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Narrator POV

As soon as Ruby left the screen shows the grave looking clean and new. But then a crack appears on the tombstone. The tombstone crack slowly got bigger and bigger as the months passed till the stone split in two a full year later. After it split in two two things popped out of the stones, they were two orbs. One white and one Black they then began to glow till the screen turns white.

After the flash strange things happen all over Remnant. Flashes unseeable to the naked eye flashes all over Remnant. Four of them happen close by the separated team RWBY. One in the middle of the woods of Mistrals. One outside the Schnee manner. One on a boat heading to Menagerie island. Finally the last one on the cracked tombstone of the survivors.

With Blake


Blake was looking over the side of the boat contemplating the events of Beacon. She left her girlfriend behind, people nearly died because of her and no matter how hard she tried to change herself for the better, her past always caught up with her. So she had enough and desided to head home. While looking over the water the boat made a sudden halt causing majority of its passengers to fall down.

Blake looked around herself looking for what ever reason why the ship stopped. She ran over the the front of the ship to see the captain and crew were looking into the water.

"Marry what's going on?" The captain asked to his first mate.

"I don't know captain. Wait something happening to the water." The first mate replies.

Blake looked over to see something was clearly wrong with the water. Once a clear crystal blue now black as a Grimm. The water begins to bubble and soon a corpses came up.

The biggest corpse was a sea dragon Grimm. It looked completely chewed up like something had taken a meal to this dangerous creature. Blake focased on the other corpse as one slowly turns its body reavealing it to be a dead Smoker.

"Oh no." Blake mutters before seeing more bubbles coming up from the front side of the ship. She realized what is going to happen and quickly ran forward to save the captain and first mate.

"Captain! Get everyone inside NOW!" Blake yells out.

The captain and first mate turns around to see Blake running to them, yelling to get everyone to safety. Before the captain could ask a tongue shot out of the water and wrapped itself around the first mate and almost dragged her over board if it wasn't for the captains quick reaction.

"Captain help!" The first mate screams as the tongue was pulling harder pulling her closer to the water.

Blake quickly ran over to them and chop the tongue saving the first mate.

"Captain get everyone inside now!" Blake orders as she quickly cuts another tongue that tried to grab her.

The captain nods before grabbing his first mate and sounding the alarm. Blake got into battle stance readying herself. Soon enough a few smokers, hunters and a hoard shot out of the water covered in bite marks Grimm blood and seaweed. Blake dodge the jumps and shots from the special infected while killing a few but the overwhelming hoard pushed her back till a few gunshot cane from a hooded figure.

The hooded figure jumps down from the top of the boat and pulls of his hood reavealing himself to be Sun.

"Sun! What are you doing here?" Blake asked as she decapitated one of the infected.

"Oh I accidentally stowed away on the wrong boat, lucky you. Now what are these things?" Sun asked as he shot his gun at a smoker. To his surprise once the smoker died it released a green gas.

"Just think of them as zombies. They aren't as evil as Grimm but still as dangerous." Blake replies after killing a hunter.

"Wait zombie's are real? Oh man I am definitely glad that I stowed away on this boat." Sun said as he away wanted to kill zombies just like the movies.

As they worked together they easily stopped the hoard and special infected before killing anyone aboard the ship.

Blake and Sun were bent over huffing from the close encounter with the undead but before they could regain there breath the ship begins to move forward as a Tank in a ripped up scuba outfit climbed onboard.

"Wait what! They have zombies in extra large now?!" Sun complains as a boomer climes onboard and snuck up behind Sun. Blake saw the boomer behind Sun.

"Sun watch out!" Blake shouted out before having to roll away from the Tanks swings.

Sun turns around and noticed the Fat zombie and without thinking nun chucked the zombie causing it to explode all over Sun.

"Oh my Oum, What is this stuff?" Sun coughs as he tried his hardest not to hurl from the smell.

Before he could get an answer the tank grabs ahold of him and smacks him around before pulling him face to face.

Blake tried to intervene but the tank easily swatted her away. Blake looked up to see the tank about to crush Sun's skull in and she shouts out to him thinking this was the end. Her thoughts were interrupted when a woman wearing a hoodie with a red bandanna around her face shot a powerful magnum round with extreme accuracy at the tanks skull pushing it backwards.

