Scout's POV

"Ahh." I was shocked awake by a horrible dream I had where Mr. Ewell broke Jem's arm while he was trying to kill me and Jem, but then something happened and Mr. Ewell was stabbed in the stomach with a knife. Uh, my head hurt it felt like I got hit last night and-. "Oh no," I threw the blankets off and ran to Jem's room and there he laid in bed with a broken arm. "Jem are you all right?" I asked shaking him hoping to wake him up.

"Uh, Scout stop, I'm awake." Jem said I know he just woke up, but I could already tell he was annoyed with me. "Scout it's Sunday, let me sleep in."

"Um, Jem, do you remember what happened last night?"

"Yeah, we went to your program, remember?"

"Yes, what happened next?"

"We had to wait because you didn't want anyone to see you."

"What happened on the walk home?"

"We walked to the main road, I heard a noise, so I told you to run, you fell so I went to help you, but then something hit me. I felt like my arm was hurt and then I passed out. Do you remember what happened?"

"Uh, I think you should ask Atticus that."

"Fine." He said as he tried to get out of bed. After he realized he was stuck he shouted for Atticus.

After about a minute Atticus came in with Aunt Alexandra. Atticus asked worriedly, "what is it son."

Jem complained, "Scout won't tell me what happened to me last night and now I am stuck in bed. What happened?"

"Bob Ewell broke your arm."

"But what about football?"