Episode 27: Legends Never Die Part 1

Alright, boys and girls! This is the big event for all of us as we finally end the fifth Season of Transformers Animated! Just wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me, and I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I have!

As usual, all characters belong to Hasbro and Cartoon Network, so no need to file a lawsuit!


We begin this episode from the last as the Fallen was seen rubbing his Optics while everyone, both Autobot and Decepticon alike stared at him in complete shock.

Fallen: (Rubbed his Optics) Thank god I'm done with that... (Turns to everyone) I know some of you may already be confused by this... Sudden change, but believe me, this is very easy to explain if you would only let me.

Bulkhead: (Widened his Optics) Holy Scrap! You're... You're Optimus Prime's freaking Dad?!

Fallen: (Expression drops) Heh! Oh, that's funny! (Sighs) No, of course not! (Tilts his head) Or then again, perhaps being in Magnus' body sort of makes me one of your precious team leaders' Father, don't you think?

Galvatron: You had us captured and I shot so you can pull off this act?

Fallen: Yes, I did! I did it so I could bring all of you here so I can finally tell you the truth about myself!

Arcee: So what now? Are you going to have us all Scrapped?!

Fallen: Oh come on, Arcee! If I wanted you dead, I would have done it by now!

Optimus: (Stares at the Fallen) ...What have you done to my Father?!

Fallen: Ah, finally! A more relevant question to this! (Turns to Optimus) This is one of the reasons as to why I'm fond of you, Optimus Prime. You're just so direct rather than wasting time! Unlike your Brother, he wasn't as determined as you are.

Optimus: Don't ignore the subject, answer me!

Fallen: Alright! (Raises his hands after he dropped the Hammer) Alright, I can see you're sensitive to the subject, so I shall move on and get this over with. (Gets out a scanner and shows a hologram of his own Processor) See that little object lodged inside of your Father? (Points at a chip) That would a be a chip installed that would enable a Decepticon Programming from within. (Stops showing off the chip) The same kind of chip that would be used on Autobots such as Rosanna to make infiltration a lot more easier for the job.

Rodimus: But that's impossible! The story with you and Ultra Magnus-!

Fallen: Was in all true! All of it except he had forgotten just a slight detail on that fateful night on Talos IV.

Flashback, Eons ago.

The Fallen was seen standing over Solus and Ultra Prime as he saw them being knocked unconscious by his own hand.

Fallen: (Is seen pulling the two into the basement while narrating) You see, back in that very night, I had been shown the truth about Cybertronains, and I wanted to prepare us all for a new age for defense. (Ties up Ultra Prime and Solus Prime) But I knew that without an army of my own, my goal would be futile and would have been a complete waste, so I had to go into extreme measures. (Later is seen looking over a blueprint of the chip) After I had scavenged Gigitron's ship, I have found a blueprint regarding the very chip that I speak about! And when I learned that it could not only put in a Decepticon Programming on the inside, I learned that it could also house Decepticons that have died in battle by putting a neural Processor inside of the chip and lodging it right inside of an Autobot's Processor. (Is seen opening up Ultra's Processor to install the chip, and then later having tubes attached to the both of them) And after a while, I managed to download all my memories and Protoform data right into your Magnus and made sure that if I were to die... (He took off the tube off his neck as he turned to Ultra) then my future would be secure.

Ultra Prime: (Groans as he saw Megatronus) What are you doing?

Fallen: Relax. (Pulls the tube off Prime's neck as he turned away from the table) Just came by to make a checkup.

Flashback ends.

Fallen: And now, here we are... The climax to this tale of ours. (Walks around) And ever since I have became bonded inside of this body, I have begun to watch and learn each and every single one of you! All your favorite hobbies, your friends, family, everything you know and love has been known to Ultra Magnus while I silently listen to information that he has given me. (Turns to Sari) And even he gave me some perfect opportunities such as taking Sari Sumdac under my wing after the events that took place in Trypiticon prison.

Bulkhead: So that's how you got Sari right after Trypiticon...

Jazz: That ain't possible! We would've found something out by now, especially Perceptor and Wheeljack!

Fallen: Well considering the incident with Rosanna and her Decepticon copy, Flipsides, I have no doubt they would have discovered any potential victim of a terrible Programming! But then again, how often is it that one would suspect that the Autobot Ultra Magnus, leader of the Autobot Military and an outspoken figure on Cybertron would be one of those victims?

Rodimus: So you were inside of the Magnus' head the whole time?

Fallen: Indeed! Of course, during the earlier days, I never got the chance to come out, but when there were times that Ultra had to make decisions such as making vote to whether or not to create Omega Sentinels... (Lightly chuckles) Well, let's just say a little voice in his head helped fill in the idea, and that is why Omega Supreme is even Functioning to this day.

Ratchet: Even so, it would have taken up at least Millions of Stellar Cycles to have this happen!

Perceptor: Indeed! I have studied the chips that I found on the Autobots affected, and there's no way you would have it activated on free will!

Fallen: (Points at Perceptor) That is a very valid point Perceptor! Of course, I have only managed to take control for only brief amounts of time every century single century to prepare an army of my own! Some created out into the unknown parts of Space, and others made right from the inside of Megatron's very own Empire! But all that changed thanks to Shockwave!

Shockwave: (Raises a brow) Me?

Fallen: (Turns to point at him) Yes, you! I have you to thank after all for dealing a blow to the Magnus two Stellar Cycles ago in the Council Chambers!

Flashback, two years ago.

Ultra Magnus was seen in the Council Chambers as Longarm Prime was hiding around the corner, looking at the Magnus as he laid down his Hammer, making him give up the Longarm disguise to become Shockwave.

Fallen: (Shockwave is seen picking up the Hammer) You see, that day when you struck the Magnus with his own Hammer...

Ultra Magnus: (Turns around, seeing Shockwave about to attack him) Huh?!

Shockwave: (Hits the Magnus with the Hammer) YAH!

Ultra Magnus: (Gets critically injured by Shockwave) Gah!

Fallen: (Continues to narrate as everything moved in slow motion) You not only struck him into Stasis Lock... (The chip inside the Magnus began to beep immediately) You jumpstarted the chip that gave it a complete boost to make me wake up!

Flashback ends.

Fallen: (Looks at Shockwave) You not only damaged his body, but you also have damaged his own willpower to make me gain control earlier than expected! And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Starscream: (Rolls his Optics) Shockwave being the successful servant as usual! What a surprise.

Shockwave: (Turns to Starscream) It's not like I knew about it at the time! This is as much a shock to me as it is for all of you!

Sideswipe: So all those times you took on trips... It can't to be that perfect, you'd still have to-!

Fallen: (Gets out a mic and uses Ultra Magnus' voice) Make contact? (Smiled as he stopped using the voice) Impressive right? (Drops the mic) I have also learned that by mere accident, which was essential to keeping my secret in check up to this point.

Rodimus: But if you were inside of Ultra Magnus' body the whole time, then that meant everything that happened was your fault... Sari getting turned into a Decepticon, Lithone getting destroyed, Lockdown and Tarantulas being on Cybertron, even Rosanna being a victim, it was all you from the start!

Fallen: Well, not all of it! Of course, those Autobots from that... Shattered Glass Universe, they certainly took me by surprise! (Turns to Shadow Striker) Nice work on that by the way.

Wheeljack: But that also meant that you had all the power in your grasp! You could have easily ordered someone to disable defenses, and Cybertron could have been taken over without warning!

Fallen: That's very true! I could have done that and wiped you all out in a matter of minutes, but the truth is that wouldn't even be enough to stop what is coming.

Optimus: What's coming?

Fallen: A Chaos Bringer... You see, the night at Talos IV, I saw not only the truth of our very creation but the future of what is to come! And in that, I have seen Cybertron fall into flames by an evil so terrible that Galvatron and I would be considered child's play in this scenario. And then from the ashes of what remains of a burnt world, a creature capable of devouring worlds would rise to destroy everything that we have come to know!

Drift: So what? This makes you a prophet now?

Fallen: I only mean to prepare.

Rodimus: Look, even if there's this Chaos Bringer comes, what makes you think any of us would ever side with you?!

Fallen: Because while we stand here, my warriors are taking control of the Ark's Bridge and sending our current location to the Decepticon Empire as we speak. (Turns to the group) And once we're gathered, I shall come to Cybertron to burn it down so I can unleash the Chaos Bringer meaning to bring harm to the rest of the universe.

Cade: Wait, so back when I shot myself in the leg, you mean to tell me that you were never going to honor that agreement?!

Fallen: I couldn't have you and Mrs. Sumdac die without the help that I needed, and I thank you both for your assistance.

Sideswipe: What the Frag is burning Cybertron going to bring if you're looking for some monster that we have no idea about?! You'll only destroy millions of Cybertronains on the Planet!

Fallen: Sometimes, you need to make sacrifices in for the greater good. After all, Alpha Trion was the one who made up the, "Without Sacrifice, There Can Be No Victory." motto.

Arcee: But what if this monster isn't on Cybertron?! What if you destroy the Planet and there is no Chaos Bringer?!

Fallen: Then I suppose I'll just have to search Planet by Planet until the beast finally reveals itself. Either way, I'm going to be the one that saves this Universe from the creature.

Optimus: Yeah, well we're still not giving up! You killed my Brother and took away my Son's Voice! I can't just let you get away with that!

Starscream: (Rolls his Optics) Someone's being melodramatic.

Misary: (Scoffs) Tell me about it.

Fallen: Oh come now, Son... (Shows off his hands) You do know that these hands aren't really my own, so I'm not the only guilty party in this.

Optimus: (Glares at him) Don't call me that!

Fallen: Why not? I am in my old friend's body after all, so it would be fitting to consider you as my own.

Optimus: I am not your son! (Stands up) And we will stop you either way!

Fallen: Really? Well, perhaps there is one way you can stop me.

Ratchet: Yeah? And what's that supposed to be?

Fallen: (Picks up the Magnus Hammer and threw it right onto the floor in front of Optimus' feet) You'll just have to kill me.

Optimus: (Widened his Optics as he turned to the Fallen) You're not serious, are you?

Fallen: I am. In fact, I shall consider this as a test of strength.

Optimus: No, there is no test of strength! It's not necessary!

Fallen: But it is, because in my vision, I have seen that only the strongest shall survive. (Folded his hands behind his back) And from the years living inside of your Father's head, you are one of the few that is strong enough for the Giant that will someday come for us all. Unlike your Brother, Sentinel Minor that is.

Optimus: Don't you dare-!

Fallen: Yes, Orion! Sorry, but your Brother was weak! Even if he survived the attack that I have made, he would have never lived long enough to face what is yet to come!

Optimus: You don't know that!

Fallen: Really? What about Archa 7? His time in the Autobot Elite Guard? And even during his time as being a Magnus? He had every single chance to prove himself, and he wasted his value being nothing more than a clown dressed up as a leader! Never the less doing anything, but be a self obnoxious, arrogant piece of Scrap to everyone he ever spoke to! And like it or not, that is what he will always be remembered for! A useless nobody with no honor!

Optimus: (Started to grab his own fists) Grrr! (Grabs the Magnus Hammer)

Jazz: (Sees Optimus picking up the Hammer) Yo, O.P!

Fallen: (Sees Optimus grabbing the Hammer) There it is! That's what I'm looking for!

Optimus: (Glares at the Fallen) You will pay for what you have done!

Fallen: Indeed I will... (Raises a hand up) But, just know that if you exact your justice on me, then perhaps it is best to know that if I die now, then your Father dies too! It'll be like two birds in one stone, except one bird is considered to be a highly contagious threat to society, and the other is an innocent figure that seeks to make peace among worlds. (Sees Optimus fuming in anger) Tell me Optimus Prime... Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? Because there are only two ways this can end; one is that I continue to live on to prepare the Ark to burn Cybertron into Cinder, and the 2nd option is that you strike me down, claim your victory and call it a day while in the meantime mourning your leader and beloved Father. (Sees Optimus struggling with himself) Kill me, and you prove to me that you are stronger than you realize. (Shrugs) Or don't, and then you'll just prove to me that you're just as weak as the many Cogs that are made in this Universe.

Windblade: (Is seen standing behind the Fallen) Perhaps he isn't strong enough to kill you... (Gets out her Purple Lightsaber) But I am! (Moves to strike) YAHH!

Ironhide: (Widened his Optics) Windblade, no!

Fallen: (Gets out his Blade and counters Windblade's) Of course you'd be one of the first to even try it! (Smacks her)

Windblade: (Gets smacked by the Fallen) Ngh! (Fell against one of the cell doors)

Drift: (Gets out his Swords and jumps right into the Fallen) RAHH!

Perceptor: (Sees Drift attacking the Fallen) Drift, wait!

Drift: (Runs towards the Fallen) This is for Dai, you bastard!

Fallen: (Combats Drift with his Blade) Ngh!

Windblade: (Gets back up and fights with Drift) RAH!

Bulkhead: (Gets up) What do we do now?!

