Episode 28: Legends Never Die Part 2

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The episode begins where it left off as Optimus was seen on Cybertron, but not his Cybertron as he knows it, as he is in the alternate dimension consisting of Good Decepticons and Bad Autobots while he spoke to Megatron of this world.

Megatron: (Is seen looking over his Cybertron while the Decepticon structure of Kaon stood proud and majestic) So the Fallen has left you in quite the predicament that you're all in.

Optimus: (Nodded as he drank some Energon) He has... Having a chip inside Ultra Magnus's Processor left us all hectic, even without having our Magnus on our side to help.

Megatron: Because the Fallen is using his body.

Optimus: (Nodded) Yeah...

Megatron: (Turns back to Optimus) And now, you're wondering how to save your leader from possible termination while at the same time, saving your Universe in the process?

Optimus: (Nodded) ...My Autobots managed to disable the Ark long enough for an attack, but knowing the Fallen, he's likely to be much more prepared for an attack! And more likely rather go down fighting than surrender. (Turns to Megatron) It would help if you would offer assistance on how to save him.

Megatron: (Sighs internally as he dropped his drink on the table) I'm able to send an army big enough to support yours, but I cannot help you with this... What you're dealing with is at a crossroad, too many silver linings to count. If you try to save one life while saving dozens, then that only leads to more turmoil for yourself and everyone around you.

Optimus: Well, what am I supposed to do? I know I'm fighting the Fallen, but I can't just plunge the Star Saber onto him and let Ultra Magnus go Offline! I don't know who else to go to!

Megatron: Except those of your friends and allies that you've personally kept to yourself while holding the secret from everyone else in the Universe.

Optimus: Yeah. It's a nightmare I can't get out of.

Megatron: Well, you have it good. I had to keep the entire information to myself.

Optimus: (Raises a brow) What are you-? (Stares at Megatron, before widening his Optics) Wait... You've been through this before, have you?

Megatron: (Sighs with regret as he closed his Optics) ...My Fallen wasn't the one you know. Mine was named Ultra Magnus, who was more cynical than the one you face and attempted to destroy everything we held dearly on Earth. And the only reason he had managed to get out of our sights was by hiding in the one individual we never would have suspected until it was too late.

Optimus: ...You've had a Megatronus too...

Megatron: (Nodded) Megatronus was like a mentor to me... He taught me everything he knew; how to fight, how to fly, and how to lead... But the Fallen, unfortunately, knew that too, so he used his knowledge of my training against me. It almost killed me, until I... (Closed his Optics) I did what I had to do...

Optimus: (Stares at Megatron in shock) You killed him?

Megatron: ...What I've done wasn't the proudest moment in my career. It nearly tore my Spark apart, not to mention how I acted towards my fellow Decepticons... But what was worse was that I too lied about Megatronus and the Fallen being one and the same, and it nearly broke their trust in me. I almost never recovered if it weren't for my Bondmate, Slipstream to help keep the calm in my people.

Optimus: (Raises a brow) Wait... Slipstream is your Bondmate?

Megatron: Yes, why? Is that a problem?

Optimus: No, of course not. It just sounds surprising to me, because you and she are sort of a thing together in my dimension.

Megatron: (Nodded) Well, the multiverse does tend to vary differently than what you know in your Universe. But that doesn't mean some things can't be similar to another.

Optimus: I can already tell. (Clears his throat) But on a more serious note, do you think I should be honest with everyone? Tell them that Ultra Magnus and the Fallen are one and the same? They won't lose their trust in me after?

Megatron: Well, I can't promise you that some won't follow you into battle after the revelation, and I certainly can't tell you what to do. But if I can offer some advice, then it'll be to trust in the ones that are closer to you.

Optimus: (Nodded in agreement) Yes, I suppose that is true... (Turns to Megatron) So, when can we expect your Decepticons to arrive?

Megatron: It may take some time, but not too late to assist you in battle.

Optimus: (Nodded) Then we'll be waiting.

Megatron: Is there anything else that you would like to know before leaving?

Optimus: (Looks around, before thinking about it more clearly) Well, now that you mentioned it... Do you still have any data on your fight against your Fallen? We could use some tactical advantage to learn how you did it while we wait for you.

Megatron: Well, I'd explain things myself, but I take it you don't have much time to be here.

Optimus: You assume right.

Megatron: Well, since it'll be a while for me to gather my Decepticons... (Gives a datapad to Optimus) You should probably make good use of this in the meantime.

Optimus: (Takes the datapad) Thanks.

And so, they ended the conversation by simply giving each other a handshake as a sign of their multiversal friendship while back on the Cybertron we know, the Autobots continued to wait for Optimus's return.

Windblade: (Folded her Servos) So, Optimus went over to a dimension where the Decepticons are actually peaceful, and Autobots are a bunch of Slaggers that follows our Decepticons' motivation. And he's going to see their Megatron for help?

Wheeljack: (Nodded) Yeah, that sounds a little Fragged up when you say it more than once.

Perceptor: But be rest assured, the Megatron we speak about is on our side.

Windblade: If he can get them to help us fight, that is...

Wheeljack: (Hears the portal opening) Hey, speak of the devil!

Optimus: (Walks back into his home reality) Perceptor, take this datapad and analyze it. It has tactical combat information from their fight against the Falen.

Perceptor: (Takes the datapad) They had a similar problem with the Fallen as well?

Windblade: How did you find that out?

Optimus: It's a long story, I can't explain. What's our sitrep?

Wheeljack: Well, Ratchet and Arcee went out to find Wreck Gar on Earth, found him in a trash heap and brought him back to Cybertron fully washed! And then he filled himself with more garbage afterward.

Optimus: Alright, that's good to have Wreck Gar back. Now, what about Elita One? Has she gathered the Dinobots and Predacons?

Perceptor: (Turns to Optimus) We received word that she just arrived on Dinobot Island. She mentioned that she's making progress, but Grimlock is said to have trouble spitting out an "Annoying Pink Unicorn".

Optimus: So it'll be a while then?

Wheeljack: Until they arrive, yes. How was the trip so far?

Optimus: Same on my end; Megatron told me that once he prepped his army, they will arrive when the time comes to fight.

Windblade: And did he guarantee that it won't be too late before the Fallen has already repaired the Ark already?

Optimus: Don't worry, the bomb Rodimus Prime's team detonated has left severe damage. It'll take them a while until the Decepticons fully repair the ship.

Windblade: (Folded her Servos) And how exactly can you guarantee that your friends aren't already Scrapped by the Fallen thanks to your botched rescue mission?

Wheeljack: (Whispers to Perceptor) Ugh, she's a handful.

Perceptor: Brutally direct, it would appear.

Optimus: (Placed his hands on his hips) Okay, uh...

Windblade: The name's Windblade.

Optimus: Windblade, let's not give up hope yet. Just because a few of our allies gotten themselves caught doesn't mean that the Decepticons would instantly take them Offline. They'll most likely have them interrogated, which gives us enough time to strike a full out assault against them.

Windblade: (Nods at the plan) Alright... But that doesn't solve that father/son drama involved in our fight, does it?

Optimus: ...You leave that one to me when the time comes.

Meanwhile, on the Ark, the Decepticons have landed on the Planet known as P-0908. The Planet itself was lush with large tropical islands, some them considered to be a continent as the ancient ship was parked in a large area of sand. The skies were filled with Decepticons flying in the air while tanks were deployed on the ground, with Juggernaut Supreme standing in his Robot mode looking over the Planet as the Fallen stood in the Ark, looking at his army out in the field while Cyclonus walked over to him.

Cyclonus: (Walks to his master) The repairs are going underway, sire.

Fallen: Has Soundwave arrived to make an upgrade to advance the time stamp of its' due date?

Cyclonus: Not yet. He's still making a checkup onto the weapons systems.

Fallen: Fine, but tell him to move on. The Autobots will come to find us here.

Cyclonus: Are you certain?

Fallen: My body is in the form of their Magnus. I know what Optimus Prime is capable of, so I know he'll be coming.

Cyclonus: Of course. (Walks away)

Fallen: (Turns to Cyclonus) I noticed you have been holding back from asking a question, Cyclonus. Please, speak your Processor.

Cyclonus: (Slowly turned to the Fallen, curious) Master... You have been known to have foreseen the future...

Fallen: (Nods) I am aware.

Cyclonus: Is it possible to transfer one's knowledge, one's vision of that future to another?

Fallen: Ah, I see. (Walks to him) You want to see the future as well as I do.

Cyclonus: I cannot just stand idle and not realize the potential of it all. The potential to foresee incoming threats, to foresee who may be the next fool to betray us!

Fallen: All things that are considered intriguing... But not worth the trouble going after.

Cyclonus: Master? What do you mean?

Fallen: Cyclonus, I have foreseen the future as you have said before. But seeing it nearly drove me mad. (Turns around) So perhaps it is best that you put that idea to rest and not persist it any longer. (Sits on his throne) After all, we have the Ark now. And soon enough, this will be our future for now on...

Cyclonus: (Nodded reluctantly) Yes, Master.

As Cyclonus turned to walk away, at last, Rodimus was seen being interrogated by Galvatron due to his knowledge of the previous adventure from five years in the past as the Decepticon had swiftly jammed a shock prod into the Autobot's Chestplate.

Rodimus: (Has a shock prod hitting his chest) ARRRRRRAGH!

Galvatron: (Glares at the Autobot he's torturing) Tell me the truth, Autobot! What were you doing there?!

Rodimus: (Gasps as he felt the Decepticon releasing the prod off his chest) Oh, you want to know, huh? Well, we were there trying to find your girlfriend a Creation Day gift, considering you're known to have-! (Gets tortured again) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Galvatron: (Continues to shock the Autobot) I am not here to play games, Autobot! You and Optimus Prime were there in the beginning when I was this Headless Shell without a Body! And you could have taken me out right there and then when you had the chance! (Threw the prod away and then held Rodimus by the throat) So why did he save my Spark?!

Rodimus: (Coughed as he was getting choked) I-Is that... All you... Need to-?! (His captor's grip is tightened) Ack!

Galvatron: (Gets impatient as he held Rodimus in a death grip) TELL ME!

He continued his course, unaware of his actions as Slipstream slipped inside of the room to put an end to this.

Slipstream: Galvatron, that's enough!

Galvatron: No, it's not! This Autobot-!

Slipstream: Is no use to us if he's Scrapped! Please...

He listened to her words as he felt the rage powered for this particular Autobot. Knowing that he was a thorn by his side, but yet, also knowing that the anger he has for it is just the impulse talking, he let his throat go in honor of granting her wish.

Rodimus: (Coughs as he lowered his Helm) Ugh... Oh man. (Turns to look at Galvatron) You have a really strong grip, pal.

Galvatron: (Vented his Intake) I... Am remembering my limits, Autobots... Especially if it is to gain information.

Rodimus: Well... (Clears his throat) You've gotta find someone else for the job, because there's no way I'm giving anything to you, you monster!

Galvatron: Oh, you will... (Walks over to him) Because from what I remember, you're not the only one we're keeping prisoner aboard this vessel.

As they continued their "Chat", Sideswipe was seen restrained, lying on a table as Oil Slick and Tarn looked him over, the Autobot was screaming muffledly due to a gag that they attached to him, his cries becoming incoherent while they thought about what to do with him.

Sideswipe: (Glares while straining against his bonds) MMMMMMMMM!

Oil Slick: (Looks over at Sideswipe) Well, what a unique test subject we have here...

Tarn: Yes, indeed, considering we'll be decimating every known Autobot with the Ark, this may be the only one we can we get.

Oil Slick: Let's not forget about the others. Autobot Space is known to have a large territory.

Tarn: It does not matter. The others will share the same fate as Cybertron once we have finished with repairs.

Oil Slick: Well, then let us enjoy what we have now... Scalpel?

Scalpel: (Lands on Sideswipe's Chestplate) Oh yes! (Activates an Automatic Saw) Yes, let the dismantling begin!

?: Wait.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, turning to Sunstreaker as she walked over to the group.

Sunstreaker: Perhaps it is best that we savor this one until Cybertron falls.

Tarn: (Turns over to her) And why should we do that?

Sunstreaker: Because why torture it to death when you could personally enjoy its' suffering while he watches the entire planet burn into smithereens.

Oil Slick: She has a point, Tarn.

Tarn: Alright... (Turns to leave) Then she shall remain here to guard the Autobot. (Turns to Sunstreaker) Will you, my dear?

Sunstreaker: Of course.

Oil Slick: Then problem solved.

They both left the lab to the Twins as she moved to take the gag off of him.

Sideswipe: (Gasps as Sunny took the gag off) Ah! Thanks, that's a lot better now.

Sunstreaker: (Looks at Sideswipe) You have the key I gave you?

Sideswipe: Oh? (Takes out the key) You mean this key?

Sunstreaker: (Turns around) Hurry up, we don't have much time.

Sideswipe groaned at his attempt at humor, unlocking his chains to break out of the bed as he stood next to his sister.

Sideswipe: (Walks over to her) You know, that performance stunt back there was a little too good, don't you agree?

Sunstreaker: (Looks around the halls) I've been studying their patterns during our time here. (Turns to Sideswipe) If we could get to at least one of this ship's Transwarp drives, we could teleport ourselves out of here.

Sideswipe: To any part of the galaxy, not to an exact location! We could be stuck floating in space, or end up right at the heart of a sun!

Sunstreaker: A risk's a risk!

Sideswipe: Well, we can't really leave here, not yet anyway!

Sunstreaker: Are you serious right now?

Sideswipe: Yes!

Sunstreaker: No, you can't be! This place is filled with Cons that'd kill us if we stay!

Sideswipe: Yeah, and the Cons will kill us anyway if we try to run! Don't you get it? They have the Ark! And the Fallen is going to use it to slaughter trillions of life because of some big nightmare he had!

Sunstreaker: And what do you expect us to do? Just fight everyone here just to win?

Sideswipe: If it comes to it, yes! He's never gonna stop even if we ran! Running away from our problems will only exacerbate it!

Sunstreaker: So, what you're asking me right here is to choose between trying to escape, and fighting alongside you?

Sideswipe: (Folded his Servos) Maybe they're not so different if you think about it.

