Hello again Wombag here with the second chapter of my first story Team RWBY is seprated with out their scrolls and weapons but at least they are accompanied by soon to be badass zombie survivors. Also side not when I stated that I'll have this done by late June I meant at the latest. If we all were to agree on something it's that unfinished story's are annoying so I set a 4 month budget. As they say in France alon-ze

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Blake and Rochelle

The van skid to a stop and both girls got out of the van.

"Well looks like we are out of gas." replied Rochelle.

Blake walk around back and took out a small home video recourder (HVR).

"I guess we have to take the news with this thing." Blake stated walking over to the entrance of the hotel with Rochelle.

When they enter the building they were hit with foul smell of burning corpse and soon to be burned corpses.

"What the hell is going on" Rochelle asked in horror.

Blake had a gut feeling of what their men we're doing but she kept it to herself. Then she heard heavy breathing from behind this caused her bow to twitch she turned around to be greeted by a man in a hazmat suit covered in blood.

"What are you two doing here the evac is up stairs." He asked as Rochelle turn towards the man

"Um hi we are reporters from Cleveland looking to interview a Dr um" she paused for a moment to pull out paper in her back pocket

"Calvin viper. Dr Calvin Viper of the Washington branch of the CDC." She finished

The CDC hazmat guy looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Your the reporter they sent" he asked

"Yes we are sir." Rochelle replied

The man sighed. "We'll fine follow me."

As they walk towards the elevator Blake looked around seeing both SWAT and CEDA members tossing bodies onto a burning fire. The elevator ride was short so when they both made it to the 9th floor they quickly made their way to the end of the hall.

The man stoped and looked at both of them. "You got thirty minutes to interview then you are both going into the chopper for evac."

Both girls nodded and he open the door letting both girls enter. Their was a man in a lab coat wearing a rebreather on his mouth. He looked up from his computer to see the two reporters in his makeshift office.

"I'll take it that you two are the reporters here to interview me?" He asked.

Rochelle nodes and then she sat down with pen and paper across from the man while Blake recorded there conversation.

With Ruby and Elise

"Hot damn girl you know your tools little lady if I say so myself." Elise whistled in impression as Ruby finish tighting the last bolt on retractable blades on the front of the truck.

"Like I said building weapons is easy especially big one because they don't have that many moving parts". Ruby said while looking at her handy work.

The truck had metal welded to the doors and sides while having a bars bolted to the window and for the bumper it had retractable blades that can cut through hard wood like paper.

"We'll Ms Rose it seems no one can argue with your point." Elise said while looking at the truck.

"I suggest that we bring weapons, better to have em and not need them then to not have em and need them" Elise said giving Ruby a crowbar.

They both got into the truck and started it up. The door open revealing it to be 7:30-ish in the morning. As they drove to the evac station they see a hord of zombie in front of them.

Elise gave a mad grin while Ruby looked out at the zombie being thankful that non of them looke like her friends. She didn't like killing the dead like Elise but she wouldn't mind mowing them down with her contraption. Elise drove forwards while ruby pulled on a lever causing the blades to chop throw the hoard as blood and guts hit the windowshield with a splat.

"Oh man that was fun especially when doing it with a friend." Elise said while looking onward.

"I don't know I feel a little guilty that no one can recognize their friends and family in the pile" Ruby said.

"Whaa no I'm talking about building this truck with a friend now that's fun" Elise correct himself.

"Oh that yea that was fun." Ruby realized what Elise meant.

They continued to drive down to the hotel. When a horde of zombies came running from all side beating on the door. This was futile till the heard a loud roaring sound.

"What is tha.." Elise didn't had time to finish before something big grabbed the car and threw it like frisbee.

Thanks to Ruby's aura she was fine, Elise on the other hand was rendered unconscious from the crash.

"Oww What was that thing" she said rubbing her head.

She unbuckled herself and grabbed Elise from the truck she carried him bridal style to the hotel while what ever caused that wreak started to put a beat down on the car.

Weiss, coach (Yang,Nick,Ruby,Elise )

Weiss and Couch just made it to the hotel except they were covered in blood guts and some guts were hanging from there necks like friendship necklace.

"You're ... alright ... Weiss?" Coach asked why'll panting.

She looked over the blood,guts, and stomach fluid that covered her clothes.

"I feel so ... unclean." She shutters as removing the guts from her neck.

"Come on we almost their just inside and then we'll be flown out of here." He said holding the door open.

They both walk in to see two people arguing with an armed CEDA member.

"What the hell are you doing!"

"Yea we survived a massacre at a bar just to be denied entry what's with that!"

Upon closer inspection the two people was a brown haired white dude with a blue dress shirt and white dress pants while the other seems like a blonde chick wearing a his white suit jacket.

"I'm sorry sir any contact with the infected with out proper safety gear must be kept under quarantine till further notice." The CEDA member said.

Weiss couldn't believe what she just heard she walked up to the CEDA guy.

