Glace bought some coffees for our heroes and sat down. Patty and Tim were part of the backup dancers, yet something was bothering Emma, "I am still curious on how did," Emma said, "You never told us that."

"My mom got a rare illness while we were on vacation in The Poconos," Glace replied, "The doctor told me that it was terminal. Rick took me in so he can make a quick buck."

"The nerve of people." Donna replied back, "Separating siblings who love each other so much."

"I know" Glace replied, "We kept in secret through postcards of the places we go to. Martha even helps out with the mail. I'm glad she's moving in with us so she can teach Denise how to clean up after herself. Before she died, my mom told me that me and Christopher are wonderful for each other."

"She must've shipped you two together" Emma smiled.

"She did" Glace smiled.

"Guys," Patty said, "I've been working on a little something."

In her bag, Patty got out a book. It was a novel she gave to Dulce years ago and is now reworking the process. She explained that it's a hip hop book about a trio named Darcey, Matty, and Jim who handle the world of hip hop. Glace started to think that it was based on real-life experience and it was. Darcey was Dulce, Matty was Patty, and Jim was Tim.

"That's great" Denise smiled as she read an excerpt about a girl named, "Desiree", "And is the Desiree girl suppose to be me?"

"It is" Patty replied, "You were always modeling for Horseapalooza Magazine and you use to make fun of our dancing."

"Yeah" Denise replied, "Now that I have three siblings, I could get the hang of this"

"Alrighty, folks" Christopher announced, "We're Christopher and The Wilde Ones, you probably know us from our Viewtube channel. We're going to do some requests. Our first one goes out to DJ Rocket."

Dulce started playing her guitar. Donna quickly recognized the song from The Amanda Show, it was the Melody and Thad song about a poor experience in a restaurant. As they got to the vomiting part, they stopped and chuckled, "Sorry" Christopher laughed, "This song here is too much. So we're going to stop."

"BOOOOO" shouted DJ Rocket from the bar, "Keep going, I want these crootaken horse lovers to eat horse muck."

Everyone glared at DJ Rocket for his insult and kicked him out, "Rocket never quits on performing in a dangerous way."

"He should probably wait outside til The Wilde Ones are done" Emma whispered, "Rocket always loves the attention at his DJ gigs."

"We also have another request from the manager of the cafe" shouted Stubby, "The request is No Wrong Way Home from the animated short Pearl, it's about finding your way back home to the people you love."

As they are performing the song, Donna thought about what she went through since she met CLST. From the death of her grandfather to meeting her Earth friends, The Backyard Gang, to moving to Rosewood, to showing Emma the wonders of the world, to falling in love with Michael.

"Here's a little surprise" shouted Christopher, "We're going to ask my girl, Glace to come up and perform on the keyboard."

Everyone cheered for Glace, "Glace McKenzie" shouted Dulce, "Welcome to The Wilde Ones.

"Go on Glace" shouted Donna.

"Alright," Glace smiled.

Glace came up on stage and performed the final bit of No Wrong Way Home. Suddenly, she had an announcement to make, "The song was right, there is No Wrong Way Home" Glace said, "Even in Pennsylvania. Sometimes, you've just had to accept what's best for your sweetheart, and it might not be what you want for them. I spend a few years apart from Christopher and I missed him too much. I barely get to see my real father, "Henry" because he usually teaches guitar in the vicinity of his home to his clients. If I've ever learned anything about my experience these past few weeks, is that people come and go, but you must never forget them. Donalie Solo showed me the perks of a high school life, Dulce showed me the wonders of rock and roll, Patty told me about small town businesses and hipster looks, Tim told me about the coolness of hip hop and Denise showed me what it's like having a new sister. Who knows who you'll meet in the future, just enjoy the life you have now"

Everyone applauded for Glace speech while Christopher and The Wilde Ones took a bow and staring at their friends.

The End.