Alright guys, so unfortunately not really a chapter two update… sorry! BUT! This is the scenario I wrote that really inspired the start this story, I wrote it even before I did chapter 1. As the dust settles of what happened at UFC 229, I thought I'd let y'all see that I PREDICTED some wild shit to happen.

Originally I based this on Tj and Cody's beef, so things won't really line up with the chapter one. Consider it something of a very short one-shot.

In this iteration, Naruto had originally been training at AKA. But as he grew bigger and bigger, he just didn't feel that AKA was the place for him and abruptly left the gym to train with the man that introduced him to mma, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Obviously AKA didn't appreciate that, and had a few hurtful choice words to say about the situation. And Khabib being a man the prided himself on loyalty, saw his once close friend as a 'traitor'.

That's basically the gist of the relationships between them in this scenario.

Naruto's chest heaved up and down, doing everything it could to get air into his lungs. The 25 year old could feel the bags of ice placed in his chest. Normally he would have shivered at such contact, but that was the farthest thing from his mind.

"Keep your distance, you can't keep letting him take you to the ground like that! Even if you're working from the bottom, he's getting more damage off and winning these rounds!"

Naruto stated across the cage at his opponent. The undefeated dagestani, Khabib Nurmagomedov. The one that would end him, they said. The one that would 'expose' him.

"You're down 2-1, you have to win these last two rounds! Or knock him out, do you understand?!

The cut-man tilted his head so he could apply some Vaseline to a cut he'd gotten from a nasty elbow.

Even from his skewed vision Naruto could see Khabib staring at him from across the cage. Screaming some shit he couldn't understand.

He chuckled for a second and then shook his head, "What do you call a bear with no teeth?" He asked his team.

Hiruzen looked at him like he was the dumbest motherfucker he'd ever seen, "What, is that a fucking joke? I don't wanna hear a fucking joke! I wanna hear AND STILL!" He shouted

"A gummy bear." As he said that, the ref began to clear out the corner men Naruto stood across from Khabib. A wide smile on his face and blood trailing down the side of his face made him seem mad.

Despite the circumstances, Naruto loved this feeling of chaos and he loved punching this fool in the mouth for everything he said. He lived for this shit.

The bell rang, beginning round 4. It was hardly audible, over the roaring stadium they were in. The biggest fight in UFC history, they called it. The undefeated collide.

Naruto rushed out of his corner and took the center of the octagon. Khabib came out slower, but just as eager to continue fighting.

As Khabib step forward, Naruto threw an intercepting sidekick to the body. His heel dug ruthlessly into the undefended belly.

He heard Khabib grunt and back off, but visibly, the Russian didn't take much damage. "Oooou, you've got a soft belly!" The blond spoke.

Khabib shook his head, "No hurt." His broken English made it laughable.

Naruto took the chance to quickly shoot in and land a lead uppercut, followed quickly by a straight. His opponents head snapped back, and he responded with a wild hook. The champs reflexes were quick enough to pull back and he suffered no damage.

However, this left him susceptible to a take down, which Khabib would never leave unchallenged. The grappler shot in faster than one would expect and successfully hooked one arm around a leg.

Naruto scrambled and roughly yanked his leg from its entrapment. Khabib wasn't one to give up, so he pursued even further for the take down. This time shooting for a double.

The younger man was able to stop the take down by lowering his hips putting his arms under Khabibs and pulling him up. By this time they were against the cage, Naruto used his under hooks to reverse their position so that it was Khabib against the fence instead of him.

Faintly he could hear the shouting of his former coach Javier, from AKA. They were right in the enemy's territory but even then the crowd drowned out his garbled nonsense.

Pressing his body against Khabibs to hold him there for a second, Naruto turned to his former team, "Fuck you!" He disconnected and made just enough space to smash Khabib in the chin with a hellacious uppercut. The Dagestani didn't even see it coming.

