOU!"

"You think this game of yours is gonna bring us together, yo!? This is just the total opposite!" Todd's voice echoed.

"You're a fucking murderer! Need I say more!?" Scott's voice then came out.

"Tell me honestly, Pietro. Can you not see the consequences of your actions!?" Lance's voice followed.

"Pietro you sick FUCK!" Kitty's voice came out, something Pietro hadn't heard her say.

"How dare you, Pietro!?" Rogue's voice added.

"Time has run out for our special Pietro..." The Psycho's cackle echoed through his head.

"NO STOP!" Pietro suffered from a breakdown. "Please... okay... I trust... I trust you..." He started to calm down and attempt to walk through the mines again.

Just a few steps in, a figure of Tabitha suddenly appeared.

"Hey speedy." She called out to him again. She had a very zombified appearance, as her skin had been extremely pale, and was on the process of decaying, and she was still wearing the same clothes she wore when she disappeared.

"Wands and I had been alone up here."

"No no... not again..." Pietro mumbled.

"All alone. Right at these damn mines." A figure of Wanda appeared beside Tabitha. Her appearance was just lke Tabitha's. "Don't worry. You're with us now. Like a family."

"G-get away! You're not real!" The speedster then yelled out.


"I- I didn't mean to... I didn't want you to die..."

"SHUT UP!" She suddenly sounded demonic when she said those words.

Pietro walked through another part of the mines and screamed in terror as he saw part of the walls as pig skin being cut through by a knife, and a pig's head burst through. He quickly punched it away, causing the head to fall to the ground. Then, the figures of Wanda and Tabitha burst through the head, this time soaked in the pig's blood.

"No! You can't be real! Please! I- I don't take orders from you...!" Pietro reacted in disgust.

"Pietro..." Wanda proceeded to tear off her face, leaving behind her skull. "Is this what you wanted?"

"NOO! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE!" Pietro was on the verge of tears.

"Why did you leave us down here, Pietro!?" Wanda and Tabitha walked over to Pietro. "WHY!?"

The very last thing Pietro saw was Tabitha's face bursting open to reveal a Wendigo head.

"PIETRO...!" It screeched out.

MINES, 6:00 AM

Rogue and Scott continued exploring the mines.

"I never expected those things to be fuglier in person." Rogue stated.

Scott chuckled. "You can say that again. But let me just say. Something's just... off about that Wendigo."

"What are you talking about?"

"That Wendigo you just saw me fight minutes ago? It had a scar. Before that, I looked through old pictures of these miners and one of them had that same scar." Scott explained. "And I read a file about that guy with the scar transforming into a Wendigo. It was a brutal, brutal, documentation to say the least."

"Yeeks." Rogue reacted.

"And that miner, was one of those who got trapped in the cave-in back in the 50's." Scott added.

"So what? That thing's, like, 80 years old, I believe?" Rogue questioned.

"Definitely think so." Scott said. "Then those things cleaned the place out. Killed a lot of people, and trashed the Sanatorium before it came what it was now."

"'They'? You mean there's more of them?" Rogue wondered.


"How many?"

Scott cleared his throat. "Too many."

"Oh Jesus."

They continued to walk around until they came across a grave.

"Scott? Is that... what I think it is?"

"I better hope not..."

When the two took a closer look at it, they not only spotted remains lying on the ground, but also some gold accessories as well that belonged to a familiar friend.

"Wait. This is Tabitha's other bracelet!" Rogue picked up the bracelet. "She was buried in here!"

"Yeah, but didn't Jubilee say that she found a cross and her head somewhere else...?"

"Question is... who dug her up?"

To look for answers, Rogue and Scott came across a lake and proceeded to wade across it.

"Jesus. This is cold!" The goth exclaimed.

"Yeah. I can't feel my legs!" Scott complained.

The water started to get deeper and deeper. "Oh boy. If there are sharks at the bottom..."

"Nah. There won't be." Scott assured.

"What if these Wendigos know how to swim?" Rogue was worried.

"I'm sure there aren't any right here."

Then, there was a split in the path, that Rogue chose to go left first. Mike followed shortly after.

From the left side, Rogue spotted an open journal, written in Wanda's handwriting. It wrote:

Day 1

I just witnessed my friend die. The fall killed her. I saw the color completely drain from her face. God it was horrifying!

Now I'm alone up here, with no way out. My leg is broken and I can't move much.

I hope someone can find us...

