This is going to take place during the Clone Wars.

Harry will be a light side Sith.

Harry has other siblings, his oldest sibling is is Fem!Darth Revan. And both will lead the Sith empire. Or mainly Harry if Revan is too busy flirting with either Bastilla and/or Canderous. Harry is an incubus and might have a harem? Not sure yet. Mpreg for Harry.

Both Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior names are Poena and Cedonia. They can be found on the YouTube user "xLetalis".

Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith. Many believed that all that remained of their evil empire was ruins like those found on the planet. The Republic and the Jedi had simply build an orbital security station above the planet thinking that it would be enough protection.

Every so often, the Republic would intercept smugglers trying to smuggle sith artefacts off the world, it didn't surprise anyone that the smugglers had know idea what the their cargo was. Today was no an exception. Jedi Master Cin Drallig and his Padawan Serra Keto had been chosen by the Jedi council to lead an exhibition to the Korriban station, to obtain the Sith artefacts that had been taken off the smuggler.

"I swear, I had no idea what was in those crates." exclaimed the smuggler captain, Nico Okarr "I'm innocent!" He declared.

"You were smuggling Sith artefacts captain." responded Drallig unamused.

The smuggler sighed. "Fine keep the artefacts. Just give me back my ship."

At that moment, a blue skinned Twi'lek passed next to them, and Okarr's followed in the direction of the Twi'lek.

"Eyes front." Said a Republic security officer shoving him forward.

"Just inspecting the troops…" Okarr muttered.

It was at that moment that Serra stopped and raised a hand to her head.

"Serra, what's wrong?" asked the Jedi Battlemaster, concerned about the padawan.

"I sense…a great darkness."

the padawan responded. Both Jedi turned their heads towards the windows and stared into empty space. A moment later, an armada of battlecruisers jumped out of hyperspace. the Jedi battlemaster paled.

"The Sith Empire has returned." Cin Drallig said to the assembled group, before the station violently shook as the Sith starfighters began their assault. The initial attack damaged the both interior and exterior of the space station.

"We must warn the Republic." Serra stated.

"Out shuttles can't outrun those fighters."

One of the security officers said. It was here Okarr cleared his throat. "Well…guess who's got the fastest ship in the sector?"

A few moments later, the group were running towards the hangar, in an attempt to reach Nico Okarr's ship. Unfortunately, the station had already been boarded by Sith troopers. Sadly most of the stations crew was being slaughtered by the troopers.

As the group reached the stations hanger, one of the security officers shot the control panel of the door, sealing the only entrance into the hanger bay. Okarr noticed that his ship had been hit by falling debris "My ship!" The smuggler cried.

"Will she fly?" asked the Jedi master.

"She's not pretty but she's tough." Okarr responded.

It was at that moment, that a ship docked in the hangar, and both master and apprentice felt the hate and other dark emotions, they looked to each other knowing who those force signatures belonged to.

"Captain prepare your ship. This is our fight." The Jedi battlemaster instructed

Okarr nodded and headed towards his ship with the security officer.

Two black robed figures, disembarked from the ship, each holding a lightsaber on their hands. One of the Sith had a mask to cover his face, while his companion only had a hood that was connected to his cape. Both of the Sith ignited their lightsabers, and charged at the two Jedi, the masked Sith started to duel against Drallig, while the other, duelled against Serra. As Serra's emerald green lightsabers clashed with the scarlet blade of the Sith, whose hood had fallen off.

The two Sith fought viciously against the two Jedi, with their lightsabers clashing at every blow made.

As Serra jumped towards the masked Sith, he turned around and sent a surge of Force lightning towards the young padawan, sending her flying backwards. The masked Sith turned back to Cin Drallig with a raised lightsaber, but he was Force pushed by the Jedi master.

Okarr's ship had already began to fly, but it was attacked by the masked sith with Force lightning, only to be stopped by a missile sent by the republic security officer, who had acquired the explosive weapon from one of the dead Sith troopers.

"Come on!" The trooper yelled at the Jedi padawan. Cin Drallig turned towards his Padawan "Go Serra. You must walk a different path." said the older Jedi before turning his attention towards the Sith and began running towards them.

Serra attached the two hilts of her twin lightsabers "Master!" yelled the padawan as she threw her double-bladed lightsaber to her master. Cin caught the lightsaber, as Serra jumped towards the boarding ramp of the ship, being caught by the officer. As the ramp rose back into the ship, it managed to escaped the doomed stations hangar, attempting to get to a safe location so that the ship could enter hyperspace.

With two lightsabers in hand, the Jedi battlemaster fought against the two Sith, and managing to slash the face of the masked Sith Lord. The lightsaber had ripped off the mask, revealing the face of the Sith. He was not a human, but rather a bald red skinned humanoid creature with a scar above his eye.

Then, Cin Drallig deactivated one of the blades of double-bladed lightsaber, and continued his fight against the two Sith. During the fight, the Jedi managed to put himself in a position that allowed him to stab the red sith by activating the second blade of Serra's lightsaber, in his abdomen.

The Sith crumpled to the floor, and his lightsaber was summoned from his weakening grasp, by his apprentice. Drallig started throwing debris from the destroyed hangar at the sith in an attempt to stop him from advancing, but the apprentice used the two lightsabers to defend himself. Drallig kept throwing a larger chunks of debris at the Sith, but his dark side user jumped towards the large chunk of debris and used the two lightsabers and cut it in half, the enraged Sith began to combat the Jedi battlemaster again. The Sith's strikes were too quick for Cin and he was disarmed of his lightsabers, and then the Sith cut the Jedi Battlemaster in half.

At that moment, Serra Keto, who was shooting at some fighters, aboard Okarr's ship, felt the death of her master in the Force, before the ship jumped to lightspeed.

The bald Sith warrior walked to where his master was. The red Sith was still alive, which was surprising, but the wound he had received from the fallen Jedi, was making it unable for him to stand back up.

"They've escaped master. You failed." The bald Sith spoke, looking down to the ancient homeworld. "No Malgus," coughed the Sith Lord, Darth Vindican "this is only the beginning."

"Yes…" said the now named Malgus "After thousands of years, Korriban is ours again."

Malgus looked down at his fallen master, and ignited his scarlet lightsaber.

"Welcome home." Malgus slashed down at his master killing him.