Mission Completed

Nadir and Antoinette were in Erik's room for half an hour before they came out. They told them that they planned to always have one or the other here at the hospital in case Erik woke up and wondered if Raoul and Christine would like to be part of the shifts. Raoul and Christine immediately agreed. Nadir told them that he and Antoinette were going to go back to their places to clean up and grab a few things. In half an hour, Antoinette would be returning. After that, Antoinette suggested that they use her time to clean themselves up as well, especially Raoul who was wearing clothes with Erik's dried blood.

Raoul agreed and the two siblings left. He followed Christine into Erik's room and felt a flash of guilt at the sight of a hooked up Erik. He had a bunch of wires attached to him and had a breathing mask on his face. Yet Raoul was grateful for the heart monitor, the steady beeping was both annoying and relieving to hear.

Raoul sat in one chair next to the bed and Christine sat in the other across from him. Erik looked small with everything hooked up to him which was saying something since he was the biggest out of the three of them. Raoul and Christine sat there in silence, watching their third breathe through the oxygen mask.

It was three days before Erik woke up, Raoul and Christine never left the hospital. They had to make a show of leaving when Antoinette or Nadir came. They would walk out of the room and go inside a restroom where they could shift into their ghost forms before returning to Erik's side. Nadir had sent out an email to all of the parents who had kids in Erik's daycare and music school. By the end of the second day, Erik's room was filled with not only flowers, but cards and drawings the kids made as well. Raoul found it heartwarming to see how many people cared about Erik's wellbeing.

Christine had gotten concerned when Erik hadn't woken up by the second night, but the doctor reassured her that everything was fine.

"He's not in a coma or anything, just in a deep sleep to rest. He'll wake up when his body wants to." She explained with a kind grin.

Christine would spend majority of the time, both in solid and ghost form, singing a variety of different songs. She had learned of lot of them through Erik's past lives therefore had no small supply of what she sung. Sometimes Raoul joined her, most of the time he didn't. He would sit quietly next to Erik and play with Erik's limp hand as if he could wake Erik up by moving it. He couldn't do that in his ghost form, instead he would stroke the air above Erik's hand and arm, feeling the tip of his fingers tingle as they came into contact with Erik's energy.

The morning of the third day, the doctor told them that Erik no longer needed some of the attachments and the nurses came in and took everything that wasn't the basic monitor equipment.

That afternoon, it was Antoinette's turn to watch Erik when Erik's breathing abruptly changed. The heart monitor also began to get faster and Antoinette looked up from her book in concern. She stood up and glanced at the monitor, obviously wondering if she should call someone.

However, the decision was made for her when Erik's eyelids twitched and slowly opened, revealing blurry gold eyes.

Raoul sighed in relief and Christine smiled excitedly. They watched Antoinette gasped softly and place her hand on Erik's.

"Erik? Can you hear me?" Antoinette whispered softly.

Erik blinked unsurely, eyes rolling from side to side in confusion. Raoul could hear the heart monitor beep faster.

"Erik. Calm down. It's Antoinette, you're in the hospital. Do you remember what happened?" Antoinette commanded.

Erik zeroed in on her voice and stared right at her. When their eyes met, Erik immediately relaxed, though he kept the puzzled frown. He started to talk but then noticed the oxygen mask. He reached up and pulled it up and over his head.

"I don't think you're supposed to make the decision to take it off." Antoinette stated lightly.

Erik shrugged. "Too late."

Erik's voice was hoarse from not speaking for a few days, but Raoul thought it actually sounded kind of hot…

"Let me get you some water for your throat." Antoinette stated and patted Erik's hand.

She went over to the bed table where a pitcher was and poured some water into a plastic cup. She placed the cup on the desk and helped Erik sit up. Erik cringed at the movement but didn't seem to be in too much pain. Antoinette handed the cup to Erik who took it and began to take small sips of it. She pulled out her phone and sent a text, probably to Nadir to let him know that Erik was awake.

"What are all those from?" Erik asked, his voice rough but not as bad as before. When Antoinette turned to him, he pointed towards all the flowers and drawings.

Antoinette smiled. "You caused quite the uproar. Your kids and students wanted to show you how much they loved you."

"That's an awful lot, how long was I out?" Erik asked.

"This is the third day." Antoinette informed him. Erik startled in shock and she continued. "Do you remember what had happened?"

"I remember…" Erik began, turning away from Antoinette with a thoughtful expression. "Yes, I was shot, wasn't I?"

"Yep, luckily the bullet didn't hit anything important but you will be sore for a while." Antoinette explained.

Erik frowned, he had finished the water and was resting it in his lap. "How did I get here? I could swear that I remember seeing Mr. Lebeau and Miss Destler but…"

"Oh, you did. They were the ones that found you and called the ambulance." Antoinette responded. She paused as she observed Erik who was staring down at his cup.