Rodimus: (Gets out his Crossbow) Optimus, it's your call! What do we do? (Turns to Optimus when he doesn't respond) Optimus! What now?!

Optimus: (Looks at the Fallen fighting against Windblade and Drift) ...

Bumblebee: (Turns to lightly tap his Dad) ...

Optimus: (Blinked) Huh? (Turns to Bumblebee, who points at everyone looking at him) Right... We need to get out of here, now! (Turns to Bumblebee and Arcee) Bumblebee, Arcee! Get Cade and Sari off of the Berths! Jazz, Sideswipe, get Perceptor and Wheeljack out of the Stasis Cuffs! Ironhide, Rodimus and I will stop Drift and Windblade from doing any harm while you follow Ratchet for Omega Supreme and plot a course back to Cybertron!

Ratchet: Got it!

Jazz: (Gets Perceptor and Wheeljack released from their Stasis Cuffs with Sideswipe's help) Alright, let's get these off you!

Arcee: (Helps Bumblebee get Cade and Sari off of the Berths) Come on, let's go! (Turns to follow Ratchet with everyone else)

Bulkhead: But what about Ultra Magnus? We can't just leave him here!

Ironhide: (Points at the Fallen) Don't look like he's going anywhere else anytime soon!

Rodimus: Well, we have to at least try to wake him up!

Optimus: And that's what we'll do! (Uses his Grapplers to pull Windblade away)

Windblade: (Gets pulled away as she was about to be struck down by the Fallen) NGH!

Drift: (Gets pushed back by the Fallen) Ugh!

Fallen: (Moves to stab Drift) Grrr!

Ironhide: (Activates his Unbreakable Armor to charge at the Fallen) Come on! (Tackles the Fallen)

Fallen: (Fell to the floor being tackled by Ironhide) Ugh!

Ironhide: (Moves to punch the Fallen) Come on, Magnus, wake up! You can fight this!

Fallen: (Grabbed Ironhide's fist) He's not waking up anytime soon, Ironhide! (Facebutted him)

Ironhide: (Gets face-butted by the Fallen) Ugh! (Gets pulled off of the Fallen and thrown across the hall) Whoa!

Bulkhead: (Activates his Wrecking Ball) For what it's worth, I hope that Magnus forgives me for this one! (Throws it at the Fallen)

Fallen: (Sees Bulkhead throwing a Wrecking Ball at him) Hmm... (Ducks down to avoid the ball, and then catch it by the wiring)

Bulkhead: (Noticed the Fallen catch the Wrecking Ball wires) Uh oh!

Fallen: (Yanks it over) Get over here!

Bulkhead: (Fell over) WAHHH!

Drift: (Sees Bulkhead and Ironhide go down) We're getting killed in here!

Optimus: Which is why we need to take him down!

Windblade: What we need to do is kill him!

Optimus: Ultra Magnus isn't going to get killed on my watch!

Drift: Yeah, well he's going to kill us if we don't kill him first!

Fallen: (Walks over to Bulkhead) Seems like this is the end of the road for you, Bulkhead! (Raises his Blade up high)

Optimus: (Sees the Fallen about to strike down Bulkhead) NO! (Gets the Magnus Hammer and swings right at the Fallen)

Fallen: (Gets hit by the head) UGH!

Optimus: (Glares at the Fallen) You're not going to hurt anyone else again! (Makes another swing) RGH!

Fallen: (Gets hit by the head again) GAH!

Just when Optimus gave the second blow, a series of flashbacks appeared, giving off brief memories of Ultra Magnus, who was seen with countless Autobots as he stumbled backward, his Optics began to change into a Blue Hue, making the Cybertronian turn to an angered Optimus Prime with a slight hint of confusion.

Fallen: (His Optics are turned Blue as the voice suddenly changed) Orion?

Optimus: (Makes another swing) RAH!

Fallen: (Gets knocked back) GAH! (Fell to the floor)

Optimus: (Widened his Optics as he looked at the Fallen) Father? (Drops the Hammer and leaned down on the floor) Father, can you hear me?

Ironhide: (Gets up, looking at the Fallen) His Optics just changed Blue... Is that what I think it means?

Optimus: (Moves to shake him) Father!

Fallen: (Had his Optics closed until he opened them wide up, revealing his Red Hue) Think again.

Optimus: (Suddenly gets placed in a chokehold) GUK! (Is lifted up into the air)

Fallen: (Chokes Optimus) That was good try swinging the Hammer at my head, but you wasted your chance by the 3rd strike. (Gets out a Blade) Now it's time to put an end this almighty journey of yours.

Rodimus: (Transforms into his Alt Mode and runs over the Fallen) RGH!

Fallen: (Gets run over by Drift) GAH! (Fell to the floor after releasing Optimus)

Optimus: (Fell onto his back) Guh!

Ratchet: (Calls the team) Prime! We got Omega Supreme back Online! It's time to go!

Rodimus: (Transforms back into his Alt Mode) We need to go now!

Windblade: Not until he's dead by our hand!

Fallen: (Slowly gets up, but then moved to use his Blade to slice open a panel) Ygh!

Shadow Striker: (Sees her cell and the rest being opened) Finally, we get some fun!

Galvatron: (Gets out, looking at Optimus Prime) Optimus Prime...

Optimus: (Sees the rest of the Decepticons getting out of their cells) Everyone fall back! Fall back!

The Autobots began to leave the detention center while the Decepticons watched them leave.

Galvatron: (Sees them leave) Rrrr! (Turns to follow them)

Fallen: (Stopped Galvatron from going further) Stop.

Galvatron: (Raises a brow) Stop?!

Starscream: But they're getting away!

Fallen: Let them... They're only delaying the inevitable.

The Autobots moved to the Hanger to find Omega Supreme primed and ready to leave as Jazz and Arcee were seen at the landing ramp waiting for them.

Arcee: (Sees the group coming) Come on, hurry!

Jazz: Yo, we gotta go now!

Optimus: Is everyone inside?

Arcee: Everyone's waiting!

Optimus: Alright, let's go!

Ratchet: (Is sitting at the cockpit) Omega Supreme, we need to leave, now!

Omega Supreme: Of course, but where is Ultra Magnus?

Ratchet: It's uh... It's complicated!

Rodimus: Listen, there will be Decepticons swarming us any Nano Click, we need to go now!

Omega Supreme: Understood!

With that, Omega then launched out of the Ark and into Space just in time for the Decepticon reinforcements to arrive, making him Transwarp out of the area as the Decepticons moved in.

Lugnut: (Is seen on a warship) Aha! We found the Ark!

Soundwave: (Contacts the Fallen) Master, we have arrived at your location.

Fallen: (Is at the bridge with the others) Wait for my command. I shall tend to the Ark's capabilities. (Turns to the group as he ended the call) Well?

Tarn: The Ark is fully operational.

Nightbird: Although it could use a lot of fuel. A lot of was lost over the years.

Fallen: Then charge up the whole ship. How long will that take?

Mindwipe: Presumably for 8 Cycles.

Cyclonus: Cybertron shall be burnt to a crisp tomorrow.

Fallen: That shall not suffice, not anymore. The Autobots now have knowledge of the Chip, and they will do everything to undo all of Ultra Magnus' control over the Planet, I need this ship ready by tonight!

Mindwipe: Well, what would you want us to do?

Fallen: Nothing, but prepare the forces while I contact Soundwave. Perhaps he can provide a much quicker way to fuel this vessel.

Starscream: (Turns to the Fallen) Ooh, so you can burn Cybertron? Now that feels like I've just heard that sentiment just last year!

Fallen: (Turns to Galvatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Misary, and Shadow Striker before turning to his loyal servants) Go... I need time alone with them. (They left while he turned to the group) I understand some of you feel odd about this revelation.

Misary: More like disappointed! I was kinda hoping to gouge the Magnus' Optics out before learning about this side of you,

Shadow Striker: But that doesn't mean that we don't like this side of you! It actually suits you.

Fallen: Then I suppose there is no problem with the current Decepticon leadership, is there?

Shockwave: (Shook his head) N-No! No, of course not, my Liege!

Starscream: We shall continue to serve, whether you're in an Autobot's body or not!

Fallen: (Turns to Galvatron) Galvatron? Do we have any problems?

Galvatron: (Slowly turns to the Fallen) No.

Fallen: Good, then I suggest you prepare yourselves because tonight shall be something our legacy will be known for.

Later, the Autobots arrived back on Cybertron as they landed at Fortress Maximus, everyone got out of Omega Supreme while Elita One, the Jet Twins, Cliffjumper, Hot Shot and Bumblebee's Team saw them coming

Elita One: (Turns to Optimus) Optimus! Hey, we weren't expecting-!

Optimus: (Turns to Elita) Elita, is everyone alright?

Elita One: (Nodded) Of course! Why are you asking?

Rodimus: (Turns to Cliffjumper) Cliffjumper, tell us how long it takes for us to refute Ultra Magnus' authority?!

Cliffjumper: (Raises a brow) Come again?

Jazz: Come on, Cliff! We don't got all day!

Minerva: (Turnsn to Bumblebee) Hey, you! How was the trip?

Bumblebee: (Tries to respond to Minerva, but widened his Optics when he realized he couldn't anymore) ...

Minerva: (Raises a brow) Bee? Are you okay?

Crosshairs: Hey, what's with the silent treatment?

Brawn: Yeah! Are ya tryin' something new?

Sideswipe: (Sighs as he came over to Bee's side) Yeah, we need to talk...

Elita One: (Noticed Bumblebee not speaking) Optimus, what's wrong with Bumblebee?

Optimus: It's complicated, I'll tell you-!

Ironhide: Look, we gotta get going now! The Decepticons will come any time now!

Cliffjumper: But where's the Ark? I thought you were going to get it?

Arcee: The Decepticons took over! It was a trap!

Ratchet: So let's get a move on already!

Perceptor: I highly recommend we move on with accurate speed!

Jetstorm: There's just one thing missing.

Jetfire: Where's Ultra Magnus?

Springer: Yes, I believe he was with you during the trip.

Rodimus: It's a long story.

Cliffjumper: Long story? Why do you want to revoke Ultra Magnus' complete authority? And how will that help us against the Fallen?


Cosmos: (Everyone including him turns to Optimus' immediate attention) Say what?

Optimus: (Sighs heavily) The Fallen... Placed a chip inside Ultra Magnus' Processor, the same kind of chip that was used on Rosanna and Blurr.

Warpath: You're not really serious, are you? There's no way that, that Slagger could have been Ultra Magnus!

Bulkhead: Well, we'd faced weirder stuff before.

Optimus: (Turnsn to Cliffjumper) Listen, the Fallen has taken complete control over Ultra Magnus' body! And he could use his voice to disable security all over Cybertron!

Rodimus: So how long would it take to revoke his authority for the time being?

Cliffjumper: (Blinked in complete disbelief) I-It won't be too long! (Turns to leave) I'll get right on it!

Crosshairs: Oh man, is this seriously for real?!

Sideswipe: If it wasn't, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Windblade: Actually, we all wouldn't be worrying about it if we just dealt with the problem right then and there!

Optimus: (Turns to look at Windblade and Drift before turning to the others) Rodimus, take charge for me while I go talk to these two.

Drift: (Sighs in annoyance) And here goes...

Optimus pulls Windblade and Drift away from the others as he turned to a corner, leaving the three of them by themselves.

Optimus: (Turns to Drift and Windblade) What were you both thinking?

Windblade: How could you ask such a question when you know the answer to that?

Optimus: That's not how we deal with this!

Drift: Really? Because last year, you were the one who came up with an idea to turn Megatron into Scrap Metal!

Optimus: This is different because this is Ultra Magnus that we're talking about here! We can't just move on and assassinate the Fallen without endangering Ultra Magnus' life in the process!

Windblade: And I feel your Father as much as anyone! But your Father is gone now! The Fallen took over his body, and there is no coming back!

Drift: And I'm pretty sure what he would want us to do right is to do what's necessary!

Optimus: By taking out an Autobot Magnus?!

Drift: Come on, you have to see that what we're talking about is a mercy killing at this point!

Optimus: Well, I'm pretty sure that wasn't in Dai Atlas' handbook in the Cyberninja Corps!

Drift: Okay, really?! Are you seriously going to pull that on me?!

Windblade: I don't know if you noticed, but the Fallen is a plaque that will continue to spread! You heard what he told us, he is going to use the Ark to decimate everything in his path to release some creature that no one hasn't heard of before!

Optimus: That doesn't mean we have to take him out! Look, when I hit him by the head with the Hammer, I heard Ultra Magnus' voice!

Drift: He did it to taunt you!

Optimus: I don't think so! His Optics turned Blue after I hit him, I don't think that's normal for him to do that!

Windblade: Just like it isn't normal for him to take your own Son's voice away?

Ratchet: Alright, we can have this discussion later! Right now, we need to get back to prepping our defenses pronto!