Sunstreaker: (Sighs, looking at her Brother) Have fun with the good fight.

She then turned to leave her own Brother behind while he watched. Despite being saddened by this current course of action, he turned around to begin sneaking around the Decepticon occupation of the Ark. It was her choice, he can't control that.

He lurked over to a monitor that had means of communications and began to work on it. Knowing he had no time to talk, he simply activated a beacon and then left to hide for the time being.

On Cybertron, Jazz was seen keeping an eye on things that go on while everyone prepares for battle. His Optics caught Drift sharpening his Blades with intent as he walked over to the fellow Cyber Ninja.

Jazz: (Walks over to Drift) Yo, what up, Drift?

Drift: (Continues to sharpen his Swords) Hey, Jazz.

Jazz: (Raises a brow, tilting his Visor) So, that's no more J-Dawg then?

Drift: (Sighs) Sorry. I'm just not in a happy mood.

Jazz: (Sits on a chair, looking at his friend) So... It still feels kinda crazy about Ultra Magnus, don't it? I mean, I served alongside the Bot for a long time, and I just... Man, I never thought that this would ever happen.

Drift: Yeah, well... Pretty sure it must be easy to forget that the Fallen's about to burn every planet in the Universe to a cinder.

Jazz: (Turns to Drift) Okay, I'm getting a vibe that you aren't exactly happy about it for a different reason. Care to talk about it?

Drift: (Turns to Jazz) The Fallen had killed Bots without mercy... He assaulted Cybertron twice in a row without getting away with it, and he had unleashed an alternate version of Omega Supreme onto Iacon and had a building fall right on top of Dai Atlas. And now, everyone's talking about how to save the Fragging Bastard who still plans on killing the rest of us. How do you think I feel?

Jazz: Dude, I miss Dai as much as you do. But you have to understand, it wasn't entirely Ultra Magnus's fault.

Drift: No, it was the Fallen's. And right now, we need to take action rather than just standing around and do nothing but try to save a genocidal Decepticon on the loose!

Jazz: Yeah, but we can't do that if Ultra Magnus is being used as a host.

Drift: That's exactly my point! Everyone here is too busy worrying about saving Magnus when they don't realize what's at stake here!

Windblade: (Folded her Servos while watching) He's got a point. (Gets the two to her attention) Just look at the last group that tried to get that Chip out of his Processor. Three ended up captured while the rest came back with dents and bruises.

Jazz: Come on, we can't think like that! Everyone tried their best!

Windblade: Yeah, they did. And we still have a problem on our Servos.

Drift: The point is, if all things fail, perhaps we should consider a second option.

Jazz: (Raises a brow) You ain't saying what I think you're saying.

Drift: Only if all things fail! You know how dangerous the Fallen is, you've seen him first hand.

Jazz: And so did you! Doesn't mean we can't just flat out turn the Bot to Scrap, not when Ultra Magnus is inside!

Windblade: Think about what happens if this fight is lost. If anything goes wrong with what we're about to do, then the Fallen will come back even worse than what we had to face!

Drift: Autobots will get Offlined if we don't do what needs to be done. I don't like saying this, but if it means that Ultra Magnus also has to go-!

Jazz: Well, he ain't! Listen, I understand what's at stake, we all do! But that doesn't mean we should even consider that route, not when Prime's inviting the Decepticons from a parallel dimension to help us out! With their help, we've got a fighting chance at winning this!

Windblade: Then maybe you should highly consider what happens when we encounter the Fallen. Chromia and I have spent our entire lives living with that monster, torturing us to the core, and molding us into an assassin of his choosing. If anything goes wrong at all, he will be able to roam the Universe without any restraint and he will come back much worse than he already is now.

Drift: She's got a point, Jazz... Everyone knows how dangerous the Fallen is... Maybe we should consider that option when it comes to it.

Jazz just stood there, contemplating the two Bots words while Sari and Cade were seen at Fortress Maximus while they watched the Autobots try to prepare their upcoming battle.

Sari: (Looks down at the Autobots preparing for battle) This really sucks right now.

Cade: Tell me about it. The fact that we could possibly lose and the Universe end up getting burnt to a crisp.

Sari: And the fact that everyone else gets to go fighting while we wait right here in this place.

Cade: Well, if it helps in any way, I've been here for a while waiting for the AllSpark to get out of my system, and I know what it's like to be feeling impatient to wait around to do things.

Ratchet: (Walks inside, turning to the kids) You two doing okay so far?

Cade: (Turns to the Autobot) Hey Ratchet, you're one to talk! How's your Spark?

Ratchet: (Rubbed his Chestplate) I'm doing fine. I'm feeling kind of aggravated that we're being left out in the fight, but I guess I'm just used to it.

Sari: Speaking of which, how come we're not allowed to come with? We have the AllSpark in our systems, we can be helpful out there!

Ratchet: For us or the Decepticons if they nabbed you. Which is why you're remaining right where you are until the time being.

Cade: Yeah, because why wouldn't we enjoy sitting in the sidelines 24/7?

Ratchet: Well, you're not the only one stayin' on Cybertron. Bumblebee's gonna be joining us for the time being, and it would be better if you two gave him some company. He'd really like it.

Cade: (Nodded) Yeah, we get what you mean.

Sari: I guess it wouldn't hurt to have him around. When is he coming?

Ratchet: He should be coming any Nano Click and-! (Sees Bee walking inside) Oh, speak of the devil!

Sari: Hey, Bumblebee!

Bumblebee just nodded, waving his hand while he sat on a chair while looking through a datapad as everyone watched.

Cade: (Looks at Bee) So uh... How's the voicebox doing so far?

Ratchet: We're doing everything we can to help him. Bumblebee may have lost his voice, but it's only temporary.

Sari: Or forever... (Turns to Ratchet) Hey, can't we just-?

Ratchet: No, we can't let you use the AllSpark to heal his wounds, not like the last time.

Cade: Why not? Didn't Sari do it before?

Sari: Yeah, with my Key which is long gone by now.

Ratchet: And knowing that you two are back, we may as well try to remove the bond that you have and return the energy into Cube.

Sari: (Raises a brow) Wait... Is that the only reason why we have to stay?

Ratchet: Well, that's not the only reason.

Cade: It kind of feels like it.

Sari: Ratchet, you can't do that! Besides, if something goes wrong, the Decepticons could come back and snatch the AllSpark away from us!

Ratchet: And that is why Prime mentioned that the AllSpark should be sent through to the Decepticons of the 2nd Dimension. And I never thought that I'd be willing to say it, but I'm sure they'll take a lot better care of it then any Autobot have here.

Sari: This sucks! (Turns to Bumblebee) Bumblebee, you have to agree with us on this, right?

Bumblebee: (Writes on the pad, then shows the three what he wrote) Sorry, but not sorry, guys.

Cade: Dude.

Ratchet: Alright, well I should get back to the lab and start making preparations. You two just stay put. (Turns to leave)

Sari: (Sighs) Great, now we're gonna miss out on all the fun.

Cade: Not exactly. I mean, you never really needed the Allspark to kick Decepticon ass before.

Sari: I know, but I feel like I'm being left out! And I hate being left out when we both have one of the coolest qualities that no one else has.

Bumblebee: (Writes on his pad, shows off his writing) Just look on the bright side! At least we'll be avenging your Dad!

Sari: (Nodded, thinking about the mention of him) Yeah... (Turns around, folding her arms) My Dad...

Bumblebee widened his eyes at Sari being sad. He pointed at her, turning to Cade with a questionable look on his expression.

Cade: (Shook his head) It's not your fault, man, don't sweat it. (Turns to Sari) Hey, are you alright?

Sari: (Nodded) I'm fine... It's just that... It still feels fresh.

Cade: Yeah, we hear you... (Looks out from the balcony, seeing Iacon getting repaired) So, what are you going to do?

Sari: (Raises a brow) What's there to do? There's nothing to do, but wait for our powers to be taken away.

Cade: No, I meant what are you going to do after? I mean, your Dad's gone now, and you're pretty much the sole inheritor of Sumdac Systems, so that makes you a very rich person on Earth.

Sari: (Scoffs) Tell that to everyone else who thinks that I'm 6 feet under.

Cade: Oh... (Turns to Bumblebee, who had a grimaced expression) Right... (Turns to Sari) Okay, well, we'll figure that out. I mean, Optimus came back to Earth with everyone over there thinking that he was gone, so who knows? Maybe things will work out.

Sari: I don't know Cade... (Turns to Cade) In fact, I don't even know if I want to come back to my Father's company after all this time.

Cade: (Raises a brow) What's that supposed to mean?

Bumblebee: (Wrote on his datapad, showing Sari) Normally, you would be wanting to be in charge of your Father's company like crazy.

Sari: (Nodded) I know, but things are different now. (Walks away) All this time with the Decepticons, I've been feeling more Cybertronian than I ever was Human. I remember what it's like to be Human and all, but... I just don't feel like that excited, hyperactive little girl that I used to be.

Cade: (Walks next to her) Alright, well... What do you feel like?

Sari: I don't know... I just feel like... Me.

Cade: (Raises a brow) And?

Sari: I don't know, I just... I feel like I'm more than my Father's Daughter! I feel like I'm not someone that was born and raised to be a company gal. I feel like I want more than that.

Cade: Okay... So what is it that you want to do?

Before she could answer, Bumblebee's getting beeps off his Datapad, loud enough for the teens to hear as they turned to the Minibot.

Sari: (Raises a brow) What's that?

Bumblebee: (Turns to show the two a signal) ...

Cade: (Stares at the beeping red light, tilting his head) Okay, so there's a beeping red light! And?

Bumblebee: (Sighs as he started to write on his Datapad, then shows what he says) It's a signal from Sideswipe! He's located on P-0908.

Cade: P-0908? What's that supposed to be?

Sari: A Planet. It's a designation numbered designation, I recognize it when I was studying the Intergalactic Map.

Cade: What? So no one ever thought of giving that world a name? They just gave it a number? That's so messed up!

Sari: I know, I think it's ridiculous too!

Cade: (Looks at the Planet) So what? Does that mean the Ark is there too?

Sari: And maybe the Decepticons. This signal is no coincidence, it was obviously sent from an Autobot!

Cade: How are we even sure that's Sideswipe? It could be bait!

Sari: Knowing the Fallen for a while, this is something he'd never let slide on his watch. (Raises a brow) Not unless he wasn't fully focused.

Cade: You don't think it's possible that Ultra Magnus is fighting back somehow, do you?

Sari: (Sighs) I don't know, Cade! With so much that's going on, I-! (Widened her eyes as they glowed Blue) Ah!

Cade: (Sees Sari screaming in pain) Sari?! (His eyes glowed as well, feeling the pain too) Oh god, not again!

The two screamed in agony as Bumblebee watched silently helplessly as Ratchet ran inside, seeing the two yelling out.

Ratchet: (Sees Cade and Sari scream) What's going on?! What's happening?!

Bumblebee: (Quickly writes on his Datapad) I don't know!

Suddenly, in a flash of light, the two disappeared out of thin air, much to the two Autobots terror as their friends were now missing.

Ratchet: No!

Arcee: (Runs inside, seeing only Bumblebee and Ratchet) What happened?

Ratchet: Cade and Sari, they disappeared.

Arcee: How?

Ratchet: The Allspark, they managed to teleport right out of here!

Arcee: Well, then where are they now?!

Elsewhere in the Universe, Cade and Sari teleported out of Cybertron into a forest as they landed on their backs. Groaning, they both got up onto their feet to find themselves on a hilltop. When they looked around, they saw the Ark right in front of them as Decepticons were all over the jungle.

Sari: (Sees the Ark and Decepticons on P-0908) Oh, we're in serious trouble.

Back on Cybertron, Optimus is seen readying the Autobot forces for battle when he was told the news of Sari and Cade.

Optimus: Where are they? How could they even do that?

Bulkhead: We don't know, Bossbot! This is a shock to us as it is for you!

Optimus: (Sighs) Alright, we need to find them.

Arcee: What about the Decepticons? They're still residing on P-0908, we can't wait for them to make their move!

Elita One: If the Decepticons leave P-0908 before we can get to them, then we'll have no chance at an element of surprise. We have to fight them now while we have the chance, Optimus!

Optimus: Not without knowing the whereabouts of Cade and Sari. They still have the AllSpark Bond, we have to find them so we can sever the connection between them!

Elita One: Yes, and we all understand why! But right now, the Fallen is more important than finding the AllSpark!

Ratchet: If we don't find the AllSpark, and the Decepticons end up getting their nasty Servos on the two Organics possessing them, then we'll have more to worry about than the Fallen!

Wheeljack: (Walks to the group arguing) Hey, if I'm not interrupting any debates, I just got a ping on where the two are at.

Optimus: (Turns to Wheeljack) You found them?

Jazz: Where are they?

Wheeljack: Same place as Bumblebee got that beacon from Sideswipe.

Optimus: P-0908.

Bulkhead: Okay, now we do have a major problem on our hands.

Chromia: Okay, let's not succumb to panic over here. Sari has trained with the Decepticons for a while, so she may have learned how to mask her own Heat Signature from them.

Ironhide: (Turns to Chromia) How can ya be so sure?

Chromia: (Turns to Ironhide) How do you think I keep sneaking up on you in the Berth?

Windblade: Okay, we certainly did not need to hear that particular banter. (Folded her Servos) But she's got a point. Daddy always made it his top priority to make sure how to teach his kids to mask their Heat Sigs.

Ratchet: And with she and Cade having a connected bond with the AllSpark, she'll most likely have his back.

Bulkhead: Okay, so that's good, right? That means that they can hide until we're ready to arrive on the Planet.

Optimus: Which is now.

Bulkhead: Right! (Raises a brow) Wait, what?

Optimus: Elita's right. We can't keep waiting to make a move before the Decepticons do, not when they have the Ark at their complete disposal. They get their hands on Cade and Sari again, it's all over. (Turns to Bulkhead) Bulkhead, you can connect the Spacebridges to create one singular portal for everyone to walk through, can you?

Bulkhead: Uh, yeah. But I'll need some upgrades for the Spacebridges if that's gonna happen quickly.

Wheeljack: Oh, well you just leave that to me and Perceptor, Bulky Boy!

