Episode 1: Live Like Legends. Part 1

Here we here! The 5th Season of Transformers Animated! I am glad you guys enjoyed the last Season, and I hope you will enjoy this next Season!

I'm not sure how many Episodes I want to run just yet, I was either thinking 26 or 28 this time, but I'm still thinking about it.

Anyways, here is the 1st Episode of Season 5, all Characters belong to Hasbro, Blackbird belongs to FRENZY, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

As the sun is rising through the horizon, Bumblebee is seen standing on a cliff looking at the sunrise, until he closed his Optics as the faded faces of Prowl, Sari Sumdac, and Optimus Prime was seen floating in the back of Bumblebee's Helm, and then he opened his Optics again to be standing on a rooftop on Cybertron, and then he jumped off the roof to ride on a rail, as Sideswipe appeared and swung next to Bumblebee, and then Crosshairs and Brawn appeared, jumping behind the two as Minerva was seen raising her hand up in the air, causing Bumblebee to extend his hand and grabbed Minerva up, as she too joined the ride and then they all jumped off the rail to Transform into their respective Alt Modes, driving next to the Metroplex as Ultra Magnus stood and took notice of the Autobots, along with Alpha Trion, Perceptor, and Cliffjumper as Bumblebee moved to Transform into his Robot Mode and his Blue Optics then brightened as we move really close to them.

Then the Blue color started to transition into the skies of Earth, as Rodimus Prime was driving in his Alt Mode along side the road with Ratchet, Arcee, Ironhide, Bulkhead, and Springer, and then they Transformed into their Robot Modes as they looked at the city of New York, blue skies brightening the day as we turn up to Space and see a Black and Purple Decepticon, who let himself on fire as the Fallen sat on a Throne and looks at Cybertron with great interest, while we turn to Dinobot Island, with the Dinobots and Predacons are fighting against the Constructicons with the help of the Combaticons as Grimlock is seen swinging his Sword at Dirtboss, Snarl in his Rhino Mode tackling Mixmaster and Scrapper attacking Swoop, Razorclaw fighting against Brawl, and Inferno slashing his claws at Onslaught.

Then Starscream is seen flying in the sky in his Alt Mode, as he shot at the Jet Twins, who shot back at him, and then on a grassy field, with the Autobot teams from both Earth and Cybertron and Decepticons, led by Galvatron, were seen charging towards each other as Lugnut, Astrotrain, Cyclonus, Tarn, Mindwipe, Blitzwing, and the rest of Team Chaar ran with Galvatron, and then once both sides met, they fired at each other, causing a light to take place, leaving the Transformers Animated logo to be placed in as the Autobot Insignia zooms out of visual.

Camera Recording, old footage of Autobots' first days of arrival.

The building was on fire, and it was recently being put out, thanks to the works of the Autobot known as Optimus Prime, as a kid was heard in the background, since he is the one holding the camera, as he pointed it at the Red and Blue Prime.

Camera Kid: (Points the camera at Optimus) Holy crap, it's him! It's one of the Autobots!

Kid 2: (Off-Screen) Dude, c'mon, go interview him!

Camera Kid: Are you serious?

Kid 2: Dude c'mon! This will make us look cool in school!

Camera Kid: Alright, I'll do it! (Walks towards Optimus as he took a deep breath) Oh, I can do this! I can do this!

Optimus: (Finishes talking to a fireman) No problem, just make sure everyone is okay.

Camera Kid: (Clears his throat as he stopped in front of Optimus) Ahem! Excuse me! Optimus Prime sir!

Optimus: (Turns to the camera) Yes?

Camera Kid: Excuse me, can I like, interview you?

Optimus: (Smiled) Well, I did take a lot of interviews with the camera Bots floating around, but I don't see why not be interviewed by one of the younger generations of your species.

Camera Kid: Ok cool! Um, 1st question, is it true that you're not only a Robot, but you're also an Alien?

Optimus: (Touches his cap) Well, considering my fellow Autobots and I are from a certain region in Space, I'd say we're what you may call us, "Aliens".

Camera Kid: Whoa, cool! Alright um, next question! What are you and the Autobots like? Are you some sort of heroes on your Planet?

Optimus: Well, to be fairly honest, we were not on my Planet at first, originally when we first arrived here, but to answer your question, the Autobots are Programmed to protect the source of Life, which that would mean you and your fellow humans too.

Camera Kid: Sweet! Can I ask you some more questions?

Optimus: Well I uh-

Ratchet: (Walks in the background) Prime, get a move on already! I'm late for my Stasis nap!

Optimus: Sure thing Ratchet! (Turns to the camera) Sorry about this, but can we do just one more question for today?

Camera Kid: Okay! Um... What do you like most about Planet Earth?

The Prime then went silent for a brief second, as he turned to the air, and had this expression to think...

Dream Sequence.

In a dream, Bumblebee was standing on a tropical Planet, as he stood on a ledge, looking at the sky until a young Red headed girl ran by, happily running and dancing around on the beach towards the sunrise, as the Yellow Minibot smiled and followed her to Omega Supreme as the Orion, where everyone he knew as his friend was at, enjoying the day while Bumblebee went to join them.

He bumped fists with Wasp, who was standing next to Ironhide and Chromia as they silently greeted each other, and felt a hand touching his, and he turned around and saw Minerva smiling at him, as he too smiled and then they went to exchange a kiss with each other and then leaned on each other's Helms, until Bulkhead silently pointed someone out, and then everyone turned to see Elita One and Sentinel Prime, who both came to the party they had as Bumblebee went to hug them both, who they both hugged back as Prowl then sat on top of a rock and smiled, whom Bumblebee turned to and nodded, while the Cyberninja nodded back in return, as he and his family turned and saw Blackbird walking to the ground, whom Bee smiled to and hugged him tightly, with his caretaker hugging him back in return.

Finally, everyone in the group took notice of a Red and Blue figure in the distance, as Bumblebee stopped hugging Blackbird and turned to the figure, with Sari following him, as the Yellow Autobot got closer, and saw the Red and Blue Autobot, who was staring into the beach, gazing into the horizon, as he turned around and revealed himself to be Optimus, who smiling at Bumblebee, who on the other hand at this expression of shock on him as he turned around and saw Sari, no longer her younger self, but now in her Upgraded teenage self, who only smiled as she nodded in some sort of approval, as he turned back to his Father, getting closer to him as he touched his Blue Helm, then moved to hug him, as the Prime moved to hug his Son back, and then Sari moved to join in on the hug, as Bumblebee moved to hug them both...

Dream ends.

Bumblebee had his Optics closed, smiling while he laid himself on a blue glowing neon hammock, on a rooftop that appeared to be on Cybertron, his colors the same except that his Chestplate is completely Black, his Shoulders Golden, a part of his legs Golden while mostly Yellow, his wrists slated in Black and Gold, while sporting Autobot Elite Guard insignias on both his wrists, and his Pedes were Black, with the Headlights a little Golden, as the Cybertronian traffic flown above him, a Comms Signal was going off like a fritz, as he then opened up his Optics brightly.

Ultra Magnus: (Comms Channel) Bumblebee! This is Ultra Magnus, there's a Decepticon attack on the Metroplex Subway! your team is there, but they're taking heavy fire and they need your help apprehending the Cons!

Bumblebee: (Nodded his Helm as he activated his Comms) I'm on my way sir!

Bumblebee then turned to the other side of the roof, and then turned around to run towards the end of the ledge and jump out of it, falling to thousands of feet of skyscrapers, right until he caught onto a ramp with his own bare hands and slided down towards a subway train, landing on top of it and rided his way to his destination, while at the Metroplex, three Decepticon Clones of Starscream led by Astrotrain as they attacked the Subway, with Astrotrain trying to shoot at Crosshairs.

Astrotrain: (Shoots Lasers at the Green Autobot) Get back here and fight you cowards!

Crosshairs: (Turns to duck in the corner) These Bots are nuts! (Turns to Astrotrain and shoots at him)

Astrotrain: (Gets hit by Crosshairs) AHH! (Gets knocked away from a blast)

Sideswipe: (Grunted as he avoided fire) This is like the War all over again!

Crosshairs: (Turns to Sideswipe) Yeah, I bet being in retirement has made you miss all of this action huh?

Sideswipe: I didn't come out of retirement because of glory. (Activates his Blaster) I came out because of these Cons! (Gets up and shoots at the Cons)

Ramjet: (Flies in the air and shoots at the Blaster, causing it to explode) Ah, I'm so sorry about that!

Sideswipe: (Grunts) Son of a Glitch took out my gun!

Crosshairs: Yeah, and we're still getting shot at here! Where's the others at?!

Minerva: (Activated her Comms Channel as she ran) Sorry I'm late, but I little caught up by some civilians, I was helping them escape!

Crosshairs: Good to know pretty face, but just where exactly is the Boss at?

Minerva: (Runs through the Subway) Cybertron Command said that he is coming, and I'm hoping it won't be long until he gets here! (Gets blasted off the floor) AHH! (Falls several feet to where the two Autobots are)

Sideswipe: (Peeks his head out and sees Minerva) Are you okay?

Minerva: (Grunted as she got up) Yeah, I'm fine! (Turns around and suddenly, Astrotrin appeared right in front of her) Ok, I'm not sure how long though.

Astrotrain: (Growled as he looked at Minerva) Foolish Autobot! Where is Ultra Magnus?!

Minerva: Why, aren't we too boring for you?

Crosshairs: (Gets out and kicks Astrotrain in the stomach) Don't stand there, fight!

Minerva: Right! (Turns to Astrotrain and hits him the face)

Astrotrain: (Gets hit in the face) Gah! (Turns angrily at Minerva) You little Glitch! (Grabs her and throws her across the Subway)

Sideswipe: Minerva!

Minerva: (Gets thrown in the air) AHH! (Falls to the floor several times until she reached on a ledge and grabbed onto it just in time before falling hundreds of feet below) Whoa! (Looks below her) Ok, that was close! (Turns the ledge) Okay, just climb it, just climb Minerva, just-! (Tries to climb up, only for her hands to slip and let go) AHH! (Falls to the depths of Iacon right until a hand caught hers) AH! (Hangs in the air, only to be pulled up and got up into the ground, as she turned and saw Bumblebee standing in front of her) Bumblebee! Hey!

Bumblebee: (Looks at Minerva) You ok?

Minerva: (Nodded) Yeah, thanks!

Bumblebee: (Nodded) Stay here. (Turns to the fight)

Astrotrain: (Looks around) Fools! I'm here for Ultra Magnus's attention! Not some puny Autobots! Give me something that I'm looking forward too!

Bumblebee: (Stands on top of a subway train) Hey Aftheads! Over here!

Sideswipe: (Turns around and sees Bumblebee) Is that who I think it is?

Skywarp: (Turns around and sees Bumblebee) AHH! The Elite Guard!

Astrotrain: (Turns to see Bumblebee, as he just chuckled) Hehehe! Oh, I was expecting to see your Granddaddy here boy! (Cracks his neck) But to see the Son of Optimus Prime here, I can set aside Magnus to see your head on a mantle!

Bumblebee: (Looks at Astrotrain with a stern look as he got into his battle position) Give me your best shot.

Astrotrain: With pleasure! (Turns to Sunstorm) Sunstorm! Blast this little shrimp off the face of this Planet!

Sunstorm: (Nodded) Why of course, oh wise and great leader!

Sunstorm turned to attack Bumblebee, who moved swiftly to dodge the blast shots, as he jumped up and got out his own Lightsabers to slice the Blasters off the Orange and White Seeker Clone's Wrist, and right afterwards, Brawn appeared and grabbed Sunstorm to throw him across the subway

Brawn: (Throws Sunstorm across the room) Take that Decepticreep!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Brawn) You're late.

Brawn: Lost track of time.

Sunstorm: (Lands onto a side door of a train) GUAH! (Falls to the floor unconscious)

Skywarp: AHH! Sunstorm's down!

Astrotrain: (Growled angrily) We can take them!

Crosshairs: (Gets out of his spot) Then do it boy! (Kicks Astrotrain by the shoulder)

Sideswipe: (Fights against Skywarp) Take on this you Slagger!

Skywarp: (Gets beaten down by Sideswipe) WAHH!

Ramjet: (Flies up into the sky) You're not hurt! (Gets hit by Brawn via broken boulder) AHH! (Falls to the floor) OOF! Ugh, nor am I hurt...

Astrotrain: (Growls as he caught Crosshairs' fist and face butted him) Fools! We are Decepticons! You cannot-! (Gets shot by Bumblebee's Stingers) AHH! (Gets jumped by Bumblebee and falls to ground, with the Minibot standing on top of him) Arrgh! You little brat! Just wait until I-!

Bumblebee: Cut the crap Astrotrain, I know you're just bait, so where is he? Where is Lugnut?

Suddenly, Lugnut dropped on top of the floor, taking the Autobots by surprise as they turned to look at him.

Astrotrain: (Grinned) Hehehehehe, he's right behind you!

Lugnut: (Growls) Autobots! Where is our almighty leader Megatron?! What have you done to him?!

Crosshair: 5 Earth Months, and he's still asking that question?

Sideswipe: From what I read, this Bot isn't exactly as smart as the rest of the Remnants.

Bumblebee: Of course he isn't.

Brawn: (Cracks his knuckles) Let's pound this guy!

Bumblebee: No. (Walks in front of the group) I got this handled.

Lugnut: (Turns to Bumblebee) You! The Son of Optimus Prime! Where is Lord Megatron?!

Bumblebee: (Walks slowly towards Lugnut) You have been out of your cell for a whole Solar Cycle, and yet, you have bothered to ask that question?

Lugnut: You Autobots say that Megatron perished on Trypiticon, but those are lies! Megatron will bring glory to the Decepticons! Megatron will bring what was rightfully ours! And Megatron is-!

Bumblebee: Dead, Lugnut, Megatron is dead, so is the Decepticon Empire, and so is all your dreams of Conquest! The only things that are left are the Decepticon Remnants, the ones that have scattered, your stubborn pride, and your ego! (Rolls his Optics) So for the love of God, do us both a favor, and accept those facts and bury it!

Lugnut: (Growled angrily) No! You will tell me where Lord Megatron is, NOW!