Rodimus: Right! (Turns to Perceptor) Perceptor, you're a member of the High Council! Can you help Cliffjumper override any power Ultra Magnus used to have?

Perceptor: For this case, there will be some high measures to be taken for the current Magnus' condition.

Optimus: Okay, well do whatever needs to be done! The Fallen cannot access anything that would put all of us in danger!

Jetstorm: And what about the Autobots out in Space? What are we supposed to tell them about Ultra Magnus?

Optimus: I don't know.

Jetfire: And the Autobots that look up to him! How are we supposed to-?

Optimus: I don't know! I don't know, so let's just keep this all to ourselves until the crisis is averted!

Crosshairs: And when will that happen?

Optimus: When we have taken out the Fallen!

Hot Shot: And what about Ultra Magnus?

Optimus: (Looks at everyone staring at him) ...Let's worry about that when the time is right

Back inside of the Ark, the Decepticons were gathered at the bridge as they took complete control of it.

Fallen: (Looks out of the window) Are all systems operational?

Tarn: (Nodded) Indeed, master! Once we have the Ark refueled, it shall be ready for your use!

Fallen: Good... How long will it take?

Nightbird: Merely 8 Earth hours, tomorrow at dawn.

Fallen: No, that will not be sufficient! The Autobots will use that time against us, so have Soundwave handle the maintenance... He is exceptionally good with providing upgrades to our timetable.

Cyclonus: Understood, master.

Everyone began to leave while Galvatron is seen walking over to the Fallen, who is aware of his presence, yet he does not turn to his attention.

Galvatron: (Walks over to the Fallen) Master, may we speak?

Fallen: (Stares at the window) Of what?

Galvatron: ...All this time I've fought the Autobots... All this time I've assembled plans against them, and all this time, you were the wild card that already set them all to their doom.

Fallen: Well, if you have only carefully played the long game just as I have, perhaps you would have already struck victory long before this very Solar Cycle.

Galvatron: But why wait then? Why wait until now to show yourself? Why wait while we Decepticons suffered at the hands of defeat for so many Eons?

Fallen: Hmm, I know what you're doing... (Turns to Galvatron) You're trying to make me show any kind weakness so you could go back to being who you once were, aren't you? Not that I don't admire it, all Decepticons tend to get a little jealous and one day start to plot the leader's own demise. It's kind of a historic trend really, so it doesn't bother me one bit.

Galvatron: That doesn't answer you not being there when Trypiticon was destroyed!

Fallen: Actually, I was! Or rather... (Points at himself) This body of mine... (Turns to Galvatron) You know, despite not having control, you do get a front row seat when your old friend is watching an old relic get blown to smithereens! (Glares at Galvatron) All thanks to your sloppiness, no doubt.

Galvatron: And yet, you hid like a coward!

Fallen: Says the Mech who used Synthetic Energon on himself. (Starts to circle the Ex-Warlord) Who then went mad, and began on a chaotic spree that nearly wiped out not just the Earth, but the very army you yourself possessed! Now, I'm not denying what I am plotting isn't genocide, there will be plenty of blood to be evaporated soon enough! But coming here to my face, telling me that what I am proposing is a manic's philosophy, is very ironic! Considering that you pushed everyone loyal to you away just so you could seek revenge... (Stops in front of Galvatron) Including the very being that you swore your own love to, just so you could idiotically sacrifice your empire for a dead Planet... Now, that's what I call mad.

Galvatron: (Glares at the Fallen) I am not a fool to ignore my mistakes...

Fallen: Well, that's funny... (Turns around to go back to staring at the windows) That's something your former 2nd in Command would say, right before you took his place... And now, everyone aside from whatever followers you have left, hate you more than Starscream. (Folds his Servos) Not that I don't care of the ironic predicament that you've been put into, it's just that I frankly don't care.

Galvatron: (His hands start to shake violently, giving off a low growl) Rrr... (Turns around and leaves)

Fallen: (Noticed that Galvatron's presence is gone) Hmph. (Stares at the windows until he felt a small headache) Ugh... What the-?

Suddenly the Fallen blinked, causing him to find himself back on Talos IV on the night of his own death as Ultra Magnus was seen standing right next to the fire caused during the incident.

Ultra Magnus: (Glares at the Fallen) Megatronus!

Fallen: (Sees the Magnus) Tyger! My old pal! (Turns to him) How are you?

Ultra Magnus: Stuck being inside of my own Processor, no thanks to you!

Fallen: Well, I'm beginning to think that this should be "Our" Processor now, considering we both share the same body!

Ultra Magnus: Enough! This ends right here! You're going to give me back my body, or else-!

Fallen: Or else what? You're trapped in here, your body belongs to me now!

Ultra Magnus: You can't be in control forever! All these years, you've been trapped inside my Processor, you've been able to break out through a small gap! So I'll be back in control at any moment now!

Fallen: Oh, not this time! You see, the small gaps that I had, that was just the chip making a work in progress! Now, I'm complete! No more long term sleep gaps, no more sitting idly by while watching you waste all your power acting so political, I am done with all that now! Now, I reign supreme while you get to sit down and experience an eternity of emptiness!

Ultra Magnus: You won't win! The Autobot Commonwealth will find a way to stop you and the Decepticons!

Fallen: But I've already won... (Circles around the Magnus) That night that you killed off my body, you lit the fire that set my victory into motion. It was slow, but... (Grins) Well, here we are now; the Ark is in my possession, and your Autobots fleeing away like ants as they now know of our dirty little secret.

Ultra Magnus: That's your secret, not mine!

Fallen: Well, it certainly doesn't matter because they think that you are responsible for the Siege, the deaths, the assaults, all of it.

Ultra Magnus: You're lying!

Fallen: No, I'm making a prediction. (Shrugs) Which most likely is going to happen.

Ultra Magnus: And that is?

Fallen: That even if the Autobots rally together and find a way to fight back, there will be no chance of rescue for you.

Ultra Magnus: My safety is not my concern!

Fallen: No, but perhaps you should be concerned with how your legend will end... (Starts circling the Magnus) Imagine the Autobots that came with you going back to Cybertron, and then having everyone learn how dirty your hands have gotten.

Ultra Magnus: I never killed those people!

Fallen: No, but then again I am living in your body, so in a way, you had a small helping hand on it. (Stops in front of him) At least, that's how everyone will feel when they learn about how a Decepticon infiltrated an entire Autobot military for years...

Ultra Magnus: (Glares at him) That doesn't change the fact that you are responsible for everyone getting hurt in your conquest to commit genocide!

Fallen: (Smirks) You wanna talk responsibility... Fine. (Turns to put a firm hand on Ultra's head) Tell that to the dead!

Ultra Magnus: (Is gripped by the Fallen) Ngh!

Suddenly, when the Fallen touched his forehead, all of the Decepticon's memories while being in control came to surface as every one Bot and Con that the Fallen has inflicted harm upon has come into the Autobot's vision, memories of pain and suffering coming all at once as faces of the dead started to hit the Magnus hard.

Sentinel: (Is seen in the Fallen's memories while getting stabbed) UGK!

Autobot Trooper: (Is seen getting slashed by the Fallen's Blade) AHHH!

Alpha Trion: (Is seen getting shot in the Chestplate) AGH!

Ultra Magnus: (Widened his Optics as he saw so much death being inflicted upon) What did you do?!

Fallen: I just gave you all the memories of every Bot that your body had murdered in Cold Energon... (Turns to leave) Along with another thing to remember by...

Suddenly, the ground around Ultra Magnus shook as a giant figure rose from the bottom, revealing a giant Cybertronian with Green Optics, who was about a size of a Planet itself as it stared right upon the Magnus while moving to grab him...

Ultra Magnus: (Sees the monster looking at him) ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

With that, the Fallen blinked his Optics, finding himself back into reality as he took control. Smirking, he turned to sat down on his chair while Galvatron turned to face the window, with Slipstream, Starscream, Shockwave, Blitzwing, and Lugnut coming over.

Slipstream: (Turns to Galvatron) Well, what do we do now?

Galvatron: We do nothing.

Slipstream: Are you serious?!

Starscream: Has the Fallen taken away what's left your sanity already?!

Galvatron: The Fallen has a body in the form of Ultra Magnus and has already taken control of the Ark. He has an entire army at his disposal, and I do not have sufficient manpower to take back control.

Lugnut: Rah! I'll gladly crush anyone who stands in our way, Lord Megatron!

Blitzwing: (Folded his Servos with Icy taking control) At least until your head getz dizmantled by ze Fallen.

Lugnut: (Turns to Blitzwing) Blitzwing, I know exactly what the risks are, you fool!

Blitzwing: (Turns Hothead, gets angry with Lugnut) Don't you get angry with me, you Fragging imbecile!

Shockwave: Galvatron, may I ask that we at least do something about this? After all, we can't rule a Universe if it's already dead!

Galvatron: I know, I just don't know what to do about it! I can't just walk up and kill him, he'll be expecting me! And with him controlling an Autobot Magnus as his host, coexisting the Autobot's skillset with his own, he'll be unpredictable.

Slipstream: Then you need to take him out carefully! Do it when he could not at least expect it!

Starscream: Yeah, it's not like you've had every advantage at your doorstep to get what you want.

Galvatron: Except there is nothing for me to take advantage of! Don't you understand? There is no Autobot for me to trade, no Allspark for me to use, not even a Human such as-!

Sari: (Is seen in a flashback) Cut the crap, Megatron!

Galvatron: (Blinked his Optics, widening them in awe) Sumdac...

Megatron: (Is seen in his memory) Have we met before, child?

Optimus: (Is seen pulling Sari away with his Grappling Hook) Sari, no!

Galvatron: (Groaned in pain as he fell on his knees) Ugh...

Starscream: (Raises a brow) Oh, don't tell us your Processor's having a Malfunction.

Slipstream: (Comes to Galvatron with Lugnut and Shockwave) Hey, what's wrong?

Galvatron: (Stands up, rubbing his Helm) I'm... I'm remembering something, something that was... Strange.

Shockwave: What do you mean? What do you remember exactly?

Galvatron: Sari Sumdac...

Sari: (Is seen a flashback, being pulled away by Optimus as she missed shooting Megatron's head) Get off me!

Galvatron: (Blinked at that memory) She tried to kill me...

Starscream: (Rolls his Optics) Well, that's not old news, now is it?

Galvatron: Starscream, pay attention for once, you fool! I remember her trying to shoot me when I was only a head stuck inside of her Father's laboratory!

Blitzwing: (Turns Icy) Professor Sumdac's lab? That's odd, that was-!

Starscream: Five Stellar Cycles ago! We remember! So what if she did?!

Shockwave: Wait, Five Stellar Cycles ago, Galvatron? That's not possible, Sari Sumdac hasn't been Upgraded yet, nor had she discovered her Cybertronian heritage.

Slipstream: So, how come you're having memories of her trying to turn your head into Scrap Metal?

Galvatron: I don't know... (Turns to Shockwave and Lugnut) Shockwave, Lugnut! Find Soundwave and bring him to me! I want answers about my past, and I want them now!

Back with the Autobots, everyone was in a meeting as they gathered at the Council Halls, seeing that Ultra Magnus was absent from the meeting as everyone was frantic about the Ark's capture by the Decepticons.

Warpath: (Is seen among those gathered) How could this have happened?!

Blaster: We found the Ark first, didn't we?

Mainframe: We have! So there was no way the Decepticons could have-!

Optimus: (Listens to everyone arguing) Everyone, please remain quiet! (Gets everyone's attention) As I was saying, the Decepticons laid out a trap... They knew we would find the Ark first, so they followed us by tracking Omega Supreme's Transwarp signatures.

Hubcap: And what about the Fallen? Was he there?

Optimus: Unfortunately, he was.

Warpath: And what about Ultra Magnus then? What happened to him?

Cheetor: Yeah, where is he?

Crumplezone: He's not Offline, is he?

Optimus: No, of course not! He's still Online.

Sights: Then where is he? We need him!

Optimus: (Looks around at everyone asking where Ultra Magnus) I... Well... He's-!

Perceptor: (Steps in) The Decepticons made a well-played strategic approach that resulted in Ultra Magnus' captivity. (Gets Optimus' attention) While we cannot say how he got captured at the moment due to the lack of details, but rest assured, there will be a rescue to made for him immediately.

Optimus: (Nodded) Right. (Turns to everyone else) And as of right now, we are going to put up high measures to defend Cybertron at all costs!

Jackpot: I'm sorry, but didn't they hit us hard the last time they sacked the place?

Optimus: They did, which is why I'm proposing that we hit them back! (Takes everyone's attention) The last time all of us fought against them, we tried defending Cybertron. This time, it'll be the opposite! The Decepticons will be trying so hard defending the Ark that they'll be overwhelmed! And I know there are a few that feels a heavy level of doubt in their Processors, so if anyone of you feels like this isn't your fight, now's the time to walk out. After all the losses we've been dealt with, no one's going to judge.