Optimus: Alright, everyone else prepare for Spacebridge travel! We're going to P-0908 ASAP.

Jazz: Yo, OP! What about Cade and Sari? They'll be caught in the crossfire!

Optimus: I know, which is why I'm sending you, Ratchet, and Bumblebee to pick them up when the battle begins. But due to Bumblebee and Ratchet's condition, I need you to avoid conflict if possible, is that understood?

Jazz: (Nodded) We'll try our best, Prime.

Optimus: Good, now everyone get ready for a fight! We're Rolling out in 3 Cycles!

Everyone fanned out while Optimus got his Saber ready. Just when he turned around, he noticed Greenlight getting ready with her Gauntlets. He sighed, knowing that she of all Autobots would want a piece of the Fallen after what happened to Sentinel.

Optimus: (Walks over to Greenlight) Greenlight.

Greenlight: (Turns to Optimus) What is it?

Optimus: This upcoming fight we're going to have... I need to know that you'll be careful out there.

Greenlight: (Sighs) I already told you, the Fallen was all yours! Do I seriously have to give an acting Magnus permission now?

Optimus: That's not the point, the point is... (Takes in a deep, heavy sigh) We lost enough Autobots, including Sentinel... I don't want to have to lose the one Bot that Sentinel had grown attached to in his final days.

Greenlight: (Nodded in understanding) I know... That's why Elita came to me earlier to place me on her team.

Optimus: She's got good rep and experience. She'll be glad to have you.

Greenlight: Thanks... But honestly, I shouldn't be the one to worry about, considering that Rodimus is captured, and you're the only one with the bold wits to handle leadership.

Optimus: (Nodded) Then I'll try my best to be careful in all the same.

On P-0908, Galvatron was seen being silent while standing outside the Ark, reflecting on Empire he sees as Decepticons roam the ground and air throughout the jungle. As he stared out into the horizon, he was being approached by Slipstream.

She stood next to him, staring out into the world they exist on without saying a word... Neither of them looking eye to eye as the two just kept each other company... Finally, Slipstream sighed, speaking to the former Tyrant without looking at him.

Slipstream: Everyone's been talking about what the Fallen's planning to do... What he's willing to do... And we decided that he's just too crazy to lead the Decepticons.

Galvatron didn't say a word... He just kept on staring while Slipstream talked.

Slipstream: (Sighs while rolling her Optics) Look, everyone's wondering who exactly is going to take charge when we take care of him... And let me tell you, there's a lot of options that I know that certainly numbs my own Programming... (Folded her Servos) Like having Lugnut be placed in charge. The Bot has muscle, but all he does is boast about the Glory of the Decepticon Empire. Strika's too brutal, and just as arrogant as her Bondmate. Blitzwing's out of the question because he's just too angsty. Shockwave's smart, but he lacks the will to dare the odds. And Starscream? Everyone can agree that it'll only lead to another Decepticon Civil War, and we all agreed that it is the last thing we want... (Rubs her Servo) Well, maybe except Lockdown and Swindle, since they thrive on war profiteering.

She turned to Galvatron, who is still silent about the whole debate, much to her inner dismay.

Slipstream: (Looks at Galvatron) That's why I believe that there is only one Cybertronian that is worthy of carrying that mantle... There's only one Con I know that is able to take back control and makes everyone go back to normal. And maybe it won't be the kind of normal we're accustomed to because nothing's ever the same anymore. But it's what we got left... So that's why I believe you need to take back control... I think what this Empire needs in order to survive is to have Megatron back as leader of the Decepticons... (Gets no response from him overall, making her pissed) Well? What do you think? Aren't you gonna say anything?

Galvatron: (Looks out into the horizon without looking at Slipstream) ...All my years of being a Decepticon... All these Stellar Cycles I've sworn to myself that the Autobots are our one and true enemy... And yet... (Looks at his Servo, seeing his paint reflect his own head) I never thought that I'd ever owed a debt to one of them... More importantly, Optimus Prime on the matter.

Slipstream: (Sighs in disbelief, hearing what Galvatron said) Seriously? That's all you can think about right now? Why does it even matter if that Autobot save your own Aft?

Galvatron: I can't lead an entire Empire if everyone believes I'm not eligible to lead the Decepticons if everyone believes that I've gotten soft. (Turns to Slipstream) It is a Decepticon custom to acknowledge a debt on any Cybertronain... I cannot ignore this forever.

Fallen: (Walks over to Galvatron and Slipstream) Ignore what exactly? (Gets their attention) Am I interrupting something?

Slipstream: (Looks at the Fallen, shaking her head) No, my Liege. (Turns to Galvatron) There's nothing to interrupt at all... (Turns to leave)

Galvatron: (Turns to the Fallen, bowing) What is thy bidding?

Fallen: I just came into contact with Soundwave. He detected a Transwarp signal coming from the Jungle, I need you and Cyclonus to check it out.

Galvatron: (Nodded) Yes, Master.

He began to head out while Rodimus was hanging from the Stasis Chamber, still wounded from his torture sessions with Galvatron as one of the Starscream Clones, Dirge, came right inside to take his time mocking the Autobot.

Dirge: (Folded his Servos) So, you're one of the legendary Autobots that help defeat Megatron back in the Ark? Seems to me that you're nothing more but a worthless, insignificant piece of Scrap.

Rodimus: (Groans as he hung in Stasis) You know... For a Nano Click, I almost thought you were Starscream... (Lifted his Helm up, looking at the Clone) If you Clones didn't sound like such whiny Slaggers.

Dirge: (Raises an accusing brow, looking at the Prime) You dare to mock me? The one and only greatest Decepticon who had ever lived?

Rodimus: (Scoffed) You know that Earth concept, "Hold my beer?" Because I'm pretty sure the Fallen would have said that if he ever heard that.

Dirge: You dare call me a JOKE?! You senile Autobot, I'll crush your Spark for that!

Rodimus: Well then... (Spits out some Energon) What are you waiting for? Aren't you gonna give me some discipline or what?

Dirge: Oh, so you like it when I torture you, don't you? Well, that is ridiculously odd of you to insist that. (Walks over to get Rodimus out of Stasis, letting him drop to the floor with a loud clank) I don't get it, really! I mean... (Picks him up by the Servo, looking at him) Why would you even consider allowing myself to even pay attention to you?

Rodimus: (Groans as he was held in the air) You wanna know why? (Moves his other Servo, planting a device on Dirge's Chestplate) So I can do this!

Once Rodimus planted the device, he kicked himself off of the Starscream Clone right on time for Dirge to be attacked by a surge of electricity, making him shout out in pain as the energy hits his own Protoform, Then he fell down on his face as Rodimus held onto his own Servo.

Rodimus: (Rubbed his Servo) Amateur.

He turned to leave the chamber, walking around the halls to sneak past Decepticons on board the Ark. As he hid behind a corner to see a group of Decepticons walk past him, a hand touched his shoulder, causing him to turn around to get out his Crossbow, only to find Sideswipe with his hands raises up.

Sideswipe: (Raises his hands up) Easy there, Chosen One.

Rodimus: (Puts his Crossbow down) What are you doing here?

Sideswipe: Same as you; got myself captured, and now I'm running around the Ark trying to avoid Cons.

Rodimus: (Looks around) Where are we right now?

Sideswipe: I overheard one of the Cons saying that we're on P-0908. They came here after Sunstreaker and I disabled the ship.

Rodimus: Speaking of which, is your sister here too?

Sideswipe: We can talk about that later. Right now, we gotta hide until tthe Autobot forces arrived.

Rodimus: How can you be sure?

Sideswipe: I sent a distress beacon. They should be coming sometime very soon.

Rodimus: Okay, well let's stay put and-! (Gets a beep on his wrists, seeing AllSpark signatures on the map) Okay, did you happen to sneak in some AllSpark Fragments on the way here?

Sideswipe: What are you talking about?

Rodimus: I'm reading some AllSpark energy signatures out in the forest. If the Decepticons get their hands on it, who knows what they could do during the fight!

The two moved out while Cade and Sari were in the jungle, trying to hide from the Decepticons as they crouched down, walking down the path they choose to explore.

Cade: (Walks the path while crouching behind Sari) First there was time travel, now there's teleportation? God damn, why hasn't anyone ever wrote a book called Using AllSpark Powers for Dummies?

Sari: We need to keep quiet! I'm not sure our Heat Signatures will be hidden for long, so we have to keep moving.

Cade: Our heat signatures? What are you going on about?

Sari: When I was with the Decepticons before remembering everything about my life, I was taught well to hide my own Heat Signatures due to my Cybertronain heritage. It's actually another benefit of being a Techno Organic that I actually grew to enjoy.

Cade: Okay, but what did you mean you're not sure about keeping it hidden for long?

Sari: Well, considering that we have the AllSpark in our bodies, and I'm the one hiding our Signatures, we probably have a limited amount of time until a Decepticon shows up. So like I said, we have to keep moving.

Cade: Okay, well you sure we can't just fight our way out of here?

Sari: And risk blowing ourselves up in the process?

Cade: (Nodded) Right... (Continues to follow her) So... Were you really serious?

Sari: About what?

Cade: About your Dad's Company... Are you really sure you don't want to go back? I mean, it's literally your Dad's founding legacy he's built for himself.

Sari: That's exactly why I'm not coming back.

Cade: (Raises a brow) Wait, I'm confused.

Sari: (Sighs) 50 years, he had built a name for himself! He revolutionized the entire World under his inventions! And all that, he helped the world by saying, "Yeah... I accomplished my goal for myself."

Cade: So in other words... You want to make a name for yourself.

Sari: (Turns to Cade) That's exactly my point... I don't want to be known as just my Father's little girl, or being the best friend of the Autobots! I want to carve out my own legacy, my own path... And the truth is, the person I used to be had disappeared the moment I became half Human, half Cybertronian... That part of me has grown up now... And I'm not entirely sure what exactly I want to do just yet, but whatever it is... I'm certain that I'd want my Legacy to mean something.

Cade: (Looks at Sari) So... I'm guessing that means that you're likely not coming back to school then.

Sari: Yeah, and I guess I should be sad about it.

Cade: But since we're talking about it, we should both know better by now that you are way too smart for school anyways.

Sari: (Smiles) Damn right.

A Decepticon Seeker flew right next to them while they're crouched down, surprising them as they saw the Decepticons starting to get out.

Cade: (Raises a brow) Okay, what's going on now?

On Cybertron, the Autobots were at the Spacebridge Nexus, ready to fight as they awaited for the inevitable battle.

Optimus: (Has his Star Sable in hand while standing next to the Autobot army) Are all coordinates in?

Bulkhead: (Is with Wheeljack and Perceptor as they getting finished setting their destination) Just wrapping up finishing touches, Boss Bot!

Optimus: Alright, all units! Report in!

Elita One: (Is with the Dinobots, Predacons, Arcee, Flareup, and Chromia) Team Orthia standing by.

Brawn: (Is with Kup, Warpath, Hot Shot, Ironhide, and Crosshairs) Team Wreckers standing by.

Windblade: (Is flying alongside the Jet Twins and Omega Supreme) Team Ariel standing by.

Drift: (Is with Drift, Springer, along with every Autobot Trooper on-field) Team Atlas standing by.

Optimus: Alright then. (Activates his Battle Mask as the Spacebridge Portals appeared) Autobots, let's ROLL OUT!

Everyone began to move inside of the portals, leading them to P-0908 as blaster fire was shot onto the Ark, shooting some of the Decepticons that were in their general direction.

The Autobots on the ground were running or driving, depending on the individual being in Robot Mode or Alt Mode, charging over the rear front of the Ark while being shot at by the Decepticons from the air. They, however, were being attacked by Windblade's group as she and the Jet Twins were shooting at them, Omega Supreme followed by launching missiles at the Decepticons shooting turrets at the Autobots in the air as more air forces arrived in battle.

Inside the Ark, the Fallen walked over to the window as he witnessed the Autobot forces attacking them on the planet, seeing how much they come prepared.

Fallen: (Looks at the Autobots fighting in battle) They are committed, I'll give you that, Magnus.

Tarn: (Walks with Nightbird and Mindwipe) Master?

Fallen: Deploy Juggernaut Supreme to even the odds with Omega Supreme, and have the Combaticons and the Constructicons Combine. They worked the last time, so we'll add that to our advantage.

Tarn: Yes, my Lord.

Fallen: Oh, and one more thing. (Gets their attention) Contact Soundwave, tell him I may be due for an Upgrade.

Speaking of the Combaticons, Vortex was seen running around the battlefield taking down any Autobot he ran into at high-velocity speed. That was until his counterpart Blurr came into the mix and shoved the Evil Autobot away from his Good Autobots.

Vortex: (Groans as he got up, seeing Blurr) Back for Round 2?

Blurr: WenevergottoRound2!

Vortex: (Scoffed) Well, let's get started, shall we?

The two fought each other intensively while everything slowed down. As they threw punches, they avoided blaster fire to rockets flying in the air, and other bots swinging their weapons at each other when they were swung at the two speedsters due to being moved at a fast motion.

Once they kept using the battlefield as their personal race track, Blurr finally got the upper hand and shoved Vortex to a corner, slamming him right onto a tree as everything went back to normal once they stopped running.

Blurr: (Looks at Vortex) Thatthebestyougot,Slowpoke?

Vortex: (Gets up on his Pedes, shaking his head) I'm just getting starting!

The two began to fight once again while the sky had explosions popping like popcorn, with Windblade leading the fight with the Jet Twins as she used her Purple Saber to deflect some blaster fire, defending the two while were disabling the cannons.

Jetfire: (Looks at Windblade taking out a Decepticon) She's cool!

Jetstorm: I know, right?

Windblade: (Growled while deflecting blaster fire when she saw Juggernaut Supreme getting into Robot Mode) Slag! (Uses her Comms) Hey, we have incoming!

Optimus: (Sees Juggernaut Supreme coming up) I see it! (Turns to Omega) Omega, we're gonna need some support!

Omega Supreme: (Nodded) I have you covered!

The giant turned to fight his doppelganger while the Dinobots wreaked havoc onto the Decepticon Forces, taking on whatever opposed them while Wreck Gar humorously banged on each Decepticon's Helm with a Stop Sign before putting up piles of garbage on the fallen.