Day 5

I'm getting HUNGRIER by the second. I could feel my stomach twisting itselfaround.

It's so cold down here. Even with my jacket and sweater, I'm still shivering... I hope Tabitha's still looking out for me...

Day 16

Still no way out. My powers aren't helping at all. I don't think I can survive much longer...

Father, Pietro, please look out for me.

I hope you don't forget about me...

I'm all alone here...

No one's been here lately...

Day 30

Tabitha. I'm so sorry. I have no choice. I'm DYING.

This is the only way I can survive anymore. To anyone who sees this, I'm sorry. I'm so SO SORRY. I had no choice... I had to...

Tabitha... please forgive me...

Day 34

My hands are unclean.

My nails feel PUSHED OUT.



The very next page had been entirely crossed out. But there were still a few words faintly written on the page, such as "Wanda," "Tabitha," and "HUNGRY"

The other pages weren't found. Rogue and Scott gasped in horror.

"Oh my God..." Rogue whispered.

"What? What does this mean...?" Scott asked.

"Everything makes sense now!" Rogue realized the truth. "It was Wanda who dug up Tabitha!"

"So what? Tabitha died in the fall?"

"Yes. Then Wanda buried her."

"Oh Jesus." Scott grumbled.

"Jubilee was right. Wanda did become stuck down here, starving to death for weeks!" Rogue repeated what Jubilee told them.

"So how does this explain everything?"

"Scott. Hear me out." Rogue stated. "Wanda was hungry. She was desperate! Just what if...

...what if she ate her, Scott?"

"N-no! I- I can't believe all this!" Scott didn't believe her.

"We have to find Pietro now! And tell him everything!" Rogue dragged Scott.


The two went back in the water to explore the other side of the area. They reached a locked metal door. "I wonder what this leads to." Scott thought.

Scott got his and Rogue's wishes when he tried to unlock it, and the door burst open, causing a wave of water to splash out the room, knocking the two away.

"Oh my-" Rogue pointed at a decomposing head that also flew out. "Don't tell me-"

"Holy shit..." Scott gasped when saw the head. "That looks like Pyro!"

"Aw gross!" Rogue complained.

"Come on. Let's get inside!" Scott ushered her inside the room. They were unaware that a Wendigo was watching them the whole time, from the water they jusr crossed.

When they entered the room, the two mutants found a big discovery.

"Did you see that?" Scott glanced at the hanging body above them.

"Oh Pyro..." Rogue was saddened but grossed out at the lack of his head.

"I really thought he was going to help us... I mean, he was our enemy at first, but hearing him try to avenge for Wanda's and Tabitha's deaths makes you feel bad for him."


"...and I feel just as sick as you are seeing him like that." Scott changed the topic.

"Oh shut up!" Rogue shushed Scott. "I'm serious. It's just one body but it's making me throw up!"

"Just be glad it's not the others." Scott then saw something through a gap on the woodboards. "Hey Rogue. Look here!"

Rogue followed him and also peeked through the boards to find Pietro.

"No... no no no... I don't take orders from you..." He was heard from the other room.

Rogue and Scott rushed out a door to approac Pietro.

"Please... I don't take orders from you..." Pietro continued mumbling.

"Yo Pietro." Scott tried to call out to him.

"You can't tell me what to do..." Pietro continued again.

"Pietro. Relax! It's just us." Rogue said.

"Okay... okay... I trust you..." Pietro started to calm down.

"I trust you..."

6:13 AM

"Scott. What's wrong with him?"

"Looks like he's hallucinating or something." Scott gave him a light slap in the face to give him some senses. "Pietro! Easy, man!"

"Hey! Summers! Rogue! What are you doing here?" Pietro said as he returned to normal, while rubbing his cheek in the process. "You d-didn't have to hit me so hard, man."

"You were tripping out there. And it was just a little tap in the cheek!"

"Pietro. There's something we have to tell you. Wanda and Tabitha- Wanda was stuck here for- I don't know. Weeks? A month? I can't remember. Tabitha died in the fall, and then Wanda dug her up-" Rogue explained to Pietro.

"Rogue! Let's explain everything later." Scott interrupted her.

"Alright! Alright!" Rogue had her hands up.

"Let's just get the fuck out of here, please?"

"Okay. Pietro. Do you have the key for the cable car?" Rogue asked.

"Uhh... y- yeah. Sure." Pietro handed the key to her from one of his pockets.

"So. Have you tried finding a way out?"

