"Asami," Korra said weakly.

The young Avatar's fist, once loosened, clenched. Korra fought to say more. She needed to say a lot more to Asami than just her name.

"I've wanted to say something to you for a long while now." Korra's eyes trailed down towards the bathroom floor. "I just don't know how to say it." The young Avatar smirked uncomfortably.

The memories of her and Asami that night kept reappearing in her mind. Her fight for words was becoming even more challenging to win. Too afraid to stop watching the floor below her, she never looked up at Asami, "Asami I... the things we did that night..." Korra gripped the back of her neck with her right hand as she tried to explain, "That night, I had felt like I was nothing." Korra cleared her throat some. "The night that I had felt like I was no one's savior. It changed me." Korra began to blush a little. "You changed me," Korra said. "You made me feel," Korra's face begun to rise, "like slowly—"

"Don't," Asami interrupted.

Korra froze.

A tear began to travel down Asami's right cheek, "Don't." Asami continued. She turned away from Korra, "Please, don't confess," she whispered.

"But...We", Korra struggled, "You and me. You—"

Korra couldn't keep herself from fidgeting. She lowered her head. Her breathing began to sound like it was becoming a task.

"Korra." The Young Avatar looked up. "You needed me." Korra's eyes shot open in disbelief as water, quicker than any stream, filled them. "I never intended for you to think anything of it afterward," Asami continued. Korra's legs trembled at the words. "I'm sorry, Korra."

Allowing gravity to take hold of them, she fell to the ground kneeling. Asami turned. She looked down at the young Avatar state of despair. Korra raised her arms. She placed her right hand on her right eyelid and her left hand on her left, silently crying. She couldn't breathe. She choked on every tear she spilled from her eyes down into her mouth. Asami began to walk over towards the young Avatar.

"As if," Korra tore her hands away from her eyes, Asami stopped, "the weight of being the Avatar," Korra looked up, glared at Asami, and screamed, "WAS NOT ENOUGH."

Asami jumped at Korra's sudden outburst. Korra's fist, once clenched, loosened. She fought her way from gravity's grip and stood. She whipped her eyes with her forearm, panted before she turned around. Korra walked a little towards the exit of Narook's Seaweed Noodlery's bathroom before completely running out. Asami closed her eyes, afraid that the more she looked, the less of Korra she'll see.

Korra ran faster than she ever ran out of the restaurant, ignoring all around her. Even Mako and Bolin's shouts of concern couldn't catch her. Mako stood up from off his chair, "What the hell," he looked down at his brother Bolin, "what was that about?" he asked.

Bolin shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe she had forgotten something important back at the Air Temple or something," Bolin suggested.


Mako thought.

That's not it at all. Those were tears in Korra's eyes that I saw. Korra was crying.

"ASAMI," Bolin shouted.

Asami walked towards her stepbrother's. Her head lowered to the ground as she made her right-hand hold up her left arm for support. Mako walked up towards his sister. They both stopped once near. He stared at her some before saying anything hoping that she'd speak first. She didn't.

"Asami," Mako said softly. He touched her left shoulder, squeezed it gently, and asked, "What happened?" Asami looked up. Her eyes met his, unknowingly confessing. Mako pulled his hand back quicker than Korra's image leaving Asami's line of sight. "You didn't?" Asami's eyes shifted to where it first was. She moved over to the left side of Mako and walked away. Mako never looked around to see her leave.

Bolin got up from out of his chair. He walked towards his brother, placed his arm around his shoulders, and pulled him near. "So," Bolin said, "I guess me ordering something to eat would be a bit—" Mako pulled away from Bolin and walked away. "Hey Mako," Bolin shouted as he followed behind his brother. "You know me. I was kidding."


It has yet to fade, Korra's anger, Bolin could still see it seeping. The more Korra punched the punching bag that hung in the gym, the more of Korra's rising anger Bolin seen. Bolin couldn't believe it. Korra's been punching that same bag for almost two hours now. She has yet to show any hint of weariness. Korra just kept hitting.

She's going to tear right through it.

Bolin grabbed onto his stomach and squeezed it tight. He placed his hands on both his pockets, patting himself down.



Korra punched harder.


Korra punched even harder.


The young Avatar punched much harder than before, causing the bag to rip. "WHAT," Korra screamed, turning towards Bolin.

Bolin raised both of his hands towards his mouth, covering them as if he said something wrong. He stared at the punching bag that was once alive, now lifeless, for some time before observing it's murderous. "Oh," Bolin said, as he withdrew some, "nothing." Bolin looked up at the clock that hung up on the wall to the left of him, "Oh, will you look at the time." Korra looked. "It's getting pretty late, don't you think," He chuckled nervously. Korra looked at Bolin, and his hands fidget some. Bolin saw. He saw her see him and rushed his hands behind his back.

"You're acting weird," she admitted.

