Episode 2: Live Like Legends Part 2

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In the streets of Detroit, two men were Being chased by the police due to the fact that they robbed a thrift store as the suspects shot at the police through the night.

Thief 1: (Shoots at the police cruiser) Go back to eating donuts, you stupid ass cops!(shoots at the cruiser's tires)

Police Officer 1: (Gets his car tire shot) UGH! (Crashes his car into a tree)

Police Officer 2: (Gets out of the car and grabs his police radio) Dispatch, we have two armed men with loaded firearms heading to Bellevue, I repeat-!

Thief 2: (Smiles) HA! Those cops didn't see that one coming!

Thief 1: Yeah, at his rate, nothing in this town is gonna stop us!

Rodimus: (Jumps in front of the car, making it stop as he looked down at the two thieves) I wouldn't count on that.

Thief 2: (Widens his expression) Crap! Pull back!

Thief 1: Got it! (Pulls the car back)

Bumblebee: Hey! (Lands behind the car, making it stop as he looked down at the two) got somewhere you need to be?

Thief 2: (Looks up at Bumblebee) What the f-?!

Thief 1: (Floors the pedal) Hang on, this is going to be one big turn off! (Turns to the street on the left, and then he crashed into Bulkhead's Wrecking Ball) ARGH!

Bulkhead: (Stands in the street with his Wrecking Ball as he looked down at the two) Huh, I didn't even swung the thing. (Pulls his Wrecking Ball back) Are you both alright?

Bumblebee and Rodimus walked over to the street as the Thieves got out their guns and shot at the Autobots, their bullets pointlessly reflected off their Chestplates.

Rodimus: (Raises a brow) Are you guys serious right now?

Bulkhead: I can't believe this, and I just apologized!

Bumblebee: (Grabs the 1st Thief) You got the other one?

Rodimus: (Grabs the 2nd) Yep. (Lifts him up to face him)

Thief 2: (Turns to Rodimus as he is held in his grip and then shoots at his face as he closed his eyes) AHHHHH! (Gun clicks as he opened his eyes and saw that there were hardly any bullet holes on the Autobot's face) Huh?

Rodimus: (Grabs the gun off the Thief's hand) Are you done now? (Drops the gun to the ground)

Thief 2: (Wrestles his arms out and punches at Rodimus, only to have his hand hurt really bad) ARGH! (Grabs his hand) My hand!

Rodimus: (Smirks) Now see, if the bullets don't work on sentient Robots, then why do the punching? (Turns to Bumblebee and Bulkhead) I never really understood that.

Soon, the police arrived and the Thieves were placed in handcuffs as the Autobots looked over their latest accomplishment.

Bumblebee: (Looks at the Thieves being placed in the police cruiser) I have to say, it's good to be back here on Earth. (Turns to Bulkhead and Rodimus) I almost forgotten how much adventure there was on this planet.

Bulkhead: (Smiled at Bumblebee) Well it's good to be having you back here Lil Buddy, things aren't the same without ya.

Rodimus: I'm guessing you're not going to be staying here for good though.

Bumblebee: (Nodded) Only as long as I have to be, I have responsibilities to do on Cybertron now that I'm a part of the Elite Guard.

Bulkhead: (Widened his brow) Look at you Bumblebee, you definitely have changed a lot.

Bumblebee: I'm not the same as you knew me Bulkhead, not after-! (Pauses) ...Not after what happened before.

Rodimus: (Placed his hands on his own waist) Well we're be happy to have you and your team as long as you need to be.

Bumblebee: That's good to hear.

Police Officer 1: (Shoves the 2nd Thief towards the cruiser) Come on, get a move on.

Rodimus: (Noticing the officer having a hard time) Hey, you need some assistance officer?

Police Officer 1: (Looks up at Rodimus and had a nervous expression) Uh, you know what, we're good pal.

Rodimus: You sure? That fella over there looks like he's-

Police Officer 1: I said we're good. (Turns away from Rodimus)

Bulkhead: (Raises a brow) What's that guy's problem?

Thief 1: (Turns to the Autobots with a prideful look) His problem is with you! You dumb Robots! (Struggles in the officers' hold as he turned to look at them) Yeah, that's right! Nobody doesn't want your help anymore, so go back to where you came from! (Spits on the ground) Hehehaha!

Bumblebee: (Raises a brow) Now what's that supposed to mean?

News: (Displayed on several TV screens as Rodimus turns to them) -Despite news of the President's arrival, the National Security Adviser, Theodore Galloway continues to spread fear among fellow Detrioters... (Shows an image of Galloway) As he continues to make speeches about how the Autobots are a threat, and-!

Rodimus: (Lowers his brow) I may have a feeling about what...

Later at the junkyard, the Autobots were inside an old warehouse looking at Galloway's information as they looked over previous speeches recently.

Ratchet: (Folds his Servos as he looked at a picture of Galloway) There were other Organics that have an opinion about us, but this particular Organic has a lot on his mind.

Jazz: To be honest, the guy ain't too much of a fan about us.

Crosshairs: (Lies down on a couch) So what you're saying is that this guy's a hater, right?

Rodimus: (Nods) That sounds just about right.

Sideswipe: (Scoffs) Call him what you want, but to me, that one is a moron.

Ratchet: You said the words right out of my mouth Sideswipe.

Bulkhead: Even if that's the case, we should at least try to make him change his mind about us.

Arcee: He's right, everyone on Earth seems to listen to him, so perhaps we could-

Bumblebee: (Shakes his Helm) I doubt we could change his mind, people like him are too stubborn to change what they think.

Rodimus: Besides, Galloway isn't the one who's important. (Displays a picture of the President) This man is considered to be one of the primary World leaders here on Earth, and everyone on this territoy calls him the President of the United States.

Springer: (Raises a brow) I thought he was only called the President?

Jazz: He is, he's just been called both ways.

Springer: Ah... (Placed a hand on his chin) Interesting...

Minerva: Well it's worth a good shot, people look up to him the most.

Ironhide: But how are we supposed to know if that will even work? People don't seem to like us like they did before.

Rodimus: We have to try Ironhide. (Turns to a window overlooking a view of the city) Optimus Prime worked so hard to get the public to trust him and the rest of us. (Turns back to the Autobots) I believe it's our duty to honor that and do the same thing he once did before.

Bulkhead: Does that mean we have to do it now?

Rodimus: Tomorrow when the President arrives in Detroit.

Ironhidr: Ah, crap.

Crosshairs: (Smirked) At least the rest of us don't have to go there.

Bumblebee: (Folds his Servod) That goes for you too Crosshairs.

Crosshairs: (Widened his Optics) Oh come on!

Brawn: (Grinned) You were saying?

The Autobots left to their rooms, except for Arcee and Ratchet, who stayed in the main room as the Pink Femme looked over the view of the city, with the Red and White Firld Medic walking over to her.

Ratchet: (Walks over to Arcee) You doing alright Arcee?

Arcee: (Looks over to Ratchet) I'm okay Ratchet, I'm just thinking about how terrified some people are of us now.

Ratchet: (Places a hand on her shoulder) It'll be alright. (Looks at the city) Besides, this kind of thing happened before, back when Megatron came back for the first time in 50 years, we managed to pull through with the Humans, we'll find a way to pull through with then again.

Arcee: Maybe... (Turnd to the window) How do you think Cybertron is doing right now?

Ratchet: (Smiled) Probably faring much better than us right now...

Meanwhile, back on Cybertron, we turned to Ultra Magnus awakening from Stasis, as he got up from his Berth only to receive a call on his HUD.

Ultra Magnus: (Answers the call) This is Ultra Magnus speaking.

Cliffjumper: (Comms Channel) Ultra Magnus, you're needed from Alpha Trion, there's been a break in!

Ultra Magnus: (Raises a brow) Where?

Later, Ultra Magnus arrived on the scene as he Transformed into Robot Mode and looked around inside the warehouse, he noticed an Offline Decepticon lying on the floor while technicians examined the body.

Alpha Trion: (Finished talking to an Autobot Trooper and turned to take notice of Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus, I'm glad you're here.

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Alpha Trion) What happened Alpha Trion?

Alpha Trion: (Points out to the rest of the area) I'm afraid a group of Decepticons managed to locate their weapons from the Great War and took them back.

Perceptor: (Walks next to Alpha Trion) Those weapons are known to have brutal results when placed in the wrong hands.

Ultra Magnus: (Closes his Optics) I see... (Opened them up) How many Casualties?

Alpha Trion: There's been four, but strangely, those five happen to be Decepticons.

Ultra Magnus: (Widens his Optics) Decepticons? How-?

Cliffjumper: (Walks to Ultra Magnus with Warpath) Whatever killed the Cons weren't any of the Autobots, that's for sure. (Gets out a datapad and uploads the footage from the robbery) Turns out the Cons managed to off each other one by one. (Shows footage of Cheetor stunning one of the Decepticons) Except for this one, Cheetor managed to get one of them taken out before he was incapacitated.

Warpath: (Folds his Servos) He's currently in custody, but this one wasn't the one who caused his buddys to die.

Ultra Magnus: Then who did?

Cliffjumper: (Shows footage of the escape) This one is the one that escaped with the weapons. (Shows footage of the Fallen shooting the pilot) We don't know who this is in particular, but whoever that is, he certainly gave Cheetor a fright.

Ultra Magnus: (Looks at the footage of the Fallen taking off his mask) Wait, stop there! (Looks at the paused screen and saw the Fallen's face, widening his Optics) No... It can't be!

Cliffjumper: (Raises a brow) Sir? What's wrong?

Alpha Trion: (Looks at the screenshot, widening his Optics as well) Oh Primus, it's him again!

Warpath: (Raises a brow) Is that Con someone we should know about?

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Cliffjumper) Cliffjumper, I want you to go back to Cybertron Command and set out a high alert for this Bot, and tell them to contact me directly, do not engage until I arrive!

Cliffjumper: (Gives a confused look) Sir, is there something we're missing about him? Who is he?

Ultra Magnus: (Turns around to look at the city of Iacon as he gripped his Hammer) That Con was someone from a very long time ago, and if that is who I think it is, then I fear that it will only be a matter of time until he strikes again...

Somewhere on Cybertron, a prison truck was moving along a lonely Cybertronian road as the Autobot Troops rided inside Dug Base, looking after the Decepticon Prisoners.

Dug Base: (In his Alt Mode) We're about 30 more Cycles until we reach the Nucleon Mines, so it's gonna be a while.

Autobot Trooper 1: Thanks Dug. (Turns to his fellow soldier)

Autobot Trooper 2: (Folded his Servos as he looks at the prisoners) So these are the Decepticons that got their Afts handed to them, huh?

Autobot Trooper 1: (Looks at Strika) Yeah, rumor has it that some of these Cons were still loyal to Megatron, even right after he's lost his Processor.

Autobot 2: (Looks at Lugnut) Huh, I wonder if these Bots are dumb enough to follow Megatron, even after he went Offline. (Chuckled)

Lugnut: (Turns to the Trooper angrily) Rah! Lies! Megatron lives! Megatron will return to have revenge!

Autobot Trooper 2: (Raises an amused brow) Well if that's true, then where's he at? Oh wait, he's in space as a floating pile of ash!

Lugnut: (Roars angrily and stuck his arm out to try and grab the Trooper) FOOL! Just wait until I escape and I will crush your Helm into pieces!

Autobot Trooper 1: (Placed a hand on his friend's shoulder) Hey, let's settle down on tormenting the prisoners, the last thing need is for them to get too agitated. (Turns around and leaves)

Autobot Trooper 2: (Follows his friend) What? I'm just messing around...

Lugnut: (Sees the Autobots leaving a growled) RAAAGH! (Extends his arm towards the Autobots) Get back here, you Autobot scum!

Strika: (Sits in her seat as she sighed) It's no use, my love. (Turns to Lugnut) Shouting isn't going to bring those Autobots back, and neither will it bring back Lord Megatron.

Lugnut: (Turns to Strika) No! No my love, Lord Megatron still lives! All we have to do is wait and-!

Strika: (Stands up) And what? Let our Plates rust from working in the mines? (Places both hands on her Bondmate's neck) I hate myself for saying, but Lord Megatron is gone... If he was Online, he would have sent a message by now... (Let's go of his neck) But we will have time to mourn later... Right now, we need to escape and return to the Blue Planet to exact our revenge.

Lugnut: (Lowers his Helm before looking up at his Bondmate) Yes, but how do we get out of this confinement?

Strika: (Looks around) We'll escape eventually, those Autobot fools cannot hold us forever.

Outside the convoy, a circular device was seen flying towards Dug Base, and landed on top of the roof of his Alt Mode.

Dug Base: (Felt a tap on him) Hey, do you need something?

Autobot Trooper 1: (Inside the cockpit with his partner) No, we're fine Dug.

Dug Base: Then why did you tap me?

Autobot Trooper 2: (Raises a brow) None of us tapped you.

Dug Base: Then who-!

Suddeny, electricity starts flowing all over him, affecting the Autobots inside as they got knocked into Stasis Lock, a Decepticon ship flown next to Dug Base, as the landing ramp was lowered, Nightbird was seen walking down along with Shockwave and a small Decepticon, who was wearing a robe around, and it was strangely the size of a human being as it flown next to the two Cons.

Shockwave: (Takes a curious look at the Decepticon) Just tell me who exactly is that with you Nightbird, I never seen him before.

Nightbird: (Walks to the trunk) It's a she, and Luke I told you before, she's my companion. (Gets out her Sais) Now shall we get this over with?

