Hey everybody! Yep, you guessed it! I'm gonna be taking a break from my hiatus so I can let y'all know that I'm still active and alive! And to show that I am, I'm gonna be writing a sequel to "A Shipping Collection". It's gonna be the exact same as the original one. But if you don't know the rules, read them in the original story. Otherwise, here's the rules:

-This story will have requested one-shots of your favorite Inside Out pairings! (or any pairing you want, really) Again, this will only have one-shots! Do NOT ask me to do a multi-chapter of your request!

-No OCs allowed!

-I don't care what ships you guys want me to write about. Don't be afraid to ask me for a girl x girl, boy x girl, or human x emotion one-shot! I won't judge you at all! :)

-This is how I want you to write a request: Please tell me what pairing you want and what scenario you want them to do together. (For example: I want a StarNerve story where Joy and Fear go out on a picnic.) You can tell me that it can be any scenario I want as well. I'm fine with that!

-NO RATED M REQUESTS! I'm WAY too young to do inappropriate stuff, like sex and stuff like that. And I'm not very comfortable with writing dirty fanfics. So please, no unseemly requests.

-Please don't cuss when you review!

-If you want me to write about a certain pairing again, go right ahead and ask me! I'll be happy to write about your pairings more than once!

-This will ONLY have Inside Out characters in it! No crossovers please!

-You guys can send me as many requests as you like, but please don't spam me with the same requests! I've had that happen in my original shipping collection story, and it annoyed the crap out of me. So please, no spamming!

Let's hope this story is as successful as the previous one! Again, don't be afraid to ask me for a request, even if it's a lesbian or gay one. I'm very friendly, so I won't judge you at all.

Please REVIEW for requests! Don't send me PMs please!

Okay, let's get this started! I'll try to update this story every couple of days! Enjoy and request away!