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Chapter 1

Ruby pov

All I can see is blood... but it isn't mine. Why? Why am I alone where's Yang ,Blake or my partner Wiess." I can hear growling like something is struggling to speak. I try to look around but I couldn't move.

All I can see is an ally with rubble and trash littered everywhere and what looks like a young man wearing a blue trucker hat and overall wrapped around his waist.

"Ohhh Oum did I kill him." I thought.

Then their was a shot and I flicked around and started to run towards the shot. I wasn't in control of my movement in fact I felt like I was backseat driving my own body.

When I turn the corner I can see Yang with her brains falling out of a huge hole in her head. That wasn't terrifying what was was seeing's my partner Wiess next to an injured man in a white suit with a smoking gun.

She was my partner and she killed my sister. I want to cry and scream but all I can make was a gurgling sound like I was drowning then she faced me and she burst into tears.

"Oh Oum" Wiess said as she try to aim the gun at me shakily that's when I can see my hand pull forward my clothes ripped and my skin was a sickly Grey-ish green. The man looked over and sighed.

"Huuu sorry kid" he said as he pulled out a gun and shot me in the arm causing me to spin and fall.

When I fell I saw my own reflection in a car window in slow motion I was covered in blood my clothes roped to shreds and my once siver eyes black and blood red at the same time.

When I hit the ground I flayed like I was on fire. That when I felt a foot on my back. I turn around to see the man standing over me with a gun. Before he could shoot me Wiess shouted for him to stop.

"Wait don't kill her." Weiss said to the man why'll he gave an annoyed look on his face while also a hint of pity

"I..I... I should be the one to do it." He looked at her almost like he was shocked.

"Are you sure about this Wiess the blood can get out of your suit but the memory won't trust me I said in worry tone.

"Yes she was my partner and this is ... mercy." wiess stated.

He gave her his gun and she pointed it at my head. "I'm sorry Ruby... I'm sorry."


All I can see is black and I have feeling of falling. I try to scream but I just can't I heard screaming but also a faint noise calling my name "Ruby, hey ruby. Ruby!"

3rd pov

Ruby shot up in a cold sweat accidentally hitting her head on Wiess head... ouch.

"Ugg you dolt get up and hurry up we're going to be late for professor Port's class!" she said rubbing her head

"Oh sorry I'll be their soon." Ruby said cheerfully.

The vivid nightmare started the fade from her mind and the thought of Cooke's and her weapon crescent rose filled Ruby mind like cement bearing the nightmare

"What a weird dream." she mutters as she got out of bed and ready herself for another day at Beacon.

Later after school

"Ugggggg" cried Wiess, "Why did you thought it was a good idea to set Cardin hair on fire."

"Hey he was picking on Jaune besides don't deny you didn't laugh at his expense!" Yang said in her defense.

"Still becouse of you we have to stay behind and listen to one Ports story when he gets back." Weiss counters argues.

Ruby wasn't paying attention to the argument instead thinking back on her dream something about Cardin burning hair just reminds her about the ally way.

"Hey Blake back me up Cardin deserved it right?" Yang asked. Blake didn't look up from her favorite book 'Ninja of love' but she nod's while keeping a straight face. She open her mouth to say something when she ... disappeared.

Yang, Weiss, and ruby sat in silence till Yang asked "Ok how let the cat out of the bag."

Weiss grown while Ruby was oddly stayed quiet. That's when Yang notice Ruby was gone.

"Oh my Oum Weiss did you see we're she went! ... Weiss?" She also was gone.


Port enters the room oblivious to the empty room.

"Now students I know you believe to be protecting Mr Arc but I can tell you right now you aren't reminds me of a time when beat up my neighbors for stealing a mustache comb when it really was under my dreeessss ... we're is everybody?" He stated realizing that no one is their.

With Blake

"He deserves to be taught a lesson not combusting his hair Yang. We're am I?"