"You have to be kidding me we walked throw hell and your sending us away?" Weiss said annoyed.

The blonde chick looked over with the man.

"Yea this is some ... wait Weiss." She Said

Hearing here name she looked over to see the chick was Yang.

"Oh my Oum ... Yang." Weiss said as she ran over hugging Yang. Yang was surprised to see Weiss of all people here but still happy non the less.

"It's good to see you too Ice queen. Um Weiss your covers in guts." she said while trying to get out of the hug.

"People I know this reunion is good and all but if you don't step back right now I'll be force the shot you on sighted." The CEDA man pointed his shot gun towards the group.

"Alright son well just walk back no need to point the gun at... BANG,BANG,BANG ... us."

Someone was banging on the door. "Hay anyone inside my friends needs help."

Yang walked to the door till the cocking of a 12 gage gets her to stop.

"No one leaves and no one enters those are the rules!" He yelled while keeping the gun pointed at Yangs head.

"But they need our help." She pleaded.

"I said no one enters or..." Smack the man fell over with Nick behind him holding the frying pan.

"God what an ass clown." Nick stated grabbing the shot gun and placing it on the the table.

"Um if you want now is the time to open up that door little one." Said Coach as he walked over to the door to unlock it.

Yang opened the door just to be tacked by a jumpsuit wearing girl and an unconscious man child.

"Yang!" The girl said holding onto her sister.

"Oh Ruby thank Oum your alright." Yang said while holding onto her sister. Coach walked over to the man child who was starting to wake up.

"Ouch my head. Oh Ruby who this lady." Elise asked while being helped up by Coach.

"Oh she's my sister Yang." Ruby chirped

"She doesn't look like your sister." Replyed Nick.

"We're half sister same Dad different moms." Both said together.

"Well as fun as it is to see one another I suggest we get out of here while we still can." Said Weiss

"Yea I have to agree with Mardi grss here let's get going." Nick said while walking to the stairs.

Weiss looked over to Nick she opened her mouth to asked what's a Mardi grss when Ruby tackled Weiss.

"Weiss!" Ruby yipped in excitement.

"Ug get of me you dolt." Weiss complained as she struggled to get her partner off her.

"Nope!" said Ruby as she continued to hold onto her.

After a few minutes they followed Nick to the stairs.

"Ugh... Who had the idea of putting an evac station up thirty flight of goddamn stairs." Complained Coach

"Well my friend maybe they have chopper made of chocolate up their heh heh heh." Nick joked

"Oh maybe it's made out of cookies instead." Ruby said while passing Nick

"Yea let's go with that for are motivation on getting out of here." Said Weiss as she passed Nick.

Nick rolled his eye as he continued his clime up the stairs. As they reach the twenty ninth flight they hear a loud crash above them when they looked up a man in a lab coat came crashing down. He was dead before he landed of course. The group raised their weapons as the ran up the stairs to see two girls bend over breathing heavily.

"Oh my Oum Blake!" Team RW(B)Y said together.

Blake looked up to be tackled by the three girls said together. Coach walked over to the other woman patting her on the back.

"Hey you alright." Coach asked Rochelle.

"Hey guys not to be rude but can we play get together after we get off the burning building." Nick said trying to move around the dog pile.

"He's right." Said Blake after getting out of the pile.

"Thank you someone here who has... oh no no no no no no" Nick said as he ran faster up the stairs

"What's his problem." They hear a helicopter starting to take off.

"Oh that ... wait oh crap." Ellis stated after hearing the copter leaving.

"Get to the chopper." Yang Said in a fake manly voice.

The group made it up the door at the top of the stairs. When they fling the door open they see the chopper leaving.

"Hey come back, come back." Coach yelled while waving his hands.

"Annnnndddd their gone." Yang said annoyed.

"Oh hogwash." Said Elise

"They saw us and still left." Said Weiss

"This's isn't happening, this isn't happening." Rochelle said on repeat

"What will we do now?" Ruby asked terrified.

Nick walked over to railing looking over the burning city "Looks like we're are going to have to save ourselves people." Nick stated as he turn around to meet the group.

" Blake.

Meanwhile at Beacon

"What do you mean their gone!?" Qrow said slamming his fist down on the table

"Yes for once I agree with him." Said winter in a angry polite manner.

Ozpin sitting their looking at the both of them.

"I review the tapes and it indicated for a lack of evidence they literally disappeared." He said while drinking from his favorite mug. He then handed his scroll over to them with the film of them disappearing out of thin air on it.

"I can reassure you both that we will have our best scientist on this but in the mean times I need you both to inform the next of kin of what has transpired." Ozpin said looking with pity in his eyes.

"Oh this will be fun telling Tai that both his girls disappeared." Qrow said while taking a sip from his flask.

Chapter 2 now done and it's shorter the last one (but I digress) now we get onto the main story. In the next chapter. The next chapter will be a long one or split into 2 parts depending on how things go. Until then leave any comment or questions about the story or how it's written this is my first time and any help will do nicely.