His brain wobbled dangerously, and he stumbled forward trying to clinch and stay standing. Naruto saw his weakness and backed up staring at him calculatingly. His blue eyes were opened wide and pupils shrunk to the size of pinpoints in concentration, absorbing every detail presented to him.

It was a frightening sight if you could properly see it. Like a predator getting ready to strike.

Time seemed to move in slow motion for both fighters. Khabibs vision was blurry, but he could clearly make out Naruto's large imposing figure. And for the first time in his life, he saw something he didn't think he could beat. For a split second, he felt helpless and then it all went dark.

For Naruto, nothing ever looked clearer. He could see all the openings, all small movements made to cover himself up. He also saw the brief second of doubt cross his opponents features. So, picking his shot, Naruto threw.

A feinted jab, followed by a brutal left hook that caught Khabib on the slip and landed flush on the jaw. Khabib clattered to the canvas, his limbs loosely trying to protect his head, and Naruto followed him down with a falling straight.

It slipped directly through Khabib's hasty defense and dribbled the russians head between his fist and the canvas. He only got two more in before the ref shoved him away and called the fight. The stadium went wild, his corner went wild.

The build up to this fight was littered with personal shots at him, his family, and his friends. Acting on nothing but emotion and adrenaline, he ripped his mouthpiece out ran to the AKA corner and screamed at them.

"Fuck you! I'm the real champ!" He shouted, grabbing onto the cage like roughly.

"Champ?! You're not shit, not even your own family wanted you, you orphaned bitch!" One of Khabib's team shouted

Naruto bristled in rage and shrugged off one of the many security guards that had to come and escort him back to his corner. Faster than they could react the blond jumped the cage and dove directly into Khabib's corner.

The stadium shook and the crowd went bezerk. The area Naruto jumped into turned into an all out brawl and extended out into the crowd, forming a small scale riot.

Naruto got a few good licks in, but ultimately it was him versus a whole team. Luckily, what seemed like hundreds of security yanked him from the madness, kicking and screaming.

"It's not fucking over! This is never over, you hear me?!" Naruto held his right fist up, almost like he was presenting a head, and stuck his tongue out antagonizingly. A gesture of victory.

It took forever for security to get everyone separated and the fighters back in the octagon, in the madness Khabib had jumped into Naruto's corner to get some hits in as well.

The night ended up being a total fiasco. It was unbecoming of professional athletes. But the numbers they did were astronomical. There's was only two people that could generate the kind of gate Naruto could.

Conor McGregor and Muhammad Ali. One was basically retired, having not fought in almost a year and a half, and the other was dead.

As they clamored everyone inside the octagon again, there was hardly any room to move with all the security inside.

Getting it as settled as it could be, Bruce Buffer called the fight. "Ladies and gentleman, the winner by way of knockout… AND STIIIIIILLLL, UNDISPUTED UFC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, NARUTO UZUMAAAAAKII."


Crazy shit eh? I almost feel like a fortune teller, I even ended it in round 4, though this was KO and irl it was a sub. Anyway, You wouldn't believe how crazy it was to see this actually happen with Conor and Khabib in real life. I was appalled, yet excited. 229 will always be legendary.

Now that that is done with, I'm happy to tell y'all that I'll be coming out with chapter 2 within a couple of days. I hate to be the author that uploads a chapter and abandons, so I refuse to be that! I've just been trying to make the dialogue and direction seem natural and not forced, but I can't be perfect unfortunately. I realize that.

This fight was actually the scene I was basing the whole story around, so now it's kind of pointless. BUT, I have plenty of other plot points that I had wanted to do. So maybe we see a version of this in the real story, or maybe we see something totally different! I'm not sure. If you'd rather see a full fleshed out arc with these two pitted against each other, LMK! If not, who should he go against, McGregor? T Ferg?

Also I'm aware that I made it look like Naruto was untouchable. I'll be fixing that. He's good but he's only human.