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Pacific Rim: Rise of the Ultra Guardian

Chapter 4: First Contact

PPDC - Command Center

Overall, Pentecost was pleased with his success in enlisting Raileigh's aid to pilot one of the Jaegers of the base. Having introduced him to Mako, it was certainly a matter of time before they find a compatible partner for him to pilot the Mark-3 Gipsy Danger alongside.

"*Sigh*..." The Marshall passes a hand through the top of his head as he now thins about his other concerns.

'If only all things were this simple...' The black man thinks, shaking his head in exasperation.

Ever since the apparition of the U.H.T., the United Nations decide to support the Jaeger program once more in the place of the now-abandoned Wall of Life Project.

While the budget increase certainly has improved things for the PPDC, it also gave Pentecost and his operatives more worries after his superiors issued new orders for the anti-Kaijuu organization.

To find means to detain and capture the U.H.T. or develop a way to destroy him…

While the majority of Earth now viewed the mysterious silver giant as their long-awaited savior, the world governments were honestly terrified with the titan and all special abilities that he possessed.

If something like him suddenly decides to turn on them and start fighting against humanity…

"The Kaijuus would pale in comparison to the U.H.T." Tendo comments, announcing his presence as he approaches the Marshall.

"Yes, they do." Stacker agrees with him, pulling a tiny box containing the medicine for his terminal cancer.

Up to this day, he doesn't regret what happened with his body when piloting the Coyote Tango Jaeger with Tamsin Sevier.

He and everybody else at the PPDCE are fully determined to keep fighting against the aliens until the end. Until the day they can finally destroy and close the Breach once and for all.

And that means that Pentecost fully understands what is at stake here.

If anything, after observing the U.H.T. fight against the Kaijus gave the PPDC the drive to keep fighting even further.

Truthfully, Stacker and Choi wanted to find a way to contact the giant if possible. Hermann and Newton already working on how to solve this issue without having to rely on another Kaiju's appearance to make the silver giant appear.

With his help, they could finally bring an end to this war, despite what the higher-ups seem to think about the giant of light's affiliations.

Those damn bureaucrats…

"Sir, do you really think that we can get the U.H.T. to help us?" Tendo asks the Marshall.

"I don't know, Mr. Choi. But if possible, we have to try. Attempting to have him as our enemy might be our worst outcome. That's not what we should be aiming to do." Stacker replies, opening a file as he proceeds to review and study all the data obtained so far in regards to the mysterious titan.

'What exactly is the U.H.T. doing now?'

With Yuta and Mayu

"You were so cool back at New York, Onii-chan!" Mayu says while making some fighting noises and poses as she tried to imitate the way Ultraman Dyna fought against the Kaijus.

"Oh? Is that so? I only did the right thing, Mayu. I'm sure others would have done something even if I didn't show up." Yuta chuckles and replies with a small smile, patting the younger girl's head.

"Onii-chan. I've been wondering… Why you don't want to reveal to the world your secret identity? Why not tell everybody that you're Ultraman Dyna? Wouldn't this be good for you? I think that people would respect and even pay you for saving everyone's lives." The child decides to ask innocently, not fully comprehending why her guardian decided to not reveal himself yet to the world.

Adopting a sad smile, the new Ultra Warrior proceeds to clear Mayu's doubts.

"It's not that simple, Mayu. Those, like me, that get the powers of an Ultraman don't fight expecting to get rewards or praise from everybody in return. It's just a matter of standing up for those that cannot and always do the right thing. With great powers, comes great responsibility. That's it. Do you understand?" The teenager asks her gently, earning a nod from the little girl.

"And there's also the trouble regarding… The government. They can sometimes be distrustful when someone with so much power simply appears out of nowhere and starts saving people's lives when they cannot. Even if the Kaijus' threat was gone, they still wouldn't trust me completely. They would perhaps even try to make me submit to them or would come up with a crazy story that I would be the next one to attack Earth, now trying to domain the world as well." He adds, making Mayu let an indignant gasp at this.

