This takes place after the Transformers Prime PR movie, and starts in RWBY volume 4. I had this idea in my head for a while now, but between my college courses and my other stories, among other things, I didn't feel quite ready to start writing it, until now. I do not own RWBY or Transformers Prime. They belong to their respective owners. Here's the start of a new story. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Quest for Redemption

Blackness. That is all that the former leader of the Decepticons sees as he flies through the vastness of space, the only faint lights being the stars that seem too far away to ever reach, with only a few appearing to be closer than the rest. How long? How long has he been flying through space, trying to get as far away as he can from his home…No, he can't call it his home anymore. He lost that right when he started a war that destroyed it. It has been several stellar cycles since he left Cybertron, since he began his self-imposed exile. There was no way he could stay after all the destruction he caused. If he stayed, he would've been imprisoned, tried, and sentenced to death most likely for his actions. While he may no longer be the leader of the decepticons, he was still a warrior, and his pride would not allow him to be caged and put down like some animal. So that only left one option, one with a punishment worse than death. Deep down, all he ever want was to see his home planet restored to its former glory. And yet, now that it is, he can't see it. To be forever away from his home as it is reborn; to know that he will never see it again. There is no greater punishment than this.

After flying for some time, Megatron finally stumbles upon a small world that seems devoid of life. As he descends to the planet's surface, he scans around and can find no life signs anywhere near him.

"This should suffice," Megatron thinks as he flies low enough and transforms to land on the surface.

Still in the armor that the Chaos Bringer, Unicron, had morphed his body into, Megatron looks around, making sure that there isn't any life near him.

"This should be far enough. It is highly unlikely that anyone would be able to find me all the way out here," he mutters.

While he may have declared that the Decepticons are no more, the entire faction was not there to witness his declaration. There will be some that still believe the war is still ongoing, and many others that may even try to contact him, to restart the war. He could not allow that to happen. What right would he have to oppress others after suffering under Unicron's oppression himself? What right did he have to inflict that kind of torment on others if he did not want to experience it himself? No, he had to make sure that that wouldn't happen. And that also why he left.

Megatron begins walking around the planet, exploring it to find any suitable means of dwelling, whether it be some kind of remote outpost, or even a cave large enough for him.

"Endless millennia of battle…Thousands of deaths at my hands, or by my orders. All of that effort…leading to this…Heh, I suppose it is what I deserve. I believe the humans back on Earth called this 'karma'," Megatron says.

As he continues to explore this world, he finds…a whole lot of nothing. No vegetation, no machinery, no compounds. It's as if there hasn't been a single being on this planet since it first came into being. He continues walking across the landscape, with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. After Primus knows how long, he finally comes across some large rock formations along the landscape, with a cave entrance at the center of the scenery. Narrowing his eyes and humming a little bit, Megatron decides to enter the cave and see what lies ahead, or beneath. Slowly traversing the cavern as what little light he had before dwindles even further (though that isn't much trouble for him), Megatron looks around as he inspects the walls of the cavern. Getting up close, he quickly notices something…The walls are too smooth, too uniform. Even natural erosion, or whatever erosion that can happen on this dead planet. This cave…was made by something…or someone. Whatever the case, the cave definitely appears to be old, really old.

"This wasn't made naturally," Megatron mutters as he runs his hand across the stone wall.

He ventures deeper into the cavern, keeping his optics peeled for any signs of something that could become a problem for him. As he moves forward, he eventually finds a large chamber in front of him, and several other openings besides the one he came in from appear before him. Seeing as how this is going to take a while, and that he all the time in the world, Megatron decided to begin this little underground maze by going through the first cave on the far right. Walking through the caverns, he continues to find no signs of life or technology anywhere. He goes on to go through the rest of the caverns, finding them not too complicated to traverse. However, at one point he finds himself at a dead end in one tunnel.

"Guess I'd better turn back," he thinks before he suddenly feels rumbling within the stone all around him.