Greenlight: (Stands up high) When do we start the fight?

Optimus: (Sees Greenlight standing in the middle of the crowd) ...As of now, I want ships getting fueled for Energon for our trip to the Ark! So that means everyone should get ready! Dismissed!

With that said, everyone began to disperse while Optimus began to be reunited with Jazz and Perceptor as the Prime set his sights on Greenlight.

Perceptor: (Walks next to Optimus) As inspiring that speech went, I'm afraid you don't understand our supply of ships at this moment.

Jazz: Yeah, not to mention that we ain't telling anybody about how the Fallen is using Ultra Magnus' body as his own, so that complicates things.

Optimus: I understand, but we have no time to wait! (Sees Greenlight about to leave) Hold on, I'll be back! (Turns to Greenlight) Greenlight, wait!

Greenlight: (Turns to see Optimus walking to her) Sir.

Optimus: Greenlight, I understand that you and Sentinel were really close... And I was serious about the option to walk out, so if you have any second thoughts-!

Greenlight: No offense, Prime, but the Fallen not only murdered your Brother, but he murdered the Mech I loved... And as much as I'd love to make the bastard pay, I'll settle for the rest of the Cons, considering it's your job to slide your Saber right into that murderous mammoth!

Optimus: (Nodded slowly) Yes, it would appear so.

Greenlight: So do me a favor... Kick in one for me when you start the final showdown. (Turns to leave)

Jazz: (Walks to Optimus) So, she don't know?

Optimus: (Watches Greenlight leave) No, she doesn't.

Perceptor: Perhaps, given the circumstances that we keep it that way until the crisis is over.

Jazz: Yeah, but I'm starting to rethink this whole thing. (Gets both of their attention) I know I agreed to this, but don't you guys think that we should be honest with them?

Optimus: We are being honest to them; Ultra Magnus was captured by the Decepticons, that is the truth.

Jazz: Half-truth...

Perceptor: And as for Ultra Magnus, I don't see how we can rescue him without causing all Autobots to disable the Fallen and Ultra Magnus in the process.

Optimus: I know, I'm getting to that. (Turns to Perceptor) But first, how's Wheeljack coming along? Did he find anything?

Perceptor: No, the Fallen had no Decepticon records stashed inside Ultra Magnus' computer.

Jazz: Not even the times he made communicated to New Kaon?

Perceptor: Well he did find those, but it was only a rare few... It seemed the Fallen made contact during what was supposed to be Ultra Magnus' timetable during his Stasis.

Optimus: So whenever he wanted to make a call, he took over my Father's body while he slept...

Jazz: Hey, what about Bumblebee? Where's he at?

Optimus: Bumblebee is getting taken care of at the moment.

Jazz: Shouldn't you be there?

Optimus: Believe me, I want to! But right now, our priority is to work out a plan that doesn't involve Ultra Magnus getting killed in the crossfire! So we need to gather those that we trust to gather discreetly.

Perceptor: I am afraid Rodimus Prime has beaten you to that long before.

Optimus: Oh, so there's a group gathered?

Jazz: Located at the Dojo. That's where they're waiting.

Optimus: For who? (Sees the two of them stare at him, nodding in understanding) Right... Well, let's get a move on.

As the three moved out, Bumblebee was seen at the Med Bay having his neck scanned by Red Alert as Ratchet, Minerva, Crosshairs, Brawn, Sideswipe, Ironhide, Chromia, First Aid, Sari, Cade, and Elita One were there to witness.

Red Alert: (Scans the Minibot's neck, turning to the group) Ratchet was right about the wound... The Decepticons damaged his Voice Box so badly that he can't speak anymore.

Elita One: (Looks at Bumblebee) So what you're saying is that my Son is going to remain silent for the rest of his life?

Ratchet: Not forever; he should regain the ability to speak sometime soon. (Folded his Servos) It's just gonna take a while, I'm afraid...

First Aid: But there are ways that he could communicate despite being mute!

Minerva: Well yes, the Holopad helps.

First Aid: True, but there's been this theory that a Cybertronain who lost a voice could actually "Speak" by using radio frequencies!

Sari: So, he could actually do that?

Elita One: (Nodded) Yeah, but his voice wouldn't be used heard again.

Ratchet: As I said, it'll take a while to return...

Elita One: How long?

Red Alert: It's too hard to tell. It could be Deca-Cycles, Lunar-Cycles, Vorns maybe...

Elita One: (Sighs) Okay, that's enough info I need to hear right now.

Brawn: (Turns to Bumblebee) Boss? Anything we can do for ya? Because we'll do it!

Bumblebee: (Sees everyone looking at him, turning to write on his Holopad before showing it off) A warm cup of Oil would be great.

Brawn: Oil? Okay, we can do that! Come on, let's get him some Oil!

Sideswipe: (Sees Bee writing) Wait, he's not done.

Bumblebee: (Writes on the pad, and then shows what he wrote) And a nice vacation off to a lake full of Energon.

Brawn: (Widened his Optics) Oh, that. (Rubbed his Helm) Ain't too sure about that.

Cade: (Chuckled) Good to know you still have some humor, man!

Ironhide: (Is seen at the back of the room seeing everyone laughing) ... (Turns to leave)

Chromia: (Sees Ironhide leaving, as she turned to the others) We should get going.

Ratchet: She's right, Bumblebee needs to rest now.

Everyone, but Elita began to leave the room as she and Bumblebee were finally left alone together as they looked to each other.

Elita One: (Looks at Bumblebee) God, this is a nightmare...

Bumblebee: (Starts writing on his pad, showing it to his mom) At least I'm still here, right?

Elita One: Yes, but you can't speak anymore! I-! (Sighs) Primus, what was I thinking about letting you go on board on the trip?

Bumblebee: (Writes some more) You didn't push me to go, Mom... This was my choice.

Elita One: I know, I just... I just can't help, but feel like this is my fault...

Bumblebee: (Writes something else on the Holopad before resting his hand on his Mother's) It'll be okay, Mom.

Elita One: (Sees what Bee has written, nodding) I know... (Starts to hug her Son) I know that.

The two shared in an embrace while Ironhide stood down the hall, looking at a hologram of Ultra Magnus as he began to think...

Flashback, about a hundred years ago...

Ironhide was seen in a training exercise that was performing his ability to turn his entire Armor into Steel Plating as he was seen getting shot by turrets, resulting in him charging at it to disable it.

Ironhide: (Growled as he ripped the turret out) RGHHH! (Threw it across the room) Yah!

Ultra Magnus: (Is seen standing right next to the spot where the Turret was thrown to as he looked at Ironhide) Well, you certainly have a good throw.

Ironhide: (Widened his Optics when he saw Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus! (Walks to him) Sir, I am sorry! I didn't see ya back there, and-!

Ultra Magnus: (Smiled) It is fine, trooper, I have been through worse spots so there is no need to apologize.

Ironhide: (Nodded as he sighed) Yes sir!

Ultra Magnus: (Looks at Ironhide) You're one of the Autobots that Sentinel Prime had trained, correct?

Ironhide: Sir yes sir!

Ultra Magnus: Well, then I must say I am impressed! He spoke very highly of you, and from where I am standing, this is one of these moments where he is not wrong.

Ironhide: (Nodded) Thank you, sir!

Ultra Magnus: (Folded his Servos) Ironhide, correct?

Ironhide: Yes sir!

Ultra Magnus: Why do you want to join the Autobot ranks?

Ironhide: To serve Cybertron and all of the Commonwealth, sir!

Ultra Magnus: Is that so?

Ironhide: Sir yes sir!

Ultra Magnus: Well, then congratulations; you have been promoted into ranking security officer! I

Ironhide: (Smiled) Sir? When do I begin my assignment?

Ultra Magnus: Right now; there's a team waiting for you, Athenia. (Turns to leave) You'll rendezvous with them at the coordinates where you will help safeguard one of the many Spacebridges in Autobot Space.

Ironhide: (Widened his Optics) A-A Spacebridge, sir?

Ultra Magnus: (Turns around) Is there a problem?

Ironhide: (Shook his head) No sir! No problem at all!

Ultra Magnus: (Nodded) Alright then. (Turns to leave) I'll leave it to you to make the journey on your own.

Ironhide watched as the Magnus left while he mentally contemplated on the fact that he's been assigned to babysitting duty.

Flashback ends.

Ironhide remained standing where he was as Chromia was seen walking down the hall to see him

Chromia: (Follows Ironhide) Hey... Ironhide, why did you leave?

Ironhide: (Stood where he was) Does that question really need answerin'?

Chromia: (Stared at Ironhide) ...What happened to Bumblebee wasn't your fault... There was nothing you could have done-!

Ironhide: I don't think it's just Bumbler...

Chromia: (Raises a brow) Then what is it?

Ironhide: (Stood silent briefly, before turning to Chromia) Right before you got captured, you told me that you did things that were terrible, right?

Chromia: (Nodded) I have done a lot of things that I completely regret.

Ironhide: Because you were ordered to, right? Just like a good soldier, not asking any kind of question, whether the mission is pointless or not, is that right?

Chromia: (Raises a brow) Where are you getting-?

Ironhide: Because about nearly a Vorn ago, I was a good soldier... I followed orders like a soldier, I didn't ask questions like a soldier, and I did my duty as a soldier! And that's what I was trained to do, to follow orders! And when Ultra Magnus gave me a position to join Team Athenia, I was like, "Wow, seriously? A Spacebridge duty? Are ya kiddin' me?" And I know I certainly did not regret joining Rodimus' team! I have no regrets at all! But before then, I was screaming on the inside! Part of me was telling me that I could do so much better, but then I told myself that we weren't at war at the time, so there were other ways that I could serve as an Autobot! But then today when I learned that the Bot that I was serving had a Decepticon chip right inside of his head, I barely couldn't process the information because I couldn't believe myself! I mean, who would have known that I have been serving under a Decepticon the whole time!

Chromia: (Starting to see his point) Ironhide.

Ironhide: All this time that I served, I was meant to fight against the Cons! I was never meant to serve one, and yet I did!

Chromia: Ironhide! (Placed her hands on his shoulders) Ironhide, you couldn't have known... I couldn't have known, no one couldn't have known! The Fallen played us all.

Ironhide: That's not my point...

Chromia: Then what is your point?

Ironhide: (Sighed as he sits down on a chair) When you have served the Fallen, you knew it from the start... Me? I was clueless from the very beginning... And from there when Ultra Magnus saw me perform, that was when the Fallen knew who and what I was from the start! And when you just found out that the Bot that you wanted to fight alongside with had a Decepticon living inside of his Processor, you start to think, "How many orders did this bastard give me?" Like, how many were just Ultra Magnus' orders, and how many were the Fallen's? How many others have I hurt simply because I was following orders? (Folded his hands together as they started to shake) I never wanted to hurt anybody that was innocent... But knowing this revelation now, I... I don't know whether or not I followed orders because I wanted to, or because I didn't wanna think-!

Chromia: Hey... (Placed her hands on Ironhide's) Take it from someone who had to live with following orders her whole life... You are defined by what you did, but only if you allow it so... And I sure as hell don't, because the person that I was... That wasn't me... So what you did before was not on you, understand?

Ironhide: (Nodded as he sighed) Yeah... I understand. (Rubbed his Faceplate) I just hate getting used like a darn puppet! (Scoffed) Slagger must've been laughin' the whole time whenever I was around Ultra Magnus.

Chromia: Yeah well if he was, then you have my permission to punch his Dentals in.

Ironhide: (Rubbed his Helm as he made a small chuckle) Oh, that would have sounded sweet if your Dad weren't hiding inside of Ultra Magnus' body right now.

Chromia: Oh, well then I guess you don't have my permission after all!

Ironhide: (Made a small smile while he looked at the floor) Man, how are we gonna solve this problem?

Chromia: I don't know... (Turns to Ironhide) Considering that this is Ultra Magnus that we're talking about, I think the best thing we can do is hope there's something to figure out...

Ironhide: Yeah, well that's what scares me... What if there ain't anything to figure out?

Chromia: Well-! (Suddenly felt a gust of wind running past her) Huh?

Ironhide: (Sees a Blue blurred figure running by) What the?

Blurr: (Ran back and forth down the hall before finally stopping in front of Ironhide and Chromia) HI!

Ironhide: (Widened his Optics when he saw Blurr stopping) Whoa!

Chromia: Hi there yourself!

Blurr: (Looks at the two) IronhideandChromia, you'rebothneededbyOptimusPrimeuponaverydiscreet-!

Ironhide: Oh, Blurr.

Blurr: Andinnocircumstancecanyoutellanyoneaboutthistopsecretmeeting-!

Chromia: Blurr.

Blurr: Andifyoudotellanyone, thenyouareherebystrippedofanysecuritypriveilagesregardinganyandall-!

Ironhide/Chromia: BLURR!

Blurr: (Immediately stops talking) What?

Ironhide: We know! Alright, we're meeting at the Cyber-Ninja Dojo!