"But that's not true! You would never do that, right!? An Ultraman is a guardian of humanity that fights for peace and justice, right!?" She questions him.

"Yeah. But, unfortunately, not everybody might think like this. There will also always be greed, selfish, and jealous people that would rather try to take my powers away from me and have it for themselves." Yuta explains sadly, shaking his head in disappointment.

As much as there are good and honest people around the world, that same could be said for the opposite. Such is the human being's nature, a 'balance of good and evil'. Complex beings that the Ultra Warriors swore to protect regardless alongside the safety of Earth. Because after all, that's the right thing to do.

"Do you think that people are someday going to discover your real identity, Onii-chan?" Mayu asks worriedly, now having finally understood what troubles her guardian.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. But until something like this eventually happens, I will keep fighting to save and protect as many lives as I can." The Ultra spoke determinedly, earning a nod from his younger companion.

"Breaking news! A Kaijuu attack has been confirmed to soon happen in Sydney, Australia." A news reporter suddenly announces from the television, getting the duo's attention.

They soon began to watch footage of the Australians already evacuation of the said city while a Jaeger was being prepared to be deployed at the incoming battle: The Striker Eureka.

The strongest and fastest of the Jaegers, Striker Eureka's fighting style is akin to that of a dirty boxer or brutal brawler. Said style stems primarily from its pilots, Chuck and Herc Hansen's fighting style. Striker Eureka's speed and agility allow it to combat and kill Kaiju far quicker than the previous Jaeger series produced, its T-16 Angel Wings acting as stabilizers to maintain aerodynamic balance during the turbulence of burst combat.

Striker Eureka's 4.211 "Brass Knuckles" are a temperature-resistant brass-steel compound cast around the joints of each finger extension, adding greatly to the impact potential of each punch. In turn, they're backed by a pair of twin retractable Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blades" laced with carbon nanotubes that channel thermal energy at temperatures over three-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, capable of wounding and cauterizing Kaiju in close combat.

Striker's six-barreled WMB2x90 Anti-Kaiju Missile chest launcher is equipped with eighteen individual K-Stunner warheads that kill Kaiju with a direct hit. Striker Eureka contains a TY escape pod in the back of its Conn-Pod, allowing pilots to eject in the face of defeat; and an escape hatch at the top of its head akin to that of Coyote Tango. Lastly, the 90ER11 amber platinum visor is equipped with advanced photochromic displays, allowing four planes of situational awareness.


At Sydney - Australia

The Striker Eureka, piloted by the Hansen duo, was already engaged in a fight against a Kaiju.

The monster in question was what could be considered a Category IV version of Hardship, being completely identical in terms of appearance with the one previously killed in the past by the Romeo Blue Jeager.

Having the place already evacuated to allow the Jaeger to freely fight against the alien monster, the giant mecha could be seen brutally overpowering its enemy.

Inside the Striker Eureka's Conn - Pod

The Conn-Pod in the cockpit and control center of each Jaeger. From here, the Rangers are able to control their Jaeger's every movement.

Digital heads up displays allow the pilots an immediate layout of their environment, while physical control panels affixed to the top of the Conn-Pod and between the pilots allow them access to weapons and the basic functions of the Jaeger. Exterior or landscape cameras are often in the face of the Conn-Pod where the Jaeger's "eyes" are represented. Crimson Typhoon's single eye in one example. Coolant and hull panels are examples of control panel-accessed functions.

The interior of a Conn-Pod often reflects the primary design aesthetic of the Jaeger and its pilots' armor.

Movement within the Conn-Pod is a complexly designed system placed directly under the feet of the pilots. Depending on the design of the Conn-Pod, the mechanics of the Conn-Pod below may be exposed to allow better movement, or hidden beneath a floor panel where only the movement of the pedals the pilots' feet are buckled into is allowed immediate movement.