Suddenly, the ground under him collapses and he falls down into another chamber, only this time he's not alone. Shaking the dust off him, he hears something screeching behind him and turns around and sees a giant insectoid-like creature in front of him. The monster has several small legs on each side of its body, like those of a centipede. Two pairs of mandibles can be seen around the creature's jaws, full of teeth. The creature has several pairs of eyes, each a glowing blue along with several other parts of its body while the rest is black. The creature roars at Megatron, who gets into a fighting stance, before it charges at him. Megatron waits for it to get close, and just as it's about to chomp down on him, Megatron side-steps to the right while punching the creature in the face, sending it crashing into the side of the chamber. While he may not have his weapons, or the powers he had when Unicron was controlling his body, he still has his millennia of combat experience. There is only one other being that could face him on equal ground, and this beast is not that being.

The creature squirms around a bit before it gets back on its feet and turns to face Megatron again. Megatron runs at it as it reels its head back before thrusting it at him. Megatron catches two of its mandibles in his hands. The creature pushes against him while its other two mandibles try to rip and claw at Megatron, but can barely do anything to him. Megatron kicks the creature away while ripping off the two mandibles he had in his hands. Reversing his grip on them, Megatron wields them like a pair of short swords. The creature roars at him, angry, and charges at him again. Megatron rolls under the strike and slashes the mandibles at the creature's side, leaving some gashes on its side. As the creature bleeds from the injuries, Megatron runs at it and jumps up into the air. Landing on the creature's back, Megatron stabs one of his mandibles into one of the creature's eyes, making it roar and shake its body in a frenzy. Megatron holds on and then uses his remaining mandible to slash at a few more of the creatures eyes. The creature decides to roll around in an attempt to crush Megatron, but he jumps off the creature just in time before it can crush him. As it gets back on its feet, Megatron runs at it and shoulder tackles it onto its side. Using this chance, Megatron goes for some of its legs on its right side, reducing its ability to stand upright. He then pushes the creature onto its back and then jumps up high into the air, his last mandible poised and ready. He falls onto the creature, stabbing the mandible through its lower jaw. The impact causes cracks to form underneath them. Suddenly, the ground breaks apart and Megatron falls with the beast. They fall for a few moments, Megatron keeping his mandible impaled in the jaw of the creature and keeping it leveled. A moment later, Megatron notices the ground coming up fast and jumps off, just as the creature is impaled by a large blue glowing crystal. Megatron lands on the ground and looks as the creature takes its last breath before it dies. He then notices something very familiar about the blue crystal.

"…Energon," he mutters, and then notices other shards of energon all around him in this new chamber. He takes a look around, taking note of all the energon shards scattered across the floor and along the walls. "Well, at least I won't have to worry about running low on energon levels for a while," he notes.

"…Megatron…" he suddenly hears a distant voice call out to him.

Megatron swings around to find the source, "Who's there?" he says.

"…Megatron…" the voice repeats.

"I said…show yourself!" he yells, but then notices that the energon shards…are glowing brighter.

"…Megatron…" he hears again, and notices how the light of the energon crystals fluctuates with the voice.

"I do not have time for games. Come out and face me, NOW!" Megatron roars.

Suddenly, beams of light erupt from the shards and all converge on a single point in the chamber, and then get brighter. Megatron has to cover his optics as the light engulfs the whole area a moment before it dies down. Megatron lowers his left arm and his eyes widen.

"…By the Allspark…" Megatron mutters.

Standing before him, is none other than his former friend, and his former enemy, Optimus Prime, with his body translucent and glowing blue.

"…It has been some time, Megatron," Optimus says.

"But, I thought that you…" Megatron trails off, surprisingly shocked at what he's seeing.

"So, you figured it out without seeing it to the end," Optimus says.

"Unicron's very being was extracted from my body, freeing me, and absorbed into the reliquary of the Primes. The only way it could do that is if the container was empty, which means that the Allspark would've had to have been emptied into something else. And there was only one possible answer for that question…The Matrix of Leadership," Megatron explains.

"Yes, and so I had to return the Allspark to the core of Cybertron, the spark of Primus. Which meant sacrificing myself in the process," Optimus adds.

"But, if that is the case, then how to you exist before me now?" Megatron asks as he steps closer to Optimus.

"It would seem fate has other plans for me…Just as it has other plans for you," Optimus says.

"What do you mean?" Megatron asks.

"Megatron…the Primes have a task for you. To save an entire world," Optimus says.

"What?" Megatron asks, stunned.

"They want you to save a planet that is on the brink of destruction, a planet similar to, yet quite different from Earth," Optimus says.

