Lucca pondered the iron bar directly in front of her face and the superficial scratch of an "e" that she had put in it as a sort of therapy. Iron-e or irony, granted it was silly enough to make anyone who thought of it cringe, but still it was the one thing that brought her comfort. The moment teased at her consciousness replying in her mind. It was a Mark, the merchant whom she had befriended outside of the lab and had chatted with on and off as she took walks after her lunch break. He frequently joked with her about what she was making. 'The Dr. Ashtear Special' was what he called it and she chided him to call her Lucca and not Dr. Ashtear. He had mostly switched over but still like to occasionally tease her with her title followed by her last name. They had become good friends though and that meant a lot to her since she now saw so little of Chrono. Her friend that set her heart aflutter the moment Marle appeared and forced Lucca to admit her feelings. OK so she liked him as more than a friend, but there was no need to worry about Marle, she had known Chrono all of 5 minutes.

Yet Lucca should have worried, Chrono had met her 5 minutes ago and it seemed no longer than 20 minutes after that they were walking down the aisle together. Lucca had missed her chance and as far as Chrono knew all that Lucca held towards him in her heart was friendship. She had forever missed her chance and it would never come again and no time machines or gates could change that. Lucca felt like she was the loneliest and most awkward person on earth in that moment.

Until speaking to Mark that afternoon. She had known him for months now and really enjoyed spending time with him as a friend of course. Only for Mark to stutter and eventually get out that he thought about Lucca as more than just a friend and with that said perhaps they could discuss things over dinner? And all at once Lucca found herself flattered and flustered at the same time! Here she was a woman getting a man's attention! And here she was in the exact same position that Chrono must have found himself in, being on the receiving end of romantic interest that up to this point they have been oblivious about. And the irony kicked in, she liked Mark but had no real interest in him in the way he desired. Still she did not want to hurt his feelings so she agreed to the dinner and pretended to do so with enthusiasm. She then excused herself back to her lab to process her emotions which while strong were difficult to describe.

To help cope she found the iron bar and began to carve the "e". As she finished and pondered it she found herself calming down and feeling better. Well she might not be interested but at least she got a free dinner out of it right? If only human hearts were as easy to work on as \machines. Well since repairing Robo was easy all she had to figure out know was a polite way of turning down mark. Dr. Ashtear proceeded to get to work.