Chromia: And we're not supposed to tell anyone unless Optimus Prime says otherwise, so you don't have to worry about it!

Blurr: (Blinked) Oh... (Points at the two) You... Know?

Ironhide/Chromia: YES!

Blurr: Huh... I, thought-! (Checks the holopad, widening his Optics) Oh, nevermind! IwassupposedtogivethistoAutobotRedAlert! (Waves his hand) BYE! (Runs right off)

Chromia: (Watched as Blurr's trail left with a gust of wind) That Bot is so weird.

Ironhide: And way too fast.

Chromia: Physically or verbally?

Ironhide: Both.

Soon, everyone who was at the Cyber-Ninja Dojo, which consisted of Bumblebee, Ratchet, Arcee, Springer, Rodimus Prime, Crosshairs, the Jet Twins, Headmaster Jrs, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Red Alert, Elita One, Minerva, Cosmos, Cliffjumper, Kup, Blurr, First Aid, Hot Shot, Brawn, Wheeljack, Bulkhead, Drift, Windblade, Mirage, Ironhide, and Chromia as they all waited inside the main halls while waiting for Optimus Prime himself.

Kup: (Is seen standing right next to Rodimus, Ratchet, and Arcee) So, you Bots mean to tell me that Ultra Magnus had a Decepticon chip placed inside his head that allowed the Fallen to get in control of his body?

Rodimus: (Nodded) We know, it's a lot to process.

Arcee: Even I'm having a hard time believing it.

Ratchet: And for me, I thought I was having some kind of prolonged aftershock after my hangover from drinking at Knockout's Club.

Kup: Oh, well considerin' what happened at Rosanna's last concert, I'd believe the Chip part, but Ultra Magnus? (Blows an Intake) And here I thought I'd seen and heard it all.

Rodimus: Well, at least Ultra Magnus isn't a traitor, in this case, so we don't have to worry about it.

Kup: Unlike what others would think if everybody heard about what I've been hearing right now! And let me say you Bots made the right call when you wanted this meeting discreet.

Mirage: (Stands in front of Cliffjumper and Hot Shot) I knew there were high risks of a Decepticon sleeper agent inside the Autobot ranks, but having one that filled the Magnus seat...

Cliffjumper: We know, it's bad.

Hot Shot: Well yeah! And do you know what the scary part about it? It's is that he had all the power in his hands! The ships, the security, the Fortress Maximus Cannon, all of it!

Cliffjumper: And yet not once, he never took control and used all that against us.

Mirage: Yes, I'm not sure we should be feeling thankful, or just lucky about this fact...

Siren: (Twirled his fingers while standing alongside his group and the Jet Twins) Oh man, this is so Fragging messed up!

Nightbeat: Siren, please calm down!

Siren: No, I can't calm down! Our Magnus had a freaking Con Chip placed inside his head! And now the Decepticons have a Fragging Ark of death now!

Hosehead: Yeah! What are we supposed to do now?!

Jetstorm: Hey, calm down you two!

Jetfire: Nothing's going to be solved by panicking!

Nightbeat: Exactly! (Turns to the Twins) Thank you for putting that out for me! I'm glad to see some of us still have it together at this point!

Jetfire: Well, we're kinda used to stress.

Jetstorm: I mean look at me! I got shot by Megatron, and I'm not complaining!

Bulkhead: (Looks around at the Dojo as it was all crowded inside) Well, this place is packed.

Sideswipe: (Folded his Servos) I've been through tighter places, and this is pretty normal for me.

Sunstreaker: (Walks to the two of them) I could say the same.

Sideswipe: (Turns to see Sunstreaker) Sunny! Aren't you-?

Sunstreaker: I figured I needed to stretch my Servos, considering that our Magnus apparently has a lunatic Decepticon trapping his Processor inside of his own Protoform, so I figured that you guys could use all the help you can get.

As everyone talked, Cade and Sari were seen standing in the room across from the Autobots as they listened to their conversations while having room to spare.

Cade: (Looks at everyone talking) You know, the last time we've had everyone talking aloud like this, it was back at the Plant on Earth.

Sari: (Nodded) And it was still the end of the world the last time I remember.

Cade: Only except this time is the end of everything we know it.

Sari: Yeah, and this time we have Optimus' dad and the Fallen to worry about too...

Cade: (Turns to Sari) Hey, are you alright?

Sari: (Nodded) I'm fine, it's just... (Turns to Cade) You and I share a bond because of the Allspark... And back on the Ark, we could have handled ourselves just fine, but instead, we got our asses handed completely!

Cade: Wait, you're not saying it's my fault we lost that fight, are you?

Sari: No, I'm not blaming you! I just... (Sighs) I just hate feeling so vulnerable when we both have this power inside of us.

Cade: Hey, nothing is ever perfect! Okay, just because we have something most people don't have doesn't make us invincible!

Sari: I just wish we could have been more prepared. (Turns to look at Bumblebee being with Elita One, Minerva, and Drift) Otherwise, Bumblebee may have still had his Voice left intact.

Cade: (Turns to look at Bee) Yeah, I think I know what you mean.

Optimus: (Walks to the balcony, seeing Sari and Cade) Sari, Cade! How are you both doing?

Sari: (Turns to Prime) So far, so good... What about you? Are you okay?

Optimus: It's a lot to adjust, but I'm more focused on the mission right now more than focusing on being worried.

Cade: Wait, seriously? You're not going to work out a plan to get Ultra Magnus back?

Optimus: I am! But as I said, I'm focusing on solving the problem at hand rather than my own feelings! It's what Ultra Magnus would have wanted.

Jazz: (Turns to Optimus) Yo, O.P! Everybody's waiting inside!

Optimus: (Nodded) On my way. (Turns to Sari and Cade) I have to go, but I'll have an escort brought you back to Fortress Maximus. You both need to put the Allspark back into the Cube so you aren't in danger any more than you should. (Turns to leave)

Sari: (Looks at Optimus) Optimus, wait! (Turns to him, making him stop) Look, take it from someone who just lost a Dad very recently; if there's a chance to bring him back, no matter what percentage of survival there is... I'd take it without question.

Optimus: (Nodded) Thank you.

With that said, Optimus followed Jazz and Perceptor down the stairs and into the crowd as they all looked up to him for his attention.

Optimus: (Turns to the group) Thank you all for coming. As you may know, the Fallen has been a part of Ultra Magnus for many Vorns now, and he has taken over his body! Some of you have known Ultra Magnus for a long time while some of you have known betrayal, and trust me, this is not a betrayal. If anything, this is more of kidnapping rather than betrayal, and that's why I have Agent Blurr here with us because of his knowledge about Decepticon Sleeper Agents. If anyone can help us get him back, it's him.

Wheeljack: (Raises his hand up) Sir, as much as we want Ultra Magnus back, are we really sure we can trust Blurr help us out? I mean... (Points at Blurr) It's Blurr you're talking about here.

Blurr: (Raises a brow) Whatisthatsupposedtoimply?!

Wheeljack: See what I mean? (Turns to you, the reader) Jeez, at this rate, it'll take a long time to save Ultra Magnus as it was long as this lazy, piece of shit Author, who couldn't get off his ass to finish one season finale!

Bulkhead: (Raises a brow) Who is he talking to?

Drift: Himself. He does that sometimes.

Optimus: I know that Blurr has an issue with, well... (Looks at Blurr) Speaking properly.

Blurr: HEY!

Optimus: But Bumblebee's team had known Blurr for some time, most notably for stopping Rossana's Decepticon Sleeper Cell from blowing up the Concert, so that's why I'm having them go up to Blurr for finding a tactical way of getting Ultra Magnus' chip out! Rodimus Prime will have Kup, Ironhide, Red Alert, and the Jet Twins to lead a strike team to the Ark. Their mission, to bring Ultra Magnus back no matter what! Once we get him back, I'll have our forces to attack the Decepticons without a leader to guide them.

Windblade: With what ships?

Optimus: I'm currently working with Perceptor towards a solution on that. (Folded his Servos) We all have a job to do! And what we do may define ourselves in what we are! Remember, we're fighting not just for Cybertron, but for the leader we believe is still in there! Now get to it!

Everyone then started to scatter on Optimus' request as Elita began to walk over to him while Bumblebee stayed behind with Ironhide, Chromia, and Windblade.

Perceptor: (Turns to Optimus) Optimus Prime, I'm not sure how we're going to have ships available for us, not to mention how much time to reproducing them.

Optimus: It's okay, Perceptor. We know someone that may help us in the upcoming fight.

Jazz: You mean the Dinobots and Predacons?

Optimus: Well, they can help! But no, I wasn't referring to them.

Perceptor: Then who do you mean, exactly?

Elita One: (Walks over to Optimus) Optimus! We need to talk, right now!

Optimus: (Turns to the two) I'll see you two later, give me a moment alone.

Jazz: Roger that, boss! (Turns to leave)

Optimus: (Turns to Elita) How's Bumblebee?

Elita One: He seems to be handling it a lot better than we are!

Optimus: On the outside, maybe. How are you doing?

Elita One: How do you think?

Optimus: (Closed his Optics) What happened to Bumblebee-!

Elita One: Was not your fault! I understand that, but what's going on with Ultra Magnus, with the Fallen-!

Optimus: Elita-!

Elita One: It's suicide! What if your plan to rescue him fails? What then?

Optimus: I don't know!

Elita One: Do you even have a plan B?

Optimus: (Sighs) If things go wrong, I'll have a team put up charges on the Ark's engines just in case. That way, we'll slow the Decepticons down, and they won't be able to make their way to Cybertron.

Elita One: And that's when we'll bring the fight to them... But Ultra Magnus?

Optimus: I don't know... I honestly have no idea what will happen if we don't succeed in getting him back.

Cliffjumper: Optimus! (Runs to Optimus) Prime, we have a situation!

Optimus: (Turns to Cliffjumper) What is it?

Cliffjumper: One of our forces that were flying near the Ark's path is heading straight for it!

Optimus: Well, tell them to withdraw!

Cliffjumper: I can't, they won't listen!

Optimus: Okay, I wanna speak to him right now!

Optimus is lead to a control panel where Perceptor, Windblade, Drift, and Jazz are around as he made contact with the forces seeking to engage.

Optimus: (Contacts the fleet) Autobots, this is Optimus Prime speaking directly from Cybertron! I want to speak to who's in charge immediately!

Nightscream: (Is seen onboard the flagship while facing the Ark) This is Autobot Nightscream, reporting for duty Optimus! What do you need, sir?

Optimus: I want to know exactly why are you having your fleet making a direct assault on the Ark?! No one has authorized this attack!

Nightscream: I'm sorry, but I've been given orders to attack.

Optimus: On whose authority?

Nightscream: Ultra Magnus's, sir!

Optimus: (Widened his Optics as he looked around at everyone, before turning back to the panel) Nightscream, listen very carefully! You're falling for a trap! The Bot you spoke to was not Ultra Magnus! It's not him!

Nightscream: I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll have to call you back! I'm about to make a solid defense.

Optimus: Nightscream, listen to me! It's a trap! It's a trap!

Nightscream continued to ignore his fellow Autobot's pleas as the Ark was seen in full view, with the occupants being on the bridge looking at their prey.

Fallen: (Looks at the Autobot fleet) Are our weapons systems operational?

Tarn: It is at 100% capacity! (Turns to the Fallen) But if we destroy the fleet, that would drain our firepower.

Fallen: But only if we used just a small amount... After all, we have just acquired this artistic masterpiece, and we do want to see if it is capable as the legends told us so! So, let us put this to the test!

Nightbird: Powering cannons right now!

As the Decepticons began to fuel their firepower, the Autobot fleet tried their best to get past the Ark's shields, only for the ship's defenses to fire back, destroying the fleet by mere seconds.

Autobot Trooper: (Is seen on board when he got blasted off the balcony) AHHHH!

Nightscream: (Grunted as he sat on the chair, feeling the ship getting devastated as he made contact with Cybertron) Mayday! Mayday! The Decepticons have breached our defenses! Repeat, the Decepticons are pushing past us!

Optimus: (Listens to the response) Nightscream, you need to withdraw! You need to get out of there!

Nightscream: It's too late! (Suddenly, a big explosion spread right inside of the bridge as he was consumed by the flames) AHHHHH!

The fleet was entirely destroyed as the Decepticons watched it happen in seconds while the Fallen looked pleased.

Fallen: (Looks at the destruction) Now that is beautiful...

Mindwipe: Firepower is at 90% capacity.

Fallen: Amazing... 10%, and already, we've pushed the enemy out of our way. (Turns to leave) So incredible...

Perceptor: (Hears nothing, but static as he turned to the Autobots) They're... I'm afraid they're Offline.

Optimus: (Has everyone staring at him as he became silent) ... (Turns to Perceptor) Update the mission; disable the engines and the weapons system! And make sure to send the message to everyone in Autobot Space about Ultra Magnus! There's no need to have more Autobots to die anymore. (Turns to leave)

Elita One: (Looks at Optimus, following him) Optimus! (Sees him continuing to walk) Optimus, hey! (Stands in front of him) Listen... We've already lost too much from the Fallen... We'll get Ultra Magnus back one way or the other.