"Erik…" Antoinette hesitated for a second then took on a determined expression. "They really love you, you know. You should have seen them that first night, they looked like their entire world was shattered."

Erik's head jerked up, his eyes wide. "I—"

"Don't think I'm trying to push their feelings on you, you're my priority." Antoinette cut off firmly, but then her face softened. "But, I think you should let yourself be with them. I know that things have been going well, but I also know you, Erik, and you're holding back to protect yourself from getting hurt."

Erik remained quiet, neither confirming nor denying his sister's accusations.

"Listen, you can take what I said and believe what you want." Antoinette concluded. "All I know is that there are people who would give anything to have what is being offered to you, heck, I wish Daniel looked at me with half the love the two of them look you. I would hate to see you lose that because of something that you know they already accept."

Erik's appearance remained puzzled and he opened his mouth to speak, but the door burst opened and a breathless Nadir came through. At the sight of Erik sitting up, Nadir slumped in relief. He quickly came to the bed and grabbed Erik's head before he leaned down to press his forehead against Erik's.

"You are not allowed to do that again." Nadir stated firmly.

From the angle and because of Nadir's hand, Raoul couldn't see Erik's expression but had an idea when Erik spoke.

"I didn't exactly do it on purpose." Erik replied dryly.

Nadir straighten and slapped Erik's face lightly. Erik broke away with a protest but Nadir didn't let him go. Instead, the older man leaned forward and hugged Erik.

"We're glad you're okay." Nadir whispered softly enough that Raoul almost didn't hear the man.

Erik's eyes widen but soon softened and hug his older brother back. They stayed like that for a few moments, before Nadir pulled back, wiping his eyes.

"Now," Nadir started, back to his old gruff self. "Let's get a nurse in to look at you."

A nurse and the doctor came and explained to Erik his wounds and all the things that needed to happen for him to recover. They wanted him to stay for one more night; Erik had protested at first, but Antoinette and Nadir gave them their consent.

"Knock him out if you have to." Antoinette had suggested, to which got a scowl from Erik.

Antoinette and Nadir left soon after all that was settled, promising to come get him in the morning with the kids. Since Erik was told to get as much rest as possible, when his siblings left, he turned laid back down and went back to sleep.

"Should we…go to him? We hadn't visited since he's woken up." Christine asked.

Raoul shrugged. "Might as well. It's pretty late, but not late enough that visitors hours are over."

If he was honest with himself, Raoul would admit that he was nervous talking to Erik again after what happened. Especially since Antoinette had told him about how they acted while Erik had been asleep. He knew that Antoinette meant well, but that had not been cool.

Raoul followed Christine out into the hallway where they each went into the restrooms and shifted into their solid form. As they made their way back, Christine clasped her hand in his and sent him an encouraging grin that Raoul had to grin back at. Christine always knew what was going on in his mind.

Raoul was the one to knock on the door to Erik's room, but Christine was the one to open it and go inside first. Erik was lying on his injured free side that allowed him to face the door. Upon seeing them, Erik gained a small grin, though Raoul could tell he was practically half-asleep already.

"My two knights in shining armor have arrived." Erik whispered sleepily.

Raoul grinned at the sight. "I wouldn't say that."

Erik shrugged. "Apparently if it wasn't for you two, I might not have made it in the first place, thank you."

"Well when you put it like that...do continue." Raoul ordered with a grin.

Erik snorted and Christine huffed next to him. Raoul and Christine moved the seats until they were on the side that Erik was facing and sat down in them. Erik's eyes moved to Christine's hand and grinned.

"So that's where my ring got to. I was wondering where it went."

Christine's cheeks turned pink and glanced down at her left hand where Erik's ring was currently resting on her ring finger.

"They didn't want anything metal on you while you were in surgery and then later with all the machines—" Christine explained awkwardly.

"My dear, it's fine." Erik cut off. He looked at the ring and a dazed gleam came into his eyes before he blinked and it was gone. "It actually, strangely suits you."

Christine, also having noticed the weird look, smiled hesitantly. "I don't know whether to say that was a compliment, but thank you."

"Would you do me a favor then?" Erik inquired. "Would you wear it until I'm back on my feet again?"

Erik didn't seem to notice Raoul and Christine stiffen in their chairs and for that, Raoul was grateful. The moment Erik asked that question, the air seemed to thicken and Raoul had a hard time breathing as if a pressure was weighing on his lungs. It almost reminded Raoul of Erik in their life when he had requested that Christine wear his ring until his death after her rejection of him and only return it to him then. However, this time it was the opposite, Erik was asking Christine to wear it until he was healed…alive again some might say. Raoul knew in his heart that this moment, with a doubt was an important one and the moment was all on Christine's decision.

Raoul turned to Christine and saw her smiling and knew instantly what she was going to do.

"Of course, I'll wear it." Christine answered. She took on a playful look. "Though, we'll have to see if I'll be willing to give it back after. It's a nice ring."

