Guys, just in case you didn't see the warning in the first chapter, this is MPREG! Harry is a LIGHTSIDE Sith, Revan is NEUTRAL.

As for those of you who are wondering if Ezra from last chapter is Ezra Bridger from Rebels, yes it is. I will explain more on that later down the line. And Galen Marek from the Force Unleashed is here. Just felt like throwing him in here.

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Reference for Harry's castle, it's just the Evil Queen's castle from Ouat.

Revan's throne room, Star Forge, Unknown Regions.

We find ourselves on the infamous Star Forge, a massive factory which belonged to the former Rakata Infinite Star Empire who had fell countless millennia ago. It was taken over by the Sith Empress, Darth Revan after she had used star maps left behind by the Rakata.

After the most of the Sith disappeared from the known galaxy, one Sith by the name of Darth Bane, introduced the "Rule of Two" meaning that only two Sith Lords could be in existence at any given time. Despite the Sith Empire hiding in the unknown regions, they stayed up to date with the affairs of the rest of the galaxy. It amused the Dark Council and their Empress to no end, that a Sith Lord from the "order of Two" could orchestrate two factions to go to war with each other and be the head of said factions.

Back to the topic at hand. We find Revan sitting in her throne aboard the Star Forge, looking out of the observation window, out to the star filled space "Revan, your apprentice is here" her wife and former apprentice, Bastilla Shan said. The Sith Empress made a sound of acknowledgement, a 'hiss' sound could be heard as the door to the throne room opened.

A human, male teenager knelt before the Sith Empress "What is thy bidding, my master?" The apprentice asked Revan, who stood up and walked to the observation window "Tell me, Galen, what is it that you see out there?" Galen Marek, son of Jedi Knight, Kento Marek, looked at his master with a slightly confused look on his face "I see… the empty void of space" Revan raised a brow behind her mask "What else, apprentice?" The Sith asked. Galen narrowed his brown eyes, was this a test of some kind?.

Looking back out to space, the Sith apprentice spoke "I also see the stars…" Revan nodded in approval "Very good. Now tell me, what is it that you feel?" The Empress asked, arms behind her back. Closing his eyes, Galen began to reach out with the Force, opening his eyes in confusion, he turned to his master "I… feel nothing…" He muttered, Revan glanced at Bastilla, who was sitting her own throne, said Jedi shrugged "Excellent." The Sith responded.

Galen turned back to his master "Master, what was the meaning behind this test?" The apprentice asked, still confused as to why he couldn't feel anything beyond the station "It wasn't a test, apprentice. I just wanted to see if you could feel the Force in this star system." Revan spoke. Galen raised an eyebrow "Strange, my brother and I are the only ones who can sense the power coming from the third planet." The Empress said as she sat back into her throne "The third planet, my former home" Revan spat the "Home" like was poison "Has a power that is very similar to the force itself. The people on Earth called it 'Magic'" Although Galen couldn't see it, he felt Revan roll her eyes being the mask as she said the word "Magic".

"Galen, you are to go to Earth, and meet with my informant. I have given your droid the coordinates. When you do meet him, tell him this phrase "Titania had taken flight in the Silver Grove once more!", he will know what it mean." Galen bowed to his master "As you command, my master" with that said, the apprentice left the Sith and former Jedi alone.

Bastilla looked at her wife "Dorea, are you sure you wish to sent Galen to meet with Perseus?" Revan nodded, as she took off her mask, revealing her scarlet hair and Hazel eyes "I am sure, Bas. It's time to make Earth ours…" The Empress stated as the Rogue Shadow flew out into the depths of space.

Dark Palace, D'qar, Ileenium system, Outer Rim.

D'Qar, a planet located in the Ileenium system of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. It is an obscure world far from the main space lanes making it quite remote. D'Qar is surrounded by a wide planetary ring that cast a shadow on its forested surface. The lush, jungle-covered terrain did not host any intelligent life, though creatures such as birds and insects called the huge trees and fast-growing roots of the jungle home. Aside from the foliage, D'Qar's surface featured plains and mountains.

Though D'Qar doesn't have any native forms of intelligent life, it did house Darth Nox and his Black Knight fleet. The Black Knight fleet consisted of many different types of ships, such as the Standard Sith battleship, the Harrower class dreadnought. Even some experimental ships such as the Resurgent-class Battlecruiser, Victory class star destroyers, countless support ships and Darth Nox's personal ship, the Annihilator Class Super Star Destroyer which he named the "Excalibur"

We find the Sith Prince in his castle, looking out on the forest that surrounded his home "Lord Nox" A male voice greeted "Lord Scourge, this is a surprise. To what to I owe the pleasure?" The Sith Prince greeted as two supremacy class starfighters flew over the castle.

The former Wrath, kneeled before the Harry "Empress Revan has requested that you return to her at your earliest convenience" the Sith pure blood stated, rising from his kneeling position.