Shockwave: As always, ladies first.

Nightbird then slashed at the doors, unlocking them as they opened up, revealing Lugnut, Strika, and the remains of Team Chaar as they got of the back.

Oil Slick: (Looks at Shockwave and Nightbird) About time you got here.

Blackout: Where were you? We've been waiting for Deca-Cycles now!

Barricade: (Got out of the ship) Took us longer to find a ship capable for us.

Shockwave: We apologize for the long wait.

Strika: We're here now Shockwave, the rest doesn't matter anymore.

Lugnut: (Gets his Stasis Cuffs off of him) Right now, we need to return to that Planet the Autobots swore to protect and avenge Lord Megatron!

Astrotrain: (Grins) I agree, let's destroy those Autobots!

Nightbird: Whoa, Boys, Boys, Boys! Now wait a Nano Click, there's somewhere we need to go first.

Shockwave: (Raises an Optic brow) We do?

Mindwipe: (Walks out of the ship to look at his fellow Decepticons) Yes, we have a message to come meet and greet, the coordinates are already on set.

Strika: Who is it from?

Meanwhile in deep Space, Starscream was on his warship, sitting on his throne getting a report from Cyclonus.

Starscream: (Raises a brow) What do you mean you don't know who?

Cyclonus: (Stands before Starscream) The one who sent the Transmission was anomalyous, he wouldn't give out his Designation.

Tarn: (Walks next to Cyclonus) But he did send in coordinates to his location.

Rumble: And why would he do so?

Tarn: The message was said that he wanted to talk.

Starscream: About what?

Cyclonus: It is unclear, but perhaps we should consider meeting this mystery Bot.

Blitzwing: (Turnd Hot) So we can get caught in an ambush?! Frag that! (Turns Icy) Indeed, ze fact on that transmission sounds very odd.

Tarn: But imagine how much resources he may have, we could benefit from this so much that we can have enough firepower to turn the Autobots into ashes.

Starscream: (Places a finger on his chin) Hm... That sounds like a good idea. (Smiles) Well then, make a deal, or steal the resources, we're coming for him either way. (Turns to Blitzwing) Plot a course on those coordinates! We're moving to the location now!

Blitzwing: (Icy nodded) Yes mein liege. (Leaves)

Blitzwing manned the warship and placed in the coordinates, and soon enough, they Transwarped out of the area, while with the poyalist party, they all drew onto the ship as they flown out of Cybertron.

Strika: (Sits in a seat next to Lugnut) Plot a course to these coordinates, I want to know who we're speaking to.

Nightbird: (Nodded) As you wish.

Once they plotted a course, they Transwarped their way out of Cybertron Space, the Blue ball forming around them until it disappears, leaving the oncoming Autobot ships to find nothing but a clear spot...

Later, both Loyalist and Renegade factions Transwarped into the Planet Thrull, as they appeared on opposite sides of meteor, which had some kind of outpost set up on it.

Strika: (Is on the left side of the outpost as she looked at it) Hmm, one of our old bases from the War...

Barricade: Why would this moron want us to meet here?

Shockwave: (Flies the ship) That is puzzling...

Lugnut: (Turns to Nightbird and Mindwipe) Are you two sure this is the right coordinates?

Nightbird: It's what we pulled up.

Strika: Fly the ship in, I want to meet this contact at once.

Shockwave: On it.

They landed on the left side while the Decepticons on the right side of the outpost where slowly landing their ship on the rocky surface, as the landing ramp was loaded, several Decepticons, including Starscream, Rumble, Tarn, Cyclonus, Blitzwing, and Soundwave were seen walking down the ramp and towards the outpost.

Starscream: (Has an unamused expression as he walked behind his servants) So this is the place this messenger has sent?

Tarn: These are the coordinates he has sent us, oh Great Leader.

Starscream: (Placed his hand on his chin) Fine, I just hope this isn't a waste of my own time right now...

The Renegades walked inside, as both sides start to get closer and closer to each other every passing second, as they walked inside of a large, empty, open space room that is big enough to fit in war cannons, as lights started to flicker on, and they both catch other visually, all taking sudden surprises to one another.

Strika: (Raises a brow at Starscream) Starscream?!

Starscream: (Widened his Optics) It's you! You-! (Placed his hand on his chin) Uh, what's your name again lady? I don't remember your name.

Lugnut: (Growls angrilly as he saw Starscream: TRAITOR!

Starscream: (Sighed in annoyance) Oh, and you're here too, you I recognize.

Strika: What is this madness?! Is this your doing?

Starscream: (Glares at the Loyalists) MY doing?! How do I know it's not YOUR idea in the first place?!

Astrotrain: Well clearly, you're very good at lying-

Rumble: Oh please! Who here in this room hasn't said one lie the first time?!

Shockwave: Obviously, this would be your first time that you have been lying to yourselves, do you people truly believe Starscream is the leader we were meant to have?

Blitzwing: (Turns Hot) At least he isn't trying to blow us all to bits with a Fragging bomb!

Barricade: And that gives you an excuse to leave for this traitor?!

Starscream: If I am a traitor, then would that make it for all of my servants standing next to him loyally?

Soundwave: (Stands next to Starscream) We are at least 26% loyal to Starscream

Starscream: (Turns to Soundwave) No one told you to talk Soundwave! (Turns back to the Loyalists) Still, I'm trying to bring the Decepticons to glory while you are trying to avenge a death of a mad Mech!

?: (In the shadows) Hehehehe...

Starscream: (Raises a brow as he heard someone laughing) Hey! What's so funny?! (Turns to his group) Who's laughing?!

Rumble: (Shrugged) Not us sir.

Starscream: (Turns to the Loyalists) Hey! What's so funny?!

Shockwave: (Looks around the room) It's not us, you dolt!

Starscream: Then who's laughing?!

Suddenly, as the laughing continued, someone stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to the Decepticons, as the Fallen laughed, he walked in between the two sides.

Fallen: (Slows down on the laughing) Hehehehe, oh, I could've said that so much better.

Strika: (Raises a brow when she noticed the Fallen) Who are you supposed to be?

Fallen: (Looks at his wrists) Yes, I heard you wouldn't have heard of me by now... (Steps on a stool) I am one of the last who has lived for Billions of Stellar Cycles, seen the beginning of the Universe itself, and the rise and fall of our empire... I am the Fallen.

No one said anything for 5 seconds, until Starscream started making a snickering noise, and then began to laugh hysterically as he started to sit down on a table.

Starscream: (Closes his Optics and pounds on the table) Hahahahahahahahahah! (Slows down) Ok, ok, hold on! (Turns to the Fallen) You're telling each and every one of us, that your name's "The Fallen"? (Bursts up laughing again) HAHAHA! Why are you called that? Did you trip and fall on your Helm so hard that your Processor is going on a Glitch? HAHAHAHA!

Fallen: (Looks unamused at Starscream's reaction) Are you done?

Starscream: (Slows down and breathes) Oh, okay, okay, I'm done now.

Strika: (Looks suspiciously at the Fallen) What do you want?

Fallen: Oh, well I'm so glad you asked that question, because I want each and every single one of you in this room to kneel.

Shockwave: (Raises an Optic) What?

Starscream: (Amusement stops) Wait, what now?

Barricade: What did you say?

Everyone started to make questioning sounds as the Fallen started to get out a Sword that came directly from his wrists and swung it in the air several times as he looked at the two groups.

Fallen: (Stares at both sides) Kneel... (Smiled sinisterly) Before your Master.

Starscream: (Starts to glare at the Fallen) Alright, this isn't funny anymore. (Turns to a Decepticon Renegade) You, kill this fool!

Fallen: Oh, don't start so hasty. (Stabs the Sword to the ground) Here, let me show you a trick. (Gets out a knife and places it upward on the table) I am going to make this knife disappear before your very Optics.

Decepticon Renegade: (Walks to the Fallen) Alright you showoff, you chose the wrong-! (Tries to shoot at the Fallen, only for him to grab and twist his Servo) ARRAGH!

Fallen: (Grabs the back of his head and placed it down onto the knife, stopping his screams) There. (Throws the body down on the floor) Nice trick huh? (Points out at the body) Oh, and that's how we used to do it back in my day.

Strika: (Turns to her side) Destroy him!

Fallen: Wait, wait! (Sighs) Ok, I've done this the wrong way, let's just try again. (Sits on the table) I am the Fallen, and I am here to lead you.

Starscream: (Raises a brow) Lead us?! (Turns to the Fallen) Now you listen to me, there must be someone who has the intelligence to lead the Decepticons to victory, and that someone is me! So why should I let some second rate loser take my place when I just got it?! (Moves to hit the Fallen)

Fallen: (Caught Starscream's fist and turned to him) Because... (Stands up) I know Cybertron from the back of my Processor. (Grips his fist hard) And you're right, someone with intelligence must lead us all to victory, unlike a typical idiot, who thinks he can truly be a leader by wearing a cape and a crown! (Uses his other Servo to rip the cape off and hits Starscream in the face, taking his crown off)

Starscream: (Falls to the ground and looks up at the Fallen) You fool! I have brought back warships and united an army of Decepticons! Enough to break through to Cybertron!

Fallen: Yes, I heard of your petty attempt last Solar Cycle, and I'm sure everyone in here knows exactly how that went.

Shockwave: But you fail to mention why we should let you lead us.

Fallen: (Turns to Shockwave) Because I can get each one of you two of the most valuable things that you all seek.

Rumble: (Folded his Servos) And what would that be?

Fallen: Revenge, and restoration of the Decepticon name.

Astrotrain: What makes you think the Decepticon name needs restoration?!

Fallen: Well let's date back to four Stellar Cycles now. (Walks in a forward/backward route) You see, four Stellar Cycles ago, you were the most fiercest beings in the Universe, and despite your previous failure in the War, no Autobot would ever dare to cross in your path, not even their Magnus and their worthless Council. (Chuckled) You were practically the strongest of them all, so what happened? Did you manage to defeat the Autobots once and for all? (Looks around at everyone) No, you started to fail, over and over again, because you were following a blind leader.

Lugnut: (Growls) Liar! Lord Megatron is a great leader! Lord Megatron-!

Fallen: Is nothing, but ashes in Space now. (Places his hands behind his back) And let me count off the number of failures in recent years; First, Megatron failed to take the Allspark, which resulted in it being shattered to pieces by a mere Autobot, second, he failed to bring us to Cybertron through their own technology, only for a massive giant to come in and take you all down like you were mere bugs, third, he failed to destroy both of Cybertron's and Earth's cities, and he got defeated by the same mere Autobot, who used the Magnus Hammer to bring him on his back, and then last, but not least, he failed to take that Human Planet as his own and destroy Cybertron.

Soundwave: (Makes a curious point) What's the point?

Fallen: (Stands in front of both groups) My point is that Megatron failed, not just his goals, but he failed you all as a leader; taking the Synthetic Energon turned him mad, causing his mind to loose focus of the real mission, and he had thus humiliated himself and all of you in Cycles...

Barricade: Well you're wrong about that, we're not humiliated, we are strong.

Fallen: Are you? (Folded his Servos) If you're strong, then why aren't you standing together then? (Took notice of the two sides looking at each other) Look at yourselves, a long time ago, nothing could stand in your way, and now you're all reduced into Protoforms playing tug of war, because you're all useless without a leader, and what you need is a leader. (Glares down at Starscream) A true leader, that is.

Strika: (Looks at the Fallen) And you think you're one who should do so?

Fallen: I would have thought the dead Mech behind me would prove so otherwise.

Strika: (Folds her Servos) Our allegiance is to Lord Megatron only, even if he is Offline, we will carry his Designation with us to the Cosmos on our own!

Blitzwing: (Turns Hot) I don't like those inzane Mechs over zhere! (Turns Icy) But then again, we just met you, and we clearly do not know anything about you.

Rumble: Yeah, you can't just come bursting in here and tell us you're gonna lead us just like that!

Fallen: You didn't seem that bothered with Starscream.

Blitzwing: (Turns Hot) He didn't stab that Mech in zhe head!

Blackout: Yeah, I think we're good on our own.

Strika: (Activates her weapons along with everyone else) Surrender yourself, or else you will be annihilated.

Starscream: (Stands up) Yeah! (Makes a narrow look at Strika) Like she said.

Fallen: (Blows some air) You know, I was almost expecting this to happen, so for those who work for me, you all know what to do now.

Suddenly, Nightbird, Tarn, Mindwipe, and Cyclonus pulled out their weapons and placed the groups they were at in a vulnerable position, as Nightbird had one Sai at Shockwave's throat, and the other at Barricade's Chestplate, while Cyclonus pointed his Purple Lightsabers at Starscream and Soundwave, Mindwipe had his Claws dangerously placed at Strika and Lugnut's Chestplates, and Tarn pointed his Blaster at Astrotrain, Rumble, and whatever is left of Team Chaar as they took their comrades by surprise, the small Decepticon flew up on the Fallen's shoulder.

Strika: (Sees Mindwipe placing his Claws at her Chestplate) What is the meaning of this?!

Starscream: (Felt a Lightsaber dangerously close to his Chestplate as he turned to Cyclonus) Hey! What are you doing?! I'm your leader!

Cyclonus: (Shook his Helm) You were never a leader of anything.

Fallen: (Walks around the groups) If you're wondering why the ones you call ally are doing this is because they work for me, in fact, they plead their allegiance to me long before they were apart of you.