Bolin walked towards Korra, looked at her, and smirked, "You just murdered that bag there." Korra viewed the punching bag. It no longer looked as it first did when she had first encountered it. She smiled awkwardly. "How am I to act, after seeing that?" He reached out for her hands. She did not retreat. He took off her boxing gloves and slowly unwrapped her boxing wraps that she wore under them, "I just witness a murder here," he said in between laughter. "We should go to the noodle joint and get something to eat. I know you worked yourself up an appetite." Bolin looked back at the clock again, "It's not that late," then back at Korra, "It should still be open, don't you think?"

"No." Korra pulled away from Bolin and turned to go pick up her gym bag, "I'm going home," she said. Last night's rejection, Korra thought, would play all over again in her mind if she were to go back to that place. It's been difficult enough for Korra to forget about how Asami kissed Korra's lips so suddenly and unexpectedly, how Asami trailed Korra's lips with her tongue, and how she licked the tears that fell from Korra's cheeks. Korra shook her head in an attempt to shake out such a memory. Bolin interceded, picking up Korra's bag. Her eyes, she kept them low, shoving Bolin gently out of her way. "Fine," she said.

"Good." Bolin placed Korra's bag around his shoulder, "Could dinner be on you, though?" Bolin dug his hands into his pockets, "I'm running on empty."


"Oh, come on. Please."


Bolin and Korra stepped inside Bolin's favorite restaurant, The Narook's Seaweed Noodles, the same restaurant that held the bathroom where Asami rejected Korra. The hostess, an old short white woman, whose right cheek displayed a big black mole on it, walked up towards them. She wore a red dress that looked to share the same age as she, whatever age that was.

"Good evening," the old woman politely said.

"Good evening to you too, Vendra," Bolin said with a smile.

"Ahh...yes, Bolin. It is always a pleasure to see you." Vendra looked over at Korra, "I see you brought your friend." Korra smiled and waved. Vendra gave Bolin a side-glance.

"I assume she's going to be the one that'll be receiving the check this evening."

"Ahhhh," Bolin scratched the back of his neck, "well."

"Yup," Korra said. "Pretty much."

"I see," The old woman placed her hand behind Korra's lower back, "I'll lead you to your table Madam." Korra walked with her. Bolin did too before being cut off by the older women. She stepped in front of Bolin, leaving him to walk behind Korra and her. She led Korra to the upper level, "You'll get a better view of the place up here, Madam."

Korra looked around. "Thank you. This spot is lovely, Vendra. You honor me."

Vendra's lips formed a smile towards the young Avatars appreciation, "You are very welcome, Madame." Korra went to take a seat. "Please," Vendra said. She pulled Korra's chair out, "allow me."

Korra beamed at Vendra's kindness before taking a seat. "Why, thank you."

"You're very welcome." Bolin stood up straight near his seat. He waited, clearing his throat. Vendra eyed Bolin for just a second before giving her full attention back to Korra. "So," Vendra said. She clapped her hands together, "I'll go get you, your waiter, Madam."

"Sure thing," Korra said before Vendra walked off. "Wow, that lady is something else, isn't she?" Bolin, still standing, mumbled some rather disappointing words under his breath. Korra smirked at his pain as he sat his self himself down. "I'm glad I'm paying."

"What is that suppose to mean?" Bolin asked.

"Well, if it was you instead of me," Korra looked down at the lower level, "we would've been sitting down there, instead of here." Korra laughed.

Bolin smiled. Talk and laughter filled the restaurant. Both were useless, Korra thought. She leaned back into her chair, rolled her eyes down towards the lower level where the bathrooms were. Korra placed her head into her hands. She sighed a little.

"Korra," Bolin nudged her. Korra looked up at Bolin and saw his eyes were opened wide. "Look," Bolin said before sucking in his gut.

Korra turned around. Her eyes went wide. A young woman with hair that fell on her back strolled towards them. Korra watched each step she made towards them. She noticed how perfectly she switched her hips at every step she made. The young woman wore a red dress. It outlined her curves. Korra's eyes went low to the young woman's legs. They were long and naked. The woman got closer. Korra's eyes never trailed off its prey.

"Good evening," the young woman said. She looked over at Korra, "I will be your waitress." Bolin looked at Korra and then back at the young woman and then back at Korra. "My name is," she looked into Korra's eyes. She held in Korra's gaze. "Azula." Azula smiled more, "Now," she passed Korra a menu and then Bolin, "here are your menus. I'll come back to check back with you guys, okay?"

"Okay," Bolin said before swallowing his spit.

Azula smiled again before turning away. Korra turned with her. A smirk formed on the lips of Azula. She could feel Korra's eyes following her. Korra couldn't help herself.

"Isn't she a beauty," Bolin asked.

"She is," Korra whispered as she continued to watch, "she is."


Asami ran into her room. She slammed her door and locked it. Leaning against her closed door, inhaling and exhaling deeply, she dropped to the floor, curled up both her legs into her chest. She looked over at her bed and slammed the back of her head against her bedroom door, "FUCK."


Asami stood up quickly from off the floor. She turned. Face to face with her bedroom door. She shouted, "LEAVE ME ALONE." A hard knock against Asami's door forced Asami to back up some, "Please." She sobbed, "Just leave me alone."