Optimus: (Nodded) I just hope you're right.

Bulkhead: (Walks over to Prime) Prime? I just got a call from Cheetor, he says the Xantium is in pretty good condition.

Optimus: (Turns to Bulkhead) That's good. Have a team ready, we're going to initiate Ultra Magnus' rescue right now!

Bulkhead: Got it! (Turns to leave)

Elita One: Is that your plan?

Elita One: (Turns to Optimus) You're not sending Bumblebee there, are you?

Optimus: No, of course not! But I need you to go with Chromia and bring the Dinobots and Predacons here to Cybertron. They will need someone to lead, and your experience with leading the Dinobots and Predacons will be helpful.

Elita One: I'm not so sure they'd follow me, considering they don't trust me.

Optimus: They will. (Placed his hands on her shoulders) I believe in you.

Elita One: (Nodded as she placed her hands on his) Okay... (Took them off to make her leave) Just... Just trust that you know exactly what you're doing. (Turns to leave)

Optimus: (Nodded as she left) I hope so too...

Later, the team responsible for operating the mission consists of most of Bumblebee's team, Red Alert, Rodimus Prime, Ironhide, the Jet Twins, Headmaster Jrs, Hot Shot, Blurr, Kup, Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker as they were seen on board the Xantium.

Wheeljack: (Is seen in control along with Jazz, Perceptor, and Optimus) Alright, are you all set up?

Rodimus: (Is seen on the pilot's seat) Yeah, we're all set!

Siren: Engines are completely operational, primed and ready! Just the way we like it!

Brawn: We're ready to launch whenever you Bots are!

Optimus: (Turns to Perceptor and Wheeljack) Alright, is everything on the Xantium ready?

Perceptor: Indeed. It's ready to fly whenever you wish to proceed.

Optimus: (Nodded as he turned to the Xantium) Listen, this is not going to be an easy mission! This is going to be highly challenging, and very dangerous! But just remember that you are not just going behind enemy lines to fight against a Decepticon. Never forget that despite all the crimes the Fallen has committed, that it's still Ultra Magnus you're fighting against. And more importantly, you all be very careful with each other.

Hot Shot: Don't worry, Optimus! We'll bring him back here before we start attacking the Cons!

Ironhide: After this mission, the Fallen's gonna wish he stayed Offline!

Optimus: (Nodded as he turned to Perceptor and Wheeljack) We're good to launch.

Wheeljack: (Turns to work on a control panel) Opening hanger doors in 3, 2, 1!

The Xantium suddenly started to lift itself up into the air while the hanger doors were opened, until the ship flew out of Fortress Maximus and into space as they left Cybertron for their journey, becoming cloaked in the meantime.

Siren: (Felt the ship moving at a fast speed) Okay, this ship clearly got some upgrades!

Wheeljack: Oh yes! I had given the Xantium's Engine power a boost after you came back, as well as a mod that should give make you cloaked from Decepticon contacts! Hope you enjoy the ride!

The ship moved faster and faster into a speed of light, right before reaching their destination. The Ark had a lot more Decepticons than it did before as the Autobots inside of the Xantium looked at the Ark's surroundings.

Rodimus: (Looks at the Ark surrounded by Cons) Yeah, just another day at work.

Kup: Somethin' tells me we can't just attack head-on.

Hot Shot: (Turns to Prime) So, what's our plan, boss?

Rodimus: Right. (Turns too to the group, walking to a table) Kup's right, we can't just simply walk inside without getting all of us killed in the process. And the Autobot fleet can't attack the Ark without getting wiped out from the spot, so we'll need to disable the engines and its firepower so the fleet can have a fighting chance.

Hosehead: I thought we were gonna save Ultra Magnus?

Rodimus: We are, but we're tasked with two primary objectives, which is why we're put into a big group!

Kup: Someone to knock Magnus back into his body, and someone else to disable the weapons and the engines.

Crosshairs: Or in other words, we're half bomb squad and half suicide squad! We're talking about fighting the Fallen here!

Red Alert: Not to mention he is occupying Ultra Magnus's body. We'll need to restrain him so we get the chip out of his Processor.

Rodimus: Well, he certainly hasn't fought against us yet.

Jetstorm: Actually, we did.

Jetfire: And we got our Afts smacked in our front lawn.

Rodimus: Well, he hasn't fought us twice!

Sideswipe: He even caught us by surprise at the Ark with the whole, "Hey bitches, I'm your Magnus! Bow before me!" and that crap with the Magnus Hammer.

Rodimus: First off, that was considered cheating because he used the Magnus Hammer! And that was a completely unfair advantage, so therefore that didn't really count!

Nightbeat: Since when was using the Magnus Hammer considered cheating?

Brawn: Didn't Optimus Prime used that to fight against Megatron one time?

Sunstreaker: Even Megatron didn't whine like a bitch and called it cheating.

Rodimus: My point is that we're all ready for this! The Fallen gotten the upper hand the numerous times we've fought, but everything in life is full of experience! And what we learn from experience is something we can reflect on while performing a strategy!

Kup: (Folded his Servos) Eh, he's got a point on that.

Rodimus: So, let's not panic over what's happened in the past! We can win this as long as we do this right. And besides, we didn't have help from the likes of the Headmaster Jrs, so we're bound to have plenty of help fighting him.

Kup: I'm pretty sure you forgot the part about how to sneak past an entire army of Decepticons in and out of the Ark.

Rodimus: (Blinked as everybody stares at him) Well, I'm sure we could improvise.

Hosehead: (Looks around at everyone closest to him) We're all gonna die, aren't we?

Sunstreaker: (Shrugs) Pretty much.

Kup: Alright, listen here! No one here's getting Slagged unless we act on the plan accordingly! And I knew Bots back in the Great War that had Scrappy endings when the mission isn't acted accordingly, and there were sometimes consequences that ran deep to this very Cycle!

Rodimus: A word from the wise... (Folded his Servos) Even though some can be grouchy.

Kup: Hey.

Rodimus: Relax, just messing with you.

Soon, the Xantium began to land inside of the Ark, with no Decepticon taking notice due to the ship being cloaked. Once they landed, everyone gathered one more time for the plan.

Hot Shot: (Turns to the group) Alright, everyone's Heat Sigs are cloaked.

Rodimus: Good. (Turns to the group one more time) Alright, Sideswipe, you and Sunstreaker take the generators. That's what powers everything onboard the Ark.

Sideswipe: Not the reactor core though, right?

Rodimus: No, it'll just shut the ship down, not destroy it.

Siren: Why aren't we doing that?

Rodimus: I dunno, do you want to get blown up instantaneously?

Siren: (Raises his hands up) Enough said.

Rodimus: (Looked around at his group) Everyone ready for this?

Hot Shot: Frag no!

Rodimus: (Nodded) Alright, let's go!

Everyone had put their cloaks on to avoid Decepticon attention to move on their separate ways while somewhere inside of the Ark, Galvatron was seen lying on the table being operated by Soundwave as Barricade, General Strika, Swindle, and Lockdown joined the group on the operation.

Lockdown: (Folded his Servos) So Lord Megatron has started to remember something that happened years ago?

Strika: All we know is that it involves Sari Sumdac. It may lead us to something.

Barricade: Something to help us win?

Swindle: Oh no, just something give Galvatron an excuse to rip someone's head off in case he gets bored! You guys know how it is!

Lockdown: Whatever. I'm here only because of the number of Credits I've been doubled to stay with you.

Swindle: Ooh, same here!

Strika: (Groans in disgust) You both are exhausting. (She turned to leave with Barricade)

Swindle: (Sees Strika and Barricade walking away) Well, I guess some Bots just can't handle some freelancers when they're here. (Turns to look at Slipstream) Say, what do you think about the female Clone? I know it's a Starscream Clone, but you have to admit, she has a lovely body! Right?

Lockdown: (Shrugs) Eh, I would have preferred Prowl's Aft when he was still Functional.

Swindle: (Raises a brow) Wait, who now?

Shockwave: (Turns to the group) Everyone, we're about to begin the sequence, so clear away for the projections to appear!

Everyone backed away to give off some space as Soundwave had opened up Galvatron's Processor, standing before him along with Slipstream.

Soundwave: I am ready when you are, Galvatron.

Galvatron: (Stares at the wall) Begin the process.

Soundwave: (Types on the monitor) Begining memory extraction.

Galvatron's Processor began to whirl as holograms of memories appeared in the room. Some good like the time he smacked Starscream's head off the counter, and bad like the time he, Lugnut, and Blitzwing were nearly blown up by the two Starscream decoys. After some searching, the Decepticons finally found the memory they were looking for, seeing Isaac Sumdac standing before Megatron's point of view.

Prof. Sumdac: (Is seen in the memory) I still don't understand how this could have happened!

Starscream: (Folded his Servos) Now what's this supposed to be?

Galvatron: That was the time I revealed myself to Professor Sumdac, tricking him into believing I was an Autobot myself. He just helped me create the Dinobots, only to have them fail to destroy the Autobots that night.

Starscream: But how? You were only headless!

Shockwave: It is amazing how you continue to be ignorant of how Megatron can take care of his own to this day, Starscream.

Barricade: (Watched the hologram play out) What else do you remember?

Galvatron: We were speaking about how Sumdac would help me restore my body when... The alarm rang.

Megatron: (Hears an alarm go off) What is that noise?

Prof. Sumdac: That is odd, the security system has been triggered!

Galvatron: But it isn't detecting any intruders.

Prof. Sumdac: But it isn't detecting any intruders!

Galvatron: (Listens to the two conversate) That was the moment he left to see what's wrong.

Prof. Sumdac: (Turns to leave the lab) It's probably just a maintenance glitch. I'll go check it out.

Galvatron: (Sees Sumdac leave) And there I was, alone to myself again until... She came.

Suddenly, Sari was seen in the memory, having been Upgraded a lot earlier than she should be as everyone looked at her.

Swindle: (Sees Sari there) She's Upgraded early.

Shockwave: But she shouldn't! She didn't Upgrade until right after the Spacebridge incident at the Forest!

Sari: Cut the crap, Megatron! We both know you're no Autobot!

Slipstream: (Looks at her very carefully) Yeah, her head didn't look as big as she did when she was tinier.

Strika: Nor did she sounded more determined at the time.

Barricade: So who the Scrap is this?

Galvatron: (Looks at the footage) Fast forward it a little.

Megatron: (Is heard in the background as Sari is about murder him) Now, now child! You may want to think about your actions before doing something you will most certainly regret!

Sari: (Aims her hand at Megatron) Oh, but I have! In fact, I've been thinking about-!

Shockwave: (Watches the footage) This is what you spoke about, Lord Megatron! Sumdac tried to kill you!

Galvatron: She did, but someone stopped her. Fast forward one more time!

Megatron: Have we met before, child?

Sari: Actually, believe it or not, this would be the first time we've met! (Her hand starts glowing brighter) And the last that I'd ever see your face functioning again!

Optimus: (Arrives with Bumblebee, Rodimus Prime, and Cade in the hologram) Sari, no! (Shoots his Grappling Hook at her)

Sari: (Gets caught in the Grappling Hook while missing the shot) Ah! Get off me!

Galvatron: STOP! (The footage freezes) There...

Starscream: (Sees the Autobots inside the frozen memory frame) Well, looks like you were terrible at hiding yourself from the Autobots while headless!

Lockdown: Wait, hold up. (Walks over to Optimus Prime) Look at this Autobot. He's added a flame decal to his Paintjob.

Shockwave: (Observes Bumblebee's presence) And Bumblebee has an Elite Guard Insignia all over.

Strika: (Observes Rodimus) And this Autobot is supposed to be where Team Chaar and I encountered him when Oil Slick turned it into Cosmic Rust.

Barricade: (Sees Cade in the scene) Not to mention one particular Human that humiliated me at the Scrapyard during the beginning Winter Cycle.

Starscream: So what does this mean?

Slipstream: It means they're not supposed to be there, stupid!

Starscream: Yeah, but they are!

Swindle: So the question we need to ask is, why?

Shockwave: (Turns to Galvatron) What else do you remember?

Galvatron: I'm not sure... Soundwave, play the rest of it.

Bumblebee: (Is seen fighting in the footage) You two may wanna pick up the pace!

Sari: No, we have to make Megatron pay!

Cade: Not like this! (Grabs Sari's hand) Come on Sari, we gotta go-! (Widened his eyes as they glowed Blue) Oh!

Swindle: (Sees the two humans' eyes glowing) Oh?

Sari: (She and Cade get swallowed up by a portal) Ah!

Rodimus: (Sees the portal, turning to his fellow Autobots) Optimus, Bumblebee!

Optimus: Let's move!

Starscream: (Sees the group escape) What was that?