Shockwave: (Felt Nightbird pressing a pointed Sai at him) The Transmission, all of this was so you could lead us all here, wasn't it?!

Fallen: Well, I wasn't lying about the weapons, everything else however was an elaborate ruse just to bring you all here.

Starscream: (Points at the small Decepticon) And what about him? Or her? Who is that supposed to be?

Fallen: She, is none of your concern, unless you make it her concern. (Turns to Starscream) Now, what's it gonna be?

Starscream: (Looks around the room before looking at the Fallen) Ok, I think we can agree to your terms.

Fallen: Just as I thought. (Turns to the Loyalists) What about you? Changed your mind?

Lugnut: (Glared at the Fallen) Never! We rather die than give up Lord Megatron!

Strika: (Looks at the Fallen) We'll be fine without you!

Fallen: (Nodded) Alright then... (Turns to Nightbird, Mindwipe and Tarn) Release them.

Suddenly, Tarn, Nightbird and Mindwipe drew back their weapons from the Loyalists, confusing all of them.

Strika: (Raises a brow) You're letting us go?

Starscream: (Raises a brow) You aren't going to Slag them?!

Fallen: I asked if you wanted to surrender, and you did. (Points at the Loyalists) They didn't, so they're free to go, I never said anything about killing in that process.

Starscream: (Points at the small Decepticon) Then why did you threaten me with her?!

Fallen: I meant to say that you would make her concern by anyone trying to attack me.

Shockwave: (Rubs his neck) Why let us go?

Fallen: (Turns to the Loyalists) Well, I had Cyclonus and Nightbird study each, and every single one of you while they with you the whole time, and they informed me that each of you have a particular talent that I am interested in.

Strika: We're not going to join you.

Fallen: Oh I wasn't tell you to join me, I was asking you. (Points out to the door) And I'm letting you and your group leave, so that you may have time to consider. (Waves his hands in the air) But then again, if you get caught by the Autobots once more, then I'll know where to find you.

The Loyalist party didn't say a word, only sought the opportunity they were given as they walked out of the room, with the Fallen watching over the group.

Small Decepticon: (Stands on the Fallen's shoulder as she turned to him) Should we go after them Father?

Fallen: (Turns to the Small Decepticon) No Misary, they'll change their minds in due time...

Back on Earth, Cade was at school, alone in a classroom as he worked on some school work, until he heard a noise coming from the hallways.

Cade; (Raises a brow) What the hell? (Walks to the door and opens it, looking around the hallway as he got out of the classroom) Huh... (Turns around) Must have been-!

Cade turned around, only to see Megatron standing before him, taking him by suprise.

Megatron: (Looks damaged as Energon bled out, and he was missing an Optic as he glared down at Cade) Hello Child.

Cade; (Widened his eyes) Megatron?! (Falls down to the floor) OOF! (Turns to look up at Megatron) It can't be! You're supposed to be dead!

Megatron: (Activates his other Cannon and aims at Cade) Think again...

Megatron fired the shot, causing Cade to scream, only to open his eyes and saw that he was in his room, laying on his bed as Maggie laid next to him groaning in sleep, Cade looked around while panting.

Cade: (Panted) What the hell?

Maggie: (Moaned as she got up) You're awake already.

Cade: (Turns to Maggie) Hey... (Moves to kiss her on the cheek) How are you doing?

Maggie: (Rubbed her eyes) Fine... (Saw Cade going to put on his shirt) Are you okay?

Cade: (Puts his shirt on) Yeah, I'm fine. (Turns to Maggie) Why do you ask?

Maggie: Well, I heard you say, "What the hell', so I thought you might have had a bad dream.

Cade: (Scratches his head) Yeah, but it's nothing, just some bad memories. (Hears honking) Whoa, who do you think that is?

Maggie: Could be Rodimus, Ironhide, Bulkhead, it could be anybody.

Cade: Let's check it out.

The two got out of the house as they noticed a Black and Golden Compact, as it had Autobot Elite Guard Symbols placed on the doors as they both took a good look at it.

Maggie: (Turns to Cade) Is that who I think it is?

Cade: (Looks at the car) Yeah... (Walks to the car) Hey, Bumblebee, is that you?

Bumblebee: (In his Alt Mode) No, it's Cliffjumper! (Transforms into his Robot Mode, smiling) Who do you think it is?

Maggie: (Gasps in excitement) You're back!

Cade: (Looks at Bumblebee) Hey! (Looks at the Paint Job) You changed your colors!

Bumblebee: You like it?

Cade: Oh yeah, it's really lit!

Maggie: Hey, when did you come back?

Bumblebee: Last night. (Transforms into his Alt Mode) Now come on, you'll be late for school!

Cade: Alright! (Gets inside of Bumblebee)

Bumblebee: (Opens his door for Maggie) Hey, where's Tessa at?

Maggie: (Gets inside of Bumblebee) She's with her boyfriend right now, sometimes every once in a while, she sleeps at his place.

Cade; (Buckles his seat belt in) Yeah, she should be at school by now though. (Honks the horn) Now come on! Let's ride!

Bumblebee: Cool! (Drives out of the driveway and into the street as he got a call) This is Bumblebee.

Rodimus: (Driving somewhere in the city) Hey, I'm heading into City Hall, see if I can get a glimpse at one of Galloway's speeches.

Bumblebee: You're on a recon mission? Let me go out and-

Rodimus: No, I got this on my own, you just worry about getting Cade and Maggie into school.

Bumblebee: Alright then, good luck! (Ends the call) So it's the new school, right?

Cade: Yeah, it's just up this way...

Back with Rodimus, he drove onto the street and into an alleyway, as he Transformed into Robot Mode and climbed up onto a building and into the roof, as he knelt down to take a look at the crowd gathered around City Hall, with Galloway standing in front of a podium as cameras were pointed in his direction.

Galloway: (Stands in front of a podium) -Now this city used to be normal! A decent place to live in, and now parents are afraid to even let their own children out in the daylight, because of the monsters that roam these streets!

Rodimus: (Groaned) Monsters? As if!

Springer: (Walks next to Rodimus) That man is certainly out of his Neural Processor, that's for sure.

Rodimus: (Turns around and sees Springer) Hey, weren't you supposed to be at the Base?

Springer: (Sits next to the Prime) Jazz figured you'd be bored, so he sent me here to keep you company.

Rodimus: (Turns to look at the crowd) Thanks, but as for everything else, I got it from here.

Springer: (Chuckled as he nodded) That's what everyone says.

Galloway: (Looks around the crowd) -And if we do not stand up, these Robots, these Transformers, will come back and annihilate us all! Trust me on my words, danger will be upon us all!

Suddenly, an explosion occurred at the parking lot, causing many civilians to panic and run all over the place as Galloway was then escorted out of the stage, and then Blackout and Oil Slick appeared, wreaking chaos around them.

Blackout: (Noticed people getting in their cars to escape) Hahahaha! I don't think so Humans! (Uses his Blackout ability to cut power all over the area, causing the cars to die and not function and resulting in some getting into a crash) Yes! No one can escape!

Oil Slick: (Throws explosive vials onto the empty cars) Don't get too cocky, just remember the real objective!

Blackout: Yeah, I know!

As the Decepticons were causing lots of property damage, Rodimus and Springer looked from the rooftop, taking notice of Blackout and Oil Slick's appearances.

Springer: (Noticed Oil Slick and Blackout) Decepticons!

Rodimus: (Activated his Comms) This is Rodimus Prime! We have Decepticon activity on City Hall! Does anyone copy?

Crosshairs: (Comms Channel) Yo, Swiper and I read you, we're on our way! (Ends call)

Rodimus: (Activated his Crossbow) It's going to be a while before backup arrives. (Turns to Springer) Let's keep the Decepticons off from the pedestrians until they arrive!

Springer: (Nodded) Lead the way!

The two Autobots dropped down from the roof and entered the street as Blackout was about to stomp his foot onto a protester, Rodimus fired an Arrow, causing it to explode onto Blackout's Chestplate and fall to the ground, his massive Pede moving away from the civilain as he fell onto his back, which drawn Oil Slick's attention as he noticed Rodimus Prime and Springer's appearances.

Oil Slick: (Looks at Rodimus) Well well well, looked who dropped in on the party?

Rodimus: (Aimed his Arrows at the Decepticons) Stand down Oil Slick! I don't know how you got out, but you're going back to where you came from!

Oil Slick: (Smirked) Well then you'll just have to catch up with me Autobot! (Transforms into his Alt Mode as he drifted next to Blackout) I'll take the target, you just keep the Green Autobot busy! (Drives away)

Springer: (Noticed Oil Slick driving away) He's getting away!

Rodimus: After him! (Sprints towards Oil Slick, but gets knocked down by Blackout) UGH! (Falls onto his back)

Blackout: (Stands in front of Rodimus) You're gonna have to go through me Autobot! (Attempts to stomp onto Rodimus)

Springer: (Gets out Blue Kunais and throws them at Blackout's Pede) Take this!

Blackout: (Gets his Pede stabbed by Kunais) OW! (Grabs his Pede while jumping up and down) My foot!

Springer: (Gets Rodimus up) You go after the runaway. (Gets out a Blue Guardian Sword) I'll handle this brute!

Rodimus: (Nodded) Alright. (Transforms into his Alt Mode) Be careful! (Drives away)

Blackout: (Gets the Kunais out of his foot and turned to Springer) You hurt my foot!

Springer: (Swung his Sword around) Well, from where I was standing, you were going to step on my friend back there, and it looked very purposeful.

Blackout: (Glared at Springer) You're gonna pay for that! (Activates his Blasters and aimed at Springer)

Springer: (Blows some air as he got into a defensive position) Here we go...

Springer charged towards Blackout, causing the Decepticon to fire Purple blaster shots at him, while the Green Autobots swung his Sword around to deflect the shots, as slow motion turned up and he was then jumping in the air attacking Blackout while blaster fire were seen flying at him, as we turn back to Rodimus' part, he was continuing to chase after Oil Slick through their respective Alt Modes.

Rodimus: (In his Alt Mode) Stop this and surrender Oil Slick! Make this easy on yourself!

Strika: (Comms Channel) Oil Slick, you have one of the targets?

Oil Slick: (In his Alt Mode) I'm leading one of them right to you now. (Turns right on an alleyway)

Rodimus: (Noticed Oil Slick turning into an alleyway) Hey! Get back here!

Rodimus turned and followed Oil Slick to the alleyway he turned off to, as both Autobot and Decepticon Transformed into their Robot Modes, Rodimus saw that Oil Slick has seemingly ran into a dead end, as the Dark Red and Orange Prime Reactivated his Crossbow and aimed it at Oil Slick, who just raised his hands up in surrender.

Rodimus: (Aims his Crossbow at Oil Slick) You have nowhere else to go! I got you now!

Oil Slick: (Smiled) Oh no, I got you now.

Suddenly, a grenade fell right in front of Rodimus' Pedes, and then it unleashed a shockwave of energy that shocked Rodimus, giving him so much pain as Strika, Lugnut, Astrotrain, and Barricade.

Rodimus: (Gets shocked as he widened his Optics) AHHH! (Falls onto his knees) UGH!

Strika: (Walks behind Rodimus) We were looking forward meeting with you, Autobot.

Rodimus: (Grunted in pain as he saw Strika) General Strika? You're supposed to be in the Nucleon Mines!

Barricade: Guess what, she and her darling Bondmate had an early parole.

Astrotrain: (Smirks) Yeah, and we thought we might wanted to find one of you Bots, you know, just so we can... (Kicks Rodimus' stomach) Hang out!

Rodimus: (Gets kicked in the stomach) GUH! (Falls onto the ground and groaned as he looked at Strika and Lugnut) What are you doing here?

Lugnut: (Slams Rodimus onto his Chest as he held him on the ground with his one Servo) We want answers! That's what!

Strika: We want to know where your base is, now.

Rodimus: Oh sure, it's up your Bondmate's Exhaust Port. (Starts to feel Lugnut's weight go higher) AHH! (Gets lifted and thrown onto the side of a dumpster) ARGH!

Strika: Perhaps this Mech is a little reluctant to comply... (Turns to Barricade and Astrotrain) Barricade, Astrotrain, I think you both would do in "Persuading" this Autobot to cooperate.

Astrotrain: (Chuckled) With pleasure General!

Barricade: (Walks to Rodimus with Astrotrain as he kicked Rodimus' Chestplate against the dumpster) We're so going to enjoy this...

Rodimus opened his Optics to widen them as he saw Astrotrain land a punch right into his face, while back in the new school, Bumblebee just drove into the parking lot, seeing the campus more of a outdoor school as he opened his doors to let Cade and Maggie out.

Cade: (Gets out of the car) Thanks Bee!

Bumblebee: No problem. (Looks around) This is your new school? What happened to the last one?

Maggie: (Gets out her bag) It got closed down after the Decepticon attack there, along with some other schools following the Invasion.

Cade: (Gets out his backpack) Yeah, this school actually sends in every student from all grade levels from Kindergarten to 12th, it's not so bad really. (Shuts the door) We'll see you around then?

Bumblebee: You can count on it. (Drives away) See you guys soon!

Maggie: (Waved her hand) Bye!

Bumblebee drove out of the parking lot and turned to a street as he drove to a stop sign, Bulkhead caught up with him in his Alt Mode as he stopped next to him.

Bulkhead: (Stops next to Bumblebee) Hey there Lil' Buddy, how are you doing?

Bumblebee: Ok, it's just been a while since I came back to Earth, I'm still getting around the Junkyard.