"No... no... I'm lost... I ran everywhere..." Pietro whimpered. "Help me..."

Rogue spotted a light opening from the rock wall. "There. That can be our way out."

"I don't think Pietro can make it up there, considering his current state." Scott remarked.

"Fine. I'll be the one then."

"You can climb?"

"Yeah. And I borrowed Kitty's powers, but it was only short so I can't fully rely on it."

"Sure thing. I'll bring Maximoff back to where we came from."

"Be careful, Scott." Rogue started to climb the wall.

"You too, Rogue." Scott left with Pietro.

They headed back to the room Scott and Rogue previously passed by.

"Y-you didn't have to hit me so much, man." Pietro stopped to talk to Scott.

"I know. I'm sorry that Alvers, Tolansky, and I got a bit too hard on you. I... I really thought you killed Jean." Scott apologized. "I was wrong."

"W-would Lance and Toad ever forgive me...?"

"I'm sure they will... once we all know the truth." Scott said. "When Alvers returned to the shed to check on you, even if he hit you in the face, he really was worried when he couldn't find you there."

"Well. He'll be up for a surprise."

They continued walking when they entered the room that had Pyro's headless body hanging around.

"P-Pyro?" Pietro reacted in horror.

"Yes. It's Pyro. He died trying to fight off those Wendigos."

"Wendigos?" Pietro was confused with the word.

"Oh, right. Guess you've been missing out a lot." Scott forgot that Pietro didn't know about the Wendigos yet. "We'll explain everything when we're back at the lodge."

The two exited the room and back to the water. Scott went ahead with Pietro behind him.

"Just move slowly and quietly. They might be here any second." Scott instructed him.

"SHI-!" In the middle of the lake, Scott was suddenly dragged into the water. Pietro silently screamed at the sight.

After a few seconds, Pietro took one more step, and the Wendigo suddenly popped out of the water.

"AAHH! You're not real! NO you're not!" Pietro shouted at the Wendigo.

Right as it got closer, Pietro noticed an ankh tattoo on its right arm.

"WANDA!?" He realized that the Wendigo was his own sister.

As soon as Wendigo Wanda heard her name, she recognized her brother as well.


The Wendigo that had stalked and attacked everyone since the start of the night was in fact Wanda. She had a tall appearance that was overlooked by all of the other mutants, towering over the other Wendigos when she appeared alongside them.

She began to drag him away, somewhere...

"NOOO! NOOOOO!" Pietro screamed out as he was being dragged.

Unknown to him, Scott hid behind a rock, alive, and heard everything. His neck began twitching wildly.


Lance, Kitty, Todd, and Jubilee were walking back to the safe room as instructed by Rogue.

"I can't believe Rogue, you guys!" Kitty complained. "First she tells us we have to look for Scott and then she just ditches us? Like, what a great idea!"

"Kitty. Chill out! Obviously we had no idea what we're facing, and-" Jubilee tried to calm her down.

Kitty interrupted. "Why can't we all just stay together, you know? I mean, we're capable of fighting off those things, right?"

"Yeah... well, it's better that we're all in the lodge than dying out there, man. We need someone to find us." Todd responded. "It's the safe spot, for all we know."

"You know. I'm starting to doubt if the lodge is even a 'safe spot' at all." Lance placed air quotes on the words. "What if, just what if, these Wendigos crawled their way up here?" He hypothesized.

"Like when can that ever happen?" Todd asked.

"Like, never." Kitty snapped. "Don't even ask for it!"

The four made it back to the safe room.

"I hope Rogue and Scott make it out alive." Kitty said as she laid on a desk.

"And Pietro." Todd added. Lance nodded in agreement.

"And Bobby." Jubilee also added.

"Jean?" Lance spoke up.

"I doubt it. Didn't Summers say that she's dead?" Todd replied.

"Well it might be possible that she could survive, but chances are slim, if Summers finds her deep within those mines in time." Lance explained.

The four just sat around in the room, looking for something to do. Lance sat with Kitty on the desk and huddled together, Todd pounced around, and Jubilee read a few books and played with the computers that had been left on the whole time.

"Jeez. What a psycho." Jubilee commented, finally learning the truth about earlier.

"I know, right?" Lance agreed.

Jubilee checked the time on her watch which read 6:30. "You know. It's only a couple more minutes until dawn. Can't we just wait it out upstairs instead? There's practically nothing to do here."

"Me too. I'm getting kinda bored in here, yo." Todd agreed. "I'm coming with Jubes."