Wreck Gar: (Dumps garbage onto defeated Decepticons) Free Garbage! Here's your free garbage! (Turns to Bludgeon, who was lying on the ground moaning) Hi there! Want some free garbage?

Bludgeon: (Moans) Not really.

Wreck Gar: Oh, but you don't look so happy! Here, have some free garbage to cheer you up!

He proceeded to dump garbage onto the Pirate, much to Bludgeon's dismay while Team Charr leads the offensive, taking out any Autobot standing in their way.

Strika: (Shoots missiles at incoming Autobot Troopers) Do not let any Autobot get inside the Ark!

Soon after Charr came out, other Decepticons such as Lockdown, Swindle, and Tarantulas joined the fray as they fought alongside each other against the Autobots.

Swindle: (Shoots all kinds of weapons due to his "Products") Look at that! A Bounty Hunter and an Opportunist fighting together with our own weapons! We're like a pair of walking Armories if you ask me!

Lockdown: (Shoots another Servo at an Autobot, which exploded on impact while getting his Hook back on) Don't get used to it. I'm only here because of the number of Credits the Fallen put into my account.

Swindle: Same here! You ever considered you and I being partners for our own economy?

Lockdown: You serious right now?

Swindle: Come on, you love Credits, I love Credits, we both know how to survive out in various Galaxies out there!

Lockdown: Yeah, and I prefer to work alone! It's better that way!

Just as Lockdown turns around, Snarl just came in his Alt Mode and pounced onto the Bounty Hunter, gnawing at him through his Dentas as he tried to bite through his Armor. That all stopped when Swindle knocked him off by tasing him.

Swindle: (Raises a brow) You were saying?

Onslaught: (Flew down next to Swindle, Transforming out of his Alt Mode) Swindle! Come with me, it is time to Combine!

Swindle: Really? I thought we did that already.

Onslaught: Well, we're repeating the process, so let's regroup!

Swindle: Well, you only had to ask!

The two Combaticons began to move out while the Dinobots were standing out in the battle, with Grimlock grabbing a bite of a Breakdown's Wing and started to shake his head back and forth, ignoring the Con's suffering as he used his wing as a chew toy.

Breakdown: (Gets his wing chewed on by Grimlock) Hey! Get off of me, you Primitive Scrap Heap! Somebody, get this thing off of me!

Grimlock: Grimlock Destroy! (Shook his head around like a puppy, letting go of Breakdown as a result)

Breakdown: (Wails as he fell to the ground, touching his back) Why me?

Optimus: (Swung his Star Saber to deflect blaster fire, running over to Cliffjumper) Cliff! I need to get into the Ark, is there any way we can get through?

Cliffjumper: Everything inside has been sealed except for the main hanger! But we'll have to push through the Decepticons to make that happen! And we're barely making past the Constructicons!

Optimus: We have to keep going! The Fallen is in there, and we can't let him escape! Not this time around!

The Autobots slowly pushed onward into battle until Scorponok started to bounce them back by drilling himself underneath the ground. Then he pounced right up from the ground, about to stab Warpath in the Optics when a Blast took him by the chest, knocking him to the ground. Then Optimus turned around, seeing the Decepticons from the other dimension arriving via Transwarp as they joined the Autobots into the fray.

Megatron: (Walks over to Optimus) I hope we didn't miss anything.

Optimus: (Turns to Megatron) You're right on time! (Points at the Ark) Right now, our current objective is heading right into the Ark!

Megatron: Well, let us not waste precious time, let us march forward!

The forces of good started to advance on the Ark while Cade and Sari watched from afar, unaware of Jazz, Bumblebee, and Ratchet approaching them.

Jazz: (Walks over to the two) Hey!

Sari: (Turns around, activating her Cannons) AHH!

Ratchet: Hold yer fire!

Cade: Hey, it's you!

Sari: (Deactivates her Cannon) Aren't you guys supposed to be fighting?

Jazz: We came here to bail you two outta here!

Cade: Where? The whole place has gone freaking Saigon out here!

Ratchet: First we get out of sight, then we move onto a secure location where we can Transwarp ourselves back to Cybertron! (Transforms himself along with Bumblebee and Jazz into Alt Mode) Now get in!

Sari: Wait just a minute! I'm not leaving, I'm staying here to fight!

Jazz: I'm afraid that ain't much of a debate, Sari!

Sari: Oh yeah? Well, let's see you try to get me from the sky!

Ratchet: Sari, wait!

Sari started to fly off using her Jetpack as she left the others behind. When she did, several Decepticons, including that of Galvatron and Cyclonus, took immediate notice as she began to join the fight.

Galvatron: (Sees the one being his attempted killer) Sumdac.

Cyclonus: It appears the Autobots have foolishly brought the Human Allsparks with them. (Turns to venture into the jungle) Quickly, let us find the boy before we lose this opportunity.

Galvatron: And what of the girl?

Cyclonus: She's being taken care of.

As Sari did a small flyby, shooting at as many Cons as she could, Misary flew by and tackled her to the sand. Both of them got up on their feet as the two doppelgangers from different dimensions faced each other down.

Misary: (Looks at her doppelganger, smirking) You know, we really need to stop meeting like this, Mary Poppins. I was thinking of forming our own personal get-together club to hang out, maybe grab a couple of drinks.

Sari: (Stares at her Evil doppelganger sternly) Maybe if you were less sociopathic and less bloodthirsty, I'd consider the offer.

Misary: Why? Because your Daddy died? I mean, don't get me wrong! I pity you, after all, considering that I left mine without giving a damn. But you? Oh, all I'm feeling nothing but pity right here, even though Daddy did die like a pathetic worm.

Sari: (Starts glaring at her, Activating her Blades) Don't you talk about my Dad like that, you C-!

The fight ensued between them as Sari had her Blades, and Misary had her Chainsaws as they clashed their weapons together. Fighting right at the heart of the battlefield, the two avoided blaster fire and a near chase between a Decepticon and an Autobot in their Alt Modes as they fought it out in confrontation.

As they did so, Bumblebee was driving in the battlefront, seeing so many Bots and Cons fighting each other as they did during the Siege of Cybertron.

Ratchet: (Is heard on Comms) Bumblebee, we'll get Cade out of here! You just take Sari and we'll meet ya at the rendezvous site!

If Bumblebee still had his Vocals, he would have responded with a simple yes. However, that was no longer the case due to the Fallen taking it up to his hands by ripping it out by force. Something he dreads since it signifies as a part of who he is.

Before he could think about it more, he was delivered a side-impact collision from Barricade, who was more than happy to face the Minibot himself as the young Elite Guard swirled, reverting back to Robot Mode so he could roll onto his back. Barricade did the same as he held a Blade of his own.

Barricade: (Walks over to Bumblebee) The Fallen was said to have ripped off your Voicebox. Shame. (Planted a Pede right onto Bee's still sore neck) I would have enjoyed the sounds of your scream as I ripped your Spark open.

As he raised the sharp weapon up, Waspinator flew by and shot at the Decepticon, who was dealt with a lot more stings than he anticipated.

Waspinator: (Flies towards Barricade) Deceptibot no hurt Bumblebot!

Barricade: The Fragging hell? OW!

Inferno: (Is with Antigony when he helps Wasp out) Predacons attack!

The Predacons swarmed right onto Barricade, who was left with dealing with Techno Organics as Ironhide drove right by to Bumblebee, picking him up as the two watched their friend attack the Decepticon.

Ironhide: (Looks at Waspinator fighting alongside the Predacons) And to think that Wasp would've tried Slagging ya before feels kinda weird, don't it?

Bumblebee only responded with a whirl, which was surprising to him as he never did that before.

Ironhide: (Heard the sound as he turned to Bee) Hey, looks like Wheeljack's designs are kicking in. (Pats on Bumblebee's shoulder) Lookin' good so far!

Bumblebee nodded as he started to run with Ironhide. He wouldn't call it good, but it does feel like he could at least get adjusted to it.

As they searched for Sari, Bulkhead and the rest of the Autobot forces handling the heavy hitters were suddenly feeling like a large earthquake was being leveled. However, that earthquake was actually the sounds of footsteps as Devastator rose from the Ark, joining with the rest of the Decepticons as he started to fire lots and lots of cement, encasing any poor Autobot in the liquified substance.

Bulkhead: (Turns around, warning resonating in his voice) Incoming!

Optimus: (Sees Devastator forming, causing him to halt his position) Scrap! Everyone, take cover!

The Autobots took a minor defensive retreat to avoid Devastator's wrath. While cement was being fired upon, the Combaticons all got together due to the Constructicon's interruption, Combining themselves into Bruticus once more.

Kup: (Is stuck in a trench with several of his allies as he lay low with Brawn and Springer) We can't get through to the Ark if those Slagging Combiners are in the way!

Optimus: (Turns to Megatron) Megatron, do you have anything that can help us?

Megatron: I'm afraid not! The only way we can beat this is if wait for them to deplete their Energon!

Optimus: We don't have time for that! The longer we wait, the longer it'll be until the Ark leaves again!

As they were held back by Devastator, Omega Supreme was holding his own against Juggernaut Supreme and Bruticus, but barely as Galvatron and Cyclonus proceeded to run after Ratchet and Jazz when they were hit by explosive arrows. When they turned around, they saw Rodimus Prime and Sideswipe attacking them as Rodimus continued to fire more Arrows.

Sideswipe: You think that's gonna get their attention?

Rodimus: It's worth a shot!

Cyclonus: (Sees Rodimus and Sideswipe) Tarn, your prisoner has escaped and is aiding another. Deal with it.

Tarn: With pleasure. (Turns to Oil Slick) Oil Slick, Spittor, to me! (Flies off towards the two Autobots)

Sideswipe: (Sees Tarn with Oil Slick and Spittor as they're coming after them) We gotta go!

Rodimus: Not yet!

Sideswipe: Yes, now! Come on!

They both turned away from the fight to get chased by Tarn, Oil Slick, and Spittor so Galvatron and Cyclonus could reach Ratchet and Jazz, landing right in front of them as the two Autobots immediately Transformed into Robot Mode.

Cyclonus: (Raises his Sword and pointed it at the enemy) Hand over the child, and we'll deliver you each a swift and painless death.

Jazz: Like that's gonna happen!

Ratchet: (Uses his Magnets as a weapon) If you want the kid, you'll have to go through us!

Cyclonus: So be it.

The two began to attack the Autobots as Cade immediately got out of Jazz and began to take cover. As he hid, he saw Starscream attacking Tantrum as he is heard criticizing the Predacon.

Starscream: Pathetic Primitive! Do you honestly think you could defeat mAHHHH!

Starscream suddenly got grabbed by Tantrum, who held him by his Wings and began to brutally bash his Helm onto a rock as he screamed out in complete rage.

Tantrum: (Continues to beat up Starscream) DON'T CALL TANTRUM STUUUUUPIIIIIIIID!

Starscream: (Gets his head banging against the rock) Ow, ow, ow, OW!

Elita One: (Runs by to Tantrum) Tantrum, put Starscream down!

Tantrum growled as he let go of the beat-up Seeker, running off to join the fray as Elita watched him fight.

Elita One: (Sees that he obeyed her command) Good boy.

Starscream: (Groans) No he isn't.

Elita One: (Rolled her Optics as she knelt down and Downloaded Starscream's Mods) Yeah, well no one asked for your opinion.

Starscream: So?

Elita One: So... (Stands up having Blasters on her Wrists) Shut up.

She began to fire upon the Decepticons as Cade continued to hide when Cyclonus saw him hiding next to a rock, leaving him to his divine opportunity for capture.

Cyclonus: (Turns to Galvatron) Kill the Autobot worms while I apprehend the Allspark. (Turns to Cade) Come here, Cade Yeager!

Cade: (Sees Cyclonus attempting to grab him) Get lost!

He attempted to run when he tripped onto a branch and fell to the ground. As he was about to be grabbed by the large hand, his powers kicked in as evidenced by the sudden reappearance of his Blue eyes as one-touch was all that was needed to make Cyclonus have a nervous breakdown.

Cyclonus: (Widened his Optics as he stepped back) Ahh! (Covered them) AGH!

The entire environment around the lone Decepticon began to shift at every turn he made as the ground suddenly transitioned from dirt to metal. Then as he opened his Optics once more, he found Cybertron in complete ruin. The entirety of Iacon was in flames. Something most Decepticons in his position would be quite flattered if he hadn't spotted one little thing in the background.

On the ground, there were thousands of Autobots... And Decepticons. Both sides of the war defeated as weapons had littered the once crowded streets of Iacon. Something that had given Cyclonus quite the horror as he thought of what kind of absurd machination could have done this.

Then from the air, he turned to look up to see warships of ancient design. Something he had previously boarded with the Fallen to capture Ratchet prior to its immediate implosion. Then the warships began to implode as planets appeared in the sky. Planets consumed by another planet, as if that world was eating them, making it disappear into the gaping out exposing its core and it soon moved on as if the planet it devoured was never even there.

Then, the skies turned crimson red as the Planet suddenly Transformed into Robot Mode, its Green Optics staring at Cybertron with no mercy as Cyclonus stared back in horror. Then he began to scream as the building structures began to be torn apart due to being sucked right up into the air and straight towards the monster, as he too began to join Cybertron in its inevitable Fall.

That, was all in his head fortunately as Cyclonus was seen lying on the ground, staring out at the sky as he was fixated on his hallucination.

Cyclonus: (Stares into the skies) The end... The end, it's coming... The end is near! The end...

Cade: (Stared at Cyclonus as he began muttering words quietly) Okay, that's new.

As Cade watched Cyclonus writhe in apparent suffering, Galvatron knocked both Ratchet and Jazz to the ground to grab Cade himself when he spotted Sari being chased by Misary, clashing Blades with one another as the two Doppelgangers fought it out in the open air when the Good Techno-Organic accidentally touched Swoop as her connection to the Allspark kicked right in at that moment.

And at that very moment, the Dinobots all began to float while covered in a Blue glowing aura as everyone was confused by this sudden act.

Swoop: (Starts to float while being covered in a Blue hue) Swoop flying... Without Swoop flying Swoop's self?!