Megatron: (Is heard in the footage) That...

Megatron/Galvatron: (In unison) Was interesting.

Lockdown: (Sees Galvatron finally remembering) Someone had their bells ringin'.

Strika: That doesn't answer what just happened.

Soundwave: It appears that the Autobots have managed to move through time by taking advantage of the bond that the human children have made from the Allspark separation.

Blitzwing: (Turns Icy) The Allspark being capable to move through time? This is indeed incredible.

Slipstream: And yet... (Turns to Galvatron) You've kept this quiet for Five Stellar Cycles... Why?

Galvatron: (Has his Processor closed as he put his Helm back on, turning off the footage) After that night, I have thought about learning how to do what the Autobots have pulled off. But then Optimus Prime broke the Allspark inside of my Spark Chamber, causing everything in my Systems to overload, including just a fracture of my Mainframe.

Starscream: Oh, so you forgot? Isn't that new?

Slipstream: But this was something that was extremely important! You've had to have remembered at some point-!

Galvatron: Except I didn't because I didn't care! After the Battle in the Mountains, I only had one goal; control Cybertron and destroy the Autobots! But then as the years go by, I had every plan thwarted by Optimus Prime at every step of the way! I've grown to hate him! I've hated him so much that... That I have forgotten the night he saved my own Spark... Which meant now I've been in his debt for Five Stellar Cycles...

Swindle: Okay, that... Is awkward at best! Galvatron, may I recommend a minor Diagnostic memory wipe just to make that feeling go away? Because I would if I were in your Pedes!

Galvatron: ... (Gets up and leaves)

Lugnut: (Sees Galvatron leave) Sire? Where are you going?

Galvatron: To think!

Starscream: We'll come with you then.

Galvatron: Alone! (Slams the door behind him)

Starscream: (Roll his Optics) Or not... (Sighs) And this is what I get for being nice.

Galvatron walked alone in the halls, reflecting on what happened in the past... As he did so, he took notice of Ironhide walking alone to where the current leader of the Decepticons as he took an interest.

Galvatron: (Sees Ironhide in the Ark) Where are you going, I wonder?

As Galvatron quietly followed pursuit, Ironhide grabbed the attention of the Fallen, who was sitting on his chair until he saw the Autobot from 15 meters away while the rest of the team hid in their positions.

Fallen: (Sees Ironhide in the Shell) Hm... (Gets up with his weapon in hand)

Ironhide: (Sees the Fallen getting off his chair) Alright, Roddy, he's got Optics on me.

Rodimus: (Hid next to Kup and Red Alert) Just keep him talking once we're ready!

Ironhide: (Sighs) Here goes... (Walks over to the Fallen) Hey, Scrapheap! We need to talk!

Fallen: (Walks over to the Orange Autobot) Oh, the Boyfriend... Came here to finish the job my Daughter, Windblade has attempted, unlike all others?

Ironhide: Oh, I'd love to turn you into a piece of Scrap right now if I wanted to!

Fallen: But you can't, can you?

Ironhide: Not until I ask somethin', and then we get settle this between us!

Fallen: Hmm... Alright. (Drops the Blade onto the floor) What would you like to know?

Ironhide: (Glares at the Fallen) ...All those times I have been with Ultra Magnus... All those times you could'da gotten control, and Slagged me right on the spot... Why not do it?

Fallen: (Chuckled lowly) Now, that is a good question, Ironhide. (Looks at his hands) But then again, the question should have been asked to why I could not have easily taken out all my enemies with my bare hands.

Ironhide: I'm not in the mood for games.

Fallen: Alright, well if you insist. (Sighs) The reason I didn't kill you was because of my Daughter.

Ironhide: (Raises a brow) What about Chromia? Too scared she wouldn't notice your handiwork?

Fallen: Scared enough to have her lose the one being she cares mostly. To strip away one's happiness is like stripping away a part of someone's soul, and once stripped away, it could never be put back together again, no matter how hard one tries to fix it. She has been my favorite daughter for as long as I can remember, so if anyone deserves some form of happiness, it's her.

Ironhide: ...And everyone else?

Fallen: And as for everyone else, well... It would be too damn easy. Kill one Autobot, and then what? Suspicion. Someone starts looking into the death, someone deems it murder, and then they look for someone to arrest. Now, if I had done that, I would have found a lackey suitable enough for taking the credit, and then problem solved. But then there's always a certain someone that finds the case odd, someone such as Sideswipe or Perceptor. One of them could have identified something fishy about the victim being framed, and then when they start looking at the right answers, everything would have come into a full circle, and then you'd already know about the Chip much sooner than I'd wanted you to.

Ironhide: So, you kidnapping the Magnus... Putting a Chip into his Processor and waitin' Millions of years for this moment... All this some kind of Chess game to you?

Fallen: I believe in the long run, and that what makes me a survivor.

Ironhide: Yeah? (Activates his Cannons) Well, let's see you try survivin' our run!

Fallen: (Raises a brow) Our? (Suddenly hears an engine roaring loudly as he turned around and gets run over) UGH!

Rodimus: (Runs over the Fallen in his Alt Mode) RAGH! (Transforms into his Robot Mode) Alright, everyone move!

Brawn: (Moves to attack the Fallen) YAGH!

Fallen: (Gets punched in the face) Ngh!

Brawn: (Continues hitting the Decepticon) Come on, let's see you hit back! Come on, hit me back-! (Gets choked) GUK!

Fallen: (Holds Brawn in a death hold) Consider your request granted! (Punches Brawn)

Brawn: (Gets punched) UGH! (Fell to the floor)

Crosshairs: (Appears and shoots at the Fallen) Eat this, Decepticreep!

Fallen: (Turns to attack Crosshairs, only to be attacked by fire) Ngh!

Hot Shot: (Shoots out his Flame Throwers at the Fallen) What's wrong? You seem a little warm over here!

Jetfire: (Joins Hot Shot in shooting fire at the Fallen) Don't like a little heat?

Rodimus: Hey, Jetfire, Hot Shot be careful! Remember, we're still dealing with Ultra Magnus here! You don't wanna burn the Processor too much!

Jetfire: Don't worry, Prime! We got this!

Hot Shot: Yeah, Hot Rod! Jetfire and I are pretty much a pair of professionals when playing with fir-! (Widened his Optics) What the?!

Fallen: (Uses his Flaming Blade to absorb the fire, charging at the two Pyrobots) RAAAAGH!

Jetfire: (Widened his Optics) Watch out!

Hot Shot: (Barely dodged getting cut open like a sausage) AH!

Fallen: (Is now set on Fire as he attempts to kill the two Pyros, only to have the flames lit up by Jetstorm) Rgh!

Jetstorm: (Shoots Wind at the Fallen) Don't worry, I got your backs!

Kup: (Turns to Rodimus) This was part of your plan?

Rodimus: Well, my plan was to go easy on him. (Turns to the Fallen) But then again, we can always switch it up!

Ironhide: (Activates his Comms) Headmasters, you're up!

Fallen: (Siren's Scream was heard, and then was suddenly hit by the blast as he was sent flying across the room) GAH!

Siren: (Stops Screaming as he stood next to Nightbeat and Hosehead) Man, it feels good to be back on the field!

Nightbeat: Jeez, are you trying to kill him?

Siren: Well, I'm trying break the Chip from the inside if Scream long enough, so technically, I'm trying to kill the Fallen! Know what I'm saying?

Nightbeat: (Rolls her Optics as she turned to Hosehead) Hoses! Do you have that Upgrade installed?

Hosehead: Sure do!

Nightbeat: Great! Then wait for Rodimus' signal! (Turns to fight the Fallen in hand to hand combat) YAH!

Kup: (Gets out a pair of Escrima Sticks and attacks the Fallen) RAH!

Fallen: (Is attacked by both Kup and Nightbeat) Rgh!

Rodimus: (Aims his Crossbow at the Fallen) Okay, you guys need to have him stretch his Servos!

Kup: That can be arranged! (Starts to lock his Escrimas with the Fallen's Blade)

Fallen: (Locks his weapon with Kup's) Aren't you supposed to be retired?

Kup: If you really all of Ultra Magnus' memories, then you should know by now I branch out on special occasions! (Kicks the Fallen by the Pede) YAH!

Fallen: (Fell on one knee) Ugh!

Nightbeat: (Grabs one of the Fallen's Servos) Got one!

Rodimus: Taking the shot! (Shoots an electric magnetic pad on the ground, making the Fallen's Servo attached to it)

Fallen: (Grunts as his Servo was stuck) Grrr!

Ironhide: (Moves to hit the Fallen) RAH!

Fallen: (Gets hit in the face) Gah!

Ironhide: (Grabs the Fallen's other Servo) You talked to me as if you were giving me and Chromia mercy! Well, we don't need your damn mercy! (Turns on his Armor as he pulled the Servo down) Hosehead, now!

Hosehead: GOT IT! (Shoots out an ice grenade that stuck the Fallen's Servo to place)

Fallen: (Growled as his Servos got stuck) GRRRR!

Hot Shot: (Raises a brow) Guys, I ain't too sure that's gonna hold him!

Rodimus: No, but she can! Jetfire, now!

Rodimus: Jetfire, now!

Minerva: (Jetfire carried her to the Fallen, dropping her off to on his shoulders) Rgh!

Fallen: (Feels Minerva landing on his back) Ugh!

Minerva: This one is for Bumblebee, asshole! (Plants her hands on his Helm, using her Empath abilities) RAAAAAGH!

Fallen: (Widened his Optics as he felt Minerva inside of his head) AHHHHHHHH!

Rodimus: (Sees the Fallen struggling) It's working! Minerva, it's working! Keep it up!

Minerva: (Grunts) Primus, his Processor... It's one, but it feels like I'm dealing with two Sparks at once!

Brawn: Come on, don't give it up now!

Kup: We almost got him, just hold on a little longer!

Minerva: (Closes her Optics) RAGHHH!

Fallen: AHHHHHHHHHH! (Falls under as his Optics suddenly went Yellow) Ugh...

Ironhide: (Noticed the Con's Optic color change) His Optics... Is that a good sign?

Rodimus: Yeah, it means he's down!

Minerva: Hurry! I can't keep him like this for too long!

Rodimus: Red, First Aid, you're up! Open his Helm!

Red Alert: (Moves towards the Fallen with a tool kit) Give us a Cycle! We'll have the Chip out in no time!

Ironhide: Sure you got this, Red?

Red Alert: I overlooked the operation procedure Perceptor, Wheeljack, and Elita did for Rosanna, I got this!

Rodimus: (Contacts Cybertron) Optimus, are you reading me?

Optimus: (Is seen on Cybertron with Jazz and Perceptor) Loud and clear, Rodimus! Do you have the package?

Rodimus: Just got him down! We're just getting the Chip out of Ultra Magnus' head!

Optimus: Good! Once you have him back, you and your team get out of there!

Rodimus: (Makes a call to the second team) Sideswipe, what's your status?

Sideswipe: (Is seen with his Sister arriving at their destination) Just found where all the circuitry is connected... Planting charges now.

Rodimus: Alright, meet us back at the Xantium when you're done!

Sideswipe: Roger! (Ends the call as he turned to his sister) Hey... You ready for this?

Sunstreaker: (Nodded) Always.

As the Twins worked on planting charges, the others continued their hardest on getting Ultra Magnus free from the Fallen's Programming.

First Aid: (Gets the Helm off) Helm's off!

Kup: Alright, now find the Chip!

Red Alert: We're working on it!

Crosshairs: Hurry up! We can't sit around until-! (Suddenly gets choked) GUK!

Suddenly, Crosshairs was lifted from the neck by Galvatron, who appeared in front of the Autobots by a surprise ambush.

Ironhide: (Widened his Optics) Galvatron!

Galvatron: (Turns to shoot at the Headmaster Jrs) Rrr!

Siren: (Gets blasted by Galvatron) AHHH!

Nightbeat: RGH!

Hosehead: (Jumps out of the blast) OW, MY ROBO-BUTT!

Galvatron: (Growled while throwing Crosshairs at Minerva) RAAGH!

Minerva: (Gets hit by Crosshairs, falling off of the Fallen) AHH!

Brawn: Crosshairs, Minerva!

Rodimus: (Widened his Optics when Minerva fell off of the Fallen) Red Alert!

Red Alert: (Finds the chip) I got it! I almost-!

Fallen: (His Optics turned Red once more, making a shout) RRRRAAAGH! (Kicks Red Alert) Get off me!

Red Alert/First Aid: (Gets kicked off of the Fallen) AHHH!

Kup: (Fallen grabs him by the Pede) Ah! (Gets thrown in the air) AHHH!

Jet Twins: (Gets hit by Kup) RGH!

Ironhide: (Sides with Brawn to attack the Fallen) Hang on, we got this!

Galvatron: (Turns to shoot at Ironhide and Brawn) YAH!

Ironhide: (Gets shot by Galvatron) AGH!

Brawn: (Also gets shot by Galvatron) UGH!