Blake look up from her book to see she was not in here class but rather in a hallway of some motel. She knew she wasn't in vale the heat was muggy and damp. She put her book down and pulled out her scroll Then rember it was confiscated for detention. So she looked around a bit till she herd a crash downstairs.

"Ow for the love, how can ted carry this stupid box around anyways." Blake investigated the noise to see a dark skin tone woman in a reporter clothes trying to get some camera gear inside the back of a truck.

"Um hello?" Blake stated as the woman shrieked as she turn around.

"Jesus's don't startle me like that!" She said

"Sorry um do you need help with that." Blake said while pointing at the box.

"Look kid I can't even hold it I highly doubt that you can... do it." She stop mid sentence to see Blake holding the equipment like it was nothing and placing it in the back of the van.

"Um never mind hey actually you wouldn't happen to know how to use one of these things my staff are currently sick from this strang virus going around?" She Said While holding a hand held camera.

Blake having no knowledge of what ever land she was in figure if the woman worked for a news outlet then she could learn we're she was and get back to beacon before getting into more trouble.

"Sure I've been apart of protest and seen cameramen work." Blake said blankly

"Ok so are you from a local school or something." She asked.

"Yes I'm from Beacon." Blake said while placing another box of camera's into the car.

"Oh you mean the one from Florida?" The woman asked in concern tone.

"I don't know we're that is. I don't even know we're I am right now." Blake said placing the last of the boxes into the car.

"Um are you feeling well do you know were your parents are or friends?" She asked with even more concern

"No I just found myself here with no memory of coming here." Blake said blankly.

The woman bend down to Blake's level "Okkk then tell you what, you help me with this story and I'll help you locate your friends." She said in a reassuring tone.

Blake didn't know squat about we're she was decided to except this strang woman's offer. "Ok deal."

"Great, oh almost forgot my name is Rochelle but people call me Ro for short" she stated as she raised her hand to shake Blake's.

"Blake" she said as she took Rows hand. They both got into the van and drove off to the evac point in a town called Savanna.

With Ruby

"Seriously Yang." groans Ruby as she looks up to see a young man child starting at her while eating a sandwich.

"Um hello" Ruby said awkwardly.

"Wass upp." the stranger said.

After a few silent seconds of nothing except a few munches Ruby spoke first.

"Um we're am I?' Ruby asked

"Your currently in my garage also are you them aliens or something?" He asked while taking another bite from his sandwich.

"No why?" Ruby was taken back a bit by the question.

"Well it ain't normal for little oh little red riding hood to appear out of thin air." He said after eating another bite.

Ruby ponder for a bit then agreed how strange it would be for a stranger to appear out of thin air.

"Fair point but I am not an alien. I'm just a regular girl with normal knees." She said while patting her knees at that last part.

The man child took one last bite before he threw his sandwich over head not caring wear it landed.

"Ok then we'll little lady my names ellis course people call me El course I would mind being called that or being Ellie but that sounds like a girls name so I kinda don't like it and, oh dang almost forgot to ask what your name?" Ellis rambled. Ruby chuckled a bit by his rambling.

"My name is Ruby Rose but people call me little sis or crater face or even dolt which I don't like that one." Ruby said politely.

"Well mrs Rose I'm finish with my lunch, would you like to help me with my truck theirs a zombie apocalypses going on outside and I'm making the truck 100 % zombie proof." He said with a straight face.

Ruby was shocked by the news of zombies but then again this gives her a chance to build a mounted weapon, something on her bucket list.

"Sure it can't be as hard as making crescent rose". Thinking back she wish she had it.

"Oh what's that?" He asked with interest.

"A heavy 50 cal bolt cation scythe." She described

"A whaa?" He asked with confusion.

"It's a gun." Ruby plainly stated

"Ohhhhh that sounds so cool! Ohh did you make it your self." He said with excitement.

"Yes I did." She said with a hint of pride.

"Oh quick question do you have something to wear my teacher would kill me if I get grease on my uniform." Ruby said while pointing to her uniform.