"Just as long as daylight's up already, then I'm sure we'll all be safe." Jubilee assured. She also carried Pyro's bag containing his important items with her as evidence of the Wendigo encounter.

Lance and Kitty got up to follow Jubilee and Todd, but as they were about to leave the basement, they heard faint screeching.

"...Guys? ...did you close the manhole properly?" Jubilee whispered. Kitty nodded. insisting that she closed the manhole shut. The shrieking sounds came again. Everyone stopped in their tracks.

"Fuck...! How did they find us..?" Lance asked.

"Ehhh... I don' wanna know..." Todd said.

The screeching started to become louder, along with banging sounds.

"Shit...!" Kitty muttered. "Okay. Everyone grab on to me." She instructed everyone to hold each other's wrists and made their way towards one of the walls.

Then the worst thing possible had happened: the screeching became much louder...

...and then Wendigos made it to the room.

"AAGH-!" Kitty proceeded to phase herself and the others through the wall, evading the Wendigos, and thus the chase began.

MINES, 6:26 AM

Bobby was still wandering in around the mines. It had been hours since he fell off the fire tower and his encounter with the Wendigo.

"Oh man... when can I ever get out of this fucking place...?" He wondered.

He jumped over a metal fence and into another section of the mines. As he was about to turn on a lighter, he heard footsteps and turned around to see a familiar redhead about to hit him with a shovel.

"Jean! Easy! It's just me!" Bobby yelled as he grabbed the shovel.

"...Bobby!" Jean lowered the shovel. "I- I'm so sorry!"

"Hey. You're not feeling too good. What the hell happened to you?" Bobby was worried about the redhead's condition.

"It... it's a long story!" Jean was too traumatized to say anything. "I- It came after me!"

"What came after you?"

"That... thing... it grabbed me when Scott and I were at that cabin! I think it was a monster or something...!"

"Guess that makes us even. I was just attacked by one hours ago!" Bobby told Jean.

Jean's face turned into wonder. "How did you survive?"

"I had a flare gun with me. Jubilee lent it to me when she said she could use her own powers. Too bad it ran out now."

"That sucks..."

"Guess it's up to us now?" Jean nodded. "Now we just need to find a way out. Can you move?"

"I can... well, barely... I don't know..." Jean responded.

"Okay. Just hold on to me, alright?" Bobby assisted Jean and placed her arm on his shoulder.

The two walked around the mines and found the elevator cave-in.

"That's where I came from..." Jean told Bobby.

"Damn... how far up were you before you fell here...?"

"Too high up... Last thing I remember was... was Scott coming to me..."

The two continued walking down the mines.

"That makes the two of us..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Jubes and I fell off a freaking fire tower down here."

"That's... messed up... I hope she's alright..."

"I hope so, too. We've been separated too long. "


"Don't worry, Jean. At that fire tower, I contacted the Institute. I'm sure the Professor or McCoy will be on their way now."

"Great..." Jean was too shaken and tired to say more.

The two passed by a tunnel that had a wooden wall. Then they heard a screech from the Wendigo.

"Shit-!" Bobby yelped. "It's here again!"


"The monster... Jean... just stay close to me, alright?"

They were about to hide when then they heard the screaming of another person. "HELP!"

"Hey. Is that-" Jean asked.

"Pietro?" Bobby said. "I think we should help him!"

"Wait. Bobby...!" She grabbed Bobby's arm before he could do anything.

When the Wendigo form of Wanda appeared in front of them, carrying Pietro with her, Bobby and Jean froze (pun intended), not knowing if they should rescue Pietro or not.

"We better do something..." Bobby froze the mines as Wendigo Wanda approached them, this time successfully making her slip, and knocking Pietro unconscious. He proceeded to cover Wanda in ice completely, except Pietro, to immobilize her.

"Jean! Get Pietro!" The redhead, using the strength she could, used her telekinesis to grab Pietro from Wanda's grip while she was still frozen.

As soon as they got Pietro, Bobby created another ice wall in front of as a distraction.

"Okay. Let's get out of here!" Bobby iced Jean and Pietro away from Wanda and fled until they came across the opening which was blocked by wooden boards. They heard Wanda break through the ice and crawl towards them again.

Jean telekinetically pushed Wanda back as Bobby created yet another ice wall to distract her again.

Bobby broke through the boards to reach outside and nearly fell off the cliff. "Whoa!"