Above the pilots is a rig that attaches to the arm and the spinal clamp of the Drivesuit, making it possible for the pilots to move in unison together in the Drift. The helmet of the Drivesuit is connected to the life support systems of the Conn-Pod and provide further oxygen where or when necessary.

Herc and Chuck were making boxing-like moves that their Jaeger emulates to beat the Kaiju. The younger Hansen has an expression of satisfaction for being the one to kill a monster this time.

'And not that damn silver giant.' He thought.

Herc was also feeling pleased that the Kaiju would soon die at their hands at this rate.

Hopefully, nothing would go wrong.

But suddenly…

The scanners in the Conn-Pod start to detect…

"A second Kaiju presence!? Here in Sydney!?" Herc thought in alarm at this new revelation.

Back at the fight...


A monster that greatly resembles Gazort from the Ultraman Tiga series suddenly appears from out of nowhere in the skies. It begins to fire several plasma bombs from its mouth, aiming to hit the Striker Eureka from behind.

Gazort were kaiju that appeared in Ultraman Tiga. Originally tadpole-like harmless creatures named Critter, however, due to exposure of overdose radio waves, they cannibalized each other and took on the said monstrous form to attack the outside world for more food.

"Kyarrgh!" Gazort can spit powerful light blue orbs of plasma energy from its mouth. They can be fired in rapid succession. They can also be charged for a much more powerful attack.


These attacks make the Jeager release the Hardship Kaiju it was attempting to kill as the mecha falls in the ground, slightly damaged.

Now free from its metallic opponent, Hardship and Gazort join forces as they start to attack the Striker Eureka relentlessly, fully adamant in destroying one of humanity's last weapons of defense while also damaging the city of Sydney in the process.

At the PPDC's command center

"It can't be! Only one Kaiju was supposed to appear from the Breach!" Hermann cried in disbelief. He and Newton were also present to watch the fight against the monsters.

As everybody paid closer attention to the battle of Sydney, they all started to notice that the new monster didn't resemble anything at all with the previous Kaijus that humanity killed. If anything, it was something completely and unlike anything they have ever seen before.

"Almost like U.H.T." Stacker thinks, grimly realizing that this new monster must be unrelated to their main enemies as well.

But if that's the case, from where did this abomination came from?

They couldn't waste time pondering longer about this for now. It's better if they quickly send the other Jaegers to help the Striker Eureka as fast as they can.

However, when all hope seemed to have been lost…

"Sir, our radars are detecting a new energy signature quickly approaching Sydney at a fast rate. *Gasp!* It's… It's the U.H.T. !" Tendo cries suddenly, working on a computer and managing to get everyone's attention.

"The U.H.T.!?" Raleigh says, now interested in seeing their mysterious ally one more time.

Back at Sydney...


A powerful white orb of light suddenly reveals itself, having low its way all around the world to reach the capital of Australia as it immediately comes closer to the battle of giants.

It soon lands between the fallen Jaeger and Kaijuus, conjuring a powerful barrier of energy that repels the monsters and forcefully sends them backward.

"Kyaah!" Hardship and Gazort cry in pain as they are the ones that now fall hard on the ground.

When all the light dies down, Ultraman Dyna finally reveals himself to everyone. The Guardian of humanity then turns around to stare at the slightly damaged Striker Eureka.

Inside the Conn - Pod

Trying to recover themselves, Herc and Chuck couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable under the gaze of the powerful being of light as they watched him from the Coon-Pod's HUD display.

"U.H.T. What the heck does he wants with us!?" Chuck growls at the sight of the Ultra Warrior.

Suddenly, the silver being of light raises a hand and carefully approaches the Striker Eureka.

Chuck immediately starts to grow panicked at this, thinking that Dyna was about to attack them. This also made him want to fire all of their missiles against the mysterious being while Herc tried to tell his son to calm himself.