Bulkhead: Well, the Plant got blown up, and we couldn't stay in Knockout's Club for long, so we found that place, and we thought, "Why not?", you know?

Bumblebee: I understand. (Transforms into Robot Mode) Well, it's good to see everyone still doing well here on Earth, despite the reception.

Bulkhead: (Transforms into Robot Mode and walks to Bumblebee) Hey, are you sure you're alright Lil' Buddy? You're looking kinda quiet, is it because-! (Rubs his Helm) Well... Uh...

Bumblebee: (Turns to Bulkhead) It's not about my Dad Bulkhead, I just... (Rubbed his shoulder) Something's missing here...

Bulkhead: What do you mean?

Bumblebee: (Points at the school) You see that place over there? Every day, I'd pick up Cade and Tessa and then I'd drop them off to school every morning, and I was happy to be with them, but what really made me happy a lot was when...

Bulkhead: (Lowers his Helm) Was when Sari was here...

Bumblebee: (Nodded) Yeah... (Turns to look at the city) Things doesn't feel the same around here without her.

Bulkhead: So... Does this mean you won't be staying for long?

Bumblebee: (Turns to Bulkhead) I wish I could turn time around, but things aren't what they used to be anymore... I'm not the Bot you knew me before...

Suddenly, two cars were speeding up on the street Bumblebee and Bulkhead were on, and then they Transformed themselves to revealed as Crosshairs and Sideswipe, as they walked to the two.

Sideswipe: (Turns to Bumblebee) Hey, there's an attack going on at this, "City Hall", and we're sent in to help out.

Crosshairs: Anybody want to come with us?

Bumblebee: (Sighs) I can-!

Bulkhead: (Placed a hand on Bumblebee's shoulder) No Bumblebee, I'll go ahead and handle this, you go ahead back to base and think.

Bumblebee: (Nodded) Thanks. (Turns to Transform and leave)

Bulkhead: (Turns to Sideswipe) So, City Hall huh?

Sideswipe: Yeah, there's Decepticons attacking in that area.

Bulkhead: Alright, then let's get to it!

They all Transformed into their Alt Modes and headed into City Hall, as Springer was busy fighting against Blackout, who attempted to throw a car at him, only for Springer to hop away from the car and land against a wall and held onto a fire escape.

Springer: (Hangs onto a fire escape as he looked at Blackout) You know, throwing things all over the place doesn't really help with anything!

Blackout: Be silent and get terminated already! (Activates his Missiles and shoots at Springer)

Springer: (Widened his Optics when he saw the Missiles) Slag. (Jumps out of the fire escape and narrowly avoided the explosion) GUH! (Falls onto the ground several times towards Blackout's Pedes)

Blackout: (Sees Springer laid in front of his Pede) Die! (Raises his Pede)

Springer: (Opens his Optics and sees Blackout about to stomp him) Ah! (Rolls himself away from Blackout, avoiding getting stomped at while the Con tries to stomp him several times) Can you please give me a chance to get up already?!

Blackout: (Tries to stomp on Springer) Silence!

Springer: Alright! (Gets up to do a back flip, kicking Blackout by the chin)

Blackout: (Gets kicked by the chin) AH! (Moves back a little and looks at Springer) You kicked me!

Springer: (Stands up and stares at Blackout) I said please, didn't I?

Blackout: (Growled) You're gonna get it now, you little runt! Nobody isn't coming for you to help!

Bulkhead: (In his Alt Mode, driving towards Blackout) I wouldn't say that! (Rams at Blackout)

Blackout: (Gets run over by Bulkhead) GUAH! (Falls onto the ground)

Crosshairs: (Drives next to Springer and Transforms into Robot Mode) Now that's what I'm talking about!

Springer: (Turns to the Autobots) About time you came!

Sideswipe: (Transforms into Robot Mode next to Crosshairs) We came as soon as we could.

Bulkhead: (Looks around) Wait, where's Rodimus at?

Springer: He was chasing after Oil Slick the last time I seen him.

Blackout: (Gets up from the ground and snarls at the Autobots) You will all perish!

Crosshairs: (Turns to Blackout) Says who? (Gets out his Blasters and starts shooting at Blackout, before he got picked up by him) Whoa! (Gets thrown across the street) AHHH!

Jazz: (Comms Channel) Yo, how you guys doing?

Bulkhead: We need some help with Blackout over at City Hall!

Jazz: City Hall? Where's RP at?

Sideswipe: (Gets out Stasis Cuffs and runs towards Blackout) He went after Oil Slick! (Jumps at Blackout, only to get swatted away in the air) ARAGH!

Jazz: Well, I'm trying to contact him, but he ain't picking up, look, I'll be sending in some back up, ya'll just hang in there. (Ends call)

Bulkhead: Sounds like he might be in trouble.

Springer: (Swings his Sword) So go after him, we'll handle Blackout!

Bulkhead: (Raises a brow) You sure?

Crosshairs: (Runs behind Blackout) We got this! (Gets out grenades and slides down to place them right beneath Blackout, causing them to explode) You go check up on Hot Rod!

Bulkhead: Ok! (Transforms into his Alt Mode) Just don't forget to call backup!

Bulkhead drove off and left while the others regrouped, watched as Blackout started to get up onto his feet.

Crosshairs: (Turns to Springer) So let's be honest here, we're all screwed, right?

Springer: As long as we work together, we will have a chance at surviving this until reinforcements arrive.

Sideswipe: Yeah... (Pulls out an Axe) That is, if we survive this.

Blackout: (Glares at the Autobots) Prepare yourselves for your imminent termination!

Crosshairs: (Groans) Man, I'm begining to wish I'd just stayed on Cybertron.

The three Autobots charged at Blackout, reigniting the battle while Rodimus on the other hand was getting beat up brutally, getting slammed against the wall as Barricade and Astrotrain stood over him.

Astrotrain: (Stands over Rodimus) We're going to ask you again! Where's the location of your Base?!

Rodimus: (Groaned) I'm not telling you a thing!

Barricade: (Sighs) Here we go again.

Strika: No, let Lugnut do the interrogation this time. (Turns to Lugnut) Go on my darling, add in some persuasion to this Mech.

Lugnut: With pleasure! (Grabs Rodimus and lifts him against the wall) Now tel me! Where's the location of your base!

Rodimus: (Grunted) Alright fine! It's at the Factory Automotive Production Plant, not too far from here-! (Lugnut's grip on him starts getting tighter) ARGH!

Lugnut: (Tightened his grip on Rodimus) Your new Base, not the old one fool! Where is it?!

Rodimus: You might as well get this over with, because I swear, it's making me tired!

Barricade: Alright. (Activates his Blade and walks towards Rodimus) If you say so.

Strika: (Stops Barricade by placing a hand on his shoulder) Wait, we still haven't found the location of the Base!

Barricade: (Turns to Strika) It's pointless! This Autobot is a Prime! He's too loyal to give up any secrets!

Astrotrain: (Looks at his brusied knuckles) Yeah, I'd say my hands usually hurt when I'm beating up a punching bag, I'd say we all tried it.

Oil Slick: (Smirks) Not me.

Astrotrain: (Raises a brow) And what exactly are ya gonna do?

Oil Slick: What I'm always good at. (Turns to Strika) If you let me permit.

Strika: (Nodded) Proceed. (Turns to Lugnut) Lugnut, drop the Autobot.

Lugnut: (Nodded) Of course. (Drops Rodimus)

Oil Slick: Thank you General. (Walks to Rodimus) Hey there Autobot, you've taken quite some hits back there...

Rodimus: (Looks up and glares at Oil Slick) If you think I'm telling you a thing, you're wrong... (Spits out some Purple Energon at Oil Slick's face)

Oil Slick: (Gets spat on his face and wipes it off his Glass) That wasn't very nice... (Gets out a vial) Maybe you need another trip of Cosmic Rust, don't you say?

Rodimus: (Looks at the vial, revealing it to be Cosmic Rust as he widened his Optics) NO! (Kicks Oil Slick and attempts to run)

Barricade: (Noticed Rodimus about to run) Hey! (Raises his knee to kick Rodimus by the stomach) Where do you think you're going?!

Oil Slick: (Gets up as he carried the vial) Hold the Autobot still... (Walks towards Rodimus)

Rodimus: (Gets his Servos held up by Astrotrain and Barricade) Get off of me! (Noticed Oil Slick coming closer to him) Get away from me! (Stars struggling)

Oil Slick: (Makes a cocky smile as he watched Rodimus squirm) What's the matter? You seem rather nervous.

Rodimus: (Continues struggling in fear) Get that thing away from me!

Oil Slick: Unless you want Cosmic Rust on your systems, you will tell us the location of your new base now.

Rodimus looked at the vial in fear, with the Chemical Warrior about to drop it again until Bulkhead arrived, Transforming into Robot Mode as he saw his leader and the rest of the Decepticons.

Bulkhead: (Noticed the Decepticons) More Decepticons?!

Strika: (Turns around and noticed Bulkhead) What the-?!

Rodimus: (Turns his Helm around and noticed Bulkhead) Bulkhead!

Bulkhead: (Noticed Rodimus, widening his Optics as he noticed the injured state he was in) Prime! Don't worry! (Activates his Wrecking Ball) I'm coming to get ya!

Barricade: (Raises a brow) Seriously? With a Wrecking Ball?

Lugnut: We have seen how you move your weapon, you cannot possibly defeat us all with one swing!

Bulkhead: (Aims his Wrecking Ball at Rodimus) Actually, I ain't aiming at you guys for once.

Suddenly, the Wrecking Ball swung away, as it went towards Rodimus, the Ball then Transformed into a hand, taking it's grip on Rodimus, and then snatched him away from Barricade's and Astrotrain's captivity as he was pulled right onto Bulkhead.

Oil Slick: (Widened his Optics) What the Hell?!

Bulkhead: (Gets Rodimus on his hand) I got you Prime!

Lugnut: (Growled) Puny Autobots!

Strika: (Turns to Bulkhead) Impressive trick, but what makes you think escaping us will be easy? (Activates her weapons)

Jazz: (Drives next to Bulkhead along with Arcee and Ratchet) Because they got friends on the other end too!

Barricade: Oh come on! '

Ratchet: (Activates his Magnets) Either you got a problem or you can scram!

Strika; (Glared at the Autobots before turning around) Decepticons, retreat, we need a new plan of attack!

Astrotrain: Roger!

Lugnut: No! We can take them!

Strika: (Placed a hand on Lugnut's shoulder) Not right now Lugnut! (Transforms into her Alt Mode) Now let's leave!

The Decepticons left the area, including the reluctant Lugnut as he Transformed into Alt Mode and followed Strika from behind while they left the Autobots there behind.

Bulkhead: (Looks up at the Decepticons) Here they go, leaving again.

Ratchet: Of course they would. (Deactivates his Magnets) It's no surprise Decepticons leave in the middle of a battle.

Arcee: (Turns to Bulkhead, only to notice Rodimus' injuries) Rodimus! You're hurt!

Rodimus: (Gets off of Bulkhead's hand) I'm okay... (Falls on one knee) Argh! Ok, just a little.

Ratchet: (Gets Rodimus' hand) You taken some hits there, let me check you out.

Rodimus: Wait, where's Springer at?

Back at City Hall, the fight between Springer, Sideswipe, Crosshairs and Blackout was still going on as they fought near a city statue.

Crosshairs: (Drives around Blackout as he dodged blaster fire) Come on Decepticreep, is that all you got?

Blackout: (Shoots at Crosshairs) Hold still rodent!

Crosshairs: (Dodges another blaster fire) Ah duuuude, you're boring the Hell out of me right now, you know that? You must be so lame.

Blackout: (Widened his Optics) Lame?! (Jumps up in the air) HOW'S THIS FOR LAME?! (Lands on the ground, causing a small earthquake that made driving harder for Crosshairs)

Crosshairs; (Swerves around uncontrollably until he crashed onto a pole) GUH! (Transforms into Robot Mode and laid on the grass moaning) Ugh...

Blackout: (Looks at Crosshairs with pride) Hehehehe!

Sideswipe: Hey! (Swings his Axe onto Blackout's Pede, cutting it)

Blackout: (Gets cut by Sideswipe's Axe) AHHHH! (Turns to Sideswipe angrily) You imbecile! (Hits Sideswipe in the Chestplate)

Sideswipe: (Gets hit by the Chestplate) ARAGH! (Gets thrown in the air until he landed on top of a taxi) OOF!

Springer: (Jumps from behind Blackout) I believe you had enough right here! (Swings his Sword upward in an attempt to cut one of Blackout's Servos off)

Blackout: (Grabs Springer) Get off! (Throws him at the street)

Springer: (Gets thrown in the street) AHHH!

Strika: (Comms Channel) Blackout, where are you?

Blackout: (Looks around) I'm still distracting those puny Autobots like you said General.

Strika: You have already failed in that, because now we are falling back because of you.

Blackout: (Widened his Optics) But I was doing what you-!

Strika: I'll deal with your failure when we meet again. (Ends call)

Blackout: (Groaned) Great. (Turns to the Autobots getting up) We'll see you Autobots around...

With that, Blackout Transformed into his Alt Mode and flew up into the sky, leaving Springer, Sideswipe, and Crosshairs behind as they watched him leave.

Springer: (Looks at Blackout) He's retreating.

Crosshairs: Damn, I was just getting started with this fool...

Later, the police and firemen were repairing the damage that was caused by the Decepticons as the Autobots stood on a street, meeting up together.