Lugnut charged towards Bumblebee, as he began to activate his POKE weapon, but that was right until Bumblebee activated his Sabers and made a jump towards him, and once they both landed to their spots, Lugnut's Servo containing the POKE started to take itself off of him, as his Servo was sliced off.

Lugnut: (Grabbed his shoulder) ARRAGH! MY ARM! (Gets shot by Bumblebee's Stingers) AHH! (Falls to the ground)

Bumblebee: (Deactivates his Sabers and Stingers as his team ran to him) Call Cybertron Command and make sure Lugnut is put on tight security. (Turns to Minerva) Minerva, place a sedative on Lugnut, he'll be screaming from the pain when he wakes up.(Turns Sideswipe) Sideswipe, call Cheetor and have any Copperbots be on guard for the three Seekers, Astrotrain and Lugnut until the Troopers can arrive, and then everyone else meet me at Metroplex Council Chambers.

Sideswipe: (Nodded) Right away.

Grandus: (Looked at the whole scenario) Oh Primus, that was intense! (Didn't notice a chunk of debris falling on top of him)

Bumblebee turned to see Grandus, along with the chunk of debris falling right on top of him as he then moved towards him, and once he pushed Grandus away, he turned to the falling debris and activated his Stingers, as he then blasted right it, and then it became nothing but pebbles as it exploded, little piece falling right on top of the Yellow Bot as he turned to Grandus, without having any kinds of expression to him.

Grandus: (Looked at the little debris) That was cool! (Turns to Bumblebee) Thank you so much!

Bumblebee didn't say anything, not a word, as he only responded by Transforming into his Alt Mode and drove away towards the road, while everyone else just watched him leave.

Brawn: (Raises a brow) Well that was short.

Crosshairs: (Folded his Servos) Heh, the Boss doesn't even take Autographs, does he?

Minerva: (Looked at Bumblebee with a worried expression) Not anymore...

Bumblebee was riding a subway train, looking out the window as a holographic projection of Optimus Prime was displayed at a memorial, while speakers on a subway train was playing.

Speaker Train: (Speaking through the speakers as Bumblebee looked out the window) And here we are, passing through the Orion Pax Memorial! Built under his original name before given his Designation, Optimus Prime had recently given his own life to save the Planet Earth and our home Cybertron from the ruthless, tyrannical leader Megatron, whose plans and own Spark was destroyed above the Blue Planet's atmosphere-!

The speaker continued to play, while Bumblebee continued to look at the image of his Father, until his train went inside of a tunnel and the hologram was out of sight, as he stopped gazing out of the window and sighed... Then later at the Metroplex Council Chambers, he arrived inside with his team waiting, along with Alpha Trion, Ultra Magnus and several Autobots like Warpath, Cliffjumper, and Cosmos as they all stood in front of a table.

Alpha Trion: (Turns to see Bumblebee) Autobot Bumblebee, congratulations on apprehending the Decepticon Lugnut and the other three remnants that attacked the Subway today.

Bumblebee: (Stopped in front of his group and the two councilmen) Are they back inside the Stockades?

Sideswipe: I stayed until I made sure Cheetor didn't do anything clumsy, and none of the prisoners escaped luckily.

Crosshairs: That's great, because I really hate to track that big Purple Cyclops all over again!

Ultra Magnus: You and your team had made quite the success today Bumblebee, this is a big win for all of us.

Bumblebee: (Stands in front of a table) It's not a win until we take Starscream down. (Displays an image of Starscream) Until he's out, the universe won't be safe until Starscream's Loyalists and the Decepticon Remnants are defeated.

Cliffjumper: Well it's good to know that the Cons have their own Civil War going on, thanks to Megatron's death and all, we could easily take them down with their own help.

Brawn: Right. (Turns to Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee) Is there anything we can do right now?

Ultra Magnus: Nothing else at the moment, so you and your team are dismissed.

Bumblebee; Roger. (Turns to his team) You guys can go ahead and take a break, I'll go hit the streets. (Turns to leave)

Minerva: (Turned to look at her friends briefly until she ran to Bumblebee) Bumblebee! (Gets his attention to her) Hey, so everybody is thinking about going to Macadam's Oil House tonight, and maybe after you're through with Swindle, you could maybe join us? I mean, there's Rust Sticks over there, Oil drinks, some Energony desserts-!

Bumblebee: (Nodded) I'll see if I have time. (Leaves)

Minerva: Ok, great! (Sees Bumblebee exit) Great, that's good to hear. (Turns to her team and her Dad) Hey, did you guys hear that?

Sideswipe: Yeah, he meant no.

Minerva: (Raises a brow) Why would you think that?

Sideswipe: I know because when I'm in that mood and said that during that mood, the answer would usually mean no, and from his position, his answer is no.

Minerva: (Sighs) You know what, I doubt he'll even come anymore.

Crosshairs: Well, he's been skipping that game, what's that called, Ninja Gladiator?

Brawn: Five months ago, he would have been complaining about work and wanting to take a break, but now, the kid's been all about work without even a word about wanting a break.

Warpath: Of course he's like that. (Folded his Servos) He lost his Father, so he needs something to focus his anger out on.

Minerva: Yeah, I'm worried that he'll be grumpy as Professor Ratchet, or even you Dad.

Warpath: (Raises a brow) I'm not grumpy.

Crosshairs: (Turns to Warpath) Dude, you're like the Prime example of grumpy.

Sideswipe: Yeah, you don't seem to be as joyful as the Jet Twins are.

Brawn: Not to mention your gruffy voice, like "Hey, an Autobot who doesn't fight is worse than the Decepticons, ahh!"

Minerva: No offense Dad, but you just have a grumpy look on you.

Warpath: Hey, but I'm not! I'm not grumpy!

Minerva: When was the last time you ever said something that isn't Decepticon hate related?

Warpath: (Sighs) Honey, please!

Crosshairs: Seriously though, with our team leader like that, it's making me wonder how his former team is doing back on Earth.

Meanwhile on Earth, on the City of Detroit, it was a bright afternoon, as the view of the city was seen with Construction equipment towered over some of the destroyed skyscrapers still going under management, as we turn to the park, with people going there to hang out in peace, while a certain Pink Dodge Viper is sitting on a parking lot, as it scanned the area.

Arcee: (Scans the pedestrians in the park) Nothing here on my side, Jazz?

Jazz: (In his Alt Mode sitting in a spot the opposite where Arcee is) Nothing yet Cee.

Rodimus: (Stands on a rooftop looking over with binoculars as he stood next to a couple of newspapers, with the heading titles, "DECEPTICON SIGHTING?" and "MYSTERIOUS TRANSFORMER CAUSES EXPLOSION") Keep looking, the Detroit Bank truck will be moving by that area, and it's a possible target to where the Decepticons will hit, next.

Bulkhead: (In his Alt Mode, siting next to a dumpster) I still don't understand why the Decepticons would ever bother hitting a bank truck, they wouldn't even want Earth money.

Ironhide: (Sits in a parking lot of a basketball field) No, but ever since Megatron got blown up and Starglitch took over, Cons are scattered all over the place and will do anything to wreak havoc again.

Bulkhead: Yeah, but why are they waiting to attack though? And by the way, can we go watch our favorite TV show we've been waiting for the whole time?

Rodimus: Depending how long we have to wait here that is.

Ratchet: (Drives alongside traffic) Hey, since when did we ever hear the new Bot talk about TV?

Rodimus: Yeah, speaking of which... (Deactivates his binoculars and touched the side of his Helm) Hey, new Bot, do you have visual?

Springer: (Hops from building to building parkour style) Nothing yet! (Hops to the next building)

Rodimus: Are you sure? (Reactivates his binoculars and has sights on Springer) Or are you just hoping to the next building to the next?

Springer: (Lands on a roof top and sighs relaxingly) Ah, can't help it sir, new World, new Organics... (Walks to a ledge and places one Pede on top) And lots of new sights to see...

Arcee: I'm just curious if hopping is what you usually do all the time?

Springer: Well, no Bot ever calls me Springer for nothing, ain't that right Jazz?

Jazz: (Chuckled) You still got that charming sense of humor Springs!

Rodimus: (Looks over at the park) Just let me know if you spotted-!

Springer: (Sees a Bank Truck) Ah! I see it! Eyes on the prize, as the Earthlings would like to say sometimes.

Bulkhead: Ooh! Is it the Decepticons?

Springer: No, just the Bank Truck that Jazz explained to me, looks exactly a lot like I heard from the description.

Rodimus: Good to know, Ironhide, Bulkhead, you're up.

Ironhide: (Drives out of his spot) Understood Boss!

Bulkhead: (Drives out of his spot) Thanks Prime!

The two started to drive behind the Ambulance, as the bank truck started to stop, with the drivers coming out of the truck to go to the back.

Bulkhead: (Sees the drivers getting out) They're about to open up the trunk.

Rodimus: (Activates his Crossbow) On my mark, get ready to fight.

The guards opened the back door, only to reveal a box of beers, as they went out and picked out some drinks, with Rodimus deactivating his Crossbow.

Springer: Well, I didn't know fuel was something of value on this Planet.

Rodimus: Everyone stand down, there's nothing there.

Arcee: (Starts driving out of the park) So there was nothing here for Nano Sec to come after?

Jazz: (Drives behind Arcee) Seems odd that bankers didn't place all of the dollar signs in the truck.

Ratchet: I'm just wonderin why we wasted this whole time waiting for some Organics to drink if they weren't carrying the money?

Rodimus: Something must be off, it's like the bank didn't-! (Widened his Optics) Everyone move to the City Bank pronto!

Bulkhead: Why?

Rodimus: (Starts running off the rooftop) Because the Cons aren't targeting the truck!

Back inside of a bank, people were inside getting money checked in and out of the place right until a big machine came bursting inside the place, as it started to terrorize the civilians inside.

Transformer: (Attacks the bank) Die miserable Organics! Prepare to be incinerated!

Soon, the Autobots arrived as they all met up together, Transformed out of their Alt Modes and started to attack the machine, as Arcee moved to make a slice on it's legs, Ironhide moved to shoot at it on the stomach, then Rodimus shoot an arrow at it's Chestplate, and then finally, Springer comes in and jump kicks the Bot, knocking it down on the floor as it fell down, with it's Chestplate opening, revealing to be Henry Masterson, as he looked around at the Autobots.

Jazz: (Raises a brow) Game boy?

Masterson: Oh come on! I was just getting started on this!

Springer: (Turns to Rodimus) I didn't know Organics would use other Bots this way.

Rodimus: Fortunately, this is the only particular fella that has an odd way of using them.

Bulkhead: (Turns around and noticed people are scared) Huh, these people are still scared of something.

Jazz: Maybe they still frightened of him.

Rodimus: (Turns to the crowd) Hey, everything is going to be okay now, you're all safe.

Female Coworker: (Looks scared) Get away from us!

Rodimus: (Raises a brow as he tilted his Helm) But... We just saved you.

Female Coworker: (Grabs a vase and throws it at Rodimus) I said get away!

Coworker: (Grabs ahold of his fellow coworker) Hey, it's okay! Just calm down...

Ratchet: (Walks next to Rodimus) What's up with these Organics?

Ironhide: Yeah, they're acting like they're scared of Masterson even though he ain't doing nothing right now.

Arcee: (Looks at the crowd and looked at some of them to see their terrified expressions) I don't think they're scared of him anymore... I think they're scared of us...

Springer: And I thought the Organics here liked us Autobots.

Rodimus: So did we.

Later, the police have arrived to arrest Masterson, as he was placed inside of a patrol car, the Autobots turned to some of the civilians that were frightened of the Autobots as they stood back away from them.

Jazz: (Folded his Servos) So I get that the whole Decepticon Invasion got folks still getting through with it, but I didn't ever think this would escalate into everyone getting scared of us.

Ironhide: (Rubbed his Helm) That's weird, people weren't like that the last couple of weeks.

Rodimus: So the question is why are some people so afraid of us? Why now?

Bulkhead: Look, the first time Megatron came back after 50 Stellar Cycles, people here were scared of Autobots because of the destruction that happened, so if it were my guess, people are just getting nervous to even look at a Transformer right in front of them, but they'll get over it.

Springer: Actually, I believe I know why everyone is, like Ratchet said, nervous.

Arcee: (Turns to Springer) What do you mean?

Springer: (Points at a big sized screen on a building) Look at the Holo Projector.

Jazz: You mean the TV screen?

Springer: Well, that too.

TV Screen: (Displaying news of the Decepticon Invasion) -Just five months ago, a massive Decepticon spaceship hovered above the city of Detroit, and then began known to many in the local Detroit area as the Invasion, which was known to be one of the biggest-!

Ironhide: What does this gotta do with anything?

Springer: Just keep watching friend.

TV Screen: -However, despite the heroic actions of the Autobots and their help in the rebuilding process, some viewed the fact of Transformers in the country as a problem, some like the U.S. National Security Advisor Theodore Galloway. (Shows an image of Galloway) Galloway, who is also known to be a politician, has stated many remarks on how much damage the Autobots have done-!

Bulkhead: (Raises a brow) Damage?! What is that guy talking about?!

TV Screen: (Displaying images of Galloway in the airport) We're now live at the city airport, as the U.S. Advisor is seen arriving in Detroit, can our reporter tell us what's going on?

Reporter: (On Screen live) Well the President's Advisor has just arrived, and he just exited his plan, now we're hoping for an interview-! (Noticed Galloway walking by) Oh there he is! (Turns to Galloway) Excuse me, Mr. Galloway, what are you doing are in Detroit Michigan?

Galloway: (Turns to the Reporter) To discuss my speeches about the Autobot threat here, of course.

Ratchet: Primus, what kind of Processor Overload is this guy going through?

Reporter: What would you like to say to those who believe the Autobots mean us no harm?

Galloway: I'd tell them to go home, make a phone call to a Psychiatrist, and go to the Loony Bin so they can get their heads straight.

Reporter: That sounds awfully blunt Mr. Galloway.

Galloway: Yes, but make no mistake... The Autobots are nothing, but trouble. 5 years ago, everything was completely fine in the city of Detriot until the Autobots showed up, and brought their own Alien war down upon us! So believe me when I say this, but this City, this Country, and this Planet was far better off without them in it.

Ironhide: (Folded his Servos) Wow, a minute later, and I already hate this guy.

Springer: I can see a valid reason you would say something like that.