Grimlock: (Struggles to get out of the energy-containing him as he floated in the air) Who's touching Grimlock?! Grimlock no lick being carried!

Wreck Gar: (Sees the Dinobots up in the sky) Ooh... Shiny.

Sari: (Sees the Dinobots suddenly floating in the air) No way, that wasn't... I wasn't even concentrated!

Greenlight: What? What did you do?

Misary: (Sees the Dinobots starting to form up) Oh, you cheating bitch! You've Combined them!

As she said that, the Dinobots were gathered together as they glowed brighter and brighter... As they did, they suddenly grew taller and taller until a giant figure stood right in Devastator's path, much to his dismay.

Devastator: (Covered his Optics as he saw the figure) The Frag?

As the smoke cleared, both sides of the battle turned to look up and saw that the Dinobots merged to become a Combiner. As everyone stared up in awe, The Dinobot Combiner form opened up its Red Visor, facing Devastator as his Golden, Gray, and Red Paint stood out in the open.

Volcanicus: (Lifted his Sword and pointed it at Devastator) Volcanicus destroy! (Roars as he sprinted toward the Constructicon Combiner)

Devastator: (Looks at Volanicus in complete disbelief) Oh, come on!

Just when he said that, he barely countered the assault as the Dinobot lifted his Blazing Sword and swung downwards, making the Constructicon Combiner catch the Blade with his hands as that resulted in the wind blowing in completely separate directions, causing some of the combatants to be blown away by the power of the air.

As he looked at the Dinobot, he attempted to make a snark comment when Volcanicus opened his jaw and unleashed the most powerful fire breath combined as flames shot right into the Constructicon's face, turning his Faceplate's paint into a burn black crisp as the Autobot forces began to advance forward toward the Ark. Having born witness, Galvatron saw his opportunity to leave the area, making Ratchet and Jazz straight-up surprised by this act as Cade ran back to the two.

Cade: (Ran back to the Autobots) You guys saw that? Those Dinobots have a really hot Intake! (Looks around) Where's Galvatron?

Ratchet: (Looks around) We don't know... He just left.

Cade: (Raises a brow) Uh... Why?!

Jazz: Well, we don't have a clue.

Ratchet: All the more reason we shouldn't wait around here. Let's head to the exit point!

Cade: Wait. Sari just combined the Dinobots without even thinking about it! Don't you think that's a problem?

Jazz: How do you know she didn't think it?

Cade: I don't, I just... Felt it.

Ratchet: That must be your connection with Sari. If you're feeling what she's feeling, then perhaps the Allspark must be getting stronger at every turn.

Jazz: Worse, you guys could disappear again! Teleport yourselves into space with any Atmo to keep your oxygen running!

Cade: Okay, that's bad. We should find her right away!

Jazz: No way, you're getting out of here! Bumblebee's got Sari.

Ratchet: And there's no negotiatin' about it, we're leaving!

Cade: (Looks at the two) Oh... Okay. (Planted both hands on each Autobot) Then, I guess I'm very sorry about this.

Suddenly, the two froze from the spot as the Autobots felt like they were in Stasis without having to wear Stasis Cuffs.

Jazz: (Grunted as he was frozen) Cade, what did you do?

Cade: (Backed away from the two) Sorry, I told Bumblebee and Bulkhead I wouldn't do this again, but then circumstances happened, so, um yeah... (Looks back, seeing a Predacon on the ground) Don't worry, it'll last like a minute or two, which I'll be long gone by then, so...

Ratchet: Cade, don't you even dare!

Cade: (Waves his hand at the Autobots) See ya!

He jumped off the hill as they called out for him, landing on top of Razorclaw as he was still in his Alt Mode.

Razorclaw: (Feels Cade landing on his back) Rah! Who's on Razorclaw's back?!

Cade: (Placed his hands on his back) Trust me, this may feel weird, but you're gonna get over it when I'm through!

As Cade's hands glowed, Razorclaw suddenly felt like he had lost control of his own body as Cade was seen heading over to where Sari is going, which is directly into the Ark as Rodimus and Sideswipe were getting attacked by Tarn, Oil Slick, and Spittor.

Sideswipe: (Is driving alongside Rodimus when both of them got knocked off the ground by a heavy explosion) ARGH! (Both of them Transform back into Robot Mode) Alright, you want some of this? I'll-!

He turned around to face a very lethal sword pointing right at his face as Sideswipe froze in position, Rodimus got up and saw the Decepticons surrounding them at their mercy.

Tarn: (Holds the blade right in front of Sideswipe) No more games. You die now.

?: Wait!

Everyone turned around to see Sunstreaker walking down the forest as her Optics gazed onto her Twin Brother's, much to his surprise.

Sunstreaker: (Walks next to Tarn) I want to do it.

Tarn: (Turns to Sunstreaker, handing her his weapon) As you wish.

As he handed her his weapon, Sunstreaker looked at it with great interest, seeing how sharp it looks.

Oil Slick: (Stares at Sunstreaker) You're gonna use that thing, or what?

Sunstreaker: (Looks at the Blade in her hands) I am... (She narrowed her Optics) Just at not who you're expecting.

With no warning, the Yellow Femme turned around and swung her weapon... Right at Oil Slick's head as she cut half his Processor in half as his Offline body fell down to the grass, she swung the weapon at Tarn's Pedes, cutting them both in half before one of her hands released the hilt to lift up her arm, letting Spittor's tongue twirl itself around it so she could fling him over to the other side of the forest, knocking him down as Sunstreaker emerged victoriously. As she wiped her Servo off of any traces of saliva left behind by Spittor, she turned to face her Brother and Rodimus as they made their approach.

Sunstreaker: (Looks at her Brother) You're still Online.

Sideswipe: So are you from what it looks like. (Stops in front of her twin) I thought you were leaving?

Sunstreaker: (Turns to her Servo, waving it in the air to remove all of the nasty liquids off of it) I was.

Sideswipe: What possibly could have changed your mind into coming back?

Sunstreaker: (Turns to her Brother) You did.

With no warning, she began to hug Sideswipe in embrace as the Mech widened his Optics in surprise. But he got over it as he started wrapping his Servos around his Sister, feeling internally happy that she's here with him still.

Rodimus: (Rubbed his Helm) Hey, I'd hate to break up the family reunion, but we still have a battle to win.

Sideswipe: (Nodded as he broke the hug) Still up for it?

Sunstreaker: Well, if the Ark leaves the Planet and starts turning every single planet into a smoldering crisp, then what the hell? (She activates her Bow Staff as he looks determined to fight) Let's go save the Universe.

In the Ark, Decepticons that haven't gone outside were trying to get everything ready for launch when Autobots began to storm into the hanger, taking the rest unprepared for their arrival as blaster fire rang out throughout the entire ship.

As during the combative transition, Sari and Misary continued to their personal doppelganger duel until Sari got knocked off her feet by Shadow Striker, Arcee's Evil doppelganger, who stomped her feet as she jumped off the balcony, turning her attention to the Techno Organic.

Shadow Striker: (Stares at Sari) Well, well, it appears the blade struck someone else the last time we met.

Sari: (Gets up, staring at the Evil Arcee) You! You killed my Father!

Shadow Striker: Hmm... And the reason I care about that is why?

Sari growled as she attempted to attack the one responsible for her Father's death when Bumblebee came in and took Sari in his hands as he Transformed into his Alt Mode and drove out of the area, leaving Shadow Striker in the dust.

Shadow Striker: (Sees Bumblebee running off with Sari) Wow. Leaving so soon?

Arcee: I could ask you the same! (She gets her doppelganger's attention as she held out her Weapons) You should have taken what's left of your Autobots and left this Dimension, Arcee!

Shadow Striker: (Turns around, facing her double) And you should have stayed in whatever hole you and your Autobots are trying to patch up on Cybertron.

Arcee: The hole you made while aiding the Decepticons?

Shadow Striker: At least your Decepticons have the stomachs to actually do something for a change. (Activates her Lightsabers) But you know what? I'm so happy you came, because the last time we met, you had your friends do all the fighting for you.

Arcee: Since when did you care so much about a fair fight?

Shadow Striker: (Scoffed) I don't. I just want this kept between us girls.

Arcee: (Narrowed her Optics with her Double's) In that case... (She activates her Battlemask as she got into a combative stance) You asked for it.

The two began the fight the moment the two of them had collided with their blades. As they fought, Bumblebee was driving around in the hanger looking for a way out of the battle while Sari was inside of him with a seatbelt strapped tight around her.

Sari: (Tries to take the seatbelt off despite it not coming off) Bee, I know you recently just lost your voice so I'm really sorry for what happened to you, but if you don't let me out of this seatbelt right now, I'm gonna have to rip this thing off and kick your door right off-!

She was then interrupted by the sounds of Razorclaw running inside of the hanger with Cade hanging off his back as Bumblebee stopped right on his tracks, taking notice of the human being inside the brawl.

Sari: (Sees Cade in the fight) Cade? What's he doing hanging off of Razorclaw's back?

Bumblebee's only response was pushing the throttle as he began to chase after Razorclaw as Cade continued to ride his back when the Dinobot Combiner and Omega Supreme waltzed right into the Ark, fighting against Omega's double along with Bruticus and Devastator, having the biggest advantage in numbers as the stomping increased tenfold. Their presence disturbing Optimus from getting to the Fallen as both sides of the conflict struggled to even fight each other. As he watched, Cade's powers kicked in and caused Razorclaw to have the same aura that the Dinobots did with each other as Cade suddenly slid off of Razorclaw.

Razorclaw: (Floats in the air) What's wrong with Razorclaw?! Why is Razorclaw flying?!

Cade: (Gets up, seeing the Predacons coming together as Bumblebee arrived) Oh god, what did I do?

Sari: (Gets out of Bumblebee as she ran next to him) Cade!

Cade: (Turns to Sari and Bee) Hey! You guys seeing this?!

Before they could respond, the Predacons have also combined together as they too become one, turning to help Omega Supreme and Volcanicus fight against Juggernaut Supreme, Bruticus, and Devastator.

Predaking: (Faces Bruticus) Predaking hunt Predaking's enemies as Predaking's enemies are prey now!

He began to fly upwards in the air, grabbing Bruticus by the shoulders and flying him outside using his Wings as everyone continued the battle.

Optimus: (Drives over to Bumblebee, Cade, and Sari) What just happened? (Transforms back into Robot Mode) Why are the Dinobots and Predacons a pair of Combiners now?

Sari: We don't know! I just touched Grimlock while fighting myself, and then he and the rest of the Dinobots just merged!

Cade: The same happened to me when I was using Razorclaw as a horse ride!

Optimus: Well, that's more of a reason enough for you and Sari to leave! Bumblebee, take them out of here now!

Sari: No! You can't just force us to leave, not when... Not when...

Suddenly, both Cade and Sari felt extremely drowsy as their visions became clouded with a sense of blurriness.

Cade: (Blinked several times while stumbling on his feet) Whoa... What's going on...?

Sari: (Placed a hand on Bumblebee's Pede) Okay... I'm feeling extra tired now...

With no warning, both of them fell to the floor fainting as Optimus held his hand out, making them land on his palm as Bulkhead, Ratchet, and Jazz moved in.

Bulkhead: (Runs over to the group) What's wrong with them?

Optimus:: (Looks at the two kids) Ratchet.

Ratchet: (Scans them) Their body heat slowly depleting. So far they only fainted because of the amount of energy they used to combine the Predacons and the Dinobots.

Jazz: All the more reason we need to get them out of here.

Windblade: (Flies next to the group) We need to hurry! If the Fallen decides to make his move early, everything is doomed.

Optimus: We'll get there.

Windblade: And may I ask just how exactly you plan to take care of him.

Optimus: (Turns to Windblade) I'll handle it. Just help everyone in the battlefield.

She nodded as she turned around, flying off into the fight while leaving everyone behind.

Bulkhead: She looks like she's getting a little restless.

Optimus: She thinks there's no saving Ultra Magnus from the Fallen at this point.

Ratchet: But the least you could do is try. It's what counts, kid.

As they stood together, the Lambo Twins and Rodimus Prime arrived on the scene as the two went off to help Siren, Rodimus drove by and joined up with the group.

Rodimus: Hey!

Jazz: (Turns to see Rodimus) Hey, look who's still Functioning!

Rodimus: I was looking through the security system while Sideswipe and I were looking for a way off this ship, and we learned that the Fallen is still on the bridge!

Bulkhead: What's he still doing up there?

Rodimus: I don't know, but if we want to get to him, now's our shot!

Optimus: Okay. (Turns to Ratchet and Jazz) You two get Sari and Cade out of here. Bumblebee, you make sure they stay safe! Rodimus, Bulkhead, you're with me! (Opens up an active Comms Channel) Everyone else, keep the Decepticons off our backs!

Everyone did what they were told while Galvatron watched from above, his Optics staring at Prime as he led Rodimus and Bulkhead to the bridge. Before making his cue to follow, a Mech flew right behind him, as he sensed a familiarity with the figure.

Galvatron: (Looks up, feeling his presence) So... This is what my doppelganger looks like.

He turned around to face the Megatron of the alternate dimension as his Blue Optics gazed upon Galvatron's Crimson Red's.

Megatron: (Looks at Galvatron) And this is what I look like if I have chosen the path you walk now.

Galvatron: Did you come here to fight, or did you come here to gloat?

Megatron: I'm not gloating. I pity you.

Galvatron: For what? For being who I am?

Megatron: For letting yourself become a pawn to the Fallen. That's what I pity.

Galvatron: (His Optics started to narrow themselves downward) I am no one's pawn!

He unleashed his Blade and began to swing it upon his Duplicate, who did the same as he parried the assault, taking a few steps back as the two Decepticons from different worlds and ideologies continued the exchange.

Megatron: (He and his Duplicate continue to circle each other) You say you're not... Yet, you allow yourself to remain chained to the one who took control of your Decepticons, allow yourself to be degraded as the Fallen's personal weapon whenever he wants a deed done by his will.

Galvatron: Shut up, and fight me!

He swung his Blade down once more as Megatron dodged the downward swing that Galvatron made, causing him to cut open a box of Energon as little Pink Cubes fell to the floor dripping.

