Arielle & Kim:

Kim comforted me when we arrived at her apartment. I was nearly hysterical, but she held me as I cried. I was sobbing incoherently as bits and pieces of my past came pouring forth. "It was Rob!" I exclaimed.

"Who's Rob?" asked Kim.

"Elena's ex-husband. He hated me. Elena and I got together after my bitter divorce. We were a family - me, her, her kids and mine," I said tearfully. "We had - have 2 boys and 2 girls. We wanted a baby - one more - together. But our dream didn't come true. We tried artificial insemination, but Elena kept having miscarriages. We lost 7 babies."

"Ohhh my God. I am so sorry."

"Rob - He showed up one night... while- while Elena was at work. All the kids were sleeping in their beds. He pulled me outside. He showed me Elena's shirt and pants, covered in her blood. He said he murdered the woman that I loved. He said he killed Elena. Then he raped me."

All was quiet for a moment, except for the sound of my ragged breathing. I held onto Kim as though I were clinging to her for dear life. My heart was pounding as the memories flooded back one by one.

Tears slide down my face as I managed to divulge the rest of my story. "Afterwards there was a man-hunt for Rob. Elena's body was never found, nor was Rob. But... but I was pregnant... by Rob. I was 5 and half months pregnant when I had that car wreck."

"Arielle, I- I'm so sorry. You've been through hell. Do you know where you lived? Is there anything you can tell me, so I can help you find your family?" Kim asked gently.

"Elena had two kids - Logan and Ginny; 14 and 12 years old. I had 2 kids as well - Aaric and Lilly. They were 10 and 7. I don't know where they are. I don't know how to find my babies. What if... what if Rob killed them, too?"

"Don't lose hope. I am going to try to help you find them," Kim promised.

She wiped the tears from my cheeks with gentle fingertips. "Kim?" I asked ever so softly.


"Is it wrong of me to have these feelings for you, when I still love Elena?"

Kim shook her head as her lips lowered onto mine in a sweet kiss. I felt as though the whole world had turned upside down as I slid into her arms. "No, it's not wrong. I have feelings for you, too," Kim revealed. "I'm just so worried about you, Arielle. You've been through so much."

"It was just awful. Sometimes I don't want to go back... to the life I left behind, but I have to - the kids..."

"Try not to stress out," Kim said as she caressed my cheek. "I am going to help you through this. I promise."

I knew then that for the second time in my life, right or wrong, I had fallen in love.