Ratchet: (Turns to Rodimus) So what do you think?

Rodimus: I'm usually calm about this, but I think the Advisor should be the one going to the Loony Bin, so that way he can get his head straight.

Bulkhead: (Smiles) Heha! Nice one there!

Arcee: But why would that man say such accusations like that? All we ever try to do is help!

Rodimus: You're right Arcee. (Turns to look at the city) And for as long as he was here, Optimus Prime worked hard to gain the trust of these Organics, so maybe it's time we did the same thing for his name.

Jazz: So you wanna go talk into that Galloway guy?

Rodimus: Not right now, but later, right now we have to check up on the Base. (Turns to the Autobots) Alright, let's Roll Out!

Bulkhead: (Transforms into his Alt Mode) So any chance we can get our friends from school today?

Rodimus: Actually, they're staying after school today.

Ratchet: Who in the right mind would want to stay in school after hours?

Arcee: I believe that would be me, of course.

Ratchet: Right, sorry Arcee.

Rodimus: I'm not sure, something about this, Football Practice.

Springer: What is a Football?

Meanwhile at another school, at a Football field where players were getting tackled down by a pretty good one, as he moved towards the runner with the ball and tackled him down hard, causing the coach blow out the whistle, as everyone stopped and took off their Football helmets, one of whom revealing himself to be Cade, who's hair was now cut shorter, as he panted and turned to the bleachers, noticing Maggie and Glen on there cheering for him as he waved and smiled at the two.

Football Coach: (Walks to Cade) Nice tackling right there Yeager, you did a good job!

Cade: (Turns to the Coach) Thanks Coach! Uh, practice isn't until next week right?

Football Coach: Actually, we might be involved in some big city event, so we may or may not meet again this week, but I'll let you know in the group text. (Walks away)

Football Player: (Walks next to Cade) Nice tackling out there Yeager!

Cade: Thanks! (Walks to the football player he tackled and extended his hand) You alright Lucas?

Lucas: (Groaned as he took Cade's hand) I'm fine! (Grunted as he got up) Oh, you sure have done some training lately man!

Cade: Ah, I wouldn't get too far on that. (Turns to the bleachers)

Lucas: (Walks with Cade) Hey uh, you're one of the new kids right? Were you one of the few kids that seen a Transformers up close and personal?

Cade: You could try looking up a Online video, or look up Hashtag Burgerbotmayhem later, you might find it there.

Lucas: Ok, so does that mean you were one of the kids that saw the Decepticons like blow up your old school last year?

Cade: Not so dramatic as you would think of it really.

Lucas: Alright well uh, then is it true that you're friends with some of the Transformers out there? Because honestly, I haven't really seen one up close before, and I thought it would be cool that maybe sometimes, you would maybe introduce me to one, because I have so many more questions to ask-!

Cade: Hey Lucas? I'm not sure what you heard, but I'm am just an average kid like everyone else is, so to be fairly honest to you, I don't know any Autobots, so sorry about that.

Lucas: Oh, well it's okay. (Walks away) See you in Auto Shop class tomorrow?

Cade: Yeah! (Turns to Glen and Maggie) Hey, how are you guys doing?

Glen: We're doing good!

Maggie: (Smiled as she got up and hugged him) Hey, nice work back there!

Cade: Thanks! So anyone good for Burger Bot today?

Glen: Yeah, we're all set, all we gotta do is call Tessa and Shane, and then we're good to go!

Cade: Where are those two anyway?

Maggie: They're both at his place having pizza, so they're both doing okay!

Cade: Alrighty! (Kissed Maggie on the cheek) Just let me put my clothes back on, and we can all hang out as usual!

Maggie: Ok, we'll be waiting!

Cade went to the restroom, as he placed his black T-Shirt with sleeves on, he got out of the bathroom stall and went to the sink to wash his hands, and after 20 seconds, he dried his hands and turned to leave the bathroom, only to see a dark silhouette, who was hooded, had on a mysterious, alien looking mask, and it was shadowed so Cade couldn't really see anything as he fell back against the wall and looked at it in shock, only to see Lucas standing in front of him, who was giving him a weird eye.

Lucas: (Raises a brow) Are you okay man?

Cade: (Pants as he looked around) Yeah... (Stands up) Yeah, I just slipped onto the floor, it's kind of slippery here.

Lucas: Ok, well uh, I guess I'll see you in class tomorrow?

Cade: (Nodded) Yeah, yeah I'll see you in class tomorrow. (Leaves the bathroom as he closed his eyes and sighed silently, before opening them back up and then grabs his skateboard and rolls into the school hallway)

In Maccadam's, most of Bumblebee's known friends were at the Oil House sitting on a shared table while waiting for their team leader, who hasn't shown up yet.

Lickety Split: (Slides down the table) Any more drinks for you today?

Brawn: Nah, we're still saving our credits for our team leader. (Sees Lickety leave) Who still hasn't shown his Faceplate yet.

Minerva: Where could Bumblebee be?

Crosshairs: Probably out doing another crime fighting without us, that's where.

Minerva: (Sighs) Of course.

Cosmos: You know, about 63% of crime has gone down dramatically ever since he became an Elite Guard.

Hot Shot: Yeah, and I'm pretty sure Bumblebee mostly ignores his friends 99.9% of the time now.

Sideswipe: I'm not sure about anyone else here, and I know the kid's a team leader now, but if he keeps doing this, he might get himself Slagged off easily.

Flareup: (Walks out of the table) Well, I think I'm going home for tonight, since I am tired tonight. (Turns to Warpath) Coming sweetie?

Warpath: (Noticed Minerva coming to the bar) I'll be out in a Nano Click. (Turns to Minerva and sits with her) You alright honey?

Minerva: Yeah, I'm, I'm fine Dad.

Warpath: You realize when you pause for a second, I can tell immediately you're not okay at all, you know this right? Is it about Bumblebee?

Minerva: (Turns to Warpath) I don't know Dad, I know Bumblebee has been through a lot in his life, first Sari died, and then his own Dad, who he just got back after a whole millennia! And I know he's sad on the inside, but it's been 5 months now.

Warpath: So, what you're saying is that you wanna talk to him about sharing his feelings, but you don't know how to approach it the right way?

Minerva: I don't know, I mean, I don't want to end up as one of those Femmes that would be known as a complete Glitch, but Bumblebee has become so distant from everyone! First his friends, but now it's starting to get worse, he hasn't talked to Elita One, or Sentinel in a long time now, and I think it's reaching a point where things need to happen now!

Warpath: Look, you're right about all of that, but I think it should be you that should talk to him.

Minerva: Why does it have to be me?

Warpath: Because you care about him. (Grabs his drink) And, you have a good Spark in you, and you know exactly what you want to say because your Spark wants to say it. (Gets up) I'll leave ya too it.

Minerva: Dad, wait! (Gets Warpath to turn around) Um, you're right, and I know this would be beyond protocol, but can you do me a very, very big favor for me?

Warpath: What is it that you want me to do?

Meanwhile inside Bumblebee's apartment, it was dark inside, the place was dusty, and the only thing keeping the room lit up was the bright colored lights from the Metroplex, as Bumblebee laid on his Berth, in a Stasis nap...

Dream Sequence, in Detroit.

It was dark and desolate in Detroit, and the atmosphere was pitch black as Bumblebee walked in the streets, looking around the lifeless town, with no cars, no drones, no people to fill in the space, as the small Yellow Elite Guard seemed to be the only living being out on the street.

?: Bumblebee. (Voice echos)

Bumblebee stopped and turned around to see Sari, who was standing about 10 feet away from him as black smoked dirt covered her clothes, as she continued to stare at him, who looked completely shocked to see her.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Sari? (Voice echos)

Sari: (Looked at Bumblebee) Why didn't you save me Bumblebee? Why didn't you even try?

Bumblebee: I'm, I'm sorry! You weren't supposed to go Offline Sari, it should have been me that went Offline!

Megatron: (Voice echos) Then allow me to do the pleasure.

The Minibot turned around, only for a Black hand to grab him by the throat and lift Bumblebee up in the air, as Megatron, who was dented, and damaged beyond repair as he got out one of his Swords out.

Megatron: (Pointed the Sword at Bumblebee's Chestplate) Allow me to let you join your Father in the well.

Bumblebee: (Felt Megatron stab him) AHHHHHH!

Dream ends.

Bumblebee got out of his Berth panting, looking around to see that he is in his apartment complex, and gave out a sigh as he got off the Berth, walked to a punching bag that was hanging on the ceiling and began hitting it as memories started playing out in his head.

Flashback Bumblebee: She's going to wake up, right? Is she going to be okay?

Cade: She's not okay Bumblebee... She's dead.

Bulkhead: Sari's gone?

Megatron: If I die here, I am taking you all with me!

Flashback Bumblebee: You wanna fight? Here's a fight!

Optimus: Bumblebee no!

Megatron: Either you destroy me now, or your Son dies!

Optimus: I love you so much, I just needed you to know that.

Ratchet: Prime, what do ya think you're doing?!

Waspinator: Wasp... Forgive... Bumblebot...

Blackbird: I'll always love you like my own kid...

Prowl: Since when are surround-sound speakers, a strobe light, and a hand-held media player, "bare esstientials"?

Optimus: Please, just follow my orders, just this once.

Flashback Bumblebee: (Looks out through the window in a flashback) DAD! (Trypiticon explodes)

Bumblebee: (Punches the bag furiously as he activated one of his Stingers) ARRAGH! (Punches at the bag with his Stinger and tears a hole in it, causing all of the sand to get out as he panted, until a call came up and he answered) Hello?

Mainframe: Yes, is this the Elite Guard Bumblebee?

Bumblebee: Who's asking?

Mainframe: This is Autobot Mainframe speaking, and I was told to call you on any details on a Bot named Swindle, is that right?

Bumblebee: Do we have a location?

Mainframe: Yes, it's in one of the old war factories in near the Metroplex Plaza, coordinates should be sent to your HUD.

Bumblebee: Alright, thank you for the call.

Bumblebee drove out of his apartment and into the Plaza, where he went inside of a abandoned building as he walked inside, looking around for any Decepticons, until the lights were flicked on, and Minerva appeared from around the corner.

Bumblebee: (Noticed Minerva) Minerva? What are you doing here? Where's Swindle?

Minerva: He's not here, Swindle went off Planet three weeks ago.

Bumblebee: Then why would Mainframe-?

Minerva: Because my Dad told him to do that, because I told him to, so he would get you to where I want you to be, so we can talk.

Bumblebee: (Sighs) Alright, any news on the Loyalists or Remnants?

Minerva: No, I'm not talking about that, I meant the part where we talk personally! Talk about you! You haven't even visited the party tonight!

Bumblebee: (Turns around) I didn't have time for it.

Minerva: You never had time for 5 months! Every day is the same, you go out, catch Decepticons, and then you do it all over again without even taking a small break!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Minerva) And why should I take a break? Give me a reason to considering all of the Decepticons that are out there now.

Minerva: Bumblebee, I'm worried about you, you have been like this since-!

Bumblebee: Since what? Since Sari died? And my Father?

Minerva: (Sighs) I'm sorry, but it's been 5 months now, don't you think you've given yourself enough space as it is?

Bumblebee: I told you before Minerva, I'm very busy with everything right now.

Minerva: Look, if you just let me help you-!

Bumblebee: By what? By you simply touching any part of my body and then you place some good emotions inside me, telling me that I'm calm, and then I start feeling like every single thing is going to be okay? Is that what you're going to do, because that's just irony about to happen.

Minerva: Then talk to me! Tell me how it feels like! What you're going through right now, I can imagine it!

Bumblebee: I appreciate it, but my feelings don't matter anymore.

Minerva: What happened to you? The Bumblebee that I remembered-!

Bumblebee: The Bumblebee you would have remembered sucked, that's what he did, he sucked at everything!

Minerva: That's not what your Father would have said!

Bumblebee: Maybe not, but I do remember one simple thing about my Father, and he was a hero, who saved the day countless times, the old version of me on the other hand? Like I said, he sucked! That version was selfish, arrogant, stupid, all he did was mess around, play games, pull pointless pranks on his friends, Hell, whenever he was able to pull out of that big giant mouth of his, it would be nothing but to complain, or make stupid jokes, but you want to know what know what happened to that version? He went Offline! That's what happened! (Walks around Minerva and turns to the window overseeing Metroplex as he gave a deep sigh) When Megatron held me captive, I was helpless, I couldn't do a Damn thing about it because he held a Cannon right into my Faceplate because I ended up making this stupid idea to disobey very specific orders that was to stay put, and guess what happened next? Sari ended up being a part of the Allspark somehow, and then dying by an explosion of the reactor core. (Scoffed) Not only that, but because of my stupidity, my selfish stupidity, I also ended getting my Father killed too.

Minerva: Bumblebee, that's not true!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Minerva) Is it? Because if I remembered correctly, my Dad told me to stay put, and I disobeyed, and that resulted in two people dying. (Laughed bitterly) Which is kind of ironic, because all my life, I had every bad thing happen to me from Birth; First was my Mom turning into a Spider, then my Caretaker poisoned, then Prowl, who just went up and used his own Spark to save billions of Human lives, then Wasp, who got stabbed for me, Sari who got blown up, and then my Dad, who was the hero of Cybertron and Earth, who left his mark on the Galaxy, who died for me! (Raised his hands up) But hey? Why should it have been him when it should have been me in the first place? The decision he made to save me and my friends? I wouldn't have agreed to it, but him? He wouldn't live with himself if he hadn't made that decision!

Minerva: (Looks solemnly at Bumblebee) I know you're sad-

Bumblebee: But I'm not. Why should I be? My Father got kicked out of the Autobot Elite Guard Academy a thousand years ago, and he wasn't sad, he wasn't afraid, he wasn't even happy, he was more focused on the team, on the mission, and on the goal at hand... He didn't have time to have emotions, so why should I have time? My Father left his mark on the whole universe while I just talked too much... The decision he made saved billions, but the decision I made however? It got good people killed, because I choose to be ignorant, to disobey orders, and acted without thinking... That is a mistake I am never going to repeat again. (Gave out a deep breath as he folded his Servos) So, if you have any updates about work, I would love to hear it right now, because I am wasting time here.