"Sure my friend Keith macanic uniform is in the back should be a bit big but should work." he stated pointing to an open locker.

"Thanks." Ruby said to Elise who gave a southern smile. A few minutes later Ruby and Ellis walked over towards the car to tank it while talking about guns.

With Weiss

"I don't know Yang." Weiss stated

She then realized she was on some kind of field with weird symbols painted on the ground when a ball landed on her lap.

"What the..." she couldn't finish before she was dog piled by behemoths in weird plastic armor.

She felt like she was hit by a freight train even with her aura it still hurt.

"Ugg get off me now you dolts!" She spatted while trying not to gag from their horrid BO.

"Hey your not Paul" said one of the giants said

"Dude I thing we hurt her." another said

"I'll go get Coach." said another

"Sorry we thought you were Paul Ms um..." the fourth one said.

She gave him a stink eye and spatted with much venom "Wiess. Wiess Schnee and give me one reason why I shouldn't report this to your 'Coach'. "

"Becouse he's standing behind you and He saw it all happen." A older sounding man said right behind her. Weiss turn around to see a fat man in a purple jogging suit.

"Now Odis run a mile and give me 20 for tackling the lady and the rest of y'all run a mile." He said while pointing to the track around the field.

Their were groans from the group as theh begin to jog around the track. This Coach walked up to Wiess and offered her a hand to which she excepted as he pulled her up.

"Damn girl you all right." He asked in concern.

"Just fine, they ruin my clothes though." Weiss looking down at her school uniform. It was a mess covered in mud and grass with a heel mark on the chest.

He chuckled a bit "Seems so. Well if it helps we have a spare girls uniform if you don't mind purple."

"Thank you mister umm what's your name." Weiss asked

"Just call me Coach just like everyone else, no need to rember my name." He said while walking beside Weiss to the lockers.

"Ok Coach, thank you." Weiss said politely.

"Any time Wiess just helping out a stranger in trouble that's just all." She smirked. He kinda reminds her of her energetic leader but more humble and much, much less energetic.

They walk into the locker room to which Coach handed her the school uniform and head to his office. The uniform looked like the one from beacon but with a purple and tan Color scheme.

"Not my colors but it will due till I get something better." She mutters

Once she got dress she headed to the Coach's office to see him looking out at the Field in horror.

"Um miss Schnee do you know how to fight." He asked

"Yes why?" Weiss asked in confusion

Cause my students are being ripped apart by the quarter back." He said while looking outwards in horror. Weiss looked outside to see the team of giants being castrated by Paul.

"Oh Oum should we should run." Coach looked with a few tears in his eyes.

"Yea theirs supposed to be an evac station at a hotel nearby." He stated grabbing two bats and handing one over to Weiss. She started to run with coach to a hotel down the street.

With Yang

"UK IS GOING ON!" Yang shouted. She then realizing she is in an ally way.

"Ok so that's a thing". she mutters to herself.

She walked through the ally till she sees something all to familiar. A shady looking bar in a shady looking part of town perfect for getting information. With a toothy grin she walked up to the front door just to be stopped by the bouncer.

"I'm sorry miss but you are to young to enter." he said blankly.

With a smirk she put on her most subductive voice and stated "Are you sure I can't enter with a big strong man by my side like your self."

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow "The answer is no so leave before I put you down for trespassing."

He pulled a gun from his back holster and hold the grip tightly.

Yang just smirk "Well you want to do it the hard way fine I can play rough."

Inside the bar patrons were socializing or drinking till they heard multiple gunshots then final the door was kicked in with the bouncer thrown onto the pool table with multiple teeth missing and bruises covering his face. The crowd watch as this strange blonde bombshell walked over to the bar. She sat down next to a man in a white suit who seems to be the only one unfazed by what happen. She looked through the menu on the board

"I'll have the um... oh the yellow hammer slammer, that sounds good." She says with a cocky smirk.

The bartender looked batheled but complied and start to make the drink.