"Okay. Just stay with me. It will be okay." He carried Jean and Pietro with him and moved to the side when Wanda burst out to look for them. The two watched as Wanda burst out to look for them, only to growl in failure and retreat back inside.

The two mutants- well, three, but Pietro was unconscious- fell exhausted.

"Thank goodness..." Jean sighed in relief.

"God that was scary..." Bobby agreed. "Look. There's the lodge." He pointed at the lodge in the distance. "I'm sure we're safe down there."

Bobby and Jean proceeded to carry Pietro to the lodge, and give Bobby's powers a break first.


Rogue had just climed the last bits of the rock wall and safely made it back to the top.

"Man. That was way longer than I thought it would be." She panted and took a break first before getting back up to return to the lodge.

She found herself across a branch of paths, but noticed that there were drag marks on the snow.

"This was probably where Pietro was dragged to." Rogue thought to herself.

She followed the drag marks that led her to a lake.

"Great. I wouldn't want to freeze myself in the already freezing cold!" She groaned as she had no choice but to wade across the lake to the other side.

After she went back up, she followed the drag marks again that led to a ledge. She slid down but it was a rocky slope and she nearly hurt her back as she landed. She landed near the shed and decided to look inside first.

Just like Lance, she noticed the props that Pietro used for his "prank." along with the empty stool that Scott, Lance, and Todd placed Pietro in, and told herself that she still wasn't forgiving Pietro after what had happened.

As she exited the shed, Rogue heard a screech again, coming from Wendigo Wanda. She quickly took off a sprint to return to the lodge, running the same path that Lance did just a few hours ago.

"Lance. Are you kidding me!?" Rogue saw a bunch of trees and rocks fallen over caused by Lance's powers. Thinking quickly, the goth used Kitty's powers to phase through the trees and safely made it back to the back door of the lodge.

She banged on the door, hoping that someone would hear her. "Hey! Anyone in there? Come on! Open up!"

"Rogue!" Scott showed up behind her, scaring Rogue.

"Scott!" She noticed that the brunette boy was slightly in a daze. "Thank goodness you're alive!"

"Let's just get in." Scott told Rogue. She picked up a rock and smashed one of the glass windows of the door to let her unlock it from inside. The two rushed inside and locked the door again.


"Kinda wished you used Kitty's phasing to make it a little easier." Scott spoke up.

"Well I could, but I used it for a different reason." Rogue said. "Where's Pietro?"

"...It got him."

"God... what an awful way to go..." Rogue was shocked. "Should we turn on the lights-?"

"Don't." Scott stopped her before she even reached for the switch. "It'll be too easy for them to find us."

"We should head for the basement. Maybe the others are around." Scott and Rogue headed downstairs to the cinema room.

"So. What are the odds of us surviving?"

"You know what, Rogue? I'm trying not think about it."

As they were about to open the other door...





Kitty, Lance, Jubilee, and Toad, who were all holding hands, all phased through the door, through Scott and Rogue, and left the room

Without saying a word, the two immediately got the hint and ran after them.

"RUN!" Scott ran ahead, followed by Rogue. The two ran back up to find the four other mutants standing still...

...because Wendigo Wanda already inside the lodge, hanging from a chandelier.

'Shit...' Rogue thought.

"Nobody... move... a muscle..." Scott quietly told everyone.

Wanda was still hanging from the chandelier, waiting for a single movement from any of the mutants. She eventually did, but it came from the miner Wendigos crawling up the lodge.

Everyone watched as Wanda fought the other Wendigos, overpowering them, and she threw one Wendigo at the stairs, and then at a fireplace, breaking the gas pipe.

Scott noticed the leaking gas, and devised an idea: to blow up the lodge using the light switch that Rogue switched on earlier. He gestured to Rogue about the plan, and silently agreed to do so.

Meanwhile, Lance, Todd, Kitty, and Jubilee eyed at Scott and Rogue suspiciously.

While Scott slowly approached the light switch, in front of him was Wanda catching the attention of another Wendigo. She knocked the other Wendigo to the floor, decapited him, and threw him at Rogue's direction. Rogue quickly ducked and laid there.

Rogue slowly got back up, but accidentally made the wooden floor creak, getting Wanda's attention.

The goth stayed still as watched Scott make his way to the lightbulb. He reached the bulb and squeezed it until it broke.

The other four made it to the exit, where Kitty phased them outside.

"I'm going back inside!" She told the group.

"Kitty! No-!" Lance tried to stop her, but it was too late.