Minerva: (Looked at Bumblebee before blinking her Optics) Um, Ultra Magnus has the next meeting set up for tomorrow, and he wants everyone to meet up at the Autobot H.Q. on the early phase of the Solar Cycle.

Bumblebee: Great, then I'll be there.

Minerva: (Nodded as she turned to the door, before turning around to Bumblebee one last time) The Bumblebee I remembered... He may have been clumsy at times, and maybe a little bit of a whiner, but from besides all of that, he was happy, kind, and funny, and he is my favorite Bot! He practically saved me and everyone else's lives more times than the way you ever could, even if he didn't knew it, and I am not going to ask you to bring a part of him back because I can already tell that you've changed, but I just want you to at least think about that while you're trying to get rid of him!

Minerva then left the building, leaving Bumblebee all alone as he looked to the ground, leaving his mind to ponder while back in Fortress Maximus, Ultra Magnus was watching Bumblebee through a private security camera while he stood next to Kup, Warpath and Alpha Trion.

Kup: (Folded his Servos) Looks like the Kid's got a lot of emotions buried in him.

Ultra Magnus: (Sighs) It is worse than I thought... (Turns around) I had fears that my Grandson may have regrets in him, but I did not realize that he was burying them until now.

Warpath: Yeah, and we all know that doesn't really end well, especially with me of course.

Alpha Trion: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) What would you want to do now?

Ultra Magnus: What I want is to help him, help console his pain.

Alpha Trion: Then have you considered doing that by yourself then?

Ultra Magnus: (Blinked his Optics) Alpha Trion, I would, but I am an Elite Guard Magnus after all-!

Kup: Yeah, yeah! But to be honest, you're just a lead Military Bot around the entire Galaxy.

Alpha Trion: And that would mean that the Council and I are fully capable of handling it while you go be with your descendants.

Ultra Magnus: (Rubbed his Helm) I uh... I haven't really thought about what to say to him to be perfectly honest.

Alpha Trion: Then don't think about it, speak from what you believe in your Spark.

Warpath: (Turns to leave) See ya later Boss.

Back on Earth, a meeting is held at City Hall as the Mayor sat in front of a table along with many politicians, while Galloway is standing in front of a window looking out at the city.

Galloway: (Looks out through the window while pedestrians and cars pass by) Detroit Michigan, the Robot City some may call it. (Turns) You know, this town was normal once; with ordinary human beings just living their lives like every regular person would, but then the Autobots came, and then that was when everything changed here.

Maccadam: (Sits in a chair) Mr. Galloway, I believe you didn't come all the way from Washington D.C. just to make another hate speech to the Autobots, I believe you are here to discuss the rebuilding process of Detroit.

Galloway: Ah, the rebuilding process, yes I believe this city has taken a lot of it's tax dollars on property damage, which I believe is mostly the Autobot's fault, because they happen to leave behind damage wherever they go.

Prof. Sumdac: (Turns to Galloway) Mr. Galloway, if that is what you believe, then you should also believe that they stayed behind and helped repair all the damage that was done to Detroit over the last five months.

Galloway: (Turns to Prof. Sumdac) And says the one man who not only is a businessman, but also happens to be the Autobot's friend, what a classic Isaac Sumdac motivational speech here, tell me, was it your idea to build a statue for the Autobots that wrecked this town to pieces, is that true?

Prof. Sumdac: Well from my point of view, the Autobots are heroes to many people Mr. Galloway, I only thought it fair to honor them.

Galloway: And tell me, what made you so anxious to place those robot faces as public statues? Is it the Autobots? Or is it the city? Or is your daughter? Because from what I heard that your daughter was a close friend to them until she met her demise, am I right? (Turns to Sumdac) Trust me Professor, guilt is one thing that is understandable, but worshipping a bunch of aliens is bad for work, especially in your business.

Prof. Sumdac: No? (Turns to Galloway) Neither is spreading fear to the public and making the Autobots a threat.

Galloway: I'm just-! (Turns around) I'm trying to make people see reason, that's all! Come on, I thought everybody in this room would agree with me for Christ's sakes.

Politician: Let's get to the point here, you said that the President is coming here to Detroit, correct?

Galloway: Yes, in fact, I believe he is about to join in on the meeting any second now. (Turns to a monitor screen, which turned on and revealed to be the President) Ah, there he is, Mr. President, how is your flight on Air Force One today?

President: (Turns to Galloway) Why I'm sitting comfortably in a seat, although I am quite disturbed that you have made a statement about the Autobots today Mr. Galloway.

Galloway: (Turns his head to Sumdac) With all due respect sir, I was only stating the facts.

Maccadam: Mr. President, what will be your plans once you reach Detroit?

President: Well for starters, I heard that you have made plans to rebuild the Detroit by placing a statue for Optimus Prime, so I thought I might go and send a speech to the city there, and honor the Autobots that attend there.

Galloway: Autobots that attend-? Sir? Are you implying that you want to invite the Autobots?

President: I'm hoping that they would come, the Autobots have risked their lives to protect the world from many obstacles, and people are leaving Detroit because of the damage that was caused, and people should feel happy in where in the city that they live in, so I thought a speech would do nicely to that.

Maccadam: I like the idea Mr. President, when will we be expecting you?

President: It won't be until a few days until I arrive, so I'll leave Mr. Galloway to the city until I arrive. (Call ends)

Maccadam: Well Mr. Galloway, it appears that the President doesn't seem to mind the Autobot presence in Detroit, so what does that tell you?

Galloway: I will only say that I hope the President will come to see what a mistake he is making once he arrives here, and sees full reason to it. (Turns to the table) I think this meeting's over, so I'll see you at the town event.

Prof. Sumdac: (Stands up) Mr. Galloway, I believe you are not as powerful as you think you are.

Galloway: Oh, well then, why am I here? (Turns to leave)

The meeting was over, as the Autobots overheard the chat from a rooftop.

Ratchet: (Turns off the speaker) Well it seems like this, President is coming over to the city now.

Maggie: At least that's exciting! I always wanted to meet the President!

Springer: Great! (Looks around) Um, what's a President?

Rodimus: The leader of this continent, you could say he's sort of like Ultra Magnus of sorts, but that won't be until a few days from now.

Bulkhead: So what do we do then?

Arcee: I suppose we just wait until something happens then.

Jazz: (Gets a call) Well speak of the devil, we got ourselves a call from Cybertron!

Rodimus: Patch us through.

Cliffjumper: (Group Channel) Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus has requested an immediate meetup of all high ranking Autobots to Cybertron, you and your team must join him inside the Metroplex for further details. (Message ends)

Ironhide: Well that was pretty quick.

Cade: Wait, what did it say?

Ratchet: A message said that Ultra Magnus requested for an immediate meetup on Cybertron.

Glen: So you guys are leaving?

Rodimus: For now, hopefully it will be short, we will need to be back here to help rebuild the trust between us and the Humans.

Tessa: Hey, if you see Bumblebee out there, tell him we said hi!

Bulkhead: You got it!

The Autobots then moved into their base, which was a junkyard of scrap metal and old rusted cars as they moved to a Spacebridge and jumped right into it, from Earth into Cybertron as they met up with Ultra Magnus, Alpha Trion, and Bumblebee.

Bulkhead: (Noticed Bumblebee and smiled) Bumblebee! Hey buddy, it's been a long time!

Bumblebee: Sure it was.

Bulkhead: (Raises a brow) So, you haven't contacted any of us in while.

Bumblebee: I was busy.

Arcee: (Noticed Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus sir, we wasn't expecting you here!

Ultra Magnus: I was just passing by until I noticed your team, I presume you have received Cliffjumper's message?

Rodimus: We came as fast as we could sir! Are we still meeting in the Metroplex?

Alpha Trion: We are indeed, come, there is no time to be wasted.

Later on the Metroplex, a large crowd of Autobots gathered inside a briefing room while Rodimus' team sat next to Bumblebee's, with Bumblebee standing in front of the table.

Brawn: (Turned to Ironhide) Hey Ironhide, it's good to see ya!

Ironhide: Yeah, good to see you too Brawn. (Turned to Bumblebee) So I heard Bumbler's the new team leader around here.

Crosshairs: Yeah, and he's not exactly the exciting one there is, but he sure can kick ass.

Ratchet: Just what exactly does that mean?

Minerva: Bumblebee's changed, that's what it means.

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to the Autobots) My fellow Autobots, we're all here because of a very important situation right now. (Turns to Alpha Trion) Alpha Trion, if you may please.

Alpha Trion: (Gets out a datapad) Wheeljack has intercepted this when he was working on upgrading the broadcasting system. (Placed it in)

Starscream: (On message) Hello Autobots! It is I, Starscream! Leader of the Decepticons, and I have amassed an army that will wipe out all of you into pieces unless you surrender Cybertron and the Allspark to me!

Decepticon Loyalist: (Off-screen) Wait, you mean us, right?

Starscream: (Grabs a can) Shut up! (Throws the can at the Con and turns back to the camera) Right, onto the point, unless you surrender the Allspark and Cybertron within 24 hours, all of you will be wiped out from the face of the universe! (Message ends)

Alpha Trion: (Turns to the Autobots) That was taken merely 12 hours afterwards.

Arcee: I don't understand, why are we getting this now?

Ultra Magnus: Well for starters, we didn't believe it was wise to create panic to the populace, that and apparently Starscream did not find it wise to make sure it was broadcasted globally.

Sideswipe: I always figured that Mech sucked at everything.

Bumblebee: What do you need us to do sir?

Ultra Magnus: I need every Autobot to go up into Cybertron's space and set up defenses for a possible attack, Bumblebee and Rodimus Prime, you and your teams will accompany me aboard the Steelhaven except Ratchet, Arcee, Perceptor and Wheeljack shall take Omega Supreme along with the assistance of Warpath.

Ratchet: Ah Scrap, now we got the crazy Tincan and the Bot who blows things up a lot.

Arcee: At least we get Omega Supreme though, it'd be nice to see him again!

Alpha Trion: We all have at least 12 Unit Cycles until Starscream begins his attack, so go prepare to head into Space with the next 6 hours! You are all dismissed!

Everyone dispersed while Rodimus and Bumblebee's teams met up with Ultra Magnus.

Bumblebee: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Sir, when will we heading out to the Steelhaven?

Ultra Magnus: In about 2 Unit Cycles, so I suggest we all get whatever we need before it's time.

Ironhide: (Coughed) Sir, if I may add, I know someone who would help shoot any Seekers out in space if needed to.

Ultra Magnus: Then you better hurry, because time is running out.

Ironhide: You got it! (Turns to leave)

Rodimus: Excuse me for one moment. (Turns to Ironhide) Hey, you mentioned the Bot's a great shot?

Ironhide: Yeah, my close associate happens to have a good skill in shooting inside of a turret!

Rodimus: And why do I get the feeling that she is only coming to have some fun?

Ironhide: (Turns to Rodimus and smiled) Because why the hell not?

Inside in an office, a Blue Colored Femme walked by as she passed through the windows of the waiting customers.

Tracks: (Stands in the first window) Excuse me, are you the accountant I was asked to wait for?

Rosanna: (Stands in the second window) Can we please hurry? I'm going to be late for my tour!

Huffer: (Stands in the third window) Hey lady! I'm late for my for next shift, so hurry it up!

?: (Stands in the forth window) Can I help you today?

Rattrap: (Stands in front of the Femme) Yes, um, I'm late on my debts, so I was wondering if I could get some free credits along with a cup of Oil today?

Chromia: (Looks at Rattrap) Where is your card?

Rattrap: Oh, I don't have one! Uh, could I borrow yours?

Chromia: (Now her face is seen as the Femme as she gave a WTF look at Rattrap) Uh, yeah, and how about you go Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!

Rattrap: (Raises a brow) Uh, excuse me?

Chromia: Buddy, this is a bank, not a lottery sale, or Macadam's Oil House, so either get a card from the window over there, or I'm gonna come climbing out of this window in the next five Nano Clicks and shove my Lightsaber up that snarky Aft of yours, okay?

Rattrap: (Nodded nervously) I'll uh... (Steps away from Chromia) I'll just go grab a check.

Chromia: Please do so. (Sees Rattrap leaves and sighs as she wrote on a paper, hardly noticing the face of the next Mech) Look, my shift ends in the next couple Cycles, so please say something that doesn't wanna make me punch you in the face.

Ironhide: (Smiled) Now if ya did that, then your fist would get hurt a lot.

Chromia looked up and saw Ironhide standing in the window, and then 2 minutes later, they were both in the alleyway making out as Ironhide had Chromia pushed against the wall while she wrapped her Servos around his neck.

Chromia: (Rubs Ironhide's neck while kissing him) You're back early!

Ironhide: (Rubs her back while kissing her) Well I have a mission here on Cybertron, so I thought I might pop by and give you a nice warming surprise.

Chromia: (Stops kissing Ironhide briefly) Oh, a mission hmm?

Ironhide: Huh uh.

Chromia: And where exactly on Cybertron is your mission?

Ironhide: (Points up at the sky) Right outside of it.

Chromia: (Raises a surprised brow) Ah, so it's a space mission then?

Ironhide: Yeah, and since we hardly fight together like we used to do, I was thinking maybe we can go up into space, try to see if Starscream's gonna try a dumb move on us, try shooting some Cons with Blaster Turrets, what do you say?

Chromia: (Smiled) It's a date. (Moves to kiss Ironhide passionately)

Ultra Magnus: (Comms Channel) Ahem. (Interrupts Ironhide and Chromia's makeout session) So I believe this "Someone" happens to be your lover, I presume?

Ironhide: (Clears his throat) Ultra Magnus, sir! Uh... (Rubs his Helm) How long were ya-?

Ultra Magnus: Not too long fortunately, now please hurry back to our coordinates. (Ends the channel and turns to Botanica) How is everything right now?

Botanica: I just got back from Dai Atlas, Alpha Trion has gave you the official green light.

Ultra Magnus: Thank you.

Botancia: Is there anyone else we should know to call help?

Ultra Magnus: We will need every single one that we have to defend Cybertron, and we'll need someone who knows what the Decepticons are doing.

Botanica: We have all of the Tacticians on board-

Ultra Magnus: I wasn't talking about the Tacticians.

Botanica: Then who were you referring to?

Ultra Magnus: I believe you would already know that answer already.

Botanica: (Widened her Optics) Oh Primus help me.