Sun looked up to see this mysterious figure reload her gun and shot another round into the tanks skull dazing it giving her a chance to jump on to of the Tank and quickly stab it through the skull with a machete she had killing it instantly. She slowly got off the now dead Tank and walked over to sun. She then holds out her hand helping Sun up. Blake desided to see who this mysterious stranger is.

"Hay thanks, if it wasn't for you I would have been dead. Damn that was some impressive shooting you did there, What are you a huntsman?" Sun asked.

Blake got a good look at the mysterious woman. She had her pink hood over her head and red bandanna over her face. Other then that her hoodie had its sleeves ripped off and zipper was low enough to show she was wearing a dirty white tank top. She worn a pair of light blue jeans with combat boots. On her left arm she had police riot gear acting as a sleeve.

"No but I was going to lead an interview for the local news." The woman answers before turning to Blake.

The woman sounded familiar. That's when the woman pulls down her hood and bandanna revealing a dark skin woman with long braided hair.

"R-Rochelle?" Blake said not believing her eyes.

"Hey Blake, long time no see." Rochelle said with a smile.

Blake was at a loss for words so to calm herself down she ran up and hugged her.

"Whoo there cat girl, it's good to see you too." Rochelle said hugging Blake back.

"I-I thought you died." Blake said sobbing while refusing to let go of Rochelle.

"Oh please I didn't escape a burning building to die on a bridge." Rochelle said nonchalant. They hugged for a bit til they hear the sound of sun clearing his throat.

Sun politely interrupted the moment. "Um hay hi, names Sun um nice to meet you Rochelle, Quick Q and A, how did you two meet?"

"Oh Blake helped me with an interview in Savanna." Rochelle replies.

"Oh ok. Where's Savanna?" Sun asked.

BothBlake and Rochelle let out a small chuckle confusing Sun even more.

"Well that's a long story." Blake replies.

With Ruby

Ruby and her friends Jaune, Ren, and Nora were in Mistral trying to get to the city of Mistral but they were constantly side tracked by multiple obstacles and cry's for help they ended up becoming lost till one day they found a village with a very strange problem.

Original they had a Geist problem but one day a villager found the Grimm bleeding out with multiple human bite marks on it. Now the villagers are afraid that something much worse then Grimm is roaming the woods. So when the newly form team RJNR were in town they asked them to find and to apprehend or kill what ever has been killing the Grimm before it deside to attack the village.

In return they promise to give them a map and to upgrade Jaune's arsenal. They agreed but Jaune didn't went out unarmed. Ruby still had the P220 she got from the bridge. It's been heavily modified to take in dust rounds but still can fire the regular 10mm.

After hiking through the woods for at least what felt like an hour they found a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a dead dear with a figure kneeling over it, the person was clearly overweight.

"Hey Mr? Are you alright." Jaune asked as he slowly made his way towards the fat guy.

Ruby saw something off about the fat man. He stinks of death but also a gave off a unique smell. It was horrible but yet... familiar.

The fat guy realized someone was right behind him and slowly stands up. He turns around showing a bloated corpse like face, it then began to gargle like it was drowning.

Ruby relies what was gonna happen. "Jaune get out of the way NOW!" Ruby shouts out but it was too late. The Boomer hurled all over Jaune covering him head to toe in puke.

Jaune now covered in puke slowly raised his hand up to his face and wipes the vomit off. All the why'll Ren looked onwards in disgust, Nora had a hard time keeping in her laughter, but Ruby looked franticly around her in fear.

"Ok mister, I get that your sick and all but that doesn't give you the right to puke on me." Jaune said as he walked up to the boomer and poked it real hard causing it to explode sending Jaune flying backwards somehow covered in more vomet and bloody chunks.

Nora couldn't hold it anymore and began to laugh her ass off, till the stink hits her nose sending her running away from the smell.

"Oh dear Oum, I killed a man... with my finger." Jaune said terrified by what just happened.

"Jaune we got more pressing matters at hand then you killing a boomer." Ruby said while scanning the outline of the woods for movement.

"What could be worst then killing a guy that hurled on you before he explodes on you?" Jaune complains as wipes more of the puke off him.

