Ralph and Mia both looked at each other in excitement. The three pokeballs know that inside of each one of them was be going to be Pokemon, it was going to be time. They were about to chose and switched from looking at each other to looking back at the balls.

"In these balls are the Pokémon that you're going to pick from each one of them in Flamebull,the fire-type,Dolphina,the ocean type and Mooshroom the grass-type so which one is it going to be?",asked Sarah.

Both Mia and Ralph, who were paying attention to what Sarah just explained to them, just nodded in response. Then, they looked back down at the pokeballs that were waiting to see which one of them will get picked by either Mia or Ralph.

(Hey guys,Empv here,okay.. we're at the exciting part where Mia and Ralph get to choose their Pokemon! But I need your help in the comments.. let me know which Pokémon will Mia and Ralph are going to pick and I'll be writing that in the next chapter soon,bye!)