Bumblebee: (Stands in the circle) So you're saying that Strika was there in the attack?

Rodimus: Along with her Bondmate, Barricade, Astrotrain, Blackout, and Oil Slick.

Crosshairs: (Groans) Great, here we go again, back to chasing the massive moron!

Minerva: Wait, how are they out? Weren't they supposed to be in the Stockades?

Arcee: Last I heard, they were heading towards the Nucleon Mines to work.

Ratchet: We outta call Cybertron Command about this.

Rodimus: We will, but for now, we should check in with everyone here, oversee the damage.

Ironhide: (Raises a brow) You mean in other words, that we outta apologize for the damage that was caused by the Decepticreeps to that egotistical moron?

Brawn: (Folded his Servos) I got to agree, that nutjob doesn't like us too much.

Rodimus: Well that nutjob happens to have the City's trust in him, so we need to get his trust as well.

Jazz: (Turns around and noticed Galloway standing next to the statue talking to a police officer) Well, if we're doing this now, he's over there at the statue.

Rodimus: (Turns to Galloway) Ok, then let's go.

Crosshairs: Wait, we're doing this now?

Rodimus: Yes, now.

Bumblebee: Hold on, maybe we should just limit this to 2 Bots, we don't want to get this guy scared, so why don't I go with you and everyone else just stay here.

Rodimus: (Nodded) Ok, that's fine. (Turns to the Autobots) We'll be back. (Turns to leave)

Ratchet: (Folded his Servos) What are the chances of the meeting going to be good?

Springer: Very unlikely.

Sideswipe: Well if it helps... (Gets out a speaker) At least we'll hear what they're saying.

Bulkhead: (Turns to Sideswipe) What do you-?

Sideswipe: I planted a sound speaker on Rodimus' Spoiler while he was getting fixed up, just in case he would do this.

Crosshairs: At least I don't have to get bored out of my Processor now.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee and Rodimus walked over to Galloway, who was having a freaking meltdown as he yelled at the officer in front of him.

Galloway: (Stands in front of the police officer) Why aren't you arresting those Robots?! Can't you see they caused the damage around here?

Police Officer: (Stands in front of Galloway while taking notes) Sir, is it possible you are traumatized by this incident?

Galloway: (Raises a brow) Traumatized?! What are you, DEAF?!

Rodimus: (Stands behind Galloway and clears his throat) Excuse us, but you don't happen to be Theodore Galloway, right?

Galloway: (Turns around and noticed Rodimus and Bumblebee) Oh well, speak of the devil! (Turns to the police officer) There! Call in the SWAT teams!

Police Officer: You know what, I think I'm done here. (Turns around and leaves)

Galloway: (Sees the officer leaving) HEY! Where are you going?!

Rodimus: (Raises a brow) You seem like you're having a bad day.

Galloway: (Turns to the Autobots) Yeah, no thanks to you! (Turns to peek at the other Autobots) And your other Autobot drones! You're the reason City Hall's a mess now!

Bumblebee: (Raises a brow) Excuse me, but I believe it was the Decepticons who did the damage here.

Galloway: (Scoffs) Autobots, Decepticons, whatever! For all I know, you're both working with each other just to wreak chaos all over the Planet!

Rodimus: Mr. Galloway, we want you to understand that we're here to help, we work to make sure no Decepticons cause harm to you or this City.

Galloway: Well, you did a banged up job so far, because look around! (Points at the damage) It's your fault either way!

Rodimus: (Raises a brow) Our fault? All we did was help!

Galloway: (Turns to Rodimus) Did you? Because from the way I see it, all you do is cause damage than help! (Walks back and forth) And even if you're trying to help, even if! There were entire schools that was demolished, skyscrapers having their rooftops blown to pieces, people moving out of Detroit because of you! And here I am standing here, and I'm supposed to listen to you?!

Bumblebee: We both speak for behalf of the Autobots.

Galloway: Really? Well what happened to Optimus Prime? What, is that moron having a vacation while this City suffers?

Bumblebee: (Raises a offended brow) What did you just call him?

Minerva: (Widened her Optics as she looked at the Autobots in front of her) Uh oh...

Bulkhead: That doesn't sound good.

Galloway: (Turns around and leaves) You know, I could hardly give a crap-!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Galloway and stands in front of him) Hey! Don't turn your back on me, what did you call Optimus Prime?!

Rodimus: (Placed a hand on Bumblebee's shoulder) Hey, take it easy!

Galloway: A moron, why? Is it so sensitive on your Planet then?

Bumblebee: (Kneels down to Galloway) Listen to me you self centered Asshole! Optimus Prime was a hero! And if you're wondering why he hasn't been seen lately, it's because he practically died to save you and the World from destruction!

Galloway: (Gets an unamused brow) Really? Well then at least that's one less of you freaks that we have to worry about.

Galloway then left the area, leaving Bumblebee having a really angered look on his expression as he is about to turn around, possibly to Galloway until Rodimus intervened.

Rodimus: (Placed a hand on Bumblebee's Chestplate) Hey, slow down!

Bumblebee: (Gets stopped by Rodimus) Didn't you hear what he just said?!

Rodimus: I did, and it's not going to help anyone, or yourself by being pissed off, and that's something your Father wouldn't do!

Bumblebee: (Closed his Optics, gripping his hands until he took an Intake and let go of his fists) Ok, I'm calm now...

Rodimus: (Lets go of his Chestplate) Let's get back to Base...

Bumblebee: (Nodded his Helm as he turned around) I really hate that guy.

Rodimus: (Nodded) Feeling's mutual.

Later, the Autobots regrouped at the Junkyard as they were inside of the old warehouse watching news of the attack from earlier.

News: (Displays images of the City Hall attack) Reports of Decepticon activity were seen earlier today, and despite multiple witnesses saying positive messages about the Autobots, Theodore Galloway-!

Crosshairs (Turns the TV off) I think we had enough of this guy for today.

Arcee: I can't believe that man would be so brutal, even after everything we've done.

Sideswipe: (Folded his Servos) Well people like him aren't always smart, or nice.

Brawn: Yeah, just like Starscream.

Jazz: You know, that's actually a great combo for a metaphor there.

Rodimus: Well, we should keep our Optics out for the Decepticons tomorrow, because they're looking for us.

Springer: Why would they?

Ratchet: (Scratches his chin) Let's see, we're known to be Optimus' team mates...

Bumblebee: I'm his Son.

Bulkhead: And apparently, the Cons think we sorta blew up Megatron on Trypiticon.

Ironhide: And that gives them plenty of reasons why they want us all dead.

Minerva: Talk about Baggage huh?

Sideswipe: What do you mean by "Baggage?"

Bumblebee: Look, right now, we should rest up, because we don't know when the Decepticons will strike again.

Rodimus: Actually, we might have an idea.

Brawn: We do?

Rodimus: Yeah, tomorrow, the President of the United States will be giving off a speech in the City while the Mayor demonstrates some new Statues honoring us Autobots.

Ratchet: At least not everyone on this Planet hates us.

Sideswipe: So what's the plan then?

Bumblebee: We go in to the on top of the rooftops and we keep lookout for any Decepticon activity, and hopefully stop them before they can begin terrorizing the City. (Turns around) I'm going to call Ultra Magnus, give him a status update.

Bulkhead: (Turns to Rodimus) Prime? Anything else we should do?

Rodimus: (Shakes his Helm) No, you're all dismissed.

Crosshairs: Then I guess we're done here.

Everyone started to leave while Rodimus sat on a chair, with Ratchet noticing a depressed expression on his Faceplate as he turned back and walked to the Prime.

Ratchet: (Walks to Rodimus) Hey, you alright kid?

Rodimus: (Sighs) Not really Ratchet...

Ratchet: What's wrong? Galloway got into your head?

Rodimus: No, it's... (Waves his hand around) It's nothing.

Ratchet: From my experience, nothing ain't entirely nothing at all, especially with the mood you're in.

Rodimus: (Stares at a wall for a while) When the Decepticons beat me up, they wanted to know where our base is...

Ratchet: Of course they would, but it wasn't your fault you got caught by them.

Rodimus: It's not just that, it's... (Sighs) When I refused to talk, Oil Slick volunteered to try to use Cosmic Rust on me again, and when Strika gave him permission to do so, I started to panic.

Ratchet: Well, considering I once had an experience with that blasted Pit Spawned chemical, I can understand why you would do so.

Rodimus: (Turns to Ratchet) Except I wasn't supposed to Ratchet! I'm supposed to be a Prime, I'm supposed to lead the Team here, all I have to do is to take one for everyone here that's with me... (Scoffs) What good am I of a leader if I'm too scared to face off against Cosmic Rust?

Rodimus then walked away without saying anything else, leaving Ratchet behind while Bumblebee was in Communications, talking to Ultra Magnus through the Monitor as he informed of the Decepticon presence.

Ultra Magnus: (On screen) I see, and are you and any Autobots in your area alright?

Bumblebee: (Nodded) We're fine sir, we had some complications, but we'll try to deal with them tomorrow.

Ultra Magnus: Do you need backup? I can call in some Elite Guard to the area, perhaps send in Agent Blurr to assist.

Bumblebee: Actually, Minerva has some friends at Dinobot Island, and Ratchet and Arcee have an asset here they can use, so we're good out here.

Ultra Magnus: That's good. (Sees Bumblebee nod silently, noticing a depressed expression from the Minibot) Bumblebee? Is everything alright?

Bumblebee: (Nodded) Yeah, I Just... (Sighs) I just had a bad day today, and it's not the Decepticons, it's just another issue that we're dealing with.

Ultra Magnus: Well, whatever it is, I'm sure you and Rodimus' teams will figure it out, each of you have figured things out, and so did your Father.

Bumblebee: I know, it's just really hard, especially with some particular Human having to hate each of our guts so much that he talks crap about Dad to that end.

Ultra Magnus: (Widened his Optics) It's that bad, is it?

Bumblebee: Yeah, it is.

Ultra Magnus: Well, I hope you and your team will do fine, and hopefully will not encounter that Human you mentioned, it's best to ignore him.

Bumblebee: Ahh, yeah, I wouldn't bet on it anytime soon. (Sighs) Ok, well, it's good talking to you sir, I'm going to log off.

Ultra Magnus: Wait, before you go, have you and any Autobot in your region noticed something... Someone, in the Decepticons that seems rather, strange to you?

Bumblebee: (Lowers his brow, confused) No, we haven't, just the ones we know... (Folds his Servos) Why? Is there something I should know about?

Ultra Magnus: (On Cybertron as he looked at the recent screenshot of the Fallen) ...No. (Shakes his Helm as he turned to Bumblebee) No, it's nothing, you just be careful.

Bumblebee: (Nodded) I will, take care... (Smiled a little) Grandpa...

The monitor then turned off, leaving the Magnus to sigh while Alpha Trion stood at the doorway, witnessing the conversation.

Alpha Trion: (Folded his Servos) You didn't tell him, did you?

Ultra Magnus: (Turns around and saw Alpha Trion, before turning to grab his Hammer) He doesn't need to know about it yet.

Alpha Trion: Ultra Magnus, you have seen how dangerous the Fallen is, you should at least inform your Grandson about it!

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Alpha Trion) The last time I faced him, I lost plenty of good Bots, I nearly lost my own! And besides, for all we know, that image could be anything!

Alpha Trion: From all my knowledge of him, he always eliminates the ones that have outlived their usefulness to him.

Ultra Magnus: Alpha Trion, I respect your wisdom, but I don't want to raise a panic to the Autobots, most importantly to the populace! I can't let this get out until I'm sure it is him.

Alpha Trion: And if it is him?

Ultra Magnus: (Closed his Optics as he sighed) Then may Primus help us all...

Meanwhile on Earth, the Decepticons were inside the sewers, inside one of Blackarachnia's old hideouts as they looked over the news of their recent attack.

Astrotrain: (Watched footage of Blackout getting his Pede stabbed by Sideswipe) HA! You have slow reflexes Blackout!

Blackout: (Turns to glare at Astrotrain) Hey! Don't make me come over there!

Oil Slick: (Holds Blackout's Shoulderplates) Hold still! I'm still trying to fix you up!

Blackout: Okay, okay! Geez!

Shockwave: (Types on the Monitor displaying the news) I must admit, Blackarachnia had quite the setup built here, even before she sided with the Autobots again.

Spittor: You mean Optimus Prime's Glitch Bondmate?

Barricade: (Scrapes his Blade) And Bumblebee's mother, can't wait to get my hands on her...

Lugnut: (Kicks a table upside down) RAAAGH! Our mission was a failure!

Barricade: (Groans as he rolled his Optics) Here we go again!

Astrotrain: (Face palmed himself) Not this Fragging nonsense.

Lugnut: We had the Autobot in our hands! Just telling us what we wanted until the rest of them arrived! Our mission was a waste!

Strika: (Turns to Lugnut) Calm down Bondmatre, yelling out frustrations is not going to get us anywhere.

Lugnut: (Turns to Strika) I know! I'm just-!

Barricade: (Stands up) Angry because we lost the objective, blah blah blah! We heard it all before!

Lugnut: (Turns to Barricade) Is there a problem Barricade?

Barricade: Oh I don't know Lugnut, is complaining nonstop about losing such an issue with you? Because I don't see anyone else about a Glitch about it!

Lugnut: (Glared his Optic at Barricade) What did you call me, you piece of Scrap Metal!

Shockwave: (Turns around from the Monitor and raises his hands up) Gentlemen, please! Let us not argue here, it is pointless to be even doing so!