As right on que a sound of a hoard can be overheard. "Jaune that was a boomer. They are walking corpses that hurl on there victims to attrac a hoard of zombies." Ruby said as she spotted movement from the bushes but turn out to be a squirrel.

"Wait, I thought zombies were only in fiction or in that world your team visited." Ren asked curiously. Before Ruby could answer Nora came running from the woods screaming about dead people when the hoard was on her tail.

Ruby then proceeded to open fire on the infected to which everyone else joins in and started shooting at the hoard. The hoard was easily culled till a tank came running out from the other side followed by another hoard.

Team RJNR started to become separated as the hoard closed in on them. Ruby started having flash backs to New Orleans as Nora was incapacitated by the tank and the hoard dived down on her. Ren saw this and mowed the hoard down with his SMJ's.

Jaune was for the most part the main target of the zombies so he ended up for the most part running around as the hoard try's to grab him. Eventually the tank throws a stone at him. Ruby quickly breaks free from her trance and charges in to save him. With her semblance speed she rushes in and saves Jaune but a piece of her cape got snagged with the stone sending her flying with the stone backwards.

She looked up to see the tank was on top of her and raises it's fist to smash down on Ruby. Before it got a chance to kill Ruby an explosive round hits the Tank in the face hard sending it backwards.

"Thanks Nora!" Ruby shouts out to Nora only to receive a weird answer.

"That wasn't me." Nora said as Ren helped her over from the beating she got from the infected.

"Wait if it wasn't you then who was that?" Jaune said as he ran over.

The group shrugs failing to notice the Tank was back up ready to kill them when a Molotov hits it straight in the face. The tank wails in pain before finally succumbing from the flames.

The team watches as a mysterious figure walks over. The smoke from the burning fire covered his head but other then that the figure whore tan brown cowboy boots with a pair of navy blue jeans and a dirty grey T-shirt with a leather shoulder holster and a blue and white flannel shirt covering it all up. He also had a hunting rifle strapped around his shoulder.

"When dealing with the infected rember to follow the official instructions." The figure said in a southern accent. Ruby recognized the accent and went wide eyed as the figure walks out revealing himself to be Elise with a straw cowboy hat. He of course had a bit of a stubble beard growing on him and a scar similar to Weiss except bigger.

"Kill all sons of bitches. That my office instructions." Elise said as he unloads a sawed off M79 Grenada launcher (Blooper).

As he walks forward he noticed Ruby in the group of kids.

"Oh my god it's Christmas. Ruby, oh man it's so good to see you again." Elise said as he walked forward.

Ruby was taken back by this but eventually mustered the courage to walk forward and ... punch him hard in the shoulder.

"Ouch. What was that for Ruby?" Elise said while rubbing his arm.

"Your real." Ruby said surprised.

"Well yea of course I'm real what did you expect m..." Before Elise could finish Ruby tackles him to the ground and started to cry.

"I thought you died on that bridge." Ruby cries while hugging him.

"Oh that... well I ain't gonna lie to you Ruby when that Tank wailed on me it hurt but it takes more then an oversized muscular ape to kill little oh me." Elise joked.

"Yeah I guess so." Ruby chuckles along Before realizing that the others were staring at them.

"Oh right Guys this is Elise, my mechanic friend from Earth." Ruby chirps as she helps Elise up.

"Howdy y'all." Elise said as he tips his hat to them.

"Elise these are my friends from Beacon." Ruby introduced. She went by them one by one.

"Hello my name is Jaune Ark. It's nice to meet you." Jaune said as he extended his hand forward but then retracts after realizing that he was for the most part still covered in puke and guts.

"Heh yea boomer puke doesn't come off that easily no matter how hard you scrub." Elise chuckles while seemingly immune to the horrible stench.

"Ren, Lei Ren. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance." Ren said stoically.

"Like wise partner." Elise said.

"I'm Nora, Nora Valkryie, Queen of the castle, breaker of legs, and slayer of Grimm and Pancakes." Nora said rambunctiously.

"Oh shit you like breaking legs to, heh reminds me of this one time, my buddy Ruby killed a blood farmer back on the plantation by shooting off its legs." Elise rambles getting Ruby to chuckle. While chuckling she realized that she still had Elise hat on.

