Mako stuck his hands in his pockets, walking against the wind that failed to push him backward. The streets of Republic City were empty. After leaving Asami's, Mako made up his mind to visit Korra and, though it was cold, Mako didn't walk at a hurried pace. He mumbled to himself. He tried figuring out what words to say, which phrase to start with, building up the courage to say anything. Courage! Asami, she had it. She did what Mako could only do in his thoughts. She made a move Mako had only the courage to dream about making. He sighed, stopped, and leaned himself against the closest building he was nearby. With his back against the brick walls, Mako pulled out a cigarette. He looked at it for a few.

Korra hates these.

He placed it back inside his pocket.

Maybe later. Not tonight.

He pushed himself off from against the wall and continued his walk to Korra's. He was only a couple of blocks away from Korra's apartment, but with his pace, yet to change, a couple transferred into a few. Mako, finally near, walked inside Korra's building. Instead of the elevator, he decided to take the steps. He took his time walking up. Mako, now in front of Korra's apartment door, waited a few seconds before knocking.

"Who is it?"

"Ah, it's me," Mako said gently. "It's me, Mako."

"Who?" Korra walked up closer to her door.

Mako cleared his throat, "Me," he said with more strength. " Me. Mako."

"Oh," Korra said. She opened the door. "What the hell, man," Korra opened the door wider, " you sounded like a child." She moved over some and laughed while Mako walked in. He noticed Korra's mood. She was happy.

"What's up with you?"

"What do you mean?" Korra walked towards her couch. She sat herself down. "Come sit." Mako looked at Korra. "Oh, come on. Come sit." She hit the couch. "I have something I want to tell you."

"Is that right," Mako said. He walked towards the couch. "What is it?" Mako asked after sitting himself down near Korra.

She seems good.

"I meet someone."

Mako's face turned towards Korra fast. He studied her. She was serious. Her face wore a smile that made his eyes squint. "Are you serious?" Korra leaned over to her right. She picked up a piece of paper that she had lying on top of her coffee table. She opened the piece of paper and showed it to Mako. "You went to the Noodles place?" Korra ignored his question. She pointed at the top of the receipt. "A number," Korra smiled even more. Mako gave Korra a side glance, "Whose number is this?" Korra pointed at the name "Azula."

"YES!" Korra shouted.

"Who the hell is Azula?"

"A girl."

"Well, duh," Mako said. "I got that part. So, I take it that you met her at the Noodles place?" Korra shook her head yes in excitement. "Korra," Mako looked into Korra's eyes. He sighed some, "What about Asami?"

Korra snatched the paper from Mako, "What about her?" she asked. She stared at the number on the receipt.

"I know already. You do not have to pretend. Asami told me without telling me."

"If that's the case. Asami already made it clear how she felt about me." Korra turned to face Mako. "Why'd you have to ruin it?" She got up from off the couch and walked towards the kitchen. Mako followed behind.

"I didn't mean to," he said. Mako opened the fridge, took out two beers, and opened them. He gave one to Korra.

"Thanks," She took a sip.

"I feel like all this is my fault."

"What," Korra choked. She coughed some. "You did nothing wrong here," she wiped some of her beer from off of her lips. "You almost killed me with that comment." She giggled.

He didn't.

"Korra," Mako looked down towards the kitchen floor, "I... I'm sorry—"

Korra placed her hand over Mako's mouth, silencing him. "Don't," she said. "This is not a word that I need to hear from you. You did nothing wrong, Mako. This thing between your sister and me, it's not your fault." Korra lifted his head. "Look at me." Mako's eyes still watched the floor. "Mako," she said. "Look at me." Mako raised his eyes. He watched her. "This was not your fault."

"Do you love her?"

"What?" Mako's question startled her.

"Do you love her?" Korra took back her hand from Mako's face. She backed away from him. "Korra," Mako said.

She turned from him.

"Do you love her?"

She said nothing.

He asked her one last time, "Do you love my sister, Korra?"

"It's not up for discussion."

Mako took a sip of his beer. He watched his best friend's back, observing her. "Don't call her," Mako said.

Korra turned, "What?"

"Don't call her."

Korra was confused. "Why... why would I call her? That would be a stupid thing of me to do."

Mako took another sip of his beer, "Good," he said. He walked up towards Korra and snatched the piece of paper from out of her hand.

"Dude," Korra tried to snatch the piece of paper back from Mako. She failed, "What the hell, Mako. Give it back. I meant why I would call Asami."

"Oh," Mako placed the piece of paper in his pants pocket, "Is that what you meant?"

"Don't play dumb." Korra clenched her fist.

"Are you seriously upset?"

"Give it back." Korra glared at Mako. "I mean it, Mako," She gripped the red scarf that wrapped around his neck. She pulled. "Give... it... back."

Mako lifted his hand, placed it inside of his pants pocket, and took out the piece of paper. Korra's eyes widen at the sight of it. She let go of him and placed her hand out. He looked at the receipt some before placing it back into her possession.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Korra."

Korra closed her hand tight, guarding her newly founded distraction.


"Oh... you again."

"Oh, Hey," Bolin placed his right hand behind the back of his neck,

"Vendra." He scratched it as if he had a bad itch. "It's good to see you again."

"Mmhmm," Vendra walked, "Follow me."

"Hey," Bolin placed his hand on Vendra's shoulder. The older woman looked at Bolin with eyes that'll kill. His hands quickly retreated. "Ahh," he stuttered. "Do you mind?"


"Ah, know."

"Spit it out, boy."

"If you seat me at that table on the higher level. The one I was at before." Vendra looked at Bolin with weird eyes. She looked over to his left side. Bolin looked that way too and then back at Vendra. She looked over to his right side. Bolin looked again and then back to Vendra. "What?" He asked.

