Sadness x Anger 2
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Due to complications, this request's plot will be different than what the author asked for. Thank you for understanding.

Ever since the "poo-berty" button has been pushed, there was immediate change in Headquarters. Riley started having pimples on her face (which is something Disgust is obviously not happy about), and unfortunately, that time of the month has began for Riley not too long ago. She started to have a crush on a cute boy that goes to her school named Will. This lead to "normal teenager stress" for the fourteen-year-old girl.

The emotions have also been affected by the "poo-berty" button as well. The most biggest and serious affect was two emotions started to date and fall in love with each other. It was the most unexpected pairing the emotions have ever seen.

Sadness and Anger.

Yes, Sadness and Anger.

No one knew why Anger suddenly started liking Sadness. But there had to be reason, since Anger and Sadness have been dating for 7 months, and their relationship really changed their personality. Anger started to feel soft, gentle, and loving. Sadness started to feel more happy, optimistic, and loved. They haven't kissed yet, but the others knew that it would be coming. For now, it's just hand-holding, compliments, hugging, pet names, leaning on each other, and caressing. But no kissing and cuddling at the moment.

All of this...for 7 months. Pretty shocking to the emotions, since Anger hated being "touchy-feely". Well, he used to. Now he acts like it's the best thing in the world. Even better, he acts like being with Sadness is a miracle. Obviously because he's her boyfriend, but again, the emotions had no idea how they all of a sudden have feelings for each other.

As their relationship kept going, it gotten even better. This is the story of Sadness and Anger's first kiss.

It was a calm and peaceful night. Sadness was on Dream Duty and Anger decided to keep her company. Anger really wanted it to be their night. Just him and Sadness; no one else there to bother them. Anger stared at Sadness with a seductive look.

"Oh...hey Anger," Sadness smiled, scooting closer to him. She gave him a tight hug and leaned on his top. Anger grinned in tolerance and started rubbing her back.

"Hey, you," Anger said romantically. "How are you?"

"I'm doing...quite well," Sadness responded. "What about you?"

"Pretty good, now that you're here," Anger said.

Sadness giggled. "Thanks for being here...again," she said appreciatively. "I love you."

"It's all good, as long as you're happy," Anger said with pride. "And I love you too."

It was silent for a moment. It was a good kind-of silence for some reason. Sadness felt love in her heart, knowing that her boyfriend was with her. She did until...she found herself gasping quietly and flinch away from Anger.

"Oh my God, kiddo!" Anger said nervously, face-palming himself. "I'm sorry! I don't know what I was doing! Ugh, I'm such an idiot!"

"N-No no...I-I-It's okay...I, well, I wasn't expecting you to, well, you know..." Sadness had no idea what she was saying, since she was processing what just happened. Then she brought herself back into reality. "I'm just not ready to be touched...a-at the know..." She looked down with embarrassment.

"I understand," Anger said, putting his arm around her. "I'm really sorry about that. I want to make sure you're comfortable when it comes to me touching you."

"Th-Thanks Anger..." Sadness said. "I just didn't expect to be touched there very soon."

"I won't do it ever again until you're ready," Anger promised.

Sadness weakly smiled and nodded. She leaned back against Anger's top and this time, Anger started massaging Sadness's shoulders.

Caressing was Sadness's favorite thing about having a boyfriend. It felt so warm and nice, and it made her feel so much love in her heart.

"U-Um...kiddo...?" Anger said awkwardly. Sadness looked at him and realized that her hand was on his chest and she was almost on his lap. Sadness gasped loudly and started sobbing with embarrassment.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Anger said with concern. He rushed up to Sadness and started hugging her tightly. "Hey, hey, hey, sh, sh, sh... No need to feel embarrassed..."

He let her cry on his shoulder as he rubbed her back gently. Sadness released the hug and wiped her tears away. "I..." she sniffled. "I guess we're in the same boat..."

"Yeah," Anger nodded. "I guess we want to, well, take it to the next level."

Sadness nodded and then they were staring at each other romantically. They started to smile as their heads leaned against each other. Then their noses were touching. Then their lips were barely touching. As Sadness put her hands on Anger's shoulders, their lips met. Surprisingly, the kiss lasted for a while. It felt so good and Sadness has never felt this warm inside. They released the kiss and stared at each other closely. They started to kiss again, which was a bit shorter than usual.

"Whoa..." Sadness said.

"You're a really good kisser, Sadness," Anger said kindly.

" are too," the blue emotions responded politely.

"This kiss was so nice that...I didn't want it to stop," Anger said.

"Yeah..." Sadness said, suddenly smiling at him. She tackled him on the couch to where she was on top of him and they continued kissing. The kissing lasted for what seemed like forever. It was the best moment that Sadness and Anger have ever experienced.

"This was the best Dream Duty ever," Sadness said.

"Hell yeah it was," Anger beamed. "Nice tackle by the way."

Sadness giggled. "Thanks," she said. "We...We better get ready before the others notice us."

"True that," Anger said. They shared one last kiss and got ready for another day of taking care of Riley.