Megatron: On my world, the Autobots aren't as merciful as yours are. In fact, mine are so devious that I had spent 5000 Stellar Cycles in the Gladiatorial Arena in Kaon.

Galvatron: Oh, so you know how it's like to oppressed by the Autobots? To have your Freedom stripped away like peeling a piece of your Plating off of your own Protoform?

Megatron: Yes... Except mine has a lack of wisdom when it comes to history... Yours on the other hand, they're becoming more and more mindful of their actions... But all you needed was an excuse to start so much chaos, so much hate... And that led you to where you are now.

Galvatron growled at his duplicate as he began to thrust his Sword forward, aiming for the chest when he got knocked by the chin, Megatron making him fall to the ground as he took one step to the side, his Servo stretched out so Galvatron could make the error of knocking himself down. Before Galvatron could make up for it, Megatron had swung his weapon downward, his Blade aimed for the face as the Good Decepticon had stood up high against the Fallen Bad Decepticon.

Megatron: (Looks down at himself) If you were like me on this World, despite all the things you have caused in the past... Then you would have known by now that you have only brought yourself back to where you started all those years ago... (Turns around) A slave.

Megatron flew off, leaving Galvatron all alone to contemplate on his words as the bad Decepticon turned around, staring at himself in the reflection on the metal wall as he thought about everything his duplicate said to him... All it took was a moment before he decided on his next move.

Elsewhere, Optimus, Rodimus, and Bulkhead arrived on the Bridge where the Fallen stood waiting, his hands clasped together like he was enjoying the scenery of blood and violence being fought on an open landscape.

Fallen: (Looks out the window, hearing the battle from the bridge) So... The battle that could possibly define the fate of the entire Universe, and yet here you stand, on a mission based on sentimental delusions as whoever holds the Ark decides what happens next.

Optimus: (Looks at the Fallen) It's over... Surrender Ultra Magnus's body to where it belongs, while you still have the chance.

Fallen: (Turns around) You're painfully mistaken if you honestly believe that's how Chips work.

Rodimus: Fine. Then we'll have to try it the same way we negotiated the last time around.

Fallen: Ah, I remember that cheap trick you Autobots cooked up. Not bad, not so successful. Which reminds me. (Gets out a Knife) I made some arrangements for any repeats.

With no warning, the Fallen suddenly sent the knife right into his Helm, much to the Autobots horror as the blade landed on impact... Without even making a scratch, as the knife was bent to a point that was deemed useless as the Decepticon discarded the broken weapon.

Fallen: I had Soundwave give me an improvement on my armor just before you've arrived. (Gets out his Sword) Believe me, no one's going into my head anytime soon.

As the Fallen began to attack, Jazz and Ratchet were escorted by Bumblebee as the two carried Sari and Cade inside their Alt Modes.

Jazz: We need to get to the rendezvous point!

Ratchet: We need to hurry! We don't know how long they have left!

As they drove, the two humans slept in the cars... Their eyes closed as the sounds of explosions and blaster fire and engines started to cancel out. Then their eyes opened, and the two slowly got up to find themselves back into the dimension that white as Jazz's Paint Job as the two turned to each other.

Cade: (Turns to Sari) Hey...

Sari: (Looks at Cade) Hey. (Turns to look around) We're back.

Cade: Yeah... (Looks around the endless void) That usually means the AllSpark wants us to do something.

Sari: Or the AllSpark shows us what to do next depending on our situation.

Cade: Which is what exactly?

As they stood together, the Key began to take form once more as it floated up in the air above the two. Then it began to hover itself down towards a door, which was pretty much what a household door would look like with a knob.

Cade: (Looks at the door) So now what?

Sari: I guess we open the door now.

Cade: You sure this isn't some elaborate trick for the AllSpark to have us go Akira mode? Because the last time that happened, everybody thought you were dead, and I ended up having half the AllSpark inside of me.

Sari: Well, it's better than nothing! I mean, if it helps the Autobots win, then we have to do something!

Cade: Okay, I guess you're right. (Sighs) Okay, let's do this.

The two walked over to the door and slowly turned the knob. When they did, a bright flash of light burst right onto them, similar to what happened to Cade during the events that took place on Trypticon, but only this time was much more lasting than the one time as their eyes suddenly lost their pupils, replacing the white with bright Blue hue.

Back in reality, Optimus had defended Bulkhead from getting his Helm getting cut open by the Fallen as he used the Star Saber to hold the Decepticon's blade back, Rodimus ran from behind and started to shoot off explosive Arrows on his back, causing small pops to implode on impact as the Fallen growled at being shot at.

Bulkhead then swung his Wrecking Ball at the Decepticon controlling an Autobot's body, making the ball hit right onto his Chestplate as the Fallen got knocked back by a couple of feet. His Armor undented due to the Upgrades that were given to him by Soundwave as he kicked the Red and Orange Autobot back, dealing melee blows against Optimus Prime.

Fallen: You're all holding back. That's going to cost you.

Optimus: Surrender! This battle's lost for you!

Fallen: The battle is never over as long as the Chaos Bringer lives!

Optimus: And what happens when you're finished? If the Chaos Bringer has already been killed, how can you already tell?

Fallen: That's because I can't. I don't know where it is, which is why I have to make sure wherever it's inhabiting in, the monster stays dead in it!

Windblade: (Flies in through the glass, kicking the Fallen by the head) You're damn right!

Rodimus: (Sees Windblade's arrival) Windblade?

Optimus: What are you doing here? I thought I told you to keep the air covered.

Windblade: Well, here's the problem, Prime. (Turns to the Fallen) I don't work for you!

She began to swing her Purple Lightsaber at the Decepticon as rage that had been building up over the ages had finally reached their tipping point. As she lashed out, she made a swift thrust towards the side of the Fallen's waist, penetrating right through his armor as Windblade wasted no time in attempting to kill the one giving her so much anger as she pulled back, prepared to cut his head clean off.

Rodimus: NO! (Shots an Arrow at Windblade)

Windblade: (Gets hit by the Arrow, being encased in a net as she fell onto the floor) Ahh!

Optimus: Rodimus, get her out of here!

Rodimus: Roger that!

He deactivated his Crossbow to pick Windblade up, taking her away from the fight as Optimus and Bulkhead remained behind to defend themselves against the Fallen as the Decepticon got back on his Pedes, ready to for round 2 when Galvatron arrived, standing right next to him as Optimus and he exchanged a look.

Fallen: (Sees that Galvatron arrived) Ah, Galvatron... I see that you're here to finish what you started...

Galvatron: (Looks at Optimus Prime a long, cold stare) ...I'm not here for him.

Before the Fallen could ask, Galvatron grabbed his Sword and made an assault on a downward angle, causing the Fallen to quickly defend himself as both blades collided into each other, the two looking at each other as the Fallen's crimsons Optics was filled with betrayal.

Galvatron: (Glares at the one he betrayed) I'm here for you.

With that said, the two began a brawl as their blades kept clashing together. When they collided once more, Galvatron activated his Cannon, and fired a repulse blast, sending the Fallen flying back as he went crashing against a monitor.

As Galvatron stood, Optimus and Bulkhead approached him carefully, seeing how his actions have suddenly come into question.

Optimus: I'm guessing you finally want your place in the throne back.

Galvatron: (He gave a heavy sigh) That's one reason for it...

Optimus: Really? What's the other one?

Galvatron: (Turns to Optimus) To repay an old debt... One that I have not paid since you saved my life from the Techno Organic Five Years ago on Sumdac Tower.

Optimus stared at him, wondering what he was talking about until Galvatron mentioned Sumdac Tower. The last time he was there was when he had to stop Sari from killing a defenseless Megatron in cold blood... Megatron, who had seen Optimus, Bumblebee, and Rodimus the night after the Autobots fought with the Dinobots... Megatron, who hasn't had his memory wiped after traveling back in time as he had widened his Optics, now knowing exactly what the ex-warlord was talking about while Bulkhead was just left clueless.

Bulkhead: (Scratched his head) Uh, Bossbot? What's Megatron about?

Optimus: (Looks at Galvatron, realizing what he had meant about repaying a debt) It... It doesn't matter. (Turns to Bulkhead) Bulkhead, you go help the others. I'll handle the Fallen from here.

Bulkhead: (Gives a WTF look) With Megatron?!

Optimus: I got this... Now go!

Bulkhead looked at Optimus, having his trust in him as he turned around and Transformed into his Alt Mode, driving away as Optimus was left behind with Galvatron.

Optimus: (Turns to Galvatron) ...How do I know you won't stab me in the back again?

Galvatron: It's Decepticon custom to honor a life debt. Even if it means honoring the life debt of the one who is your sworn enemy, then I shall do so to the best of my ability.

Optimus: (Looks at him, seeing that he is fighting against the Fallen, he has no choice in the matter as he pointed at him) You honor my life debt by helping me bring Ultra Magnus back into his body, therefore you're not allowed to kill him. Got it?

Galvatron: As long as the Fallen feels every pain we inflict, I wouldn't care less.

The Fallen groaned as he got back on his Pedes slowly, Optimus and Galvatron turned to face him, their weapons primed and ready as they stood together in battle.

Galvatron: (Looks at the Fallen) Just so you know... Once the life debt has been paid, I am no longer tied to you.

Optimus: (Looks at the Fallen as his Star Saber was raised) You know, can't you just save it until after we're through fighting?

Galvatron: That's a fair request easily granted.

Fallen: (Growls lowly as he got back up, looking at the Autobot and Decepticon banding together) Well... This is a surprise.

Optimus: You're done. Give up now.

Galvatron: And we may consider offering mercy on you.

Fallen: The only mercy you can offer me and Ultra Magnus is death. Otherwise... (Gets out his Weapons) I'll gladly offer it to you both!

With enough words said, the three began a duel as the Fallen made his advance onto Optimus and Galvatron, who blocked his attacks with ease. The three moved from the first floor to the stairs as they reached a balcony, cutting down any hanging wires that may be set loose during the battle.

As the three fought, Bulkhead had followed Rodimus out as the Autobots and Decepticons continued to battle on P-0908, Elita One had approached them after Transforming out of her Alt Mode.

Elita One: Bulkhead, Rodimus! Where's Optimus?

Rodimus: He stayed up on the bridge where Bulkhead was supposed to help him out!

Bulkhead: I was until he kicked me out after Megatron, or Galvatron, whatever his name is now, came out of nowhere and started helpin' him!

Rodimus: Why would Megatron help Optimus Prime all of the sudden?

Elita One: Who knows? Starscream betrayed Megatron so many times, I don't think it's a surprise that he betrayed the Fallen this time around.

Bulkhead: Oh yeah, because he was tired of bein' the new Starscream.

Speaking of which, Starscream just showed up to wreak some havoc as he sent in a barrage of missiles at some Autobot troops, some of those missiles hit Flareup as she fell to the ground along with Mirage and Crosshairs.

Starscream: (Continue shooting out rockets) Die, you miserable Autobots!

Bulkhead: (Sees Starscream in the air) Okay, I may have spoken too soon.

Windblade: (Gets out of the net holding her as her Lightsaber hummed) I got him.

Rodimus: (Sees Windblade free from her confinement) What the-?! How-?!

She flew right after Starscream without even saying a word as Rodimus was left speechless.

Bulkhead: (Turns to Rodimus) How did she break out of there?

Rodimus: I have no idea.

Starscream: (Starts shooting lasers until he saw Windblade) Hey, you again! It's been a while.

Windblade: Save it, moron. I'm here to fight you.

Starscream: Ha, funny! Okay, now which Autobot you wanna shoot first? I'm thinking of-!

Windblade: I'm not joking. (Swings her weapon her him)

Starscream: (Sees Windblade swinging her Lightsaber at him) Whoa! (Barely dodges it as he and she flew in the air) Okay, where did this come from?!

Before he could question her some more, she cut through one of his wings, causing Starscream to uncontrollably fly down to the ground as he tried to get back control of his flight.

Starscream: (Sees himself about to crash) Oh no, no, no, no, NO!

He inevitably crash-landed onto the grass right next to Bumblebee, Ratchet, and Jazz as the three made their escape, a bright light suddenly began to swallow the group whole as they took notice of this strange anomaly.

Ratchet: (Sees the light enveloping him) What the-?!

As the group disappeared, Rodimus and Bulkhead were also swallowed up by the light as Elita One took notice. However, both of them disappeared before anyone could do anything about it as Optimus and Galvatron continued their fight against the Fallen, now located at the consoles as they continued their duel. When Optimus was kicked to the ground, the Fallen attempted to swing at a downward angle until Galvatron intervened, cutting him off from his attacks as he started to move the Fallen away from Prime, allowing the Autobot to get back onto his feet as they continued fighting.

Then after a series of blows, both Autobot and Decepticon swung their weapons at the Fallen, who had made a heavy block as three blades began to collide, all of them continued to stand their ground as the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was put at a standstill. That standstill was interrupted when the same light that made several Autobots disappear began to crawl towards the three, making their attention noticed as their Optics peered away from the fight to the incoming anomaly.

Galvatron: (Sees the light moving towards them) What is this?

Optimus watched as strands of the light began to reach out like tendrils as two of them touched the sides of his Helm, and once that happened, he suddenly fainted as he fell to the ground, and apparently so did Galvatron once the tendrils reached his head.

Once both of his combatants were down on the ground, the Fallen saw more and more tendrils reaching out to him as he was backed to a corner. Then he waited as the inevitably touched his Helm, which at that point, everything was completely turned into a flash of light.

As the light continued to get bright, the Autobots and Megatron found themselves in the same void that Cade and Sari had been transferred to as the group got up, looking around to see Prowl sitting down meditating. His Paintjob looked the same as it was before his untimely demise as his closest friends looked at him in shock.

?: Prowl?

Everyone turned around, looking at Bumblebee as his voice gave out. He touched his neck in surprise, shocked that he was speaking once again.

Bulkhead: (Looks at Bumblebee, stunned by this sudden event) Bumblebee... You're speaking!

Bumblebee: (His Optics widened as he touched his neck) I can... Holy Slag, I can speak again!

Prowl: Only in this dimension... (Everyone turns to him as he continued meditating) I apologize, Bumblebee. But unfortunately, the AllSpark can only allow your Sparks to speak while in reality, you remain silent.