Mako jiggled the doorknob violently. He banged on the door once again. Asami moved further away from the door, afraid that it might break open. She raised her hands to her face covering her eyes. "Mako, please," she wept, "please."

"WHY," Mako screamed. He banged and banged some more. "YOU HIDE FROM ME ALL LASTNIGHT." He hit even harder, "YOU EVEN IGNORED MY PHONE CALLS." Asami cried more. "SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND, ASAMI."


"I KNOW," Asami shouted back.

I know.

"YOU COULD'VE HAD ANYONE ELSE," Mako stopped. He leaned his head against the door, inhaling and exhaling heavy, "Anyone." Mako turned his back against the door and sat in front of it with his legs stretched out. Mako sat in silence. Asami waited as she hesitated some before walking towards the door. Asami placed her hands on her door that kept her and Mako separate from one another and then her ears. She leaned in and listened.

"Are you still there?" She asked.

She heard nothing.

"Mako," she leaned her ears in more towards the door, "are you—"

"Yeah," Mako replied. "I'm still here."

Asami turned around herself. She slid down the floor, with her back against the door. "Mako," she said. "I... I'm sorry." Asami raised her head towards the ceiling and closed her eyes. She reopened them. She was about to say something else, but before she could, Mako spoke first.

"Why," he asked her. "Why did you do it? If you knew you were going to be this way, why do it?" Mako sighed. "I introduced you to my best friend. I wanted Korra not only to get to know my brother but my sister too." Asami's eyes fell to the floor. She hugged herself. "You don't even know why you did it, do you?" Mako shook his head. Asami's eyes shot open before she turned towards the door. Mako stood up, "I'm going to go talk with Korra." Asami touched the door with her hand, "And apologize to her."

Asami could hear Mako. He was walking away.


She stood up, placed her ears to the door, and listened attentively. She heard Mako's footsteps fading.

No! Mako. Please. Stay. Force more out of me. Make me say it. I need you to make me say my reason. Please, Mako. Make me say it.


"Oh, that was so good." Bolin stretched out his arms and leaned back against the chair, "Thank you, Korra. You are the greatest friend a guy could have." Korra rolled her eyes playfully.

"I just can't believe you ate all that."

Bolin placed both his hands on top of his belly, "I don't know why." He chuckled some, "When food is this good. I'd be surprised if someone weren't able to eat as much as I just did."

Korra laughed, "Yeah, I guess. I, in a way, ate just as much as you just have."

"You sure did, Korra."

Korra enjoyed herself. Bolin was right for taking her out. All that she had in her head has gone, temporarily, of course, but that was fine. Bolin sucked in his gut and sat up straight. "What are you doing?" Korra asked while she laughed.

"She's coming back."

Korra turned quick. She looked back at Bolin, "How do I look?"

"You!" Bolin said. "More like, how do I look?" Bolin flexed his biceps.

"Fat," Korra flatly said.

Bolin sucked in his gut some more, in a panic. "Are you serious?" Korra laughed. "Korra?" Bolin began to sulk a little, "I should've ordered the vegetarian noodles instead." Korra's laughed even more, "Korra. It's not funny."

"Hi," Azula said. She placed her arm around the back of Korra's chair. "Can I get you guys anything else?"

"No, I'm okay," Bolin said in a sulk.

"What about," Azula turned towards Korra's way. She leaned more into Korra's space, "you?" Korra's cheeks turned a tiny splash of red. "Anything else," Korra looked into Azula's eyes, " that I can get you," they were a beautiful shade of bright gold, "especially?"

"Ah," Korra looked at Bolin. Bolin looked at Korra. "Ah," Korra looked back at Azula, who was smiling at Korra's innocence. "Um."

Shit. Shit. Shit. Say something, you idiot.

Azula leaned in closer, waiting for the young Avatar's response. Korra's mouth opened. Bolin leaned in more closely as he, too, waited. He wanted to know what was going to be said. Korra swallowed and said, "The check." Bolin smacked the top of his head.

"One check," Azula smiled. "Coming up."

Korra watched her walk away. "What the hell was that?" Bolin asked. "You had a go." Korra hides her face. "How could you stop, Korra? On green too." Bolin just could not believe it. "Ugh, I wish I was you right now."

"If you were me, right now," Korra uncovered her face from embarrassment, "you would've..."

"Look," Bolin said in haste, "she's coming back. Now Korra, be cool this time. Please."

"Here is your check." Azula placed the check onto the table. "I do hope to see you two again. Enjoy the rest of your day," Azula touched the back of Korra's neck gently before leaving. Korra trembled.

"You are something else, Korra." Bolin looked at the check, "Open it and see how much we owe."

Korra looked up, "You mean how much I owe."

"Yeah," Bolin said. "Ah, that's what I meant."

Korra opened up the little black folder which held the check. She owed $48.85. She noticed there was another number. It was at the top part of the piece of paper.

555-785-9320 Call me, Azula.

Korra smiled.