Harry raised an eyebrow at him "Did my sister say why she wanted me to return?" The former Wrath shook his head "No, my Lord, she did not" Harry sighed and waved a hand "Very well, Scourge, you are dismissed!" The Sith pure blood bowed to the prince and began to leave "Oh and Scourge?" The Sith Lord paused mid step, turning to the Sith Prince "Inform Admiral Tralia, gave her ready the fleet." The Sith bowed once more "It shall be done, my Prince." The door closed with a hiss as Scourge walked out.

"You and Dorea have done well for yourselves, my dear" a ghostly woman said, appearing in the room. Harry smiled as he made his way to his closest "Indeed, none of this would've been possible without you, Kreia" Darth Traya, Lord of Betrayal, looked at the child she trained, she even considered him and his sister as one of her family.

"I trust you have been practising your magic while I was gone?" The lord of Betrayal asked. A snort could be heard from the closet "Of course I have, I've even begun to train Ezra. He's managed to gain a companion in a Loth Wolf of all things!" Harry said, happy that one of his kids took after him. Ozai was like his father, a warrior and focused more on combat, Ezra found that he had an incredibly strong connection to animals and he focused more on different aspects and rituals. The blue haired child spent time under Poena and her crew.

"I see. What of your new addition?" Kreia asked as Harry walked out the closet, wearing a tunic, gloves, boots, belt and leggings (Satele Shan outfit)

"Crow? He's fine?" Harry asked, "I thought he would be running around the castle" Harry turned to the Force ghost, a deadpan look on his face "He's a baby Kreia. He can't even use the force yet" The Sith Prince walked into the adjacent room, and walked back out with a human baby in his arms "Granny, he's not even three months yet." Harry waved his hand and from his closet, baby sized robes floated out.

"And besides, if he's anything like Xallus, he'll be quite the hell… raiser" Harry muttered, as he finished putting the robes on the child. Looking to Kreia, Harry opened his mouth "I felt it too!" The Lord of Betrayal beat him to the punch "What… kriffing hell was that?!" Harry asked, suddenly feeling faint.

Kreia made a surprised noise as the Sith Prince slumped against his bed. Crow let out a cry as bright blue flames surrounded him and his mother "Kreia, get Dorea!" Harry screamed as the flames consumed his and Crow's bodies, and when the flames settled, both humans were gone only scorch marks of the fire.

The Force ghost looked at spot where her adopted Grandson and great grandson once stood.

Oh no, what has happened to our Sith Prince?! Where has he gone?!

Ok, let show the family of Harry (Nox) and Dorea (Revan)

Harry James Potter/Darth Nox:

Age: 18 (Physically) 3000+ (Reality)

Species: Human/Incubus hybrid.

Affiliations: Sith Empire, Darth Revan.

Teacher/s: Darth Traya/Kreia, Darth Revan, Bastilla Shan, Darth Marr and Canderous Ordo.

Apprentice/s: Ezra Bridger.

Parents: Lily Potter nee Evans (Mother), James Charlus Potter (Father). Status: Alive.

Siblings: Dorea Andromeda Potter (Eldest child of the Potters), Alexander Remus Potter (Twin of Harry), Danielle Lilith Potter (youngest daughter of the Potters), Damian Sirius Potter (Youngest son of the Potters). Status: Alive.

Other family: Darth Traya/Kreia (Adoptive Grandmother), Darth Marr (Father Figure).

Relationships: Osak Zeneth (Mate), Xallus Kron (Mate). As of right now.

Children: Ezra Bridger (Adopted. Species: Human), Ozai Zeneth (Father: Osak Zeneth. Species: Twi'lek/Human), Crow Kron (Father: Xallus Kron. Species: Human).

Aliases: Darth Nox, Prince of the Sith, Dark Lord of Death, Savior of Korriban.

Dorea Andromeda Potter/Darth Revan:

Age: 21 (Physically) 3000+ (Reality)

Species: Human. Affiliations: Sith Empire, Darth Nox.

Teacher/s: Darth Traya/Kreia, Bastilla Shan.

Apprentice/s: Galen Marek.

Parents: Lily Potter nee Evans (Mother), James Charlus Potter (Father). Status: Alive.

Siblings: Harry James Potter (Twin of Alexander), Alexander Remus Potter (Twin of Harry), Danielle Lilith Potter (youngest daughter of the Potters), Damian Sirius Potter (Youngest son of the Potters). Status: Alive.

Other family: Darth Traya/Kreia (Adoptive Grandmother), Ezra Bridger (Nephew), Ozai Zeneth (Nephew), Crow Kron (Nephew). Relationships: Bastilla Shan (Wife), Canderous Ordo (Husband).

Children: None

Aliases: Darth Revan, Empress of the Sith, Saviour of the Republic.