Jazz: (Turns to Prowl) Prowl... Wow, dude... What are you doing here?

Rodimus: (Turns to Galvatron) I could ask the same of him. How did you get here?!

Prowl: He only joined because Cade and Sari permitted it.

Ratchet: What? Prowl, I have to apologize, but that's preposterous! They were sleepin' inside of our Alt Modes!

Sari: We were.

A door was opened, as the group turned around to face Sari and Cade as they walked out of the door with their eyes glowing.

Sari: Because the AllSpark wanted to speak to us.

Cade: And the reason why Galvatron came along for the ride is that we wanted to make sure he didn't do any unnecessary actions while we speak.

Optimus: (Turns to Cade and Sari) The AllSpark... Don't tell me that it sent you to P-0908 on purpose.

Prowl: The AllSpark had sent Cade and Sari there to help you gain the advantage with the Decepticon Combiners after bearing witness to the Siege of Cybertron. It did not wish to see the same fight lost the second time, so it needed them to Combine both the Dinobots and the Predacons to give Omega Supreme aid in this fight.

Sari: All we ever needed to do was just make one simplest of touches on one of them... That was all it takes to do unlock that feature.

Cade: And for that, we have served our purpose.

Galvatron: If so, then why bring us here? What is this place?

Prowl: See for yourself.

As they all stood, the light started to fade into a darken pitch as a fire had been seen in a forest... One particular memory set that was seen in both Ultra Magnus's and the Fallen's past as they all stood together on a planet.

Optimus: (Looks around the forest) This is Talos IV.

Cade: It's not just Talos IV. It's the place where both the Fallen and Ultra Magnus had fought together in their final confrontation.

Fallen: The place where I died. (Shows up out of the vines as everyone turned around to see him) That was a not good idea to bring me back here.

Rodimus: (Stands up glaring at the Fallen) It's over! You're finished!

Fallen: (Looks around at the burning jungle of Talos IV) You think bringing me back inside my head is going to help you? You can't defeat me!

Prowl: Whoever told you that we brought you here to fight you ourselves?

Fallen: (Raises a brow) What are you-?! (Gets hit by the head) GAH!

Without warning, the Fallen suddenly got smacked across the jungle, as Ultra Magnus was seen standing by as he was free from the terrible entrapment that the Fallen made him go through as his opponent got up onto his feet.

Ultra Magnus: (Glares at the Fallen) Do you realize what you've done? (Gets a left hook made)

Fallen: (Gets hit by the Magnus) UGH!

Ultra Magnus: What you made me go through?! (Grabs and gives the Fallen a swift jab) RAH!

Fallen: (Gets punched in the face) Guh! (Fell to the ground)

Ultra Magnus: (Glares at him) All those eons, I felt sorry for you, for what I did to you! I had pitied you during that time, but now... After what you've done to my friends... To my family... What you've done to me! (Gets out his Hammer, which suddenly took shape as he held it in hand) I'm am done pitying you!

Fallen: (Sees the Magnus swinging the Hammer at him) Ultra, no!

Ultra Magnus: (Swings the Hammer at the Fallen) RAHHHHH!

As the Magnus Hammer swung right unto the Fallen, a sharp light suddenly beamed all over jungle as the Autobots looked around and see Talos IV start to shed little cracks of light shining all over as the two Autobot and Decepticon stared at each other with the Fallen slowly getting up, his hand slowly getting dismantled on its own.

Bumblebee: (Raises a brow) Is that supposed to happen?

Ratchet: If anyone has a dead Cybertronain possessing their own body for Eons, and one has the guts to shut them out completely, then that's what happens if you screw with the living.

Fallen: (Sees his hand getting torn apart) ...What have you done to me?

Ultra Magnus: (Looks at his old friend getting dismantled) What was meant to happen a long time ago; it's time for you to rest now, Megatronus.

Fallen: (Turns to Ultra) Do you honestly believe where I'm going is a place to rest?

Ultra Magnus: (Shook his head) To be honest... I don't know. (Placed the hammer on the ground) But I do know that wherever you go is up for you to decide.

Fallen: (Watches parts of his body getting dismantled as his arm faded away) This feels weird... Dying all over again.

Ultra Magnus: Does it not feel familiar?

Fallen: It does, I just... (Looks around as the Jungle started getting dismantled as well) All this time I've done to prepare for the end... And all this time, I never considered I'd actually feel frightened of going Offline. (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Living as a Cybertronian... Living for Millions and Millions of years must make you wish you could live forever, doesn't it?

Ultra Magnus: (Stares at the Fallen) No one wishes to die, Megatronus... But that is how the natural way of life has always worked; we are born, and then we die... It's just the way it is.

Fallen: (Makes a soft chuckle) Well then... (Parts of his lower and upper body disappeared as his head remained) I suppose I'll see you in wherever we go next.

With that said, the Fallen's head started to dismantle into parts of scrap as it fell to the ground, everything in Talos IV began to glow brightly as chunks of the surface and the sky began to fall apart, leaving everyone surprised by this.

Bulkhead: (Looks around at the Jungle getting turned into a light) Guys, what's happening?

Optimus: (Looks around, turning to Prowl) What now, Prowl?

Prowl: Now... (Turns back to his friends) It's time for you to go home.

Sari: (Looks at Prowl) Goodbye, Prowl... (Has a small tear shedding out of her eye) We'll miss you.

Prowl: (Smiles at Sari) I'll miss you too.

Suddenly, as everything turned brighter and brighter, everyone opened up their eyes and Optics to find themselves back on the Ark with the others waiting inside for them as they all woke up to see the Fallen laying on the floor still as Windblade had arrived.

Windblade: (Sees Rodimus and co on the bridge) What happened? How did you guys end up here?

Rodimus: It's, complicated. (Turns to point at the Fallen) Why is he still here?

Ratchet: (Sees the Fallen lying on the ground) That's odd... Ultra Magnus should be back by now.

Windblade: Well, this answers it. (Activates her Lightsaber) Time to get it over with!

Optimus : (Sees something different) Wait, wait! Look!

Suddenly, without warning, pieces of the Fallen's armor started to tear itself off of the user and fall to the ground, the body's Color Scheme turning back from its' Decepticon colors into its' original Autobot Blue and White scheme as Ultra Magnus slowly came back to life while he slowly opened up his Optics.

Ultra Magnus: (Groaned weakly) Ugh...

Rodimus: (Sees the Magnus being back) Ultra Magnus? Are you with us, sir?

Ultra Magnus: (Groaned as he got up, turning back to the Autobots that looked up to him) ...Where am I? Is it over?

Optimus: (Sighs as he smiled) It's over sir... (Gives his Father a hand) Good to have you back.

As he, Bumblebee, and Rodimus helped the Magnus get back on his Pedes, Sari smiled at the older Mech being back with them... That smiled faded when she turned around, seeing Galvatron still standing in the room.

Sari: What about him?

Ratchet: (Sees Galvatron, growing in distaste) Right, of course there's the elephant in the room.

Bulkhead: Now what?

Rodimus: We fight. (Activates his Crossbow while Bumblebee activated his Sabers) Autobots-!

Optimus: Wait! (Holds his hand up) Wait! (Turns to Galvatron, taking a slow approach) Your debt has been paid... The Fallen is no more.

Galvatron: And your Magnus still lives, as you requested.

Optimus: Right... So your debt to me has been paid. There's no need for us to prolong this fight any longer than it has to be.

Galvatron: That's the point, Optimus... There was never any need for this... (Turns to the window) All this violence... All this... Fighting... It was based on a dead Mech's cries on claims of armageddon. That's his legend... (Turns his Optics to the Autobots as he pressed onto the communications console) I won't let it become mine.

As soon as he pressed a button, every comlink on the Decepticon's radio was active as Galvatron's voice filled their audio receptors.

Galvatron: This is Galvatron. The Fallen is Offline, therefore I hereby take control of his position and order all Decepticons to retreat. The battle is lost, I say again, the battle is lost, retreat immediately.

After hearing those commands issued, every Decepticon still standing began to Transform and fly right out of the planet. Those not having granted the ability to fly have other means through starships as Swindle and Lockdown began to leave aboard the Death's Head, and Starscream being picked up by his own Clones as the Autobots and Good Decepticons have left the Planet as Galvatron watched.

Galvatron: (Turns around, facing the Autobots) It is done. The Decepticons are no longer occupying this Planet, therefore the Ark is free to do with as you please.

Bulkhead: Wow... That is mighty fine generous of you.

Optimus: Perhaps a little too generous.

Galvatron: (Turns to face Optimus) Don't be getting any ideas, Optimus Prime. I issued this retreat only out of my strategic senses, and my regained sanity to see that this was all a pointless waste of time. We are still considered enemies, after all. Therefore I make this promise that you have not seen the last of me.

Rodimus: (Turns to Galvatron) And what's to stop us from putting you in a cell right now?

Galvatron: You're right... I am still at your mercy, after all, so I believe it is the current Autobot in charge to do with whatever he chooses. (Turns to Optimus) Isn't that right, Optimus Prime?

Optimus: (Looks at Galvatron, giving him a deep long stare) ...He's free to walk.

Jazz: Say again?

Optimus: Only for five minutes. He helped us fight against the Fallen, after all, so the least we could do for him is to give him what humans call a five-minute headstart.

Rodimus: Well, hang on! What about Ultra Magnus? What's his say in this?

Ratchet: Kid's got a point, Prime.

Optimus: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus?

Ultra Magnus: (Groans weakly as his head was lowered while being carried by Jazz) If you think... That the decision you're making is the right call... Then you should do whatever you feel is right.

Galvatron: (Folded his Servos) Then I presume that I am still free to walk for the next five minutes?

Optimus: (Turns to Galvatron) In counting. Clock's ticking.

Galvatron: How gracious of you. (Turns to walk away) Oh, and Optimus, just so you know. (Turns to the Autobots one last time) What I did for you and your Autobots... You may consider that as your debt to me.

With enough words said, Galvatron began to walk away, transforming himself in his Alt Mode to fly away from the Ark, flying right out of P-0908 as Optimus watched as the Decepticon made his exit.

Rodimus: (Walks next to Optimus) You sure you made the right call about this?

Optimus: If you're asking me as if I'm going to regret it later on... Perhaps I would... (Turns to Rodimus) But all I know is that the real problem we faced has already been taken care of as of now...

Later, everyone was still located on P-0908 as Autobots and Decepticons from the 2nd dimension celebrated their victory over the Decepticons of this current dimension once more as the Ark was seen being put on guard duty by Predaking and Volcanicus, Omega Supreme was seen helping some of the Good Decepticons bring his Evil Counterpart, Juggernaut Supreme back into his home dimension as Optimus and Megatron had walked down the sands, seeing the giant Autobot putting away another giant Autobot.

Optimus: Thank you so much for your assistance. We are absolutely grateful to have you with us.

Megatron: As am I, Optimus Prime. Your world has never ceased to amaze me every time I come to visit.

Optimus: (Turns to Megatron) So, if you fought the Fallen before, have you fought him and your Autobots on a scale like this?

Megatron: Well, indeed I have, but not on P-0908. It was actually fought on my Earth, in a place called Egypt. And let me tell you, fighting him alone took much longer than I wanted it to.

Optimus: But thanks to you, we managed to defeat The Fallen here and then.

Megatron: I'm just glad you managed to have found a way to bring your Ultra Magnus back to his body before you had to make a decision as terrible as mine was.

Optimus: That, I am glad to have done sooner.

Megatron: Yet, you sound like you still dread the next Solar Cycle. (Stops right on his tracks as he turned to Optimus) I'm presuming with all the excitement of your troops that they have not learned the truth yet?

Optimus: (Sighs as he too stopped) ...I just don't know how to tell them... And it's generally not my secret to keep, it's my Father's. I don't know how exactly we're going to approach this.

Megatron: Speaking of which, how is he?

Optimus: Fine... Perceptor and Wheeljack are currently working on his Processor to take the microchip the Fallen installed in him, make sure there isn't anything we have to deal with before we move forward.

Megatron: Yes, it is probably for the best that we don't have another repeat of this happening again.

Optimus: (Nodded before looking around at the people celebrating) ...Be honest with me, how bad of a mark is this going to leave me?

Megatron: (Sighs) I'd say it's enough to leave a scar on you... And everyone who's ever been close to you... (Turns to Optimus) But that does not mean it'll hurt forever... Wounds heal as slow as time. Spend enough of it, and just maybe you'll be able to face another sunshine knowing that no one will have to ever go through this tragedy ever again.

Optimus: (Looks around at Hot Shot and Jetfire shooting fire up in the air so Siren could make his scream, making an art piece of an Autobot insignia marked in flames as everyone clapped hands) I'm presuming you won't be staying for long.

Megatron: Unfortunately, I will not, old friend. I have my duties in my dimension as you do yours. (Placed a hand on his shoulder) But, I will be leaving some of my troops here until enough reparations have been made, and you no longer require our services. It is the least I can do after how much you've suffered.

Optimus: (Nodded) Thanks... I

while Ultra Magnus was seen getting operated on by Perceptor, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Elita One, and Red Alert as he laid face forward on the table while they examined his head.

Elita One: (Finished up putting his Helm's plating back together) Okay, we're finished.

Ratchet: You can get up now.

Ultra Magnus: (Gets up, turning to the doctors) Well... Is it done?

Wheeljack: Yes sir. (Shows the Decepticon Chip to Ultra Magnus) No more Decepticreeps getting inside your head!

Ultra Magnus: (Takes hold of the chip, looking at it) So this was the very thing that held the Fallen's subconscious inside my Processor?

Perceptor: I'm afraid so.

Ultra Magnus: (Sighs as he gave the chip back to the scientists) All these Vorns ago when he told me I didn't see the last of him, I was a fool to not heed his warning. (Closed his Optics) And now, good Autobots are gone because I did not look into this further than I should have been.

Rodimus: (Walks over to Ultra Magnus) It's okay now. The Fallen is gone, we won.

Ultra Magnus: At what cost? (Looks at his hands) All this happened because I didn't think twice about the Microchips that were implanted in any potential Decepticon Sleeper Agent. (Stands up, looking out the window) And because of my ignorance, one of my sons is Offline, my Grandson cannot speak anymore, and nearly everything in Cybertron has been crippled because I let the Fallen knock out me out all those years ago and put a chip into my head...