"Oh I Right I believe this is yours." Ruby said while removing Elise trucker hat from her head.

"Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I thought I loss this on the bridge." Elise said while inspecting the old hat.

"Yea sorry you can have it back now." Ruby said while scratching the back of her head with her eyes closed. She was surprised when Elise puts the hat back on her.

"Nah you almost died besides this looks better on you anyways." Elise chuckles. Ruby couldn't help but chuckle along as well.

As the two survivors laughed the screen moves away from the two survivors it focas on the sky turning from day to night before lowering on the Schnee manner.

With Weiss

Weiss was currently in the ballroom. She had just did a recital for a charity event for the survivors of Beacon. That sounded good to the public but in reality this was a way for her father to gain favors from the hirer ups while also masking the family's morally questionable background.

She hated these events, even before Beacon she felt like they were wastes of time and everyone pampered her while her father would... discipline her into behaving behind the scenes.

She had just walked over to a painting of Beacon on fire. She had just had a conversation with the artist that put her into a bad mood. She was about to give him a piece of her mind when screams could be heard coming from the back end of the ballroom near the kitchen door.

The ballroom went silent as the screams got louder and louder. Weiss slowly made her down to the other end of the ballroom to see in the kitchen window the lights flash then a blood splatter appears on the door causing some of the nobles to faint or shriek in fear. Weiss herself was afraid but unlike everyone in the room she knew how to defend herself.

The sound of screaming ceased and the room went silent. Then a shadow figure Walks through the door revealing him see to be the head chef. The crowd gasp in shock and fear as the chef had half his face missing a bone sticking out of his leg, and missing his entire arm.

"R-Ru... R-Run away." He managed to say before dying from his wounds. The crowd begins to panic and quickly sprints to the exit at the other end of the hall but as the crowd unorganizly funneled there way out Weiss pulls out the 357 python revolver. The revolver has been customized to fit dust rounds and the wooden handle had been replaced with an ivory sculpture with the Schnee logo and some other decorative designs on it.

She had been told never to bring her rapier to these events but ever since Beacon she managed to convince her father to allow her to carry the revolver. She slowly approached the door thinking a Grimm might have gotten in but that's when the sound of a familiar moaning could be heard from inside. The sound got louder and louder before the door opens up to reavealing a few witches walking out covering there faces with there long claws while crying.

"Oh Oum, not you guys." Weiss said under her breath as she took a few steps back to not disturb any of them.

That's when the Schnee personal guards stormed into the room they noticed Weiss keeping her distance away from the crying woman they have never seen.

"All right put your hands up lady." One of the guards said as he walked forward with his gun pointed at the witch.

"Wait don't disturb the witch." Weiss tried to warn the guard getting closer.

"Madam Schnee, we are train professionals we can handle this vagabond for ruining the event." Another guard said as he covers his partner who stupidly placed his hand on the witches shoulder.

The witch's head shot up and let out a horrible howling noise before turning and cutting the guards head off clean. The soldiers then thorn to the witches attention with fear in there eyes as the witch howls once more and a few more witches ran out of the kitchen to the panic guards terror they started shooting at them. It was a complete blood bath as Trained Atlas security members were killed while only inflicting minimal damage against the group of witches.

Weiss knew she had to get out of there so she ran for the door but a witches walked in front of her and blocked her exit and was looking really pissed at Weiss.

Weiss then turn around to see she was surrounded on all sides by the witches except for the window. With out a second thought she ran for the window as the group of witches gave chase. As they started to out run her Weiss family semblance activated and the boar from Professor ports class appears ramming into the witches like bowling balls giving Weiss enough time to jump out the window into the court yard below.

She landed on her fathers favorite hedge crushing it but it did break her fall. She got up and looked around to notice the guest were on the court yard above watching her when they started to scream as the witches from before jumps out of the window landing close to her.

"Oh come on, alright you want to cry I'll give you Abomination a reason to cry Weiss said after having enough of these nightmare inducing creatures on her property.

The witches charged straight at her to which she used her glyph to zip past them and her revolver to punch holes in them as she does this. The guest watched in awe as Wiess shows off her fighting prowess, this got some wealth benefactors wanting there children to marry her even more. After continuously dodging the witches one of them got lucky and slashed at her leg causing her to roll into her fathers second favorite hedge.

As she picks herself up she was slashed through the back causing her to fall down as the witch aproched with her claws out before making a ear piercing screech. The audience gasped and watched in horror as the witch raised its claws to kill its pray before a loud thunderous blast of a 12 gage cut the tension and the witches hand clean off why'll setting it on fire.

The audience looks in front of them. In front of them by the railing was a man wearing a PUBG welding helmet police riot chestplate over a purple Henley with one of the sleeves ripped off. He also had a military vest over the his torso along with dirty green khakis and combat boots. He was wielding a spaz 12 shotgun as he took aim at the witches and blast incendiary rounds at the other incoming witches before hopping of the ledge and landing in Wiess father 3rd favorite hedge.

The crowd watch as this hefty yet mysterious stranger came out of no where and started blasting the witch to hell. Weiss had just got up and noticed that this mysterious stranger is fighting like he had actually experience dealing with the undead. She noticed one of the infected witch's was trying to sneak around to him so she got herself up and quickly load a fire dust round into her revolver before killing the witch before it jumps the man.

The man took notice and nods as a way of saying thank you before turning around and dodging a witch's swipe before pulling out a wooden baseball bat that had circular sawblades nailed and tied down by barb whire. He then swings the bat at the witch so hard it sent its ugly ass head flying. They continued to fight till all the witch were killed. As the two huffs from exaction the crowd begins to cheer for them as Jacques Schnee and General Ironwood came down escorted by Atles soldiers.

"Do you have any idea how much that shrub cost?!" Jacques shouts in rage that all three of his favorite shrubs had just been destroyed.

"Jacques this man just saved the lives of everyone here including your daughter and your yelling at him for destroying petty plants?" Ironwood said stoically.

The guest started to boo at Jacques for his disrespect against there savior. Jacques realized there is no way he could sue the man for damage's so he remained quiet and walked away while holding in his pride... regrettably.

"That was some fine shooting there son where did you learn to shoot like that." Ironwood asked.

"Never did had a formal training but I did had lots of experience." He said in a southern accent. He sounded a lot older then he looked mostly because of the helmet was covering his face.

That voice sounded familiar to Weiss, but yet she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Heh I see. Sorry I thought you were someone younger what's your name sir?" Ironwood asked. He slowly removes his helmet as he introduced himself.

"My friend call me Coach guess y'all could do the same." He said removing his helmet showing it to be indeed Coach. The only difference from the last time Weiss saw him last was he now have a graying beard and a scar coming down his cheek.

For Weiss the world slowed down as Coach turn to her and gave a light hearted grin. "It's good to see you again Weiss."

"Oh my Oum, Coach." Weiss said as she broke down into tears and ran over and hugged him.

"Easy child bum knee remember. Ah it's good to see you again youngling." Coach chuckles as he hugs her back.

"Ah So your the man named Coach, I am General Ironwood pleasure to meet you, and welcome you to Atless." Ironwood said. Coach nods his head politely before he was dragged upstairs to the now courtyard charity party.

With Yang

Yang has been doing horrible the past year. After Adam cut off her hand she has been in a rocky place. It took her dad half a year to cox her out of bed and she still refuses to leave the house. She was pondering and reminiscing about the memories of her time at Beacon and her time in America. She looked over to the open closet to see a white suit hanging inside with the seal open.

After returning to Remnant she with the help of Weiss bought a suit to payback Nick by burring it in the grave but the battle of Beacon happened and now it was there collecting dust in the closet. In front of her was an Atless prosthetic arm, after the battle Weiss somehow managed to convince General Ironwood into sending her one but she is still unsure about it. Then there's the photo of Blake and her. She hasn't received a single word from Blake in over a year so far it felt like they broke up... hard.

As Yang leans back on the couch Zwei got up and started to yip at the door. At first Yang ignored it but then Zwei started to bark even louder and more aggressively.

"(Sigh) What is it Zwei?" Yang said as she finally got off the couch. Yang then walked over to the door and opens it seeing a man having its back turn to her.

"May I help you?" Yang said emotionless. Her expression changed to from normal to pure horror when the man turns his head around reavealing it to be half eaten off.