To their shock and surprise(mainly Chuck's), Ultraman Dyna gently grabs the Striker Eureka and helps the mecha stand on its feet once more.

"He is… Actually helping us?" Herc asks aloud, still confused as his mind processed what is happening with them. Next to him, Chuck is slowly calming himself as the feeling of uneasiness was finally leaving the two men's minds.

Back at the fight…

Having managed to help the Striker Eureka regain its feet, Ultraman Dyna sends a nod of acknowledgment to the giant of metal, hoping that its' pilots would get the message that he was not their enemy. But rather, their ally.

"Kyaahhh!" The two protectors then notice that the Kaijus have recovered from their fall as well, now looking darkly at the two guardians of mankind.

"Gyaahhh!" Gazort decides to fly high before firing a series of consecutive plasma bombs at Ultraman Dyna.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

"Ha!" The Ultraman manages to skillfully dodge the attacks with a series of cart-wheels.


Suddenly, Hardship comes charging at the Ultra, managing to forcefully push him to the ground.


The impact was strong enough to cause a powerful tremor in the area as some nearby cars were sent away by the shockwave caused by Dyna's fall.

"Grauur!" Hardship decides to stomp on the fallen Ultra's body, restraining his opponent's moves before attempting to stab the Light Warrior with its sharp horn.

Deciding to change tactics, Ultraman Dyna crosses his arms in an 'X-pose' as the Dyna Crystal on his forehead begins to shine strongly, momentarily blinding the Kaiju he was facing.

*Blink!* *Flash!*

A brief flash then happens next and Dyna changes from his multi-colored Flash Type to the crimson Strong Type.

Now much more physically stronger than before, the new Giant of Light manages to surpass Hardship's brute strength and overcome him. Next, Ultraman Dyna - Strong Type actually manages to catch and lift the evil monster with his bare hands, once again surprising the audience that was currently watching the battle of Sydney.

At the PPDC Command Center

"My God… The U.H.T… I… Everything about him goes against all we learned about the Kaijus so far. He is in a completely different category of his own in comparison to them." Hermann comments worried, making the others agree with him.

"Damn, I still can't believe how he literally created a black hole to kill the last Kaiju. We lost some valuable amount of research material because of him!" Newton cries, making Hermann deadpan at his colleague.

"Are you seriously still bothered by that!?" Someone exclaims in return to the eccentric German scientist.

Back at the fight...

"Vulcan Swing!" Ultraman Dyna chants as he grabbed Hardship's tail and spins the monster at high velocity before releasing the Kaiju. The Ultra ends throwing Hardship at an open road, where it would be easy for him to fight against the Kaiju.


The Ultraman then remembers that Gazort was present as well, also wanting to destroy the Hero of Light. Dyna quickly spots the monster in the sky, preparing to fire more Plasma Bombs at the silver giant.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*


Suddenly, several missiles hit the flying monster in the chest, injuring it and making the creature fall and crash against a building. Thankfully, there was nobody inside of it.


The red Ultra Warrior realizes that it was the Striker Eureka Jaeger who fired the missiles at Gazort. At this, the Ultraman sends a grateful nod at the pilots of the giant robot while huge mecha proceeds to engage the flying Kaiju in close-quarters combat.

"Graurr!" Ultraman Dyna finds Hardship having recovered and once again rushing towards the Guardian of Light.

To Counter this, Dyna gathers energy in his right fist as flames eventually coat said hand.

"Dy-Knuckle!" The Ultra chants.


The punch hits Hardship in the face, easily breaking the monster's horn and making some blue blood spill from the Kaiju's now deformed head.

Meanwhile, the Striker Eureka now keeps brutally attacking Gazort with a series of consecutive blows, not intending to let the creature fire the Plasma Bombs from its mouth at the metal titan's head.

Bringing forth the 'Sting-Blades' from its wrists, the Jaeger forcefully presses them against the Kiaju's face, wounding Gazort and quickly cauterizing its wounds.

