Hello, this is my first story. I'm honestly nervous about writing something myself instead of reading other authors' work. Anyways, being a fan of Ultraman and Pacific Rim inspired me to do this. Now, onto the story.

Pacific Rim: Rise of the Ultra Guardian

Prologue: Awakening



It was everything that I could see. When I woke up, I couldn't feel my body, my arms nor my legs.

My eyes, I wasn't able to feel if they were open or closed.

I couldn't breathe with my nose or mouth, despite my lungs not hurting.

It was so strange….

This feeling….

"Ah, it seems you finally have awakened from your slumber." A voice suddenly calls me, it sounded ancient and held some sort of authority. I focus on the direction of the voice's source.

Insert BGM: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky - Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

Suddenly, the darkness disappears and the scenery is quickly enveloped for several colors that constantly change. (A/N: Imagine the quiz area in the start of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness/Time/Sky) I became shocked upon realizing that the one that addressed me wasn't human.

The mysterious being had some sort of silver mask with red round eyes, a metallic beard, and a crow, both silver. He possessed some sort of golden protection in his upper torso and shoulders, sustaining a gray cape that is red inside. Red round jewels that are used as buttons for his "suit", that is gray in the area of his torso, purple in the arms and legs with golden details.

Long silver gloves with white fur and boots of the same color that also possessed golden parts near his knees. Lastly, he had an emblem with the form of Shine Sprite of Super Mario Sunshine in the abdomen area. The circular area is red instead of golden and had the letter K instead of the black eyes. There was no doubt, this was Ultraman King.

I couldn't believe a character of a Japanese superhero franchise that I saw alongside Kamen Rider since I was 10 years old and from then couldn't stop watching was standing right in front of me. I was so shocked that I couldn't say anything. I also soon noticed that he wasn't alone.

Standing in his left was another Ultraman, he was donned in completely silver armor, had a metallic face with a simple closed mouth, round eyes like King's but white instead of red and a short Mohican that most of his kind presented. He had attached to his back a pair of metallic wings. In his chest, there was a scarlet crystal in the form of a shield, his Color Timer, the item Ultraman had in their chest used to show their energy/stamina. This was Ultraman Noa, another character of the franchise.

In King's right was the 3rd of this unusual trio. His head and upper torso were totally silver and metallic. His eyes were yellow and were more squared in comparison to the other two. He has a green circular jewel in the center of his forehead and also had what could be considered two Mohicans that were diagonally attached to his head. They were his Eye-Sluggers, weapons that he usually takes off from his head to cut his enemies or to perform one of his special attacks. In the center of his chest was his Color Timer that had an elliptical form.

The rest of his body was divided in blue, middle torso and arms, and red, bottom torso, and legs, respectively. Finally, there was a brace in his left wrist. It was the Ultimate Aegis, it endorsed this Ultra Warrior in an armor that he received from Noa to defeat his nemesis, the dark Ultraman, Belial. This being was Ultraman Zero, one of the most popular heroes of the franchise.

Once I finished inspecting them a thought occurred. How I ended here? Am I hallucinating? Am I dead? But, as if reading my mind, Zero said:

"Don't worry your not hallucinating nor is dead." This relaxed me.

"We called you ourselves, young man. We need your help" This time King said.

My help? But why me? Noa then said:

"We were observing you for some time, you used to be a selfish and heartless person. You used to fight and cause trouble for everyone, especially your family. But after experiencing some near-death experiences, you saw the importance of the bonds you shared with your family and how your parents and siblings worked and prayed hard to save your life. You gradually started to change and became in good terms with them. But that wasn't all, you also connected with other people."

Wow, how much of my life they saw?

"From little actions to bigger ones. Helping a little girl find her parents, making a classmate overcome the death of someone important to them, and even convincing a bank robber to turn himself. I couldn't believe that someone young like you really existed. "

This wasn't something that I should be gloating, I just learned that you can make a great difference in a person's life even with the simplest of the actions. But I felt a bit happy that someone praised me, especially a superhero that I liked.

Zero then spoke: " Back to the topic, would you accept our request?"

I was about to say yes when I remembered that I couldn't speak.

"Oh right! We were in a hurry and only brought your soul here." He added.

They showed me through some energy mirror that I was just a blue ball floating in this strange place in front of them.

"But we can still hear your thoughts, so don't worry about it. Anyways, are you sure? Although you won't have to worry about your family, since the time there flows faster in comparison to your world, we have no idea how much time you will end spending away from your home."

Right, here's the drawback. At least I hope everybody doesn't take much notice of my absence.

"Also, to help you, we will give a boost to your body. You will be stronger and faster than average humans, possessing a higher tolerance to pain too. You will also be given an item of your choice to become an Ultraman that you know, except the 3 of us. The 3 minutes limit to fight will also be removed and you will be forced off your transformation only if you take more damage than what your body will be capable of supporting the moment you be engaged in a battle. So, what is your answer? This will not be easy."




I thought and thought, and some sort of digital monitor appeared in front of me asking:

Would you like to save a world?


The options were in blue and red respectively.

I thought about the Yes option and the monitor disappeared. I also knew whose powers I would like to use.

No turning back now. I hope Mom, Dad, and my little siblings forgive me for going to some other dimension place for who knows how long.

King then spoke:

"I see you made your choice. Remember this, young man. You will not only fight giant monsters. And your new power will also eventually awaken the moment you need it. Now, look over that direction and focus in the light. Good luck."

The ancient being of light pointed towards a light that resembled a shining star in the night. It started to shine so intensely that I was being enveloped in its rays that came towards me. It gave a feeling of comfort, it was warm and welcoming.

And then my vision faded to darkness….

Now that we ended with the prologue, the main character will enter into action in the next chapter. Which Ultraman he is going to become? Find out in the next chapter.

I didn't describe the protagonist but he will be properly introduced in the next chapter.

See you next chapter