Optimus: What's happened is in the past now... We can't condemn you for actions that were never yours to begin with.

Ultra Magnus: (Sighs as he rubbed his Faceplate) I just... I'm not sure I can ever face anyone without knowing what happened. How am I supposed to say that I failed Cybertron and it's people?

Windblade: (Looks over at Ultra Magnus) ...You don't. (Everyone has her attention) Everyone knows that the Fallen is gone, for good. That's all they need to know.

Rodimus: (Raises a brow) You're proposing that we lie?

Windblade: I'm proposing that we need to forget what happened in the then, and focus on the now. Cybertron has been dealt with one of the worst attacks that it's ever endured. Iacon may take Stellar Cycles to repair, and everyone is in need of a leader. If information gets out that a Chip was responsible for all this, there's going to be a crisis. And the last thing we all need is a crisis.

Jazz: She's got a point... Everyone needs to heal from what's happened, not revel from it.

Ultra Magnus: You realize I cannot just have knowledge such as this hidden from the Autobots.

Perceptor: And that is why we advise you only keep it hidden until we find the appropriate Cycle to do so.

Optimus: And when exactly will that be?

Wheeljack: Not sure exactly. But just because you keep a secret, doesn't mean that you can choose to keep it forever.

Rodimus: Okay, well to the Pit with waiting! Everyone does deserve the truth after everything we all went through! We owe them that!

Ratchet: But what happens then? Everyone needs a voice to follow, and how is everyone supposed to do that if that voice was controlled by a Decepticon?

Rodimus: But it feels wrong to keep this hidden!

Windblade: There's probably going to be a time when everyone deserves the truth. But right now, it just feels too early to say anything.

Perceptor: If we release a public statement saying Ultra Magnus had in fact been a victim of a Decepticon Processor Chip, there is a 100% certainty that everyone will lose complete trust in the system. More importantly, their trust in those who have been known to be close to Ultra Magnus.

Rodimus: Well, we shouldn't rely on fear or percentages to dictate our next course of action!

Elita One: There has got to be a better way of approaching this because right now, it feels like the wrong way.

Ultra Magnus; (Turns to Optimus) Optimus... You've had to lead the Autobots during this whole ordeal... Do you have any suggestions on what we should do next?

Optimus: (Sighs) ...Everyone deserves the truth, no matter if it's good or bad... But we have literally been torn apart by this crisis. After what we've been through, what we had lost, and how much suffering we've all endured... I think we should wait until one Stellar Cycle to tell people the truth. Not two, not three, definitely not four. Everyone has a right to know eventually but now's just not a good time.

Perceptor: Very well, then... It's been decided.

Elita One: (Sighs as she heard the verdict) Alright then. (She turned to leave as Rodimus followed her out)

Optimus: (Turns to see Elita leaving) Elita...

Ratchet: Not now, kid... Just give her some time.

Optimus: (Nodded as he turned to Ratchet and the others) Would you give me and Ultra Magnus a moment alone, please?

They nodded without question as they began to leave the area, with Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus the only occupants in the vicinity of the lab.

Optimus: (Folded his Servos) How are you feeling?

Ultra Magnus: (Rubbed his Helm) Hazy... It's a strange feeling I've had since I had my body back.

Optimus: (Sighs) ...Should I even bother about your state of mentality?

Ultra Magnus: (Looks down on the floor) When I... When I heard Agent Blurr's reports about Decepticon minds inhabiting Autobots, I felt like that was a preposterous report. Of course, Bumblebee proved me wrong when Rosanna had nearly bombed the arena with thousands of occupants attending, but I didn't take it seriously enough.

Optimus: You only acted on what you thought was more important.

Ultra Magnus: (Scoffs) That's my problem... My thoughts.

Optimus: (Raises a brow) Sir?

Ultra Magnus: (Sighs) Every decision I ever made... Every choice I have ever chosen... Every act I have ever done... I can't help but wonder if most of them were my will alone... Or the will of a Mech who I had believed to be my friend once? (Looks at his hands) And now... Every time I look at my hands... All I can think about are the lives that were taken... The lives of every Autobot...

A drop of water had echoed in the room as Optimus heard the faintest of sounds... Then as he looked back at Ultra Magnus, he noticed just a few watery tears coming down from the Autobot's left Optic as the Autobot leader looked down on his hands.

Ultra Magnus: Alpha Trion... Dai Atlas... (His Optics started to get tearier as his expression was full of grief) Sentinel...

Optimus: (Walks over to Ultra Magnus, looking at him solemnly) Dad...

Ultra Magnus: (Started to hyperventilate as Optimus approached) I... I killed my own son!

Optimus made one final step as he gave his Father a hug... Ultra Magnus wasn't acting much of a leader right now... Rather, he was acting like a broken Cybertronian who had been scarred by the gruesome series of events that unfolded as raw emotions were let out in the open air, just between Father and Son.

As Windblade stood by, watching the being that once used to be a vessel for her Father's uses break down in uncontrollable emotion, saw nothing left of the bastard that had made her suffer over the years... Seeing enough evidence to prove so, she began to make her way to the nearest exit when Chromia and Ironhide intervened.

Ironhide: (Walks over to Windblade) You leaving so soon?

Windblade: (Stops and turns around, looking at Ironhide) I have to... The Fallen is gone for good this time, and everyone seems like they don't really need me around, so... It's probably for the best.

Ironhide: Not so sure about that.

Windblade: (Raises a brow) What do you mean?

Ironhide: Well, everyone saw how you led the Jet Twins out there, and they were impressed. Even Perceptor.

Windblade: Yeah, and?

Ironhide: And, he was thinking of an idea to assemble a team of Autobots and reformat 'em from Grounders to Flyers. An Arielbot Program, he and Wheeljack liked to call it. And since you have steel, wit, and a ton of sass that even Kup would be proud of, I think we can all agree that you're the right Bot to lead.

Windblade: (Raises a brow, curious as she folded her Servos) You Autobots want me to lead a team of other Autobots that have absolutely no experience with flight whatsoever?

Chromia: (Walks next to Ironhide) You'll have some help. Jetfire and Jetstorm already agreed with their consent, and they also agreed that they like having you around.

Windblade: (Looks at the two of them) And you're all okay with this? Even though I tried to kill you?

Chromia: Everyone deserves a second chance. I know how and what it's like trying to look for one and based on your stance, it looks like you're searching for one too.

Ironhide: And from what we just read, the Arielbots is a pretty good fit for you. If you're interested, that is.

Chromia: So... What's your say in the matter?

Windblade: (Sighs in disbelief, before making a little smile) Alright... When can I start?

As the three began to talk business, Optimus had left Ultra Magnus to find Elita One, who had been looking up at the sky as he walked next to her.

Optimus: (Looks up at the sky with her) I'm sorry you don't feel like what we made back there wasn't the option you wanted...

Elita One: (Sighs as she looked at the stars) It doesn't matter... Besides, maybe you're right; we all need to heal after what we've been through, and telling everyone what really happened isn't going to make anything better as it is.

Optimus: Yeah... Which reminds me. (Starts to place his hands on Elita's) Elita... I know our history hasn't been the kindest for us, nor was it ever pleasant.

Elita One: (Looks at Optimus) Well, being a Techno Organic and Predacon wasn't a walk in the park, but... Things did eventually work out between us.

Optimus: But what happened here on the Ark... What happens now, I... I'm not sure what kind of surprises going to come next, so... Perhaps you and I should... Also, move forward in our relationship.

Elita One: (Raises a brow) Which means?

Optimus: Well... Okay, so... There's this Earth-based custom when two people are in love... And when they love each other so much, two tend to, well... Grow closer, and...

Elita One: (Rolls her Optics while smiling) Oh, for Primus sakes, Optimus! Just get to the point!

Optimus: Okay, I'm sorry... (Takes a deep Intake) Elita... No matter what we do, there's always going to be something that will threaten us, and you and I seem to stand together just fine when we face these threats, and, well... (Gets out something from his Subspace) I just thought we'd like to take a step forward.

Elita One: (Sees the ring on Optimus's hands) With a ring? Why would I want to wear a ring?

Optimus: (Sees the ring in his hand) Oh... Well, as I said, it's this thing that couples do on Earth to show-!

Elita One: I'm confused, why would they need a ring to-?

Optimus: Oh my god, what the hell? Will you be my Bondmate?

Elita One: (Blinked at that question, hearing Optimus propose) E-Excuse me?

Optimus: (Kneels down before Elita) I love you... Nothing will ever change that, and... I don't think I ever want anything else to change what we have... And after what we been through... Perhaps now's a good time to move forward, don't you think?

Elita One: (Looks down at Optimus, with her hand covering her mouth) You... Do you mean this?

Optimus: (Smiles) With all of my Spark.

Elita One: (Takes a deep breath) Whoa... Okay, well... Frag.

She took Optimus in embrace as she wrapped her Servos around his neck, pulling her lips close to his as Optimus and Elita closed their Optics in romance.

As the two began to share the tenderest of kisses, Drive by Incubus was being played in the background as Arcee, Jazz and Bulkhead had brought the AllSpark Cube to bring the energies back inside as Cade and Sari had finished resiphoning their connection, bringing the power back to its rightful home.

Jazz: (Sees the energies back inside of the Cube) Cube's 100% capacity now.

Bulkhead: Cade, how do you feel?

Cade: Uh, fine... (Looks around) Um... You don't mind if I punched one of you guys, right?

Jazz: (Shrugs) If it makes you feel better.

Cade: Great. (Lands a jab on Jazz's Pede, only to receive a very painful comeback) OW! Ow, god! Okay, I'm back to being a regular human now, damn that hurts!

Sari: (Smiles at his silliness) So, that about covers it.

Arcee: Time to bring you back to Earth now.

Cade; I guess, ouch! (Sighs) So, uh... How long have I been gone for?

Jazz: Oh, that's easy; 50 Stellar Cycles.

Cade: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry, 50 Stellar Cycles? As in-?!

Bulkhead: 50 Human years, precisely.

Cade: (Widened his eyes) WHAT?! WHAT?! How?! How is this remotely possible?! Oh my god, my parents must be dead by now, my friends grew into old people, oh shit!

Arcee: (Rolls her Optics) Oh, you two are absurd with your jokes! Cade, it's been two months.

Cade: Wait, what you do mean? I heard Jazz and Bulkhead-!

Bulkhead: (Smiles as he made a cackle) We're were only messin' with ya!

Jazz: Yeah, it's been two Lunar Cycles, dude!

Cade: Oh, thank god! I mean, it sucks that it's been two months, but Jesus! It feels like two years! And that joke was not funny, it wasn't even remotely funny-!

As Cade began to talk with the Autobot's hilarious joke, Sari began to walk over to Bumblebee, who was sitting at the beach looking out into the sunset.

Sari: (Stands next to Bee) Hey, big guy... How are you?

Bumblebee just smiled at Sari as he gave her a thumbs-up, signaling her an answer.

Sari: (Nodded) That's good... (Sighs) Ugh, what a day we've had, right?

Bumblebee nodded as he agreed with Sari's question.

Sari: Yeah... (Turns to Bee) Just for the record, I'm... We're all terribly sorry about what happened to your Voice... I mean, if there was anything you wanted, what would you want right now?

Bumblebee gave a silent intake through his nose as he looked around... There was Waspinator with Ironhide and Chromia as they conversed together in harmony... Bulkhead being with Arcee, Ratchet, and Jazz as they joked around with Cade... And his parents both had the tenderest of embraces as their lips locked together in passion.

And finally, there was Sari sitting right next to him... All his friends were on the beach... One that he had a dream about a long time ago as he began to grab his notepad.

Bumblebee; (Writes on his book with a smile on his face) I have everything I need right here.

Sari smiled at that sentiment as she leaned her head against the Yellow Minobot's leg, both of them looking out into the stars bathed in Purple nightlight while unaware of the spirit of Prowl sitting on top of a rock, meditating with both hands clasped together with a smile on his face.

Back at New Kaon, the Decepticons had been reorganized as Slipstream walked over to the chambers of the Lord of the Decepticons as Lugnut, Soundwave, Blitzwing, and Shockwave waited.

Slipstream: Is he ready?

Soundwave: The time has come for customization to end.

As Soundwave pulled the curtain off, there lied a figure staring at himself in the mirror... His Paintjob switched from Purple to its original Gray and Red as Black hands touched the side of his face. His Helmet outfitted with ancient Cybertronain design as it was before his arrival to Earth as Megatron had been brought back from the dead.

Megatron: (Looks at his loyal followers) How do I look?

Shockwave: As you were before your search for the AllSpark.

Lugnut: (Roars in celebration) Ah, at last! The Mighty Megatron has returned!

Blitzwing: (As Icy) Much better than Galvatron. His taste was bad.

Megatron: (Sighs) Yes... I must admit, it is... Good to be back.

Slipstream: (Walks over to Megatron) You always looked good in Gray.

Megatron: (Turns to see Slipstream) Slipstream... I'm, glad that you're here.

Slipstream: I am... On one condition.

Megatron: I'm listening.

Slipstream: (Raises her finger) No more repeats of Synthetic Energon?

Megatron: (Nods in agreement) No more repeats.

Slipstream: Then that's all I ever ask for...

The two held hands together as their Crimson Optics shared an exchange... While down below, Starscream was tied in Stasis Cuffs in a cell, due to his lack of trust from the rest of the Decepticons as he struggled in his bonds.

Starscream: (Groans) Seriously? You're not even gonna let me out of these Cuffs?

Barricade: (Looks at Starscream) You get what you get, Starscream. Nothing else.

Onslaught: Just be glad Megatron hasn't taken your head again. That's as merciful as he can get.

Starscream: (Whines) Alright, well can you at least relocate me to a different cell? I don't want to keep hearing my neighbor anymore!

Barricade: Oh, look at that, Onslaught! Sounds like Screamer's getting along just fine with his fellow prisoner.

Onslaught: (Nodded) Yeah, maybe it's best that we leave these two alone while we enjoy ourselves some fine Oil.

Barricade: Well, I like the sound of that! See you later, