It was a quiet day at the Loud house. Lincoln was baby sitting Lily all alone. He was currently staring at the TV with a glum expression on his face due to the fact that the TV went out. He was sitting on the couch, staring at the TV displaying static when his cute baby sister Lily walked in front of the TV.

Lincoln: How did you get out of your crib?

Lily says nothing and stares blankly at Lincoln for a few seconds. Again, after a few seconds, Lily continues to stare blankly at Lincoln. Yet again, after a few seconds, Lily continues to stare blankly at Lincoln. He decides to end the silence and staring contest.

Lincoln: Lily, is something on my face?

Lily: Boh!

Lincoln: I don't understand.

Lily: Boh!

Lincoln: What's a boh?

Lily: Boh!

Lincoln: We've established that, but what's a boh?

Lily: Boh!

Lincoln: Oh i give up.

Lincoln gets off the couch, picks Lily up, sits back down on the couch, and places Lily next to him.

Lily: Lincoln!

Lincoln: (feeling shocked and surprised) You said my name so clearly.

Lily claps her hands playfully.

Lincoln: You should give yourself a round of applause after that feat.

Lily: Bonk!

Lincoln: Please don't bonk me on the head any more!

Lily blows a spit bubble at Lincoln and he dodges it.

Lily: Ha ha ha ha!

Lincoln: I really don't see what's so amusing about blowing spit bubbles at me.

Lily: Boh bonk.

Lincoln: Is boh bonk a person?

Lily: Boh bonk.

Lincoln: I wish i could understand your language.

Lily spits at Lincoln.

Lincoln: You're lucky you're cute.

Lily: Bonky!

Lincoln: I should be the one saying that since you're the one driving me bonkers.

Lily: Boh bonk bonky.

Lincoln: (feeling shocked and surprised) I'm impressed by the fact that even though you don't know how to talk in complete sentences, you some how know how to talk in consonances.

Lily claps her hands playfully again.

Lincoln: You should give yourself a round of applause especially after that feat.

Lincoln: Lily, you're a complex and fascinating baby.

Lily claps her hands playfully yet again.

Lincoln: You should give yourself a round of applause especially after that feat too.

Lincoln: I can't wait for you to start talking in complete sentences.

Lincoln: I want to know how you view the world.

Lily: Boh bonk bonky bonkers.

Lincoln: (feeling shocked and surprised) Wow!

Lincoln: (feeling shocked and surprised) You just said a quadruple consonance illiterate sentence.

Lincoln: (feeling shocked and surprised) Lily Loud, you're the coolest baby sister in the world.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: Since you're old enough to talk in quadruple consonance illiterate sentences, you're probably smart enough to keep secrets.

Lincoln: Don't tell my other sisters this, but out of all of my sister siblings, you're my favorite.

Lincoln: You're cute, sweet, and innocent.

Lincoln: You're the whole baby sister package.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: It's a shame Lisa, Lola, Lana, and Lucy aren't more like you.

Lincoln: Lisa is a mad scientist, Lola is a demonic little girl with a short temper, Lana is gross and discusting, and Lucy is deep, dark, and depressing.

Lincoln: However, you're a baby angel from Heaven.

Lincoln: A baby angel from Heaven who's far superior than our siblings.

Lincoln: You're going to do amazing things Lily.

Lincoln: Even more amazing than me.

Lincoln: I know it.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni, and Lori are also inferior to you as well.

Lincoln: Lynn is obnoxious, Luan is annoying, Luna is too loud, Leni is an ultra bimbo, and Lori is bossy.

Lincoln: However, you're a bundle of joy.

Lincoln: The best member of this crazy chaotic family.

Lincoln: The queen of the babies.

Lincoln: A true example and inspiration to babies every where.

Lincoln: Above all else, you're the best baby sister a guy could ask for.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: I'm so thankful towards mom and dad for giving me a baby sister as cool as you.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: I'm thankful towards God too.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: I love you Lily.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Lincoln: Obviously, you're a special baby of few words.

Lincoln: I'm grateful for the fact that you're not a yakker like my other yakking sister siblings.

Lincoln: Your developing personality is something else.

Lily: Boh bonk bonky bonking.

Lincoln: My thought exactly.

Lincoln: I could see you becoming an english teacher.

Lincoln: Your brain is advanced.

Lincoln: Too bad Lisa's brain isn't advanced when it comes to decency and common sense.

Lincoln: The kid is always accidentally blowing stuff up.

Lincoln: Also, she seems to have a knack for blowing the roof off of the house.

Lincoln: I just hope she doesn't accidentally blow up the whole world one day.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: God forbid that ever happens.

Lincoln: Satan himself probably finds the crazy ideas inside that 4 year old's mind to be insanely frightening.

Lincoln: I still have nightmares and am still traumatized by all the times she's experimented on me.

Lincoln: The fear, pain, sights, sounds, and experiences haunt me.

Lily: Yeah!

Lincoln: Lily, i hope you'll always stay amazing.

Lily: Yeah!

Lily and Lincoln hug each other. The TV then pops back in and the news is on. They both unhug and start watching the news on the tube.

The End!

I hope all you loud house fans enjoyed reading this chapter i typed up. It's extremely rare for a baby to talk in quadruple consonance illiterate sentences. Then again, Lily Loud is not your typical cartoon baby. She's the best baby sister in Lincoln Loud's eyes. Please feel free to type a review for this chapter! Peace!