"Kyaaah!" Gazort shrieks in pain.

Having finally realized that they cannot win this battle, both Kaijus decide to resort to fleeing from the battlefield. Gazort once again flies away, high in the skies as he takes off quickly while Haedship decides to run away, leaving a trail of blue blood coming from its badly wounded face.

Ultraman Dyna and Striker Eureka both decide to take this as a cue to switch opponents.

*Flash!* *Blink!*

"Ha!" Changing back to its default Flash Type form, Dyna flies after Gazort in the skies while Striker Eureka starts to pursue after Hardship.

With its great speed, the Jaeger quickly catches up with the Category IV Kaiju, stabbing it in the back with one of the Sting-Blades.

"Grauur!" The giant monster cries in pain as the blades burns trough the insides of his flesh while quickly cauterizing its inside wounds as well. Using the other heating blade, Striker Eureka proceeds to try decapitating Hardship's head from the rest of its body.

*Swift!* *Slash!*

The action works swiftly as it turns out to be a clean slice. All the injuries that the Kaiju suffered earlier made the process to cut trough its flesh easier.

As the Kaiju's head falls on the road that both giants were currently standing at, a fountain of its own blue blood soon begins to come out like a jet of water from the spot the head used to be attached to. the body drops dead on the ground after that.

Inside the Conn - Pod

Herc and Chuck were celebrating after another successful kill of a Kaiju.

But with that said, father and son soon remembered that there was another creature that was being currently dealt with by a certain Giant of Light.

"Where are they now!?" Chuck wonders, trying to look around and locate Ultraman Dyna and Gazort.


Ultraman Dyna and Gazort were flying over the city of Sydney, exchanging blows mid-air as the latter tried to escape from the former.

Realizing that this fight was about to end, Dyna begins to gather energy around his arms to perform the Solgent Kousen.

"Gyahh!" Gazort fires a single powerful Plasma Bomb from its mouth.

"Solgent Kousen!" Ultraman Dyna fires his signature Ultra Beam in response to the evil Kaiju's attack.

The two attacks clash, but Dyna's Solgent Kousen is proven to be stronger as it destroys the Plasma Bomb and finally hits Gazort!

The Ultra Beam eventually manages to pierce through the flying Kaiju's body, leaving a massive hole in its chest.

"Kyaahhh!" The monster cries weakly one last time before it begins to fall in the direction of Sydney's surface, next to the city's Opera House.

Once it hits the ground, Gazort's body explodes.


The explosion causes a shockwave, making nearby buildings and the water close to the Opera House slightly shake for a few minutes.

"Ha!" Ultraman Dyna finally lands back on the ground, looking satisfied for defeating another Kaiju and having saved lives once again.

Suddenly, the Guardian of Light notices a dark aura coming from the explosion of his foe's remains. The Ultra Warrior could sense an unnatural source of power coming from this aura as it finally disperses trough the skies of Sydney.

What was that!?

It was something cold…

Something Evil…

And something dark…

As he pondered about what he just witnessed and how a Kaiju that originally belonged to Ultraman Tiga's series ended in this universe, Ultraman Dyna suddenly starts to feel that the Alien Lifeform at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean would no longer be the only threat he was about to face from now on.

It seems that a new force of unparalleled darkness would soon manifest itself to the people of this Earth's universe.

Ultramen Zero, Noa, and King warned him that this Earth was about to experience a crisis unlike any other that the humans of this world have ever seen before. Could it be that they were aware that something worse has yet to show itself to the humanity of this universe?

What should Ultraman Dyna do now!?

As he got too caught in the prospect of facing a new powerful enemy and how to find a way to help the humans of this world, Dyna fails to notice the Striker Eureka Jaeger quietly approaching him from behind with a Sting Blade already drawn on its right mechanical wrist.

What was the giant robot planning to do!?

Chapter 4: First Contact - End

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