Rodimus: No! (Tries to help, only to get caught in Galvatron's hold) Guk! (Gets slammed to the ground) Agh!

Galvatron: (Glares at Rodimus) Did you honestly think it was going to be that easy?

Rodimus: (Looks around and sees the situation completely out of control, prompting him to call the Lambo Twins) Sideswipe, whatever you've got finished, set them off right now!

Sideswipe: (Just planted another bomb) What? But we've barely-!

Rodimus: The mission's been backfired! You need to set off the bombs right now!

Galvatron: Bombs? (Lifted Rodimus off the ground) What bombs?!

Rodimus: (Grunted while trying to get Galvatron off his neck) It's now or never!

Sunstreaker: (Turns to her Brother) Sides?

Sideswipe: (Looks around, seeing enough bombs to disable the right mechanisms) We've done enough! Come on, let's Roll Out!

As soon as they Transformed into their Alt Modes, they drove out of the room to detonate the bombs, causing an explosion powerful enough to make the entire Ark vibrate as Galvatron dropped Rodimus to the ground. Alarms ringing while everything shook.

Ark's A.I. (Is heard over the intercom) Warning! Ark's defense and engines systems disabled! Warning-!

Fallen: (Growled as he put his Helm back on) Each of you just signed your Death Warrants for what you've done!

Rodimus: (Sees his Crossbow, grabs it and shoots a Net to cover the Fallen and Galvatron together) Not dying yet!

Fallen/Galvatron: (Gets caught in a net) ARGH!

Cyclonus: (Is heard in the background) Master?! What is wrong?!

Rodimus: (Gets up) Alright, we're getting out! Everybody, back to the ship!

Minerva: (Gets up) But what about-?

Rodimus: It's too late! Our time's up!

Kup: Let's go!

As the group retreated, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were also seen en route to the Xantium when they came across a horde of Decepticons moving across the hall separate from the one they're currently residing in.

Sunstreaker: (Sees the Decepticons) Get down!

Tarn: (Is seen walking among the Decepticons down the hall) Come! The Fallen reported Autobots infiltrating our ship! Soundwave claims the ship is located this way!

Sunstreaker: (Sees the horde going to their direction) Slag, they found our ship!

Sideswipe: They'll tear apart the team if we don't something! Got any ideas?

Sunstreaker: (Stares at Tarn, before turning to her Brother) You trust me... Don't you?

Sideswipe: (Nodded) Yes, I'm Brother! I'll always trust in you!

Sunstreaker stared at her Brother, hearing the words comforting her Spark as she turned to give him a warm hug.

Sideswipe: (Sees her hugging him) Hey, Sunny... (Hugs her back) Hey, what's the occasion for?

Sunstreaker: (Sighs as she held her Brother) Then, please... (Gets out an Electric Prod) Don't take this the wrong way.

Sideswipe: (Raises a brow) Wait, wha-?!

Suddenly, Sideswipe got filled with electricity harming his Protoform as Sunstreaker stabbed the prod into his back, making him fall to the floor as Decepticons got attracted to their attention.

Sideswipe: (Gets shocked by the Prod) AHHHHHH! (Fell to the floor) Ugh!

Sunstreaker: (Turns to the Decepticons) I found one! I've got the Autobot scum right here!

Tarn: (Turns to Sunstreaker) Sunstreaker, how amusing to see you again. (Folded his Servos) I assume you were undercover when they caught you?

Sunstreaker: Morons thought I reverted to their side just as Windblade did!

Tarn: Well, in that case, care to immobilize the Autobot runt for us?

Sunstreaker: (Turns to Sideswipe, who was looking at her in disbelief) With pleasure!

The last thing before Sideswipe went into Stasis Lock was seeing his own Twin slamming her Pede right in his face while the others went ahead for the Xantium, arriving just in time to avoid Decepticons from preventing their escape.

Hot Shot: (Drove towards the Xantium) Where's Sideswipe?!

Brawn: Stinkin' Cons must've got em'!

Rodimus: (Transforms into his Robot Mode) Alright, we don't got much time! Everyone get on board right now!

Kup: (Reverts back into Robot Mode) Move it!

Optimus: (Calls the team again) Rodimus, what's going?

Rodimus: Mission became a failure! Galvatron interfered and helped the Fallen keep his Fragging Chip!

Optimus: Alright, did you at least get the weapons disabled?

Ironhide: Ark isn't going anywhere near Cybertron anytime soon, Bossbot!

Optimus: (Sighs) Alright, then get out of there! I'm having Perceptor and Wheeljack Transwarp you back to Cybertron ASAP!

Crosshairs: (Sits on a seat) Alright, are we-?

First Aid: (Sees the ship's Transwarp Coordinates being set) Alright, we're off in 20 Nano Clicks!

Red Alert: Rodimus, Kup! Get in here!

Kup: Alright, let's go kid! (Runs inside, only to get grabbed by a bunch of tendrils) Ugh!

Spittor: (Arrives with the rest of the Decepticons as he shot his Tongues at Kup's legs) Got one!

Kup: (Gets pulled towards the Cons) AGH!

Rodimus: KUP!

Kup: (Grunted as he continued to be pulled) Get on the ship, kid! There's not enough time!

Rodimus: Over my Skidplate, it isn't! (Runs over to Kup, grabbing one of his Arrows to stab the Tongues) YAH!

Spittor: (Gets his Tongues) OW! (Lets go of Kup)

Kup: (Groans as he was helped up) You-!

Rodimus: I know, I know! I shouldn't have! Now let's go!

Crosshairs: Come on, we got till five seconds!

Kup: (Runs on the landing ramp) Alright, we're onboard!

Rodimus: Shut the landing ra-! (Suddenly has a knife stabbing through his shoulder) ARGH!

Kup: (Widened his Optics) Rodimus!

Scorponok: (Is seen using his Tail to stab Rodimus through) GET OVER HERE!

Rodimus: (Gets pulled off from the ship) RAHHHHH!

Red Alert: (Widened her Optics) Rodimus!

Kup: NO!

Suddenly as Rodimus was pulled off from the ship, a large Blue ball absorbed the Xantium entirely, thus making it disappear while Rodimus was the one of the few that didn't make as he knelt before the Decepticon army.

Rodimus: (Groans as he clutched his Shoulderplate, looking around at the Decepticons glaring at him) So... Anyone here wants an autograph?

Nightbird: (Sees the Fallen arriving) Father. What shall do with this Autobot?

Fallen: (Glares at Rodimus) ...Bring him to the detention block, chain him there. I want to know what exactly they have planned.

Barricade: (Drags Rodimus up) Get up!

Rodimus: (Spits in Barricade's face) Frag off!

Spittor: I got this! (Uses his Tongues to tie Rodimus up)

Rodimus: (Gets caught by Spittor's Tongues as his entire body got tied completely) Oh, gross!

Fallen: (Watches the Autobot get taken away) How's the damage?

Mindwipe: We're barely just got-!

Fallen: Set aside how many got injured and check out the ship's diagnostics! I want this done now!

Mindwipe: (Nodded) Of course. (Turns to leave)

Fallen: (Turns to Galvatron) Galvatron... You helped save me from coming to the Pit... For that, I offer you my thanks as well as my trust in you.

Galvatron: (Nodded) It was a pleasure, My Lord...

The Fallen then turned away as Galvatron stayed behind and watched as the Autobot known as Rodimus Prime was captured.

Meanwhile, with the Autobots on the other hand, they came right back from the mission as they were Transwarpped back onto Cybertron. Optimus and the others went to greet the team while they got off the Xantium.

Optimus: (Runs to the group) What happened? Where's Rodimus?

Hot Shot: (Walked out of the Xantium) Decepticreeps caught him just as he was getting on board!

Brawn: (He and Ironhide helped each other while they were both wounded) Not to mention Galvatron shooting us like dogs!

Bulkhead: (Looks around) What about Sideswipe and his Sister?

Crosshairs: Fragging Cons got them too!

Cliffjumper: So, Ultra Magnus is still in Stasis Lock while Rodimus Prime, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are captured?

Kup: Yeah. (Folded his Servos while lowering his head) It would seem so...

Mirage: Well, at least the Ark is currently disabled.

Jetstorm: But what about Ultra Magnus?

Jetfire: What do we do now?

Optimus: (Sees everyone turning to him once more) ... (Makes a sigh as he turned around) Everyone wait here and don't do anything until I get back.

Kup: (Turns to Optimus) What are you gonna do?

Optimus: To get help.

On the Ark, the Fallen is seen looking at a Planet that they have approached as Tarn approached him.

Fallen: (Looks at the planet in front of him) Report.

Tarn: (Bows before him) My Lord, the engines have made critical damage from a bomb attack, as well as our weapons systems. None of them are working functioning, and Soundwave reports that it'll take at least 2 Earth months to repair.

Fallen: The Autobots have found some way to make borrowed time... Clever, but the sands are only one drop away from reaching its destination. (Turns to Tarn) What Planet are at right now?

Tarn: Right now, we are heavily close to the Planet P-0908; a Planet that's only inhabited by its' wildlife, but does not contain any Autobot resistance on the surface.

Fallen: Have the Ark land on the surface. We shall make our repairs there.

Tarn: Right away, Master. (Turns to leave)

Fallen: And Tarn? I've heard your... Assistant has returned with another prisoner.

Tarn: (Nodded) Yes, indeed. She handed the Autobot over to us right when we were-!

Fallen: Reaching the Autobots that were trying to escape, yes?

Tarn: (Nodded carefully) Y-Yes, Master.

Fallen: Keep a close Optic on her, just in case... As an Earth resident once said, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

Tarn: Yes, Master.

Tarn then turned to leave while Rodimus was seen in his cell, chained eagle spread while hovering over a Stasis unit.

Nightbird: (Is seen at Rodimus's cell) Comfortable?

Rodimus: (Is seen hanging in the air while in chains) Oh yeah! Feeling pretty comfortable right-! (Suddenly gets the chain collar on his neck tighter while they shock his Protoform) RAHHHHH! Goddammit, that hurts!

Mindwipe: (Is working at the control panel) So does your humor if you keep that up.

Rodimus: (Groans in pain) Primus, it's no wonder most of you guys are a bunch of dicks! You've probably never had one shred of laughter in your Programmi-! (Gets shocked once more) AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Nightbird: (Grins behind her Mask as she watches the Autobot's suffering) Now, that's funny.

Galvatron: (Listens to Rodimus's screams as he entered the cell) That's enough...

Nightbird: (Turns away from the torture to see Galvatron) Well, well, if it isn't the OG Decepticon Tyrant.

Mindwipe: (Turns to Galvatron) What do you want?

Galvatron: I'd like to see the prisoner.

Mindwipe: On whose command?

Galvatron: The Fallen's, unless you both doubt his trust in me, that is...

Nightbird: (Watches Galvatron carefully) ...Sure... (Turns to leave) He's all yours.

Soon, Galvatron is left alone with the prisoner as he turned to look at the panting Autobot that just endured thousands of volts running on his Protoform.

Rodimus: (Groans as he hears Galvatron's presence while lowering his head to the ground) What are you doing here? Here to gloat?

Galvatron: (Stares at Rodimus) ...Optimus Prime has been a thorn on my side for as long as I remember.

Rodimus: (Scoffs) Yeah... You two have been known to have quite the history!

Galvatron: Funny you should mention that, considering mine has been... Puzzling.

Rodimus: How so?

Galvatron: (How so it happens that I just remembered Sari Sumdac trying to assassinate me at Sumdac Tower Five Stellar Cycles ago... (The Autobot's Optics widened while his head is lowered) And you just happened to show up alongside Optimus Prime, his own Creation, and the Human Brat to save my own head.

Rodimus: (Groans as he closed his Optics) I don't know what you're talking about.

Galvatron: Oh, I think you do. (Moves to grab Rodimus by the chin) So unless you want everyone to learn the key to Time Travel, you're going to tell me exactly what I want to hear if you and your Autobot compatriots wish to see another Solar Cycle...

As the two remained in the cell together for an interrogation, Optimus was seen on Cybertron, sitting a chair as he spoke to someone...

Optimus: (Looks at the unknown figure) I'm sorry we didn't meet here under better circumstances, but you have to understand; our Autobot leader has a Decepticon chip inside his Processor, and that Decepticon used his body to take siege upon Cybertron and take out nearly all our ships! And now, he has acquired the Ark, and will come back to finish off Cybertron for good! And I wasn't sure who else to turn to because right now, everyone is looking to me on what to do! And I'm sure you have other things to do, but you have come to us for help in the past, so I'm here to ask for your help after all the things you have done for us! So... Will you please help us?

?: (Is seen sitting in the shadows) Sure...

The figure comes out of the shadows, revealing himself as Megatron of the alternate universe consisting of Good Decepticons and Bad Autobots as he stood on his Pedes looking at the Red and Blue Autobot.

Megatron: (Smiles as he looked at Optimus) What are friends for?

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