Before Yang could react the man charges at her tackling her to the ground and trying to bite her. Yang had a difficult time with one hand and the shock of a zombie on her doorstep didn't help her in this problem, but she didn't survived New Orleans just to die now. So with all her strength she pushed the zombie far enough to get a foot on its chest before kicking it out the door. She got up quickly and rushed over to the door and slammed it shut.

"Not today you undead basterd, Zwei help with the door!" Yang shouts out to Zwei to which he replies with a bark as he skurried off to find something with the door.

As Zwei scurries away the zombie started bashing on the door trying to push Yang down and allow itself in. But Yang was much stronger and it had no chance in hell. The zombie realized this and stop its assault.

Yang hold the door waiting for the zombie to start pounding but after awhile the world got quite. Yang braces for anything but after two minutes of silence she let her guard down for one moment and that's when the zombie bashed in the door. Only that this time it had help from a friend.

Yang struggles to keep the door closed as the zombies. As she tried in vein to close the door she hears a yip from upstairs. She looks up to see Zwei pushing a heavy furniture. It yipped one last time before pushing the cabinet down the stairs. Yang quickly rolled out of the way as the door burst open with three zombies on the other side. They didn't survived as the cabinet crushed them. Yang gets up and looks out the door to see the three attacker's dead.

"Good boy Zwei." Yang said to Zwei as he barks in approval. There celebration ended quickly when the sound of a hoard can be overheard and a big hoard ran out of the woods.

"Oh shit, Zwei upstairs now!" Yang said as she closed the door and quickly ran up the stairs. As the undead broke through the door and window.

As she ran she quickly ran into her room and pushed her dresser in front of the door as the the dead start smashing on the door. She starts to panic and looks around for something to help. That's when she noticed her gauntlet on her bed stand. She reached out to it but her hand began to shake. She just couldn't do it, that's when she noticed the window cracked open. She quickly opens the window and dives out with Zwei before she closed the window as the undead broke into her room.

"Come on Zwei we got to... oh, oh my Oum." Yang was about to jump off the house ledge when she saw another hoard making there way up to the ledge of the house to her. Then the window broke and the infected arms were shooting out. In other words she was completely surrounded with out a weapon.

She hugged Zwei tightly as the first zombie poked its head out from the roof only for its head to be shot clean off. Yang looked over the railing to see a man in a black leather jacket with two red and white stripes parleling each other on the right side. Dirty jeans with hiking boots. He was wearing a black biker helmet over his face. He also had a one strap army cameo bag.

He was armed with an Ak-47 as he sprayed down the hoard as it was climbing up the house. Yang saw her chance to escape.

"Hay biker!" Yang called out to the biker who looked up to see Yang. "There's more inside. Please hurry!" She shouts out. The biker nods and runs inside to fight off the hoard.

Seeing her chance to escape Yang begins to climb down to the ground level. She waited for the gunshots to cease. Then walked out was the biker who was reloading his gun before he slings it over his back.

"Thanks for the save." Yang said calmly as Zaire sniffed him before jumping at his legs in glee.

"Zwei down." Yang said assertively to the dog who stoped and sat down. Yang looked up to see the biker holding up a flask.

"Um sorry I don't drink." Yang tried to decline politely.

"Really because the last time we made a bet you won the entire goddamn bar." The biker said in a familiar voice. Yang looked at the biker wide eyed as the biker removed his helmet reavealing his face to be Nick. He now had three scars going down his cheek. One of them over his right eye. He had also grown his five o'clock shadow.

"N-Nick, is that you?" Yang asked with shock.

"Well Zwei thinks so." Nick answers cheeky.

"Hum Yea I guess so." Yang lowly chuckles.

The two survivors laughed a bit before Yang realized something. "So Nick what happened while we were gone?"

"Eh not much, army flew us out to Texas and we crashed, then we head north then south and pretty much ended up on the west coast were we met this scientists who was surviving with this rogue soldier who got us into Area 51 and that had some weird shit happening all at once, What about you?" Nick asked.

"Well that's a long story on its own. We should take a seat on the couch, granted you didn't shoot it up." Yang joked after a year of being silent. She then heads for the door and holds it open.

"Nah the couch is fine but the master bedroom should have it redecorate and clean before going in there." Nick said as he walked up onto the porch and enters the house followed by Yang.

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