"I'm not seeing anyone with you this evening." She crossed her arms, "Why ask for a table that'll seat three extra people?"

"Oh," Bolin smiled, "that's because I do have others that are coming. They will meet me here."

"Is that right?"

Bolin smiled.

"No other reason?" Vendra asks.

"Ah, no. What? What other reason would there be?"

Vendra looked Bolin up and down. She saw his hands began to sweat before he placed both of them inside of his pockets. Bolin's eyes were open wide. They did not glance her way once. He kept them sky high towards the ceiling. She didn't know what his game was. "Fine," she finally said. "I'll seat you and your friends there."

"OOHHH, VENDRA. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU." Bolin jumped up and down from excitement. He ran towards the table, leaving Vendra behind.

Vendra watched Bolin run up the stairs. She saw him sit himself down, fold his hands, and wait. "Tsk, that boy." Vendra turned and walked back towards the front entrance.

A few hours later, Mako walks in with Asami. They walked up towards Vendra. "Hi," Asami sweetly said. Vendra smiled at the young woman. She looked at Mako and smiled at him too. Mako and Asami both came into the restaurant with outfits that were fit to kill. Mako wore a black suit with a red tie. Asami wore a red dress. It was long with a split down the side of her right leg. She wore a black, short, and long-sleeved see-through sweater and a pair of black high heel shoes to match it.

"Table for two?" Vendra asked.

"Oh, no," Asami said. "That's not necessary. My brother and I are supposed to be meeting up with our other brother."

"Oh," Vendra said. "I'm sorry. I just assumed."

"It's alright," Asami elbowed Mako gently. "Trust me. We get it all the time."

"Unfortunately," Mako added in. Asami chuckled some. She wrapped her arms around Mako's arm.

"He's such a grump." She tugged at Mako's cheeks. "I can't help but love him, though."

Vendra smiled, "Of course. What is your brother's name?"

"His name is Mako."

"Oh, I am sorry to miss it. I do not recall any gentleman coming in with that name."

"Oh, no." Asami laughed some. "I thought you were asking me about this one here," she tugged on Mako's arm. "No, our other brother is Bolin."

Vendra choked some. She could not believe how Bolin could have siblings such as these. They were so handsome, and Bolin was so ugh. "That's your brother?" Vendra had to ask. She pointed up to where Bolin was."That man," Asami and Mako looked up towards where Vendra pointed to, "up there. He's you two's brother?"

"Why, yes he is," Asami said with a smile.

Vendra slapped the top of her head. How was that even possible? "I'll lead you two to him."

Asami and Mako thanked Vendra, and they walked with her towards where Bolin was seated. They saw him. Bolin was talking to a young woman. She caught Mako's eye. Mako was staring. Asami saw. "Someone has a little crush already?" She teased.

"Shut up," Mako said.

Asami whispered in Mako's ear. "She's gorgeous."

Mako moved his ear away. "So," he said, "is she going to be another Korra?" Asami pulled away. She looked at her brother, turned, and walked up ahead of him.

"Hey guys," Bolin waved his arms at the two, "over here... over here." Bolin pulled out a seat for Asami. Asami sat. "I'm so glad you two finally made it." Bolin pulled out a chair for Mako too. "You guys had me looking like I was about to have dinner with myself." Mako sat down also.

"Can I start you and your guest with any refreshments?" Azula asks.

"I'll take a beer," Mako said.

"And I'll take some Champaign. Do you guys happen to have any Veuve?"

Mako rolled his eyes. Asami was rich. Bolin and Mako's mother fell in love with her dad after their father died from cancer. They were happy that their mother was able to find love again. They just weren't pleased with the man she found it in. Asami's father was a brick. It was always about money with him. Always.

"Ah, I'm sorry," Azula looked at Asami apologetically. "We don't have that here."

"Fine, "Asami said. "I'll take a beer too then."

"Me too," Bolin added.

"Okay, three beers coming up. I'll be right back."

Azula left.

"So," Bolin looked at the two, "Has anyone heard from Korra?" No one answered. "It's just. It's been two weeks now. I. I'm just really starting to miss her. The last time I saw her was when we both came here and ate."

"The last time I saw her was when I went to her apartment," Mako took a sip of his water. "And that was about two weeks ago."

Asami said nothing. Bolin figured it was the same with her. "How can she not speak to neither of us? And for two weeks," Bolin leaned back in his chair. "Something's not right." He turned to his head towards the right. He faced the front entrance. His eyes opened wide. He sat up. "No, freaking... way. Guys," Bolin snapped his fingers at the two "look." Bolin smiled. "It's Korra."

Mako stood up quick. He looked down. "It is." He looked at them both. "It's her."

Asami stood too. She tried to protect her smile.

(Asami's Flash Back)

"Asami, wait." Korra moaned. "Are you sure we should be doing this?" Korra felt Asami's fingers travel down her back.

"What's my name?" Asami asked. She nibbled on Korra's collar.

Korra's legs trembled. Asami dug her fingernails into Korra's back. Korra's eyes shot open. Asami's teeth. They dug themselves into Korra's neck. "Asami," Korra gasped.

" I want you," Asami whispered in Korra's ear. Asami's voice made her quiver. Asami moved her lips towards Korra's. She felt Korra wrapped her arms around her neck. They kissed.

(Asami's Flash Back Ends)

Asami felt Mako's hand on her shoulder, "Are you okay?" Asami placed her hand on her head. "Do you have a headache?"

"No," Asami said. "I don't have a headache."

"But... are you okay?"

"Yeah," She watched Korra some more, "I'm fine."

She lied.