"What? Optimus, why would the Primes ask this of me of all beings? I tried to conquer our home-world. I was the cause of its destruction. I tried to take over the planet Earth and enslave its people. I…I am no savior, Optimus. Everything I touch, I destroy. It would be better if the Primes sought someone else. One of your autobots, perhaps. I came out here because I would not be anywhere near Cybertron, and to ensure no one else would be a victim of my actions," Megatron says, thinking on his past mistakes.

"Megatron, my old friend, you have shown that every sentient being possesses the capacity for change. You have reflected upon your actions and have learned humility, learned about what is truly right and wrong. This tells me that you also have a chance," Optimus says.

"A chance at what? To bring another world to ruin?" Megatron retorts.

"A chance at redemption," Optimus replies.

"I…I am not worthy of redemption. Not after all the suffering I have caused," Megatron says.

"There is only one way to find out, Megatron,"Optimus says.

Megatron looks away, thinking of whether or not he should take this chance, until…

"What would you have me do?" he asks.

"There is a planet, called Remnant. As I said before, it is similar to Earth, but is also quite different," Optimus begins.

"Different how?" Megatron asks.

"There is more than just humans inhabiting this world. There are two other species. One is called the Faunus. They are basically humans with animalistic traits, and have faced serious discrimination in the past. The third species is the one that is threatening the planet…The Creatures of Grimm. They are beings without souls and they live for the sole purpose of destroying mankind. Mankind has fought back with warriors known as huntsmen, who possess special abilities known as semblances and aura, which come from their souls. They also use a compound known as Dust, crystals of energy that have different abilities depending on their properties. However, the fact remains that mankind is somewhat divided, and the Grimm have pushed them back to only a few more territories, specifically four kingdoms. Each kingdom has an academy that trains young humans and Faunus to become huntsmen and to protect the people," Optimus explains.

Megatron grunts, "If these warriors are so powerful, then why do I need to help?" he asks.

"Because the huntsmen alone will not be enough. One of the academies that trains these young warriors has fallen, and many people were either hurt, killed, or divided. It came as a crushing blow to many. However, there is one that possesses a special power that can defeat the Grimm. This person possesses a rare trait known as the Silver Eyes. She may be Remnant's last hope against the Grimm," Optimus says.

"And let me guess, I'm supposed to help this being with Silver Eyes?" Megatron asks.

"No, while you will be helping that person, they are not your main priority," Optimus says.

"Then who is?" Megatron asks.

"There is one destined to fight alongside the one with the Silver Eyes. However, they are in dire need of your assistance. They once held a fire that could defeat their enemies, and protect the ones they care about. But now, that fire has been extensively depleted and you must help them regain what they have lost. Then, you must help them fight back against the darkness that seeks to consume their world," Optimus finishes explaining the mission.

"So I am supposed to help a human? Forgive me, Prime, but you of all people should be aware that I am not the best when it comes to sympathizing with species that are not my own," Megatron says.

"I am well aware, that is why this mission will also be a test for you. To see if you have truly changed and are capable of growing even further. As for sympathizing with humans, I will handle that," Optimus says.

"What do you mean by that?" Megatron asks.

"You will find out soon enough, but only if you choose to accept this task," Optimus says.

"…And how will I know who I am supposed to be helping in this quest?" Megatron.

"Leave that to me. Again, only if you agree to take on this quest," Optimus gives a vague answer.

Megatron knew Optimus well enough to know that the last of the Primes would never lie about something of this scale. Still…was he truly worthy of it? Was he truly worthy of redemption after everything he had done in pursuit of his former ideals? To go from taking life to saving it…It is something Megatron isn't sure he is capable of…And yet, to hear that Optimus, the one that he had despised more than any other for so long. The one that he had tried to kill countless times in the past believed that he was capable of such things. Heh, no wonder he became a Prime.

"I ask you again Megatron, do you seek redemption?" Optimus asks.

Megatron looks him squarely in the eye, "My old friend…I do," he declares.

"Then let us begin. I will come to you from time to time to offer you guidance when you require it. Other than that, I wish you good luck," Optimus says.

"I do not believe in such things," Megatron retorts.

"As the humans would say, there's a first time for everything. Until we meet again old friend," Optimus says as he raises his right hand and a bright light erupts from it.

Megatron closes his eyes as the light engulfs him. And so his quest for redemption begins.

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