Somewhere in Space above the Planet Macron, Drift was in his spaceship fighting off pirates as they attempted to steal his own vessel.

Pirate: (Moves towards Drift) ARRAGH! Give us yee ship! (Gets kicked in the face) YOW!

Drift: (Grabbed one Pirate's Servo and throws him at the other Pirates) Get your own Damn ship already! (Hears the monitors blinking and turns to it to reveal Botanica's face, only except it read "PURE EVIL" on it, making him frown) Crap.

Pirate 2: (Roars as he jumped on Drift's back) Surrender the ship-!

Drift: (Yelps) Ah! For God's sakes! (Throws the Pirate against the wall) Give me one second already! (Answers the call) Hello Botanica.

Botanica: (On Cybertron) I'm sending you the coordinates to Cybertron, you need to get there immediately, and bring a ship capable of fighting.

Drift: I'm doing very well in Macron, thank you. (Raises his Helm to back head a Pirate's face, knocking him down) How are you?

Botanica: (Sighs) I don't have the time for this Drift, I have job I need you to do.

Drift: (Gets out his Sword and activates it) Uh... Pass. (Turns to clash his Sword against the Pirates' Blades and starts clashing with them)

Botanica: (Looks at Drift while he is fighting) I wasn't offering, I'm telling you, I have a job that I need you to do.

Drift: (Cuts a Pirate's hand off) Yeah, I'm not gonna let you charm me into this one Botanica. (Barely dodged a swing at his Faceplate and then stabs his Sword onto the ground so he can jump up and kick on his enemies while using it as a pole) As you can see, I'm already busy in the Falcon Nexus, so...! (Knocks everyone onto the ground and lands onto the floor, getting his Sword of the ground as he turned back to the screen) Unless you have anything else I like to hear, then my Audios are completely open.

Botanica: Okay let's be clear; I'm not any happier about this than you are, but I don't have a choice.

Drift: (Doesn't seem to notice a Pirate getting up) Well thank Primus I do. (Raises his Servo backward to hit the Decepticon Pirate, knocking him back onto the ground)

Botanica: No Drift, you don't, because guess what? There is a Omega Level threat approaching Cybertron right now, and all Autobots are ordered to respond to this level, and if should there be any that do not follow as ordered, you will be considered as a deserter and will be placed in the Autobot Stockades.

Drift: Oh, you're threatening me now?

Pirate 3: (Groans) What?

Drift: (Turns to the Pirate) Not you, her. (Turns back to the screen) Are you seriously threatening me? (Scoffs) Ok, let's state some facts here, if I recall, you are supposed to be the Head of the Plant Species Guild, and that doesn't involve any kinds of violence, so you can't really prosecute me.

Botanica: No I can't, but Ultra Magnus can, because he was the one that issued the order, and it is Green lit on Alpha Trion's approval, and so far that leads you to three choices; Warpath's Cannon firing upon your Helm, or Ultra Magnus' Hammer unleashing a thunder strike on you, or you can just go ahead and simply do what I tell you to do, okay?

Drift: (Frowns) Okay, okay, I'll meet you there. (Turns off the monitor) Primus. (Turns around and noticed the Pirates) Oh you Bots are still here?

Bludgeon: DRIIIFT! (Slams a door open, revealing himself as he stepped out) Your vessel is one of the fastest in the Galaxy, which is why we are gonna steal yer-!

Drift: Yeah, yeah, look, I love to hang out with you guys. (Turns to a terminal) But apparently, I have somewhere I need to be, so I'm gonna have to cut this very short. (Smiles) Hope you fellas have Space insurance.

Bludgeon: ARRR! Your ship shall be-! (Widens his Optic) Wait... (Didn't notice Drift attaching his Servo onto a steel plating) What do ya mean by Space insurance?

A.I: (Alarms are blaring) Warning; Airlock breach detected, containment failure-

Suddenly, the airlock was opened up, causing all of the Pirates to get flown out of the ship while Bludgeon grabbed onto the ground with his Hook, staring at Drift.

Bludgeon: (Growled) You may have won this round, but mark my words, this ship shall be-! (Lets go) MIIIIIIINE! (Gets thrown out of the airlock)

Drift: (Raises his other Servo) Come on! (Slammed on a button)

A.I: (Alarms stop blaring) Airlock containment breach restablized.

Drift: (Sighs in relief as he lets himself out of the steel plating) Alrighty then. (Turns to the cockpit) Back to Cybertron, here we go. (Transwarps into Cybertron)

Above Cybertron was a fleet filled with Autobot ships, an armada filling the Space as Bumblebee stood inside of the Steel Haven with his arms folded, looking out of the window and staring into the fleet while Bulkhead walked to the Minibot.

Bulkhead: (Walked to Bumblebee) Hey there Lil Buddy, how are ya doin?

Bumblebee: (Stares into the window) I'm fine...

Bulkhead: (Stands next to him) So with the fleet this size up here, Starscream probably has a big weapon handy, doesn't he?

Bumblebee: And all of Cybertron will be at risk unless we stop him.

Bulkhead: Yeah, not like something we can't handle. (Taps on Bumblebee's shoulder) Right Bumblebee?

Bumblebee: (Turns to Bulkhead) Is there something you need Bulkhead?

Bulkhead: No, not really, I was just checking up on ya, since it's been a while since I heard from you.

Bumblebee: My feelings aren't important Bulkhead, what matters is the mission at hand.

Bulkhead: (Nodded) Right, well I'll uh... (Turns away) I'll be with the others if you wanna check up on them too.

Bulkhead regrouped with the others down on the floor as Rodimus' and Bumblebee's teams turned to the big Green Bot.

Crosshairs: (Sat on a crate) Let me guess, Boss ain't coming down?

Bulkhead: (Shakes his head) I'm sorry guys, but he didn't seem excited to see us.

Springer: Is that Minibot upset with us?

Sideswipe: Not really. (Leans against a wall with his Servos folded) He's been distancing himself from anyone whenever he's not on a mission.

Jazz: That sounds like it's bad.

Minerva: Tell me about it.

Botanica: (Turns to the groups) Ratchet and Arcee are settled in with Omega Supreme right now, so we should be well prepared for battle soon.

Rodimus: Great, is there anyone else that's coming?

Botanica: Actually, he should be here right about... (Sees Drift's ship Transwarped into space) Now.

Drift: (Flies inside the hanger and comes out of his ship to greet the group) Alright, what is so important that I have to come all the way back here?

Jazz: What up Drift?

Drift: What up J-Dog? (Turns to Botanica) Hey, you still look like a Plant.

Botanica: Very funny.

Drift: Heard something, and turns to see his ship placed on locks) What the hell? (Turns to Botanica) Did you just impound my ship?!

Botanica: Just in case you changed your mind. (Turns around and leaves)

Drift: Oh yeah, nice to see you too! (Turns to the group) Ugh, thank God she's gone.

Ironhide: What's with the two of you?

Sideswipe: Rumor has it that Botanica dumped this Merc a while back.

Drift: Ok, that is not true! Ok, I dumped her! I was the one who did the dumping!

Kup: I don't think that's helping with your own case right now.

Drift: Nice to see you too Kupcakes. (Turns to Springer) Hey, Springer! Still jumping up and down a notch?

Springer: I always jump up and down when I feel like it.

Drift: Oh well that's just great-!

While the two groups greeted each other, Bumblebee was up on the stairs looking down at his friends, watching them communicate to each other as Brawn and Ironhide went to give fist bumps to each other, unaware that Ultra Magnus is walking to him.

Ultra Magnus: (Walks to Bumblebee) Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus sir. (Turns around to the window) There's no sign of any Decepticons yet.

Ultra Magnus: I already have Perceptor and Wheeljack on that end on Omega Supreme, there's no need to worry about that. (Walks next to Bumblebee, looking out through the window) It's quiet up here, probably one of the few places of solitude, a place to think.

Bumblebee: (Looks out through the window) With all due respect sir, I don't see how this involves with the mission.

Ultra Magnus: You know, I rarely looked out to the stars, it was for battle, not sightseeing... (Places his Hammer down next to a wall) After the Great War ended, I would sometimes look up into the sky and look at the stars, think about how large the universe is, how there are places unique to our imagination, and sometimes, I would think about the Bots that I have lost.

Bumblebee: Well that's not what I'm doing up here.

Ultra Magnus: (Looks around) Forgive me for being rude, but you seem to be courting emptiness of late, I believe that is not your type of personality. (Looks at Bumblebee staring through the window) It's okay to go without the formalities Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: (Closed his Optics and folded his Servos) for 5 years, I acted like a child, but I'm not supposed to act like that... I'm not supposed to have fun, I'm supposed to be an Autobot.

Ultra Magnus: And you are an Autobot Bumblebee, you're also a hero.

Bumblebee: No, I'm not the hero, my Father was the hero, and so was Sari Sumdac. They both helped saved Earth and Cybertron, and they both gave their lives up all because of me, of which they weren't supposed to.

Ultra Magnus: (Kneeled down one Pede) Bumblebee... Have I ever told you about Solus Prime?

Bumblebee: Not that I remembered, no... Why? What about her?

Ultra Magnus: She was your Grandmother, and your Father's Mother... She was also my Bondmate... She was one of the bravest, kindest, and one of the few best trained Autobots that I have ever known.

Bumblebee: (Blinked a little) What happened to her?

Ultra Magnus: (Closed his Optics) Sometime when she was carrying with your Father and Uncle, she said that there was something out there in the Universe, something that she needed to investigate... She didn't know why, but she mentioned that she needed to know how the Allspark was first created, and what made it, so after she Sparked your Father and Uncle, I had a crew set up for her, and a ship, The Lost Light, it was called, and then right before she left, she promised to me that she would come back for me, and our family... (Turns to Bumblebee, opening his Optics) She never did come back, and unfortunately, neither did the rest of her crew, and no one ever knew what happened to them, but something tells me that whatever happened, she became a hero for it.

Bumblebee: (Looks at Ultra Magnus) Why... Why are you telling me all of this?

Ultra Magnus: To help you not to repeat the same mistakes I did once... I know what it's like to grieve, just as much it is hard to grieve one of my own, but when I grieved Solus, I pushed everyone away, including my children, and I do not want the same to happen with you too. I learned that the hard way that if you try to cut out the one thing that makes you who you are, then you loose that essential part of yourself.

Bumblebee: (Turns to the window) I can't help my friends and family if I'm broken.

Ultra Magnus: You're not broken. (Placed a Servo around Bumblebee's shoulder) And you indefinitely won't be when you have the ones closest to you. (Looks to the window) I once thought the same way as you did, but by the time I learned it was alright, it was already too late for me, but it's sure not too late for you to come being with your friends more often.

Kup: Hey, who did that?!

Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus turned around and saw Kup being filled with pink paint as Jetstorm and Jetfire gave each other a high five, and everyone else was laughing hysterically at that while Kup began to throw a fit over it, causing Bumblebee to smile a little during the scene.

Ultra Magnus: (Looks down at the group) They seem to be going pretty well with each other. (Turns to Bumblebee) I believe this is the right time for you to join them.

Perceptor: (On Comms Channel) Everyone! I am detecting Transwarp energy signatures all over the place! The numbers are massive!

Bumblebee: (Gripped his fist) Starscream.

Ultra Magnus: Ultra Magnus to Teletraan One, where are the frequencies being located?

Ratchet: (Inside Omega Supreme as he sat in the cockpit along with Arcee) It's located from the side opposite to us!

Arcee: They should be appearing any moment now!

Ultra Magnus: Everyone to your stations, begin battle formations!

Bumblebee: What do you want me to do?

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Bumblebee) I'll be on the Bridge, you just join your team!

Ultra Magnus left while Bumblebee ran down and regrouped with his friends while every Autobot around them ran in and out of the hanger, jumping onto Starfighters.

Drift: (Sees Autobots getting on Starfighters) Oh, so it's a Space battle, ok, I like this!

Jazz: (Turns to the Jet Twins) Yo, I think you both are needed out there as Safeguard!

Jetstorm: Right! (Turns to his Brother) Let's go Brother!

Jetfire: Right back at you! (Transforms into his Alt Mode and flies out of the hanger along with his Brother)

Bumblebee: (Runs to the two teams) Hey, we should get onto a Starfighter!

Crosshairs: Uh, yeah, I don't think everyone knows how to be a pilot.

Bulkhead: And I ain't too sure how I could fit into a Starship!

Chromia: Well I didn't come here so I could just watch!

Rodimus: Hey, nobody here isn't just going to watch, surely there has to be something we can do.

Drift: I'd take my ship, but apparently, it's impounded.

Omega Supreme: Excuse me. (Has everyone's attention as he flew next to the Steel Haven) Ratchet said that you might be left out in the fight.

10 seconds later, the landing ramp from Omega Supreme was placed, and everyone went inside as Ratchet went to greet them.

Ratchet: (Smiled) Thought you Bots might need to get some bounce at those Cons?

Rodimus: You're the best Ratchet!

Minerva: (Turns to Warpath) Dad! (Hugs him) It's good to see you!

Warpath: (Hugs her back) Good to see you too honey.

Drift: (Noticed Perceptor) Hey Percy, how are you?

Perceptor: I'm fine Drift.

Omega Supreme: Is everyone onboard?

Arcee: We all are! Fly us out of here!

Omega Supreme then flown out of the Steel Haven and flew next to the rest of the fleet, looking over at the vastness of Space.

Ratchet: (Turns to Wheeljack and Perceptor) You two Bots have any idea when they're appearing?!

Wheeljack: Well, like Arcee said, they should be here any second right about-! (Suddenly, Transwarp portals were seen) Now.

Suddenly, a huge Decepticon Warship appeared, along with many Decepticon Fliers that flown right next to it as a large cannon was seen on the Warship, as Starscream sat on the Throne, wearing a Red cape as he looked over Cybertron and the amassed Autobot Fleet.

Starscream: (Looks at the Autobot fleet) Those Autobots may have an impressive fleet, but they can never amount to the same power that my glorious empire have, and soon, Cybertron will be mine for all the taking.

Soundwave: (Stands next to Starscream) You mean ours for the taking?

Starscream: (Turns to Soundwave and growls) Fool! Of course I meant ours! Why would I have it for myself?

Soundwave: You sound more as if I miss Megatron being the leader.