Strika: Shockwave's correct, the Autobots are having turning us against each other! But rest assured, we will annihilate them all in Lord Megatron's name!

Spittor: But what if we don't?

Strika: Then we shall do it again!

Astrotrain: (Scoffed) Yeah. (Stands up) Let's do that, let's all get together, and try eliminating those Autobot scum over and over again, and then fail right at the very end!

Strika: (Raises a brow) Do you have something to add, Astrotrain?

Astrotrain: I'm just saying maybe we shouldn't do this alone here! Maybe we should get some help, you know, from... (Tilted his Helm to the left) The other guy...

Lugnut: Preposterous! You are speaking of treason!

Astrotrain: Hey, it's not treason, if Megatron's already Offline!

Spittor: You know, that's actually true, we do need a leader here.

Strika: We do not need the Fallen's help, no matter who he is!

Astrotrain: Well, you got to admit, this Fallen Bot did say he had weapons on him, and he actually looked serious when he promised some revenge.

Shockwave: Don't be ridiculous, we don't even know a thing about him! We can't possibly do this without knowing the consequences!

Oil Slick: (Fixes up Blackout's wound) Says the Bot who joined Inferno's coup last year.

Blackout: Oh yeah, what are you even doing here anyway? Why don't you join Starscream's group? They don't like Megatron!

Shockwave: 1st correction, I joined for Lord Megatron's benefit, and I rather cut my own Neck Cables than join that arrogant waste of intellect!

Barricade: Agreed!

Strika: Everyone stand down! Now I know we're in need of a leadership, but that does not mean that we bend our knees down to those who decide to pop up out of nowhere! Now, if anyone decides to speak one more word of this, and I don't care who it is, I will gladly make sure you will be punished severely! Now, any questions? (No one says anything) Good. (Turns around to the Monitor) Now, let us get back to the business at here...

The next day, the Autobots were at the event, watching from various points as half of them were on the rooftops while the other were in their Alt Modes, blending in with the parked cars as they overseen the event, there was several statues covered in a huge rag as a stage was built behind them.

Ironhide: (In his Alt Mode) What's up with the tarp?

Rodimus: (In his Alt Mode sitting in a block across from Ironhide) They're unveiling some statues today, from what I heard from Cade.

Glen: (Sits inside of Ironhide) So you guys think that the Decepticons are coming here to attack us?

Bumblebee: (Sits on a rooftop, keeping watch over the event) They want payback for what happened to Megatron, so they're here to draw our attention, so by attacking here, we're going to help save the people.

Cade: (In the crowd wearing his football jersey) So it's a trap? Why do it then if we already know it is?

Arcee: (On another rooftop with Jazz and Ratchet) We don't want anyone to get hurt from this, civilians are everyone's priorities.

Bulkhead: (In his Alt Mode sitting in the parking lot with Minerva and Springer) And the Cons are our problem, so we gotta be here.

Brawn: (Sits next to Minerva in his Alt Mode) That's great, but one thing's bothering me though... (Turns his front windshield towards Galloway, who was sitting in a seat on stage) Why is this Afthead doing here?

Tessa: (Blending in with the crowd as she sat on a bench) Yeah, that's a good question, considering that guy hates us.

Bumblebee: (Rolls his Optics) For whatever reason, that is unknown to all of us.

Rodimus: Let's just get back on the task at hand, there's no possible way of knowing when the Decepticons will strike, so everyone be prepared.

Crosshairs: (On the roof) Yeah, and maybe later we can send this Dip Stick off to the ocean.

Bumblebee: Easy Crosshairs.

Cade: (Walks to Rodimus) Hey, why is everyone being crazy about, whoever it is that we're talking about? What did he do?

Rodimus: Well, he said that we're a danger to this Planet, and all we do is bring trouble to wherever we go to.

Cade: And you believe him?

Rodimus: Honestly, considering my encounter with them yesterday, I'd say maybe he was right about it.

Cade: Well screw the guy! He doesn't know you, he doesn't really know any of you!

Rodimus: Well, people don't seem to like us like they would have anymore, so maybe we're better off on Cybertron.

Cade: Hey, hey, look, everyone has opinions about everything, alright? People have opinions about which song is better, or what restaurant serves the best food, or even which football team is going to beat the other on a game night, either way, you can't listen to people like him, they're just assumptive of everything. (Folded his arms) And tell me this, would you believe Megatron if he said that? Or S.T.E.A.M, or anyone else that hates us? No, you wouldn't, would you?

Rodimus: No, not really.

Cade: Exactly, so people are scared, but they're get over it.

Rodimus: And what makes you think that?

Cade: (Smiled a bit) Because you're not only here to beat Decepticon Skidplates, but you're also here to remind people what the Autobots can do.

Rodimus: (Turns his windshield to Cade) Cade... Thank you, it gives me perspective now.

Cade: (Nodded) Hey, no problem.

Cade went to tap on Rodimus' hood, only the second he touched him, everything on Rodimus started to show off visible energy running through the Prime, as Cade from his point of view could literally see Rodimus' Spark beating, his Spark glowing and beating at a steady pace while he stood there and watched, everything around him was normal, and Rodimus was wondering what exactly Cade was looking at.

Rodimus: (Turns to Cade) Cade? Is there something wrong with my hood? (Sees Cade just standing there) Cade?

Boy: (Runs into the sidewalk and bumps into Cade) OOF!

Cade: (Gets bumped into by the boy, causing him to let go) Uh! (Noticed the kid) Sorry!

Blonde Mom: (Noticed her son bumping into Cade) Daniel! (Walks next to Cade) Danny, honey, come here! Come here. (Turns to Daniel as she placed a hand around his shoulder and turned him to Cade) Don't think bumping into someone was an apology.

Daniel: (Turns to Cade) I'm sorry for bumping into you.

Cade: (Nodded) Nah, you're totally okay, thanks for the apology.

Daniel: (Turns to his Mom) Can I go now Mom? I want to get up close!

Blonde Mom: (Nodded) Just don't get far ahead, your Father's coming soon! (Sees Daniel leaving and turns to Cade) I'm sorry about that, he's just enjoying the microsecond I have left before he's a teenager.

Cade: (Nodded) Yeah, it's fine miss.

Blonde Mom: (Turns to leave) Have a nice day!

Cade: (Waved his hand) Bye!

Rodimus: Cade, are you okay?

Cade: Yeah, just some nice people, nothing dangerous.

Rodimus: I meant that you were staring at my hood, is everything okay?

Cade: Oh, yeah, it's fine.

Rodimus: Okay...

As they stayed in their position, the Blonde left to move into the event as her phone rang, she got it out, which said "Spike" on it, to which caused her to smile.

Blonde Mom: (Answers the phone and puts it next to her ear) Spike, where are you? Daniel's all riled up, I need some help here!

Spike: (On a sidewalk walking to the park) I'm sorry sweetie, I'm just running late because of traffic. (Turns to a crosswalk and walks along with the crowd) It'll take me at least five minutes to get there, you don't mind surviving that long Carly?

Carly: (Smiled as she nodded) Just don't keep us waiting.

Daniel: (Runs to his Mom) Mom! It's starting! It's starting!

Carly: (Turns to Daniel) Okay honey! (Turns to her phone) It's about to start, you may want to hurry!

Spike: Okay, I will! Love you!

Carly: Love you too, bye!

She hung up her phone and turned to walk to follow her Son towards the center stage, as Professor Sumdac turned to the crowd, the Mayor walked to him, he too gazing upon the crowd.

Maccadam: (Turns to Sumdac) Professor, is everything all set up?

Prof. Sumdac: (Turns to the Mayor) Yes Mr. Mayor, it's all ready! (Turns to look around) Where's the President?

Maccadam: That's what I'm wondering.

Galloway: (Turns to Maccadam and Sumdac) I know.

Maccadam: (Turns to Galloway) Is he coming?

Galloway: He can't, he's running late, he's celebrating his wife's birthday today.

Prof. Sumdac: Well what are we going to do?

Galloway: That is all up to you, because I'm here to oversee this, wack job entertainment you set up here. (Turns to leave) I'll be watching.

Maccadam: You're generosity's been noted Mr. Galloway. (Turns to Prof. Sumdac) Professor, I believe you should speak for the President himself.

Prof. Sumdac: Me? But what about you?

Maccadam: I have sore throat right now, I doubt anyone would understand what I'm saying even with the microphone speaker on.

Prof. Sumdac: Well, alright then. (Walked up the stage)

Maggie: (Stands next to the crowd) Hey, Professor Sumdac's on stage.

Bulkhead: (Standing on the rooftop with Bumblebee) What's he doing here?

Prof. Sumdac: (Stands in front of the microphone and clears his throat) Hello everyone? (Turns everyone's attention to him) I apologize for the inconvenience, but I'm afraid the President is running late, but! (Points his hand up) But I know you all didn't come here to see me, so let me say a few words to get this started! (Raises his hands up in demonstration) Ladies and gentlemen! Allow me to present to you, the Autobots!

The tarp covering the statues were taken off, as they were revealed to be 5 of them, consisting of the original Earth team of Autobots; Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Prowl, as everyone started to clap their hands and cheer, the non statue Autobots from all over looked at the shiny statues made out of silver in awe.

Bulkhead: (Widened his Optics as he saw the statues) Hey, that's-!

Bumblebee: (Looked at the statues) Us...

Arcee: (Turns to Ratchet) Hey, you're down there as well Ratchet!

Ratchet: (Folded his Servos) Well, I do like the art, even though it's missing some paint.

Crosshairs: (Looks at the statues) So that's them huh? The original five.

Springer: (Sits next to Crosshairs) The first five to find the Allspark, first five to come to Earth, and first five to defeat Megatron. (Turns to Crosshairs) Now that's pure honor.

Prof. Sumdac: (Clapped his hands) Now, I know there are some who aren't really comfortable with them out there, but ever since I first met them, they saved my daughter from many disasters, and she helped them in return, and I feel honored to be placing this statue, since they were my daughter's inspiration, and I hope that by placing this on, there would be many inspirations to many generations to come...!

Glen: (On his laptop when it started beeping) Whoa, guys, something's happening!

Ironhide: What do ya mean Glen?

Rodimus: What's happening? Is it the Decepticons?

Glen: No, I'm detecting a bomb placed right next to our vicinity!

Cade: There's a bomb?!

Jazz: Where's it at?

Glen: I'm working on it! (Types something on the computer and then finds the dot) There! It's on the stage at the stand!

Bumblebee: That's where the Professor is standing!

Rodimus: We need to do something! (Transforms into Robot Mode, surprising others around him) Everyone on the ground, clear the civilians away from the stage!

Brawn: (Transformed into Robot Mode) Got it!

Minerva: (Transformed into Robot Mode and turned to the civilians) Everyone! Get away from the stage!

Daniel: (Noticed Rodimus, Brawn, and Minerva) Mom look! It's the Autobots!

Carly: (Turns around and noticed them as well) Oh my god, it is!

Brawn: (Picked some people up and placed them away from the stage) Get moving! Run!

Ironhide: (In Robot Mode) Get a move on people! Let's go!

Prof. Sumdac: (Turns and noticed the Autobots) The Autobots?

Rodimus: (Turns to the Professor) Professor! You need to move away from the stage now!

Galloway: (Walks to the Autobots) Wait a minute, what is this?! What are you Robots doing?!

Rodimus: (Turns to Galloway) There's a bomb on the stage! (Turns to the stand) And it's inside the microphone stand!

Glen: Hey be careful! It could be armed!

Rodimus: (Gently pushes Sumdac away from the stand) Stand back! (Picks up the kiosk and takes a peek inside, noticing a small bomb placed in the bottom corner, with 5 seconds on the time as he widened his Optics) EVERYONE GET DOWN!

Rodimus turned around and throws the kiosk up at the sky, and then a few seconds in the air, it exploded, causing many shouts to occur, as it was seen from all over the city, taking the attention of the man called Spike, who too noticed the big pop in the air.

Spike: (Saw the explosion in the air) Oh god, Carly, Daniel! (Starts to run, knocking some pedestrians) Excuse me! Sorry!

Bumblebee: (From the rooftop) Is everyone okay Rodimus?

Rodimus: (Looks around as he saw people getting up) Yeah, everyone's safe here!

Spittor: (From the sky) Not for looong!

Suddenly, Spittor, Shockwave, and Astrotrain appeared, taking everyone, including the Autobots by surprise as the Decepticons stood in front of them.

Astrotrain: (Turns to the Autobots) Looking for us?

Ironhide: (Widened his Optics) Decepticons!

Lugnut: (Jumps behind Ironhide and grabs him) Prepare to be destroyed! (Throws Ironhide across the park)

Ironhide: (Lands next to Brawn) UGH!

Rodimus: (Turned to Lugnut) Decepticons on sight!

Bumblebee: We're on our way!

Bulkhead: Yeah! Like he said!

Strika: (Lands in front of Bumblebee and Bulkhead) Going somewhere?

Barricade: (Lands behind Bumblebee and Bulkhead and activated his Blaster) We can't let you go yet.

Bumblebee: (Noticed Barricade as he turned Bulkhead) I got him! You okay handling her?

Bulkhead: Yeah, just fine with it. (Activates his Wrecking Ball and swings it at Strika)

Strika: (Gets thrown off the roof) AUGH!

Bulkhead left to follow Strika, while Bumblebee stayed behind and turned to Barricade, who deactivated his Blaster to switch with his Blade as they both walked around in a shared circle)

Barricade: (Pointed his Blade at Bumblebee) I see you're Golden now.

