Author's Note: This is basically a Rated K+ version of my previous story called, "Your Cute Filled Taste". This makes me think of PashedMotatoes (a friend on FanfictionNET), who likes Lucas X Villager.

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Bros and its characters.

Lucas' P.O.V

I got a letter from Ness to meet him up in the Forest of Illusion.

When I got there, I saw a shed nearby. He told me to see him here. But I don't know why he wants me to come here.

The door opened on its own.

I went inside to see that it was dark and empty. "Hello?", I called out. "Is anyone here?"

No response.

I gulped in fear, as I went deeper inside.

Then the door slammed behind me.

When I turned around in shock, I saw a dark figure jump on me. Then I felt a cloth cover my mouth and nose. The sweet smelling scent entered, then I feel into a deep sleep.

~~~time skip~~~

I don't know how long I was out.

When I regained consciousness, I felt panic set into me.

I was tied to the bed in a 'Y' position, only wearing my boxers.

It appears that I'm in a small bedroom, with a small window close to the mirror.

Then the door opened.

"Good you're awake!", Villager said with a smile on his face.

My eyes widened. "It was YOU who send me the letter?!"

He just chuckled a bit. "I have too, to get your attention."

I struggled harder and asked, "Villa what do you want with me?"

Villager went closer to me. He began to pull something out.

I expected it to be a weapon, but it wasn't.

He pulled out a long feather and smirked at me. He started to stroke the feather up and down onto my stomach.

I started to giggle. "Hehehehehe! Whahahat are you dohohohoing?!"

"Just having some fun with you, that's all."

My response just came out as pleading laughter.

Villager was given satisfaction. "You sound more like a timid angel when you laugh like that."

I blushed a bright shade of pink. "Is that hahahaha true?"

He nodded.

"Gahahahaha! Sorry but hahahaha I can't speheheheak straight to evhehehehen-" My sentence was cut short, when I started to burst out laughing, when Villager started to tickle my armpits.

"I understand Fluttershy~", he complimented, giving me a girly but cute sounding nickname. "I just can't stand not hearing your voice."

Tears of laughter came flowing down slowly. "Just stahahahap with thahahahaha compliments! You're mahahahahaking me blush hahahaha!"

"You do seem to be turning a shade of pink lemonade~"

"Whahahat did I hahahaha told you about thahahahaha compliments!"

Villager rolled his eyes. "Just wanted to make you happy."


"Oh wait! That's right! You are!" He started to tickle my bare soles.

Oh gosh! This was the worst part! Those were the mostly ticklish part of my body, and now he found it! "GAHAHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAHAP IT NOW HAHAHAHAHA!"

He smirked more, as he enjoyed every single laugh I made.

"STAHAHAHAP! PLEHEHEHEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU TO HAHAHAHA STAHAHAHAP!" To be honest, I actually started to enjoy this torture when I got deep into it. I haven't been tickled this hard in months.

The torture went on for almost an hour before Villager stopped to give me a breather. "Sorry for doing this.", he said with guilt in his voice. "I just wanted to do this to you, 'cause I think you're cute. But I think I've gotten a bit to far."

I felt the ropes loosen, allowing me to move my arms and legs. With that, I reached out to Villager and hugged him. "It's okay. I kinda enjoyed it to be honest. I haven't been tickled like that in months.'

Villager smiled and hugged me back. "Thanks Lucas."

"You're welcome. I'm happy to have you tickle me."

He untied the loosen ropes off of me, and joined me in the bed. "You're the best Lucas."

I started to fall asleep in his arms.