Starscream: Fool! Megatron's Offline! And he was insane! How could you even want to follow him again?!

Cyclonus: (Walks down the Throne Room) Well you have to admit, Megatron was crazy, but at least he never talked too much.

Rumble: (Walks next to Cyclonus) Yeah, maybe we should have joined the Renegades instead! All you do is talk too much!

Starscream: (Turns to Cyclonus and Rumble) Now wait just a minute! I'll have you know that if it weren't for MY intelligence, then we wouldn't be standing here on this day, and retake Cybertron for our own, along with the Allspark, all thanks to me!

Blitzwing: (Turns Icy) Except we haven't take Cybertron or the Allspark.

Starscream: No we haven't. (Smiled) But at least not yet. (Stands up) And when we do, the Autobots will be nothing more but ashes as we rebuild a new, better Cybertron. (Turns to the three) But that depends if you are still loyal enough to witness it happen of course.

Rumble: (Takes in a deep Intake before bowing) Of course Lord Starscream, you have our loyalty.

Blitzwing: (Turns Hot) You Idiot! You really think I would-! (Turns Icy and bows) Mein vill is yours to command, Lord Starscream.

Starscream: Good. (Turns to Cyclonus) Well Cyclonus, anything you have to say?

Cyclonus: (Looks at Starscream before bowing) Anything for you... Master.

Starscream: Great, now let's forget about this incident and focus on the real fight. (Turns to the window) Cybertron is close to being ours! Blitzwing, tell the commander to prime the weapon, today we snuff out the Autobot parasites once and for all, and nothing will stand in our way!

Meanwhile with the Autobots, they all saw the massive Warship floating in front of them as Ultra Magnus sat on the bridge of the Steel Haven, looking at the massive Decepticon Warship while Cosmos and Botanica stood next to him.

Ultra Magnus: (Looks at the fleet) Everyone, just stay in position, nobody take any action until I say so.

Warpath: (In Omega Supreme as he looked at the Warship) Slag, I haven't seen something this big since the Great War.

Arcee: That's a Decepticon Warship, I thought they were all destroyed!

Ratchet: Not all of them I'm afraid.

Springer: Something tells me this will be a battle not one shall forget.

Kup: Slag, that thing is big.

Brawn: Well that's what Decepticon Warships are.

Drift: That's not just any Warship... That's a Dreadnought!

Ironhide: Why do I get that doesn't sound good.

Bulkhead: How bad is it?

Drift: Bad enough that we need to move, now!

Bumblebee: Now just wait a minute, Ultra Magnus said to stay in position until he says so.

Rodimus: He's right, if we act now, they'll attack us.

Drift: Yeah, except that they're bound to attack us anyway, that thing is a Fleet killer, if we wait any longer, we're all good as dust! Omega Supreme!

Jazz: Whoa, Drift maybe we should just ease down a little.

Perceptor: Flying towards the Decepticons is not a very smart idea to do so Drift.

Sideswipe: Yeah, Ultra Magnus said for us to wait, he's the chief of Military of Command, he owns the commands that is meant for Autobots and Elite Guard.

Drift: Yeah well Ultra Magnus won't own any commands if he's dead! Omega Supreme, fly us towards the Decepticon fleet!

Omega Supreme: I cannot do that, I am ordered not to.

Drift: (Sighs) Of course you are, I'm sorry.

Omega Supreme: It's fine, you were just stressed out.

Drift: No, I'm not sorry about that. (Gets out a slicer) I'm sorry about this! (Placed it inside of a panel)

Omega Supreme: Drift, that is-! (Goes Offline)

Arcee: (Looks around) Omega?

Drift: (Goes to the cockpit) Everybody hold on to something!

Suddenly, Omega Supreme stared to fly away from the Autobot Fleet as it started to fly towards the Decepticon fleet, gaining everyone's attention including Ultra Magnus'.

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to look at the ship flying away) Why is Omega Supreme flying out of protocol?!

Botanica: (Looks at the ship) Oh dear, it's Drift.

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Cosmos) Cosmos, hail the ship immediately!

Cosmos: On it sir!

Crosshairs: (On a Gunner's seat looking around) What's going on up there?!

Ratchet: (Turns to Drift) What the hell did you do to Omega Supreme?!

Drift: Relax, Omega's fine, he's just taking a nap while I fly us to the Dreadnought.

Bumblebee: (Turns to Drift) Drift, stop the ship now! Ultra Magnus gave you an order!

Drift: No no no, Ultra Magnus gave You an order, I don't take orders from anybody.

Minerva: (Turns to see the monitors beep) Guys, the Steel Haven is hailing us!

Drift: Of course. (Answered the call)

Ultra Magnus: (On screen) Autobot Drift, just what are you doing?

Drift: Well, I'm saving the day, what do you think I'm doing? Going out to Macadam's Tavern?

Ultra Magnus: Drift, I'm warning you, if you don't turn back now-!

Drift: (Make static noises) Ah, sorry, what? I can't hear you, your frequency's going at a weird pace.

Ultra Magnus: (Sighs) You leave me no choice then. (Turns to Bumblebee, Jazz and Warpath,) Bumblebee, Jazz, Warpath, detain Drift at once!

Bumblebee: Roger that. (Activates his Stinger and points it at Drift's head) Stop the ship, now!

Drift: (Feels the Stinger on the side of his Helm) Oh kid, you have no idea how much I hate beating up the little people, do you?

Rodimus: Ok, why don't we just calm down here-

Warpath: (Activates his Chest Cannon) Oh, I've been waiting for this for Stellar Cycles!

Bumblebee: Stop the ship now! You don't have a plan!

Drift: Actually, I do! (Grabs Bumblebee's arm and throws him across the room) Attack.

Jazz: (Turns to Drift) I really don't wanna hurt you Drift. (Gets out Stasis Cuffs) But I can't let you go beyond the chain of command here.

Drift: Oh well in that case, you're definitely going to have to hurt me! (Kicks the Stasis Cuffs out of Jazz's hands and starts fighting him)

Minerva: Guys stop!

Warpath: (Points at Drift) Get out of the way Jazz, I'm trying to shoot the Bot!

Jazz: Yo dude, we're trying to detain him, not shoot him! (Gets punched in the throat) Gak!

Drift: Sorry Jazz! (Throws him at Warpath)

Warpath: (Gets hit by Jazz) OOF! (Falls down right onto Bulkhead)

Bulkhead: (Gets hit by Warpath) Gah! (Falls to the floor)

Rodimus: Everyone stand down!

Bumblebee: (Gets up and tackles Drift) Stand down!

Drift: (Kicks Bumblebee's stomach) I rather stand up! (Gets up and starts getting into fighting position)

Suddenly, an Arrow was shot, causing Bumblebee and Drift to be caught on a net, as Rodimus stood in front of the two.

Rodimus: (Turns to Bumblebee and Drift) Alright, now let's all just calm down. (Turns to the ship) First off, we should go and turn the ship around-!

Teletraan One: Warning, Decepticon Proximity alert. (Repeats)

Drift: (Sighs) Too late Hothead. (Activates his Sword and cuts the net, breaking him and Bumblebee free)

Soundwave: (On a panel as he detected an Autobot ship) Lord Starscream, there is an Autobot ship that just came right in front of us.

Starscream: (Smirks) Ha! Those feeble Autobots actually sent one ship to defeat us? They're more pathetic then they realize!

Soundwave: Permission to destroy sir?

Starscream: Hmm, no, I want those Autobots onboard to watch as I obliterate every one of their Fleet!

Wheeljack: (Looks at Perceptor) You look kinda nervous there Perceptor.

Perceptor: I'm fine Wheeljack, I just... (Looks at the Warship) I never been this up close with an army of Decepticons before.

Sideswipe: (Looks at the Warship) Great, now what?

Drift: (Turns to sit on the Cockpit) Now we do exactly as I planned.

Ratchet: You planned?

Drift: Hey like I said, I have a plan.

Bumblebee: To attack, but how?

Drift: You'll see when I'm ready, but right now, I need someone to prime the boosters.

Rodimus: Alright, is this a part of your plan?

Drift: Yes, of course it is!

Bumblebee: Well whatever it is, you should have at least waited until Ultra Magnus was ready!

Drift: You know what, just because you're Optimus Prime's kid, doesn't mean you scare me as much as you would think.

Rodimus: Hey, calm down! Alright? Look, Bulkhead can go to the engines and prep the boosters, but what would you want the rest of us to do?

Drift: Well, go to the Gun Turrets and yeah, just go ahead and hail the ship. (Gets everyone's facial reactions as WTF looks) I know what I'm doing, just hail them.

Bumblebee: (Sighs) For everyone's sakes, I really hope so. (Turns to move towards a Gun Turret)

Crosshairs: If I die, we're haunting you! (Follows Bumblebee, who is followed by Chromia, Ironhide, Rodimus and Springer)

Perceptor: Let's get this over with. (Goes to a panel and starts calling the ship)

Drift: Oh, and just make it an audio feed, no holo projections, and let me do the talking, just trust me.

Perceptor: (Raises a brow) Ok.

Cyclonus: (On another panel, getting a beep) Lord Starscream, the Autobot ship that is close to us is starting to hail us.

Starscream: Well, if they wish to speak during their final moments, I'll be happy to oblige, answer the call.

Drift: (On audio) This is Autobot Drift, speaking on behalf of the entirety of Cybertron, I'm here to speak to the so called Lord of Deceptcions please.

Starscream: (Stands up in a pride posture while smiling) This is Lord Starscream, leader of the Decepticons, soon to be ruler of Cybertron, and if you're here on behalf of the Autobots, you are wasting your time. (Moves back and forth while his hands are behind him) So tell your precious Magnus there will be no negotiations, no prisoners, and no surrender for you miserable Autobots...

Drift: (Silent for a second) Hi, I'm holding for Lord Starscream.

Starscream: This is Starscream fool! You and your friends are doomed! And we will wipe your filth from the face of the Universe!

Drift: Ok, I'll hold.

Starscream: (Raises a brow) Hello?

Drift: Hello, yup, still right here.

Starscream: Can he-? (Turns to Rumble) Can he hear me?

Drift: Helllo?

Rumble: (Shrugged) I think so.

Starscream: So he can?

Drift: Starscream, with an S? Skinny looking Decepticreep? Looking kinda Pink?

Starscream: (Snarls) I can hear you! (On the Autobots side as Drift placed a finger on his mouth, hushing them) Can you hear me?!

Bulkhead: (On Comms Channel) Hey, the Boosters are ready now!

Drift: (Clears his throat) Look, I can't hold on for too long, so if you reach Lord Starscream. (Presses some buttons) Tell him it is an urgent message directly from Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee, Rodimus Prime, and every single Autobot on Cybertron and Earth.

Soundwave: (Walks next to Starscream) I believe this Autobot is merely toying with you.

Drift: Yeah, it's all about how fat and hideous his Mother is.

Starscream: (Starts making a hateful glare onto Omega Supreme and turns to Rumble) OPEN FIRE ON THAT SHIP!

Perceptor: (Gulps) Drift!

Drift: Yeah, it's time to party! (Punches a button)

Suddenly, Omega Supreme's Engine Thrusters started to boost up, causing the ship to move faster towards the Warship, as Starscream and his servants looked from the bridge at the Red and Yellow Autobot.

Oil Slick: (Turns to Starscream) He's heading towards us my Liege.

Starscream: (Grinned) Oh, well that Autobot is as insane as I took him for!

Bumblebee: (Sees the Warship getting closer) Drift, what the Slag are we doing right now?

Drift: What do you think you're doing? Take out the surface Cannons, it'll clear a way for the Fighters to blow the living Scrap Metal out of the big Cannon!

Warpath: So that's your plan the whole time?! (Fiddles with his fingers) Huh, it's actually not so bad than I thought it would have been.

Arcee: So how long will it be until Omega will wake soon?

Drift: Give or take, about a 2 Cycles now.

Sideswipe: 2 Cycles? How are you even sure we'll last 2 Cycles?

Drift: Because you got one hell of a Pilot right now!

In Space, Teletraan One fired upon the Surface Cannons, one by one as they started to explode, dodging many blaster fire coming the exploding Cannons.

Ironhide: (Blows up a Cannon) YAHOO! Now this is better than simulation!

Chromia: Oh hell yeah! (Blows up a Cannon) Take that!

On the Bridge, Starscream witnessed the destruction of the Warship's surface Cannons as he stood on the Bridge.

Decepticon 1: (Looks at the battle) Holy Slag, that ship is fast! (Gets punched by Starscream) OW! (Falls to the floor) I'm okay!

Starscream: Why hasn't any blown those stupid Autobots out of Space yet?!

Springer: (Blows up a Cannon) WOOHOO! I haven't had this much fun since the Great War!

Rodimus: (Blows up a Cannon) Alright, how many are left?

Drift: Just one more and we're good!

Ratchet: (Hears a monitor beeping) We got incoming!

Suddenly, a group of Decepticons started to fly out and attack the ship, disabling the weapons system in the process.

Bumblebee: (Gets electricity flying all over where he is) AH! (Presses a button, but he isn't firing anything) My weapons are jammed!

Springer: Same here with me!

Drift: (Presses a button, but nothing is working) Blast, those Fraggers shot the weapons systems!

Wheeljack: Well, perhaps we could try fixing it?

Ratchet: It would take too much time!

Arcee: And besides, we don't even have the right equipment with us!

Perceptor: Well you could have just said that we're all Slagged!

Wheeljack: (Raises a brow) What's with you?

Perceptor: I'm stressed, that's what!

Blitzwing: (Turns Icy) It appears zheir weapons system is knocked out.

Starscream: (Smiled) Excellent, now those Autobots will be crushed in no time...

The Cons in space proceeded to shoot at the ship, while on the inside, wires were activated, and a main Processor was being rebooted as Omega Supreme became Online once more.

Omega Supreme: (Groans) What happened?

Ratchet: (Smiled) Omega Supreme!

Arcee: You're back!

Omega Supreme: Where are we? (Gets blasted) AH! (Looks behind him and noticed a bunch of Cons) What the-?! (Turns around and noticed that he was in front of the Decepticon Warship) How did we get all the way here?!

Drift: (Everyone turned to Drift) Well, since we're here, maybe you could try helping another Bot out?

Omega Supreme: Permission to Transform into Robot Mode then?