The sound of the bulb breaking and Scott looking back caused Wanda to go to his direction.


Rogue was about to yell when she heard Kitty from her left, and barely see Kitty's head sink into the floor.

When Wendigo Wanda went to the source of the voice, Rogue silently and swiftly hid behind a pillar.

Scott was inching his way towards the exit when Kitty appeared from the wall beside him.

"Over here." He grabbed Kitty's hand and phased through the wall, and appeared outside the lodge.

"Wait! What about Rogue?"

He turned back to the lodge to see Rogue sprinting to the exit of the lodge, while being chased by Wanda and the remaining miner Wendigo. When she reached the exit, she remembered she still had Scott's powers.

"HIT THE DECK!" She told everyone as she blasted at the switch, causing the whole lodge to explode, and incinerating all the Wendigos inside. Everyone was knocked back by the explosion, with Rogue getting the brunt force of it.

It was all over. Dawn had finally arrived.

DAWN, 6:45 AM

Everyone just stared at the burning lodge in awe. They were glad that they're all alive, even if it meant losing everything they had in there.

Scott assisted Rogue, who was temporarily deafened by the explosion. Lance and Kitty held each other, while Todd and Jubilee just slumped on the ground. They all saw a ball of flame, which was the spirit of the Wendigo, fly out the lodge and into the direction of Scott and Rogue.

Charles, Erik, Logan, and Storm were piloting the X-Jet, with Kurt along with them.

"Over there!" The survivors heard Erik noticing the smoke coming from the lodge and flew to its direction. They arrived to see that Erik's/Magneto's lodge completely covered in flames and everyone else was outside. Storm went out to extinguish the flames.

Kurt teleported to where the survivors were to pick them up. He gasped as he saw the burning lodge.

"You don't wanna know, Kurt." Rogue told Kurt before he had a chance to ask. "Trust me."

He teleported Scott and Rogue to the jet first, then Lance and Kitty, and lastly Todd and Jubilee.

Moments later, Bobby, Jean, and Pietro finally made it back to the lodge.

"Oh no..." Jean was horrified when they saw the charred remains of it.

"Where is everyone?" Bobby asked. Then they spotted the jet about to leave the lodge.

'Professor! Down here!' She telepathically called out to Charles.

Kurt appeared again to pick the up three remaining mutants. "Jean! Bobby! Oh I was so worried when you weren't with the others!"

X-JET, 6:50 AM

It was a silent trip back to the Institute. Both Scott and Jean and Jubilee and Bobby sat together; Kitty was alone, watching Lance, Todd, and Erik tending Pietro on the floor, and Rogue also sat alone, by the window. No one had been speaking to each other the whole time.

Charles, Ororo, and Logan, and Kurt observed the survivors, seeing the trauma in their eyes and the wounds they all had received.

Kurt sat next to his sister. "Rogue... are you okay?"

She didn't say anything and just curled up on her seat. Kurt still stayed beside her and laid his head on her shoulder, which comforted her, making her smile for the first time in a while.

Logan went to Kitty's side. "Rough night, wasn't it, Half-Pint?"

Kitty was also silent, like Rogue, but gave a light nod in response. She put her head on his lap and dozed off. Lance glanced at Logan who gave him a reassuring smile.

"Obviously, we have a lot to ask." Ororo spoke up, from the pilot's seat.

"Yes, Storm. But I read their minds. After what had happened that night... I don't think anyone wants to even think about it..." Charles responded.

"Just what was out there in those mountains?"

"Something... far more dangerous than they ever anticipated..."

"And it was my own fault." Erik spoke up, leaving Pietro's side to talk to Charles. "I know what they went through, Charles. But I never bothered to tell you first because I didn't want to live with the trauma. So I had Mastermind wipe my memories, along with my other teammates', so it never happened...

...and now it's coming back to me again."

The last thing everyone heard was Pietro grunting as he woke up, with Lance and Toad supporting him and Erik rushing to his side, before the jet fell silent again as they reached the Institute.

I bet you weren't expecting Pietro's survival to be like that instead of either of the two fates Josh has in the original Until Dawn. I just wanted to make sure almost everyone utilizes their powers some way in this whole story, especially for the last Wendigo sequence. Also, the real reason why I didn't add Kurt in the story was that I felt his powers would be a little too helpful for what was happening, so I just made him appear at the ending. -_- .

Well. This finishes the main events of the story. There will be just a few epilogues before this fanfiction is officially complete, so just hang in there.

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