The man in the suit looked over asked in a puzzled yet annoyed voice "Ain't you bit young to drink lady."

"I don't know can a miner beet your sorry ass gramps." Yang replied cooky.

"What ever sweat heart." he rolled his eyes and returned to his drink.

A few minutes later the bartender returned with the drink with out a mini umbrella in it.

"Um doesn't it supposed to have an umbrella in it." Yang asked slightly annoyed.

"Sorry Ms but he took the last one." the bartender says pointing to the man in the suit.

She looked over at him while he was picking his teeth. He noticed she was looking at the umbrella.

"Well Blondie you want this maybe I can give it to you after I pick my teeth with it." he said rudely.

She was annoyed by him and was about to punch him into the wall when a large clash can be herd right behind them causing her to stop and turn around. A patron was coughing and wheezing then fainted knocking a group of bikers drinks down.

"Oh your dead now you little piss ant!" one of the biker stated in a southern accent.

The group started beat the crap out of the unconscious person till he got up and tackled the leader of the bikers. At first Yang thought he was fighting back till she notice the bikers jugular in the patrons mouth. The bikers start to panick as some screams can be heard through the bar. The bartender grabbed a couch gun from under the bar and walked over to the guy making a man-which out of the dead bikers thought.

"Ok sonny your sick as hell, Jim get this ugly fucker out of here and call the police." Jim didn't respond instead walked in looking paler then usual till he reveled his face to be half missing.

"What on gods holy ea.." the bartender said before he was tackled to the ground and was mauled with his guts going everywhere like confetti.

The man and Yang watch wide eyes as the patrons bolted from the bar.

"What the fuck is going on." he whisper quitly hoping not to atracted their attention.

"I don't know". Yang said

They slowly made their way to the door before stepping on a loose board causing the infective to look up and sprint towards are two characters. Yang brought her fists up being the braller she was while this stranger grabed a pool stick to fight with. The first infected ran at her but she side stepped it and delivered an uppercut that sent it straight through the roof ... literally. The second one ran at the man to which he swings so hard it broke the pool stick in half.

"Ah tits!" he said before being tackled into the bars back kitchen.

Yang saw this a ran to help the stranger then the dead biker jumped her tackling her to the ground. The fat basterd started to tear at her clothes ruining her school uniform her aura protected her skin but not her clothes.

"Ugg get off me" she said getting her feet under its belly to try and push it off her.

With her strength the biker went flying across the room hitting wall hard. Yang got up looking at the carnage.

"What... just... happen?" She huffed.

After a few seconds of silence a scream could be heard as an infect jumped her just for a huge clonk sound ended its assault on the blonde brawler. The man in the suit bend over huffing from the fight while holding a frying pan.

"Well that de-clonk the theory on zombies." she joked.

"Heh heh yea I guess so." replied the man.

"So what now?" Yang asked while covering her exposed bra.

"Well considering zombies are real and their was news of evacuation near a hotel lets head their." The man said

"Um any chance We can stop by a store for some clothes" Yang pointed out that her clothes look like it when through a blender and was revealing more then what she is comfortable showing.

"Yea I like to leave before more come so here wear this for now." He hands her his suit jacket.

"I'll try not to get blood on it but no promises... Um what's your name?" Yang asked as she puts on the blazer.

"It's Nick." the man said walking to the door giving a sign to follow.

"Well Nick names Yang let's try and help each other escape." She said as they ran from the bar heading to a hotel.

"Well let get going try not to die ... I'm starting to like you." He said

"Ahh is my new suit starting to make you like me old man." she said with a toothy grin.

"Don't push it just yet I just need your help to get out of the city." Nick retorted slightly annoyed.

Well that the end of my first chapter of my first story hope y'all liked it and please leave any kind of criticism this is my first story so odds are against me. Also side note RWBY doesn't have their weapons, scrolls, regular attire becouse they had detention. I'll try and write the second chapter before the month ends but no promises other then it will be done before late June.