Bumblebee: Why do you care?

Barricade: Because I'm going to enjoy painting it with your Energon right after we conquer your precious Earth.

Bumblebee: Funny. (Stops to activate his Lightsabers) That's what Megatron had in mind right before he went boom.

Barricade only reacted in anger as he growled, he charged at Bumblebee and swung his Blade at him, which resulted in the two clashing with each other while on the ground, Springer and Crosshairs joined in with Arcee, Ratchet and Jazz on the street as they saw Rodimus, Minerva and Brawn facing off against Lugnut, Astrotrain, Blackout, and Shockwave.

Jazz: Looks like RP's gonna need more help!

Arcee: Then let's go!

Bulkhead: Hey heads up!

Strika: (Falls right in front of the Autobots) AUGH!

Bulkhead: (Turns to his fellow Autobots) Is everyone okay?

Springer: Indeed we are!

Crosshairs: Come on! We gotta go!

Oil Slick: Not so fast! (Lands in front of the Autobots, along with serveral Decepticon Renegades) We have business to attend to.

Ratchet: (Looks around and noticed Decepticons around them) Well that's just great!

Oil Slick: (Turns to Strika, who just got up) What do you want to do General?

Strika: (Turns to Oil Slick and the Renegades) Separate them, makes it easier to take them out.

Sideswipe: (Activates his Axe) This is going to be great!

Jazz: Yo, some civies are in trouble!

Oil Slick: Too bad, because you're going to need more bigger friends to handle us!

Bulkhead: Actually, now that you're thinking about it, we do!

Strika: And where are they supposed to be?

Suddenly, the Dinobots appeared out of nowhere, jumping right in front of Strika was Grimlock in his Alt Mode as he startled her and everyone around.

Grimlock: (Turns to Strika) Grimlock no like mean Bots! (Transforms into Robot Mode) Grimlock destroy!

Soon enough, Snarl and Swoop arrived, as Grimlock grabbed Strika and threw her in the air, he attacked the Renegades in front of him, knocking them out on the ground while Snarl was in his Alt Mode and swung his tail at the Cons, and Swoop was in the air scratching some of them in their faces, overpowering them completely while Oil Slick went to retreat from the area.

Brawn: (Noticed the fight) Yeah! Now we're talking!

Sideswipe: There's still many of the Decepticons here, so some of us has to stay here and fight the ones here!

Ratchet: But there are too many people here!

Maggie: Hey, what about us? We can help!

Jazz: Get them out of here! We'll handle the Decepticons!

Tessa: Okay! (Turns to everyone running) Come on, this way!

As the Autobots fought against the Decepticons and their human allies helping everyone leave, Spike was just arriving on the scene as he saw people running away from the battle that ensued.

Spike: (Runs closer to the fight, running through the crowd) Carly! Daniel!

Carly: (In the crowd in she heard Spike's voice) Spike?

Spike: (Heard Carly's voice) Carly! Where are you?! (Moved around and saw Carly) Carly!

Carly: (Turned around and saw Spike) Spike!

Spike: (Goes and hugs her) Are you okay? (Looks around) Where's Daniel?!

Carly: I can't find him! Spike, I can't find Daniel! (Turns around) Daniel! Daniel, where are you?!

Spike: (Pushed the person out of his way) Daniel! Danny! Where are you son?!

Daniel: (Walked next to the stage set) Mom! Dad!

Spike: (Heard his son's voice) Danny?

Carly: (Moved the person out of her way and saw Daniel) Daniel!

Daniel: (Looking scared as he saw his Mom and Dad) Mom! Dad!

Spike: Danny! (Tries to move towards his son, but is struggling with the crowd) Daniel! Stay right there, we're coming to get you!

As the parents tried to get their son out, Rodimus was facing off against Shockwave, while Brawn fought against Lugnut, Minerva and Ironhide fighting against Astrotrain and Blackout, the Autobots seemed to be on the winning tide, as Strika got up from the ground and saw Grimlock in his Alt Mode and grabbed a Renegade with his mouth and threw him across the street, and Sideswipe hitting another in the gut, her eyes glowed in anger.

Strika: (Glared her Optics) Astrotrain! Slow the enemy down!

Astrotrain: With pleasure General!

Astrotrain got out a weapon, and suddenly he jumped in the air to slam it down on the ground, causing a brief earthquake to occur, as everyone fell onto the ground, nearby equipment started to break, including a stage set that started to fall down right on top of Daniel, as it landed on his chest.

Daniel: (Felt the set on his chest) OW! Mom! Dad!

Spike: (Got up from the ground and saw Daniel trapped in a wreck) DANIEL!

Carly: (Widened her eyes and saw what Daniel was trapped in) HONEY! (Runs to her son) Danny!

Rodimus got up and heard Carly's voice, as he turned around and saw Daniel trapped on a stage set, with Spike and Carly trying to get it off of him, as he tried to get up to go help them, Strika came from behind and slammed her Pede on his back.

Rodimus: (Felt Strika slam her Pede on his back) AAHH!

Strika: (Stood on Rodimus) You cannot win this! (Grabbed Rodimus by the shoulder and slammed him onto the ground) We Decepticons are stronger then your insignificant beings! (Threw him in the air)

Rodimus: (Gets thrown across the air to land against the stage) ARGH!

Strika: (Walks towards Rodimus) With, or without Lord Megatron, we shall annihilate you and all of those who dare oppose us! (Placed her Pede right on Rodimus' Chestplate) How could you possibly hope that you can defeat us? (Felt a rock thrown at her) Uh? (Turns around and sees Cade standing with rocks)

Cade; (Throws rocks at Strika) Get out of here! Get out!

Strika: (Turns to Cade) Puny Human, how could you-! (Felt another rock thrown at from a different angle) Uh? (Turns around and sees civilians gathering rocks and throwing them at her) What?!

Pedestrian 1: (Throws rocks at her) Get out of this town!

Pedestrian 2: (Joins in with the rock throwing) We don't want you here!

Pedestrian 3: (Throws rocks at her) Leave that Bot alone!

Pedestrian 4: You did enough damage to this City!

Strika: (Gets her brow dangerously down) You dare defy me?! Against us?

Rodimus: (Grabbed an Arrow from his Subspace) You were asking how we could hope to defeat you? (Stabbed her by the Pede)

Strika: (Gets her Pede stabbed by an Arrow) AHHH! (Lets her Pede go of Rodimus)

Rodimus: (Gets up) It's because we actually have hope! (Grabbed another Arrow and starts scratching Strika's Chestplate) Because hope makes us stronger! (Scratched her again) Hope makes us forget about the fear, and the pain! (Kicks her onto the ground)

Strika: (Falls on her back) UGH!

Rodimus: (Stands on top of her) And hope makes us brave! Brave enough to fight back against tyrants like Megatron, and you! (Activated his Crossbow and shot at Strika's limbs, causing them to melt into hardened copper that is meant to tie her down as he turned back to her) In case you were wondering.

Rodimus turned around as people started to cheer, the Autobots were starting to become victorious, as Arcee knelt down and swung her Lightsabers at a Decepticons knee, bringing him down while Ratchet used his Magnets to throw some Decepticons at Bulkhead, who swung his Wrecking Ball at the Decepticons so Snarl could jump up and kick them in the air, sending one to Brawn, so he could punch him in the face, as they knocked them out instantaneously as Shockwave and Oil Slick attempted to escape, they got knocked out by Astrotrain, who was thrown by Grimlock, and Blackout was effectively taken down by Springer, Crosshairs, Sideswipe, and Jazz, with Springer and Sideswipe taking him by the Pedes, and then Jazz and Crosshairs knocking him out with their solid kick/jab on the Helm, and Minerva took Spittor down, simply by using her Empath Mode and putting him to sleep, as she stared at the Con snoring, Rodimus walked over to the family and lifted up the stage set off of Daniel.

Rodimus: (Lifted the stage set off of Daniel) Here you go.

Carly: (Saw the stage set lifted off) Daniel! (Hugs her son) Oh baby!

Spike: (Hugs his son too) Your okay son! Your okay!

Daniel: (Hugged his parents as he looked up at Rodimus) Thank you...

Rodimus: (Smiled) No prob-!

Lugnut: (Activates his POKE weapon and tries slamming it at Rodimus) ARRAGH!

Rodimus: (Looks up and saw Lugnut about to use the POKE against him and the family) Wha-! (Raises his hands up to grab the Servo using the POKE) Ugh!

Lugnut: (Tries to make the POKE button touch Rodimus) You Autobots will not leave this Planet alive! You will be DESTRO-! (Gets his face hit by a Stop sign pole) AHH! (Falls to the ground)

Rodimus: (Widened his Optics) What the-?!

Wreck Gar: (Places his Stop sign on the ground and smiles) Hello sir! I am Wreck Gar! I am an Autobot hero!

Rodimus: (Turns to Wreck Gar) Wreck Gar? Oh yeah, I forgot, you're Ratchet's asset.

Ratchet: (Walked over to Wreck Gar) Where have ya been at the whole time?!

Wreck Gar: (Scratches his Helm) Well, I was on my here, and then there was traffic, then there was music, then there was movie trailers, then there was-!

Ratchet: (Shakes his Helm) Okay, okay, never mind then...

Ironhide: (Walks to the three as everyone regrouped) Is it over now?

Rodimus: Yeah, these Cons are done.

Bulkhead: Wait, where's Bumblebee?

Barricade: (Gets thrown in front of the Autobots with Stasis Cuffs on his wrists) ARGH!

Bumblebee: (Walks to the group as he wiped his hands) Woo, sorry it took me so long. (Folded his Servos) What did I miss?

Later, the Decepticons were rounded up by the Autobots and were placed in the Junkyard as the Elite Guard personnel arrived, with Ultra Magnus and several Autobot Troopers taking them in their transport ship, as the groups watched them walk onto the landing ramp.

Lugnut: (Struggles with his Stasis Cuffs) Cowards! Let me out of these blasted Stasis Cuffs and fight me!

Autobot Trooper: (Holds onto his Blaster as he took Lugnut in) Get a move on.

Ultra Magnus: (Holds onto the Magnus Hammer) You and Bumblebee did great work on apprehending these Renegades.

Rodimus: (Folded his Servos) Well we couldn't have done it without the help of our teams sir.

Ultra Magnus: I see. (Turns to the Decepticons) Well, with not only General Strika and her Bondmate back in custody, but with most of the Renegades arrested, we could easily take down Starscream's empire sooner than we think.

Bumblebee: I can only hope it is so sir.

Strika: (Walks to the ramp as she turned to Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, and Bumblebee) It doesn't change anything, you may have us in chains, but we still have our strength in hand!

Rodimus: (Folded his Servos) Yeah, and you'll definitely need once you and your Bondmate reach a lovely honeymoon towards the Nucleon Mines.

Ultra Magnus: (Sees Strika placed inside the vessel as he raised an Optic brow) Rodimus Prime, may I ask what exactly is a honeymoon?

Rodimus: Just something that involves love relationships sir.

Bumblebee: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus, do you need me and my team back on Cybertron?

Ultra Magnus: Actually, I probably need both of you back on Cybertron, because Alpha Trion is having a Hero's Festival of Celebrations, and I believe it would honor him quite well if you all came back.

Rodimus: We'll be there.

Ultra Magnus: (Smiled) Great, then we shall head back to Cybertron through the Spacebridge while the Autobot Troopers transport the Cons to Epsilon Iridani, there's a outpost there that can hold them until they're ready for a suitable transport back to Cybertron, and it's one of the few places closet to Earth.

Bumblebee: Anything else we should know?

Ultra Magnus: Only that we may leave when you're both ready.

Rodimus: (Nodded) Noted.

Ultra Magnus turned around and gave a deeply heavy sigh as he turned around and left the two, as Rodimus went to Kup, who was with Ultra Magnus as well.

Kup: (Folded his Servos) So you're doing well on here Earth.

Rodimus: I do my best to lead.

Kup: Even if you got thoughts about not being meant to lead due to fear?

Rodimus: (Widened his Optics) How did you-!

Kup: Ratchet told me, we talk sometimes. (Placed a hand on Rodimus' shoulder) Look kid, I don't blame ya for bein scared of Cosmic Rust, nobody would! But don't think for one Nano Click that you're not fit to be a leader because of fear, because fear's like an adrenaline, and believe it or not, it helps ya know that deep down, you're just like everyone else in the universe...

Rodimus: (Nodded slowly) Thanks... I guess.

Kup: Great, so hurry up with whatever you need to get done, I'm waiting for you!

Rodimus: (Smiled) Still having that grumpy old man issue huh? (Turns around and leaves)

Kup: (Raises a brow) Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!

Rodimus went inside of the building to check up on everyone else, as he saw that Bumblebee explained everything to the Autobots inside.

Crosshairs: So what now? We're going back home then?

Bumblebee: Yes, and so is Rodimus' team.

Ironhide: Already?

Rodimus: (Stands next to Bumblebee) There's an event that Alpha Trion wants us to attend, so we have to go for a while, but it won't be long.

Cade: Well I hope you guys have fun.

Maggie: Yeah, we'll totally miss you guys.

Bumblebee: Yeah, I'll miss you guys too.

Sideswipe: I admit, I had a hefty time here.

Crosshairs: And I can see why everyone here likes it on this Planet.

Bulkhead: So when do we leave?

Rodimus: Uh, right now.

Glen: (Widened his eyes) Right now? As in, "Right now", right now?