Arcee/Ratchet: Permission-! (Turns to each other) Sorry, force of habit.

Ratchet: (Clears his throat) Why don't you go first?

Arcee: Thank you. (Turns to Omega Supreme) Permission granted.

Suddenly, Omega Supreme Transformed into Robot Mode, causing the Cons that were chasing him to stop and Transform as well, looking up at the massive figure of the Autobot, while Starscream watched from the Bridge and witnessed the ginormous Autobot.

Cyclonus: (Looks shocked) Well I'll be damned...

Rumble: (Looks at Omega Supreme) Uh... We're all gonna die.

Soundwave: (Turns to Starscream) I reccomend-

Starscream: (Growls in frustration) Shut up, I give the commands here! Now I want every single Decepticon to turn away from the Autobot Fleet and blast that big, piece of Junk out of Space!

Blitzwing: (Turns Hot) You Moron! That's Omega Supreme! (Turns Random) Supreme? As in Supreme of dancing! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Soon, the Decepticon Flyers started to turn away from the Autobot Fleet and turn to Omega Supreme, giving everything they got as they fired upon him, making everything on the inside shake.

Minerva: (Feels everything shaking) Whoa! (Grabs onto a chair)

Bulkhead: (Grabs onto a panel) Why am I getting the feeling of Deja vu here?

Omega Supreme: (Grunts) Ratchet, Arcee, there's so many Decepticons out here!

Ratchet: I know old friend, which is why you're gonna show them what you're made of!

Arcee: You can do this! I feel it!

Omega Supreme: Alright, everyone hang onto something!

Drift: Oh, well that's what I said, I said that first.

Suddenly, Omega Supreme unleashed a burst of energy, and shockwave that blasted away all of the Decepticons as they were flown away from the Autobot, causing one to crash land onto the last surface Cannon, as Starscream witnessed the outcome.

Starscream: (Growls) This is not what I wanted to happen!

Soundwave: I believe this is why Megatron never approved of you taking charge.

Starscream: (Turns to Soundwave) Silent you insolent fool! (Turns to Cyclonus) How is the Cannon?

Cyclonus: It's primed and ready.

Starscream: Then why haven't anyone fired yet?! Destroy the Autobot Fleet NOW!

The Cannon on the top started to glow as Omega Supreme took notice and the Cannon starting to prime itself.

Omega Supreme: (Looks at the Cannon) Wait, there's something up there, it's glowing.

Drift: It's the Dreadnought's Cannon! It's about to fire upon the Autobot Fleet, taking out everyone there!

Rodimus: (Runs inside the Bridge along with the rest of the Gunners) That doesn't sound good does it?

Bumblebee: What do we need to do stop it?

Drift: Well you would need to fire a bunch of missiles at it, and it should take the thing down!

Omega Supreme: Well in that case... (Activates his Missile Launchers) Allow me to do the pleasure!

Omega fired his Missiles upon the Cannon, causing a repeated amount of explosions to occur on impact until the Cannon exploded into pieces, causing a massive light to be seen all over as Starscream witnessed it's destruction.

Starscream: (Looked at the remains of his weapon) NOOO! I had everything planned out! How could this have happened?!

Soundwave: Perhaps you are not as intelligent as you believed yourself to be.

Starscream: (Turns to Soundwave) Shut up! (Throws a can at the Blue Decepticon)

Cyclonus: (Walks to Starscream) Sir, what would you want to do now?

Starscream turned to the window and looked at Omega Supreme, making a glare on his Faceplate while with the Autobots, they looked over the Cannon and celebrated it's destruction from inside Omega.

Wheeljack: HA! I knew it! I knew we wouldn't defeat the Cons without adding a big boom to it!

Bulkhead: (Smiled) That was amazing!

Arcee: (Smiled as he patted a Panel) You did great Omega.

Omega Supreme: Thank you Arcee, I appreciate it.

Springer: (Smiled) I knew this battle would be one to remember.

Jazz: No kidding.

Crosshairs: Hell yeah! (Turns to Sideswipe, who wasn't fazed at all) Hey, that was pretty cool, wasn't it?

Sideswipe: (Shrugs) Meh, I've seen explosions like that before.

Minerva: That was great! (Turns Bumblebee) Bumblebee? What do you think?

Bumblebee: Turns to Minerva, before looking at the destruction, and everyone around him cheering before turning back to Minerva, making a small smile to it as he is about to say something.

Perceptor: (Looks out the window) I hate to disrupt the celebrations, but I don't think we're quite done yet!

Decepticon Flyers were then amassed in hordes as they all flown towards Omega Supreme as Starscream looked out the window.

Starscream: I want every single Decepticon to blast that junk out it's misery and I don't care how big it is, I want it DESTROYED!

The Cons were getting closer to Omega, but then suddenly, blaster fire were fired upon them, and Autobot Starfighters, and of course Safeguard arrived on the battle, taking on the Decepticons that were too focused on the large Yellow and Red Autobot while the Steel Haven flown closer to the Warship.

Safeguard: (Flies next to Omega Supreme) Need a hand? (Fires on a Decepticon)

Jazz: (Smiles) Now we're talking!

Starscream: (Sees the Autobot fighters attacking) No, no, no! That wasn't supposed to happen!

Ultra Magnus: (On Comms) The Decepticons are distracted, focus everything on those fighters!

One by one, the Decepticon Flyers were taken out by overwhelming Autobot forces, as Starscream was looking over by his inevitable defeat of this battle.

Soundwave: (Folded his Servos) I believe you have a unsurprising defeat in the battle, my Lord.

Starscream: (Turns to Soundwave) It is not a defeat, it is-! (Stops in mid sentence and places a hand on his chin) A slight setback, that's all.

Blitzwing: (Hot) Get us out of here you moron!

Starscream: (Turns to Blitzwing) Don't tell me what to do! (Sits on his chair and activates a Comms Channel after clearing his throat) All loyal Decepticons, I am ordering a retreat of this battle.

With that said, the Decepticons then turned around and Transwarped their way out of Autobot Space, causing cries of victory for the Autobots as Rodimus and Bumblebee's teams looked from inside Omega Supreme.

Brawn: Another victory for the Autobots!

Crosshairs: Big time!

Perceptor: (Sighs in relief) That was very dramatic.

Wheeljack: (Pats on Perceptor's back) Hey, that wasn't so bad, now wasn't it?

Cosmos: (Looks out in Space) Looks like we did it. (Turns to Ultra Magnus) What do you think Ultra Magnus?

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Cosmos) Patch me through to Omega Supreme, I wish to speak to Autobot Drift.

Bulkhead: (Sits next to Bumblebee) Hey, that was a pretty big win, wasn't it Lil Buddy?

Bumblebee: (Nods) Yeah, it was...

Bulkhead: (Turns to Bumblebee) Yeah, it's just like old times, right?

Bumblebee: (Looks around and sees everyone cheering in victory as he looked around inside Omega Supreme) Yeah... Just like old times...

Rodimus: (Turns to Drift) Hey, I know everyone called you crazy earlier, but I thought you did pretty good on your end.

Drift: Hey, I'm just doing my part to help out.

Arcee: (Hears a monitor beeping) We have an incoming message from Ultra Magnus.

Rodimus: Let's play it.

Ultra Magnus: (On screen) My fellow Autobots, I must commend each and every one of you for your bravery in this fight today.

Rodimus: It wasn't a job we couldn't handle before sir.

Ultra Magnus: Indeed it was, but most importantly I wish to speak to Autobot Drift. (Turns to Drift) Drift, you're-!

Drift: (Raises his hand up) Stop right there, I know exactly what you're going to say. (Folds his Servos pridefully) In fact, I can already imagine a thousand things you are about to say right now...

In the Metroplex, in the Cybertronian Council Chambers...

Drift: (Stands in front of a podium looking appalled) What do you mean I'm under arrest?!

Alpha Trion: You disobeyed a direct order from Ultra Magnus himself when he ordered everyone to stay in position during the Space Battle of Cybertron.

Drift: Ok, so what? We won the fight anyway, so why is everyone giving me a hard time here?!

Ultra Magnus: (Stands in the podium while Bumblebee stood next to him) I was working out a strategy that could have been moved with precision, up until you disobeyed my direct command to stay in position.

Botanica: Imagine if something has gone wrong, if it failed, many Autobots would have been gravely injured or worse.

Drift: Well everyone's fine, right?

Alpha Trion: The point is that you have made a heavy risk today, and we fear that the next time you take such a risk again, you will be doomed to make dire consequences.

Drift: (Placed his handcuffed hands on the ramp) So just to make something clear before you guys start sending me off to the Stockades... One, if it weren't for MY knowledge of Decepticon weaponry, you guys would have been turned into Space dust, and two, are you all really going to send a Bot to the Stockades for winning a really big battle today? Are you guys really serious about that?

Perceptor: (Clears his throat) If I may add to this, I believe I'll have to side with Drift on this argument, he did know about the Dreadnought's Cannon.

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Perceptor) Are you implying that he should walk away without punishment?

Perceptor: I am just implying that he should get an alternative, perhaps somewhere he can learn to follow directions with others, a place where he can bond well with Autobots around him.

Alpha Trion: (Places two fingers on his chin) Hmm, I suppose that is a fair alternative... (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Do you have any suggestions?

Ultra Magnus: Well I'm not so sure-!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Excuse me, Ultra Magnus sir? I've got an idea?

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Bumblebee) What is it Bumblebee? (Bumblebee then moves to his Audio and whispers to him, making him widen his Optics) Oh... I see then... (Pulls away from Bumblebee and turns to Drift) Autobot Drift, I believe I have an alternative for you.

Drift: Anything is better than the Stockades.

Ultra Magnus (Looks at Bumblebee, who nodded in agreement as he turned back to Drift) How would you prefer to work with a Spacebridge repair crew?

Drift: (Raises a brow) Repair crew? What repair crew?

At the Spacebridge Nexus, Sentinel was seen as he stood one foot on top of a table in a pride posture.

Sentinel: (Places his hands on his hips) My name is Sentinel Minor, and I am the one in charge of this repair crew, so as long as you take directions seriously, then you'll do just fine. (Has a can thrown at his Helm) OW! (Turns to Siren) Siren! I'm talking to someone here!

Siren: (Running all over the meteor) Sorry sir! (Laughs with enthusiasm as he throw pink paint at Hosehead)

Hosehead: (Gets drenched in pink paint) AAHH! (Stands up) WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!

Nightbeat: (Sighs as she walked to Hosehead) No we're not, it's just Siren screwing around!

Siren: What! (Stops in front of the two) I can't help it, I'm bored out here!


Siren: Oh come on, it was funny!


Nightbeat: Oh come on guys, stop it!

The three Youngsters started to argue while Sentinel looked over and sighed at the drama.

Sentinel: (Turns to the figure he was talking to) I'm sorry about that, they just graduated recently, and they're all young, so it does get really difficult sometimes to get them to calm down. (Rubs his Helm) So uh, any questions you want to ask?

Drift: (Expression looks like a WTF look) This is the most absolute definitions of hell, is it?

Sentinel: (Scratches his Helm) Uh, well it depends on how you look at it.

Drift: Hehe, yeah... Bye bye. (Turns to leave but is stopped by Warpath) UGH!

Warpath: (Stops Drift by touching him by the Chestplate) Where do you think you're going?

Drift: Yeah, to the Stockades, I changed my mind, it is very, very much better over there than over here!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Drift as he walked next to Warpath) Drift, this is a better alternative for you than the Stockades.

Drift: (Turns to Bumblebee) Better?! (Points at the Headmaster Juniors) How is this better?! From what I can already tell, those three are going to be a pain in my Processor!

Bumblebee: At least you can still keep your ship, considering Sentinel Minor's Crew doesn't have ship, and their only use of travel is through a Spacebridge.

Warpath: (Leans down to Drift) Then again, I'd be more than happy to drag your Aft to a cell anytime soon.

Drift: (Points at Warpath) You're enjoying this a little too much, aren't you? (Hears Warpath chuckling) You are. (Turns around at the kids, who are still arguing before sighing in defeat) Primus help me. (Turns to Sentinel) Alright Chin face, where do we go?

Sentinel: We don't ship out until after the ceremony.

Drift: Oh, so I get a few Solar Cycles in peace before the Pit takes place, of course. (Sighs as he walked past Sentinel) That's just comforting to know.

Sentinel: (Turns to Bumblebee and Warpath) Something tells me this one is going be difficult to be with.

Warpath: Yeah, good luck with that one. (Turns to leave) Anyways, we're on our way now. (Transforms into his Alt Mode) Bumblebee, you coming?

Bumblebee: (Turns to look at Sentinel before turning back to Warpath) Actually... I think I'm going to stay here a little longer, you go ahead.

Warpath: Whatever you say kid. (Drives away)

Sentinel: (Turns to look at Bumblebee as he gave a smile) So, you changed your Paint Job huh?

Bumblebee: (Looks at his own Paint Job) It was Prowl's Paint Job before his sacrifice... I thought I might wear it, so I would honor him in someway.

Sentinel: (Folds his Servos) Yeah, I see that you've been busy these past Solar Cycles.

Bumblebee: I have... (Turns to look at the Headmaster Juniors) So, that's your Repair Crew huh?

Sentinel: (Turns to his team) Yeah, they're somewhat, loud, but I'm dealing with it.

Bumblebee: (Smiles) Hey, I used to be loud too, remember?

Sentinel: (Smiles) Hehe, oh yeah, I remember... (Turns to Bumblebee) How have you been doing really?

Bumblebee: Fine... (Sees Sentinel raises a brow) Ok, to be honest, I'm still coping.

Sentinel: Yeah, me too kiddo.

Bumblebee: But the thing is though... I have been distant from everyone, including you, and Mom... (Turns to look at the stars) Part of me wants to go hang out with my friends the way I used to back then, but another part of me feels that if I do so, I would forget everything and everyone that I lost... Blackbird, Prowl, Wasp... Sari... (Grips his fists) Dad... (Turns to Sentinel) I just don't want to forget about them.

Sentinel: (Places a hand on Bumblebee's shoulder) C'mon, that's just being silly.

Bumblebee: How?

