I threw in a couple references, I swear if no one gets them, you need a life.

Lincoln was practically breaking his controller, he was on the final mission of the COD: WWII campaign and he did not want to die. He kept spamming the button, but then, as always, that damn panzershreck blew him up. "AH DANGIT!", he yelled.

He dropped his controller and walked out of his room and to the bathroom. After taking a leak, he walked downstairs and outside. He walked down the street to Clyde's house and knocked on the door. "Hey buddy, where we going today?", Clyde said. "I was thinking we go to Gus's, then maybe head to Gamestop for something.", Lincoln replied as the two teens walked away.

Once they arrived at the arcade, they played a couple games for a bit, until of course, the doucebag known as Chandler walked in. "Hey Larry, mind if I take over?", Chandler said. "Yeah, not happening.", Lincoln replied as he blasted another monster. "Hey, get off!", Chandler yelled as he grabbed Lincoln and threw him to the ground. Lincoln grabbed Chandler by his hair and smashed his head on the table. Chandler fell limp as Lincoln stomped out the door.

He walked back down the street to see a couple kids playing basketball. "Im telling you Ethan, those Louds could tottaly pull it off as like a sitcom or cartoon or something.", one kid said. "I know! Wait, Anthony, isnt that one of them now?", the other kid said. They both stopped their game and looked over to see the white haired child walking. "Hey kid! Tell your family that you guys could pull it off as a show!", the kids yelled. Lincoln turnturnt around and nodded.

Lincoln continued down the street and saw some familiar blondes coming out from Flips. "Hey Lincoln, where you headed?", Lori asked. "Just going home.", Lincoln replied. "Alright, hop in, were going home to.", Leni said as they all got in Vanzilla. They were about 2 blocks down from their house until not surprisingly, the van broke down. Lori just sighed as Lincoln slammed his head on the seat. "This day has been the most stressful day of my life.", Lincoln said. He hopped out and quickly pulled out Lana's back-up tools to restart the engine. "Thank the lord Lana has been tutoring me.", Lincoln said. They got back in the car and continued down to the Loud residence.

As soon as they walked in the door, Lincoln walked up the steps and entered his room. He put YouTube on his PS4 and layed on his bed. But then something behind his TV, he got up and grabbed the thing, it had lenses, it looked like a small box, and looked to have been attached to his shelf. "What the hell?", Lincoln said.