Rodimus: Is there a problem?

Glen: No! No problem, just one thing that hopefully you could look up while you're still here.

Rodimus: What is it?

Glen: It's about the bomb.

Rodimus: Glen, we stopped the bomb from detonating on the pedestrians, and there won't be any more of them now that the Decepticons-!

Glen: Yeah, about that, it wasn't them.

Arcee: (Raises a brow) What do you mean it wasn't them?

Glen: I'm saying that everything else the Decepticons did was totally their fault, but the bomb however? They didn't do it, I looked up the blueprints while I was surfing/hacking the net, and the bomb was made on Earth!

Springer: Someone tried to attack their own people?

Tessa: You realize not all of us humans are that close right?

Ratchet: Well who would try setting up that bomb?

Bumblebee: Well, there's so many enemies Professor Sumdac has, like Meltdown, Static, S.T.E.A.M...

Jazz: Hold on, what if it ain't one person the bomber's after? What if the bomber was trying to target everyone at the Unveiling?

Rodimus: Impossible, the only few reasons someone would bother trying that is unless they-! (Widened his Optics) Unless they trying to get payback or frame someone...

Mineva: (Tilts her head to the left) Okay, you're getting that look like you know who our bomber is.

Rodimus: Everyone get ready to head out, we're taking a visit.

Brawn: Any idea who?

Rodimus: (Turns around and leaves) Someone who would never even think twice about...

Meanwhile, on Sumdac Tower, Professor Sumdac was in a meeting with the mayor as they both stood next to the window.

Maccadam: That was quite a speech you made Professor, despite the dramatic interruption.

Prof. Sumdac: Well, I'm just trying to be my daughter in a way, so maybe she would be proud of right now...

Maccadam: (Patted on Sumdac's back) I'm sure she is. (Turns to look out at the city) Either way, I believe our event was quite successful.

Galloway: (Slams the door open) Like hell it is! It was a disaster!

Prof. Sumdac: (Face palmed himself) Here we go again.

Galloway: (Walks to the two and shows them an Autobot T-shirt up to their faces) See this? Huh? See this? I caught this on my way over here, apparently, thanks to those nutjobs out there, they managed to brainwash everyone into thinking they're here to help! AGAIN!

Maccadam: Well what did you expect? The Autobots helped save the city from danger.

Galloway: Sure they did. (Turns to Sumdac) And I'm sure this mess is all because of YOU!

Maccadam: (Turns to Sumdac) Do you need help?

Prof. Sumdac: Actually mr. Mayor, I think I have this handled.

Maccadam: Then in that case I shall make my leave. (Leaves the office) Good day.

Galloway: (Turns to Sumdac) This is all your fault! Because of that preposterous speech of yours, and those big shiny statues you built today, people are starting to believe a word you say! You, an old mechanic that does nothing but make robot drones! Well I hope you're happy Sumdac, because when I reach the President, I'll make sure you'll be in big trouble, not only with the U.S. government, but with all of your company values and product you made! (Turns around)

Prof. Sumdac: (Takes a mug of coffee) That's funny, I actually had a talk with him today.

Galloway: (Stops where he is, and turns back to Sumdac) What do you mean?

Prof. Sumdac: (Sips his coffee) Well, after the event, the President approached me and congratulated me on my speech during the unveiling after he thanked me for taking his place, and we had a lovely chat about you specifically, and if I remember this right, he was shocked and appalled about your behavior during the week that you were here, so he decided to have me bring you this... (Hands out a note) A handwritten note written by him, it's for you by the way. (Sips his coffee)

Galloway: (Gets the note from his hands) Give it to me! (Opens the note and reads the letter) Mr. Galloway, I heard of your recent behavior not only towards the Autobots, but towards the people of Detroit, and the ones who help maintain the peace, and therefore, in the name of the White House, I authorize your complete termin-! (Stops talking and reads the rest of the paper, as he gripped it violently, and finished reading the paper as he glared at Sumdac) You did this, didn't you?!

Prof. Sumdac: If it helps in anyway Mr. Galloway, being fired from the President iof the United States is currently not the biggest story in the world. (Shrugs) At least, not for another 24 hours.

Galloway: (Rips the paper and tears it apart) You think this will stop here? Now? (Throws whatever left of it to the ground and walks closer to Sumdac) I have friends inside, I'll find my way back up, and you will pay for this humiliation, because now, you have all of my attention!

Prof. Sumdac: Of all the people you had attention for, I am not one that is easily impressed. (Heard a silent alarm beeping from his computer) But unfortunately for you, I am not the one you should be worried about right now.

Suddenly, a large thud was heard from the balcony, as Galloway and Sumdac turned around, they saw Rodimus standing outside on the balcony as he walked inside the office.

Rodimus: (Walks inside) Professor... (Stops and bends down to look at them) Are you finished with him?

Professor: (Walks away from Galloway) He's all yours Rodimus Prime.

Galloway: Wha-? (Turns to Rodimus) What do you think you're gonna do?

About 15 minutes later, Rodimus arrived at Dinobot Island as he Transformed into Robot Mode, he let Galloway out, who was soaking wet from the water, and he had clothes even more dirty as he was dropped into the sand, looking up and seeing Bumblebee and Cade standing in front of him.

Cade: (Walks to Galloway) This him?

Bumblebee: Yeah.

Galloway: (Looks at Cade) Who are you supposed to be-?! (Gets a hook right up his face from Cade) UGH! (Falls to the ground, as he got up and touched his cheek, he turned dramatically at Cade) What the hell was that for?!

Cade: (Rubbed his fist) That's for talking crap about my friend's Dad Asshole.

Galloway: (Raises a brow) Who?!

Rodimus: (Facing the city with his Servos folded) The attack at the Unveiling, we know that was you.

Galloway: (Turns to Rodimus) Me?! (Gets up) Are you blind, it was those Decepticons that did it! They were the ones that was causing a wreck!

Rodimus: Perhaps, but the part where the bomb was placed in the kiosk, and the robbery that Masterson was doing, that was all you. (Walks to Galloway) You know, at first, we all thought you were just an annoying Organic who just doesn't like us at all, and personally, I started to believe some of the words you said earlier, but when I figured out the bomb was made by Organic technology, I realized all of that talk was just for show, so that way you could hire someone to plant the bomb and then pin it on us, and it would have been the only thing that benefited you had I not have stopped it from injuring anyone.

Galloway: Yeah? Well you, and your friends can't prove it!

Rodimus: Not yet, but I see you Galloway. (Bends down and leaned his face towards Galloway) Earth is under our protective jurisdiction, and like it or not, we defend it from any threat, Decepticon or those like you, and when me and some of my friends get back.. (Stands up) You got all of our attention. (Raises his hand in the air)

Bumblebee: (Transforms into Alt Mode) Let's get out of here.

Cade: (Opens up Bumblebee's car door and turns to Galloway) You know, you should have thought twice about screwing with these guys, because now, you're the one that's screwed! (Gets inside of Bumblebee) You have the Boosters?

Bumblebee: (Activates his Jet Boosters) Ready to rock.

Rodimus: (Raises his hand up as he sees Swoop coming close) Autobots! Roll Out! (Grabs ahold of Swoops hand and gets carried away to Detroit)

Galloway: (Sees the Autobots leaving) HEY! You can't just leave me here!

The Autobots left Galloway behind on Dinobot Island, with Rodimus getting a lift from Swoop, and Bumblebee using his Boosters to drive on the water as they headed back to Detroit, Cade placed a hand on Bumblebee's passenger seat, and then he started to experience the same thing he had with Rodimus, with energy lines flowing inside, and the same Blue light was seen in front of him, as it beated at the same rate Rodimus' was, Bumblebee noticed Cade was panting.

Bumblebee: (Hears Cade panting inside of him) Hey, Cade, are you okay?

Cade: (Blinks his eyes and the energy started disappearing as he panted) Yeah, I'm fine.

Bumblebee: You sure?

Cade: Yeah, I just had a very long day...

In Space, hours has passed since the transport left Earth, as the vessel transporting the Prisoners was floating at a steady pace, alone in the empty void with nothing, but stars to light up the journey as they made their way towards their destination, the Autobot Troopers had all the Prisoners sharing the same cell, all of them had gags on as they were watched over by the Troopers.

Autobot Trooper 1: (Looks at the Decepticons) Look at these punks, they look angry!

Autobot Trooper 2: Who can blame them? With their leader gone, they'll do anything to try getting payback.

Autobot Trooper 1: Well too bad for them, it failed badly! (Chuckled)

Autobot Trooper 3: (Piloting the ship) Hey there boys, we'll only a few Solar Cycles away from getting to Epsilon Iridani, so hang in there.

Autobot Trooper 2: Hey, we're only transporting prisoners, what could go wrong?

Suddenly, there was an explosion that was heard from outside, and it caused the ship to shake, knocking everyone down as they taken by surprise.

Autobot Trooper 1: (Groans as he got up) Is everyone alright?

Autobot Trooper 2: What was that?!

Autobot Trooper 3: (Cockpit functions are seen to be damaged as electrical surges were seen) Attention! All piloting functions have been disabeled, I can't fly the ship!

Autobot Trooper 4: (Walks to the door of the Cockpit) Hey, what happened? Was there some kind of malfunction with the engines?

Autobot Trooper 3: I don't know, but I can't call for help because something's jamming our Comms!

Autobot Trooper 2: Who would jam our Comms?

Autobot Trooper 3: I don't know! I can't-! (Sees a shadow looming over him) What the-?

The pilot looked up, only to see very large ship, much bigger than the transport, looming over them as it darkened with it's shadow, the Autobot looked up, realizing it is a possible Decepticon attack.

Autobot Trooper 3: (Looks up at the ship) Oh no...

Autobot Trooper 1: Now what?

Suddenly, loud noises were heard from across the hall, as every Autobot turned around, the banging noises were drawing closer and closer, hinting at the arrival of some very uninvited guests.

Autobot Trooper 5: (Sees the door with the banging noises) It's a Decepticon attack!

Autobot Trooper 6: Everyone battle formations! Defend the prisoners!

Autobot Trooper 3: (Turns from his seat and sees everyone moving) Hey, what's going on? What's all that noise?

Suddenly, once it started getting louder, the door started to have a few banged dents on it, right before it was smashed opened, the door flying out into the hall as every Autobot that were outside got into position, they had their weapons ready, while the Decepticons, whose mouths were shut from the gags, watched silently from their cell as the doorway was only pitch black at first, until a breathing noise was heard, and then suddenly, a Sword was let up on fire, along with a certain Decepticon, who stood alone in the hallway as he stood in the doorway, he stared at the Autobots that had their weapons locked and loaded, and were staring back at the Fallen.

Autobot Trooper 1: (Aims his weapon at the Fallen) OPEN FIRE!

Suddenly, every Autobot started firing their weapons at the Fallen, who simply deflected them with his Sword, as he deflected some of them at the Autobots, while the meantime, he moved at a fast pace, swing his flamed sword at the Autobot Troopers, who had no time to react as one by one, they were given violent deaths, all while the Decepticons stared, their eyes widened from the brutality they had witnessed, as only a minute later, they were all laying on the floor Offline, their shells going Grey as the Fallen stood over their corpses.

Fallen: (Cracks his neck as he sighed in bliss) Oh, I missed this! (Turns to the captured Renegades) Oh, there you are... (Walks to the cell and unlocks it, opening it up as he looked at them) Now, considering that I am witnessing you in chains, I'm going to give you all an option; join me, or I will walk away and leave you all starving without Energon. (Takes Strika's gag off) What do you say?

Strika: (Looks at the bodies of the Autobots and closed her Optics in shame) ...What is your command, my Lord.

Fallen: Hmm, looks like you are smart after all...

The Fallen then started to cut everyone loose of their Stasis Cuffs, while one Autobot Trooper, being the pilot, was left standing, he watched as the Fallen gotten the last of the Decepticons loose, he started to get his weapon while he aimed at the Fallen, hoping to shoot at him while he didn't noticed.

Shockwave: (Looks at the Fallen) Where do we start?

Fallen: Cybertron, but not yet, I-! (Gets shot inches from the Helm) UHHH! (Turns to feel his graze, and then turned around and noticed the Autobot Trooper still standing) Oh, you're still alive.

Autobot Trooper 3: (Widened his Optics) FRAG! (Shuts the door and locks it, as he crawled to the cockpit, he had his weapon aimed at the door while he started to activate an audio log) This is Troop number 086! (Sees door being banged on) If you're hearing this, this is a Code Red! Repeat, Code Red! (Sees the Fallen's Sword come stabbing through the door) Warn Ultra Magnus! Cybertron Command! There's someone coming to Cybertron! (Sees the door about to be opened) He's coming!

Suddenly, the door was popped open, as the Trooper made his last stand by firing his weapon in a frenzy, while the Fallen deflected every blaster shot that came at him, he sliced the Autobot's hand that contained the weapon clean off, and then raised his Sword in the air to stab him, making his scream as it was mixed in with Cade's, who was just waking up in the middle of the night, experiencing a dream that seemed too real to be one.

Cade: (Panted as he turned around, noticing no one but him in bed) What the hell was that? (Sighs) God...

Cade went downstairs to get himself a water, and once he got a glass, he went back into his room, and turned on the light, only to see papers scattered all over, with strange symbols drawn all over, plastered in every spot, including the ceiling, and floor, as he looked around in shock.

Cade: (Widened his expression at the papers of the Symbols) ...What the F-!

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