The air around them immediately lifted and Raoul knew that something broken, that they hadn't even been aware of, had been mended.

Erik, who didn't look like he experienced any of the awkward air that had covered Raoul and Christine, snorted.

"Yeah, I'm not worried. Antoinette would have your heads if something were to happen to that ring because of you."

Raoul sweat-dropped and felt the need to change the subject.

"Well, I'm glad you survived." Raoul stated cheerfully. "I would have been pretty mad if you had died without kissing me, especially since you already kiss Christine."

"Oh my gosh, Raoul!" He heard Christine huffed with an exaggerated sigh while Erik chuckled.

"Yes, that would have been tragic." Erik replied sarcastically.

Raoul ignored the tone and nodded seriously. "As long as you know that."

Erik snickered then closed his eyes.

"We should probably let you get back to sleep, huh?" Christine offered.

Erik hummed and his eyes remained closed. "Yes, probably."

"We'll be going then. See you tomorrow, Erik." Christine whispered to him, gently since Erik was obviously dozing off.

"Goodnight you two." Erik replied softly.

Raoul and Christine stood up from their chairs and headed towards the door. Thinking of an idea, Raoul stopped Christine as she opened the door. She turned to Raoul with furrowed eyebrows. Raoul leaned forward and whispered his idea to her and when he pulled back, she was grinning. She nodded her consent and they turned back around. Raoul called Erik's name.

They waited until Erik opened his eyes again to look at them.

"Erik, we love you." Raoul and Christine sang softly in a familiar harmony with twin smiles.

Erik's hand came up and covered his face as he chuckled.

"Ah, you two are silly." Erik whispered, almost to himself as his hand fell away. His eyelids were falling as sleep grabbed a hold of him. "I supposed that one of the reason why I fell in love with you…"

Raoul took in a sharp breath and heard Christine do the same next to her. Raoul wanted to go to Erik and demand that he repeat what he said, but Erik was already breathing heavily, telling him that he was asleep.

Christine was the one who eventually left the room, pulling Raoul behind her. As they walked back to the restrooms to shift into their ghost forms, they remained silent, yet the pounding in Raoul's chest certainly seemed loud. They broke away and Raoul entered the men's room and tried to shift back into his ghost form.

However, nothing happened.

Raoul frowned as he felt his heart continued to beat and tried again. Again nothing worked.

Confused, Raoul went back outside and found a bewildered Christine already waiting for him.

"I can't shift back. Can you?" Christine asked when she saw him.

Raoul shook his head.

"You will no longer be able to shift. You are human again." A deep gravelly voice stated behind Raoul.

Raoul jumped and turned around to see a man in his mid-thirties dressed in a suit and trench coat. The man was about Erik's height and had black hair and the most intense blue eyes Raoul has ever seen.

"Who are you?" Raoul asked, Christine beside him.

The man rolled his eyes. "I take on a new vessel and suddenly the two of you don't recognize me? I know it's been a few decades, but this is kind of ridiculous."

"Wait a moment." Christine paused. "Castiel?"

The man nodded and Raoul blinked.

"You're not a women anymore?" he stated dumbly.

"My appearance before was like that because that was my vessel at the time." Castiel clarified. "I needed a new one and this one is male. Angel's themselves don't have genders."

"Oh…" Raoul trailed off then thought about what Castiel had said before. "What do you mean we're human again?"

"Just that. You've completed the mission so the two of you were relieved of your guardian duties." Castiel explained. He smirked softly. "I'm relieved that the three of you can finally be together."

"But, we don't exist" Christine protested sounding a little frightened. "We can't suddenly turn up in the world without a background or history!"

"That is already taken care of." Castiel shrugged. "Angels have the ability to alter reality to a certain extent, it wasn't that hard. Here."

Castiel suddenly reached forward and touched both of their foreheads. Abruptly, a bunch of information was slammed into Raoul's mind, memories of a false life but something that would be real to everyone else.

"You made us millionaires?" Christine choked.

"My own personal touch, the two of you had grown on me." Castiel stated almost monotony. "Besides, this way you can take care of your third more easily, I've heard that hospital bills are expensive."

Raoul snorted a little hysterical. "Erik wouldn't accept that. He's too stubborn."

Castiel shrugged again. "That's not my problem. I need to be going."

"Wait!" Christine almost exclaimed. "What's going to happen now?"

Castiel paused and stared at them. "Now, the two of you are going to get to spend the rest of your natural life with your third. When the three of you die, you'll be able to enter heaven as one because of it. The mission is over."

"One last question, if you don't mind me asking." Raoul joined in. "What was the mission?"

"To make you third fall in love with both of you and have him admit it." Castiel announced. "Goodbye, you two. I'll make sure I personally escort your souls to heaven when the time comes."

With that, Castiel blinked out of existence.

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