Sentinel: Look, I'm still sad that I lost your Father on Trypiticon, but take it from me, I was in a bad end when me and your Father lost your Mother on Archa 7, and of course, I did the same things you have done, only in the meanest way possible, but your Dad? (Chuckles as he looked at the stars) Well, he was stronger than I was, and he had you, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Prowl with you, and I'm pretty sure he had never forgotten about her period.

Bumblebee: Dad was always pretty good at hiding emotions well.

Sentinel: My point is that, and this is probably something I heard from Earth, but the thing about Life is that there are ups and downs for everyone, but that's all about how change is. (Turns to Bumblebee) I was afraid of change back then, but your Father faced it adaptively well, so don't be afraid like I was, embrace it... It's not so bad once you've gotten used to knowing it.

Bumblebee: (Nodded as he looked at his Uncle) Thanks Sentinel... I really appreciated that.

Sentinel: (Smiled) Hey, anything for my favorite Nephew. (Rubs the Yellow and Black Minibot's Helm)

Drift: (In the distance) HEY! (Bumblebee and Sentinel turn to him as Siren played with his Sword) That is not a toy! Give that back right now!

Sentinel: (Sighs) Boy, sometimes I feel like this job is going to get harder every Cycle.

Bumblebee: Well, if it helps in anyway, my Father was in the same position you were, so he would have known what it felt like when he had me.

Sentinel: (Smiled at Bumblebee) Yeah... (Turns back to Drift, who is now having Siren's arm locked as he's about to break it) I guess you're right.

They both looked from the distance as Nightbeat tries to calm everyone down while Drift is now strangling Siren...

At the Metroplex, Ultra Magnus was alone in the Council Chambers when Bumblebee walked in.

Bumblebee: (Walks inside) Ultra Magnus sir?

Ultra Magnus: (Rubs his Helm tiredly) Mmm, yes Bumblebee?

Bumblebee; (Looks at Ultra Magnus) Are you feeling well?

Ultra Magnus: (Nods) Yes, of course I am, I'm just feeling surprisingly tired tonight. (Smiles) But of course, that would be because of my age, hehe.

Bumblebee: (Smiles) Your age has nothing to do with how well you do your job sir.

Ultra Magnus: Thank you. (Clears his throat) I apologize, what do you need?

Bumblebee: (Looks around the room) Do you know when Rodimus' team going back to Earth?

Ultra Magnus: In the next Mega Cycle,they'll be rolling back to Earth while you and your team stay here on Cybertron-

Bumblebee: Actually, about that, I was hoping my team and I could visit Earth. (Sees the Magnus widened his Optics) If you would permit me to do so.

Ultra Magnus: (Smiles) Well, what changed your mind?

Bumblebee: (Looks down on the floor before looking up) Someone that heard it from Earth told me recently that there are ups and downs for everyone, but that's just how change is... (Folds his Servos) And if I am to embrace the change, then I have to be brave enough to do it.

Ultra Magnus: Embrace the change so you can move forward... (Nodded) Consider you and your team on an assignment to help out Rodimus' team on a few missions on Earth. (Places a comforting pat on Bumblebee's Shoulder) And for what it's worth, I am very proud of you making this step for yourself Bumblebee, and so would your Father.

Bumblebee: (Looks out the window) Yeah, something tells me he would have been proud too.

Later, Bumblebee was in his apartment cleaning the place up as Drive by Incubus was playing while he looked over a photo of himself, Optimus Prime, and Younger Sari being inside a photo booth, with pictures of many fun, friendly interactions was played out in those frozen memories until he noticed a video, with Optimus Prime in it as he turned it on, and it showed him on Earth after putting out a fire.

Camera Kid: (Off screen) What do you like most about Planet Earth?

Optimus: (Turned to look around) Well, that's a very good question... (Turns to the kid) Well, what I like most about Planet Earth is how unique the life is out here.

Camera Kid: Ok, can you be specific?

Optimus: (Scratches the side of his Helm) Well, what I mean is that every time I come around Detroit, I take notice of the gatherings of several Organics, and they have great quality time here, and it's not just their intellect, their happiness, their freedom, it's... Well, it's how everyone acts as a family, and I believe that's what matters, because even though one loses another, it's always good to keep the ones closest to you, even if one should feel all alone, you'll always have friends and family with you...

Ratchet: (Comes right behind Optimus) Alright, that's just great motivation back there, now are we done yet?

Camera Kid: Uh, yeah! Actually, we're done here! Thanks a lot!

Optimus: (Nodded as he waved his hand) No problem, you just have a nice day today.

With that, Optimus Transformed into his Alt Mode and then drove off with Ratchet, as the recording then ends, Bumblebee is left with his hands shaking on the camera as he sighed and put it away. Then we see the Yellow Minibot back on the train as he turned to a window and saw a hologram of Optimus Prime, taking a close look at it as emotions flooded in his Processor, before closing his Optics and taking in deep Intakes.

Bumblebee: (Takes in a deep Intake) Keep the ones closest to you...

He opened his Optics as the hologram of Optimus Prime was still lit up, before disappearing from visual as the train went into a tunnel, and later in Maccadam's Tavern, the Autobots, Bumblebee and Rodimus' teams were there in celebration as they all sat on a table, until Bulkhead and Minerva turned around and noticed Bumblebee walking inside, as they both pointed him out and everyone started to cheer while no sound was heard, Minerva went up and hugged the Elite Guard close to her, to which he embraced the hug and then went to the table to join his friends, smiling at the warm welcome, while on Iacon, the tall buildings were laying peacefully still until a window was broken in from the inside, ending the music abruptly.

Decepticon 1: (Holds onto the blaster Rifle as he looked at the broken window in satisfaction) Niiice!

Decepticon 2: (Gives a grappling gun to the other) Get on a move on, we're on a time here.

Decepticon 1: (Gets the grappling gun) Alright, sheesh.

The Decepticons fired a grappling gun onto another building while on the streets, a lone, yet menacing looking figure was standing in the streets holding a mask in his hand, until a Speeder pulled up, and the figure placed the mask on while getting inside the Speeder.

Decepticon 3: (Turns to the Decepticon that got in as he already had his mask on) You the 5th Bot? (Sees him nod silently) Alright, then let's roll!

The driver drove the Speeder off the area while the Cons zip lined from their spot and into a rooftop, the two of them landing hazily on the floor as the Cons inside the Speeder drove inside the street.

Decepticon 3: (Drives the Speeder) Alright, three of a kind, let's do this.

Decepticon 4: (Loads his weapon) That's it? Three Bots?

Decepticon 3: Yeah, two on the roof, three on the ground, every Bot gets a share, and 5 shares is plenty.

Decepticon 4: 6 shares you mean? Don't forget about the one that planned the job.

Decepticon 3: Does that Bot really thinks he can sit on his Aft while we do all the dirty work for him? (Scoffs) Yeah right, that wacko's far behind.

Decepticon 4: Hehe, yeah, no wonder people call him the Fallen.

Decepticon 1: (Sets up the gear) So why do you think he's called the Fallen?

Decepticon 2: (Activates a Chainsaw and slices open a panel) I heard he went Offline once, and then suddenly, he came back to life sometime later.

Decepticon 1: How did he managed to do that?

Decepticon 2: Beats me. (Opens the panel after he deactivated his Chainsaw)

Decepticon 4: So why are we sitting inside a hunk of junk when we could Fly up into the skies and take the cargo by force?

Decepticon 3: Because the Autobots would recognize us as Decepticons dummy, this is all Grounder stuff. (Stops the Speeder) Ok, we're here.

The Cons got out of the Speeder and walked to a ledge as they looked at a building, with shipments of Decepticon weaponry in it as the Autobot Troopers safeguard it, the three crouched down and got out their Blaster Rifles.

Decepticon 3: Ok, we go and knock these Autobots down to the ground, apparently the guy doesn't want anyone dying so we will detain them. Ready?

Decepticon 4: Yeah, we're all set to go.

Decepticon 3: Ok, here we go! 3, 2... (Gets up) 1!

The three got up and fired stun rounds at the Autobot Troopers, causing most of them to fall down to the ground as they made their way inside, the Cons up on the roof were there disabling the security system.

Decepticon 1: (Hears the beeping) Alrighty, here comes the silent alarm... (Makes some tinkering and the beeping stops) And there it goes. (Chuckled) That's weird, the call was trying to be sent to one of those smart Aft Councilmen.

Decepticon 2: (Aims his Blaster at his partner) Is it a problem?

Decepticon 1: No. (Shuts the panel) I'm done here. (Gets shot in the back) UKK! (Falls to the floor dead)

Decepticon 2: (Grabs the bag of equipment) Ok, that's done. (Goes inside the building)

Decepticon 3: (Walks around the building next to the stunned Autobots) Alright, we don't want anything to do with you Autobot scum, we just want some of our guns back. (Didn't notice the mystery Decepticon place some type of grenade on a Trooper's hand) That's all.

As the Decepticons roamed the building, Cheetor was peeking through a window, seeing how his comrades were taken down.

Cheetor: (Looks out the window) Decepticons? Slag! (Goes to a desk and pulls out a weapon) Here we go!

Decepticon 4: (Points his weapon around the room) Alright, nobody move until we're done, got it? Stay on the floor! (Gets shot in back) AHH! (Falls to the floor unconscious as Cheetor walks through with a Blaster)

Decepticon 3: (Turns around and saw Cheetor with a gun) Slag! (Takes cover) Get down!

Cheetor: (Fires on the Decepticons) Take this Decepticreeps! (Fires on the mystery Decepticon as he took cover next to Decepticon 3) Come on! We kicked your Afts before, we are sure to the Pit we can do it again!

Decepticon 3: (Turns to the silent Con) He's out, right? (Sees him nod as he got up to fire on Cheetor)

Cheetor: (Sees the Decepticon get up) HI-YA! (Fires on the Decepticon, getting a graze at him) Take that, you Motherf-! (The Mystery Decepticon gets up and shoots at the Yellow and Orange Autobot, causing him to be stunned too) AHHH! (Falls to the floor)

The silent Decepticon looks at Cheetor as he is laid still on the ground, while the Decepticon that got shot last got up from the floor.

Decepticon 3: (Wipes off his wound) Where did you learn to count?! (Groans) God, you know what, you stay here, I'll check on the Driller! (Leaves the room to go inside of the saferoom, as the 2nd Decepticon was drilling a bank door) So this is where all the weapons are stored?

Decepticon 2: (Drills the door) Yeah, and I'm almost finished!

Decepticon 3: Great. (Looks around the room) Say, where's the hacker at?

Decepticon 2: Oh yeah, long story short, the Fallen told me once the guy was done, I take him out. (Stops drilling and opens the door) Hey, one less share right?

Decepticon 3: (Eyes the Decepticon carefully) Funny, that's what he told me something similar about you. (Aims his Blaster at the Driller)

Decepticon 2: (Turns around and widened his Optics) Wait, what?! (Sees the Con aimed a Blaster at him) No, no-! (Gets shot on the waist) AH! (Gets shot several times on the Chestplate) OH! (Groaned as he fell to the floor Offline, his Paintjob turning Gray)

The Decepticon then went inside the vault and carried crate after crate of weapons to the room while the quiet other watched the Autobot Troopers, who were all paralyzed from getting stunned as the Decepticon carried the last of the crates out.

Decepticon 3: (Carries the crates out of the vault) That's a lot of weapons... (Placed them onto a pile) If this Fallen Bot is so smart, he would have had us bring in a much bigger vessel.

The Decepticon was looking out at the Autobots until he heard a Blaster being activated, as he turned around and saw the other pointing one right at him as he stood next to the crates.

Decepticon 3: (Points his Blaster at the quiet Decepticon) Let me guess, the Fallen told you to kill me as soon as we loaded the merchandise.

Silent Decepticon: (Sighs as he looked at his wrist, displaying the time) No, no no no, I kill the Pilot. (Circles around the Decepticon)

Decepticon 3: (Raises a brow) Pilot? (Sees the Decepticon in question staring at him as he stopped next to a wall) What Pilot-!

Suddenly, the back of a ship was crashing through the wall the Decepticon aiming a Blaster at his so called partner, as the concrete fall all over him.

Decepticon 3: (Gets crushed by the crashing ship) AHH! (Gets buried beneath)

Decepticon 5: (Gets out from the back) Moment of Truth! Time to go! (Looks at the Autobots as he is being handed the crates) Those scum aren't getting up aren't they? (Places each of the crates inside of the ship) Man, those are a lot of weapons! (Places a crate in and turn to look around) Hey, what happened to the rest of the Bots?

Those were his last words as the Decepticon then shot at the Pilot dead, making him fall to the floor as the mysterious walked over to grab the grenade out of the Trooper's hand and went grab the last shipment as Cheetor watched the Con.

Cheetor: (Glared at the Decepticon) You think you're so smart, huh? (Makes the Decepticon stop and turn around to his attention) Whoever this Fallen bozo is, he'll just do the same to you... (Groans as he struggled to move, the Decepticon get out his grenade) I've seen Decepticons work before, but you, you kill out of random... (The Decepticon walks towards him closer) Just what exactly do you believe in, huh? What do you believe in?! (Gets his Helm gripped by the Con)

Silent Decepticon: (Places the grenade inside Cheetor's mouth) I believe that I am the only one in in existence that will make this entire Universe...

He takes his mask off, and apparently a disguise equipment off too as his Paintjob was Black and Brown, as he is none other then the Fallen himself, as he looked at Cheetor with his most frightening, yet menacing stare that would make the Copper Bot have nightmares.

Fallen: (Looks down at Cheetor) Burn... (Smiles evilly as he chuckled)

He then got up and left Cheetor to the ground with a grenade inside his mouth still as he hopped inside the ship and flown out of the building, making Cheetor accidentally open up the lead to the grenade.

Cheetor: (Widened his Optics as the grenade is opened) MMM! MMM! (Grenade detonates, as white puffy smoke came out of it, it caused the Autobot to sigh in relief) Mmm...

Meanwhile with the Fallen, he flown the ship into the air traffic, blending in with it as Autobot Elite Guard ships arrived, the Fallen activated his Comms Channel while he looked down at Cybertron.

Fallen: (Looks down at Iacon) This your Master speaking... I have the weapons myself, and they shall be delivered onto a safe location.

Cyclonus: (On Channel) Of course Master, are we ready to proceed?

Fallen: (Grips his hand into a fist) Soon Cyclonus, but first, it's time for the Decepticons to know that I'm back...

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