Mia and Ralph were silent for a few minutes staring at all three of the pokeballs that were waiting for them. The silence went as both, Sarah and John,noticed on their own that it was taking a long time for them to choose their Pokémon.

They both understood that they were taking their time. Mia and Ralph then looked at each other smiling. First one, then the other looked different as their eyes went back to looking at the pokeballs. Mia reached for the pokeball that had Dolphina In it.

"I choose you, Dolphina.",said Mia.

She continued smiling. Easily, she got the pokeball,then placed it into her pocket.

"I choose you too Flamebull.",said Ralph.

He took the pokeball, also, to place it into his pocket. Sarah and John had both smiled to see that Mia and Ralph had picked out their Pokémon.

"Great! I guess I'll be taking Mooshroom then.",shared Sarah.

All 4 of them all had laugh together watching as Sarah had took the last pokeball.

"Hey since we got all our Pokémon together, why not we have a pokemon battle?",asked John

"That sounds like a great idea.",asked Sarah.

Mia and Ralph both smile at each other. Knowing this was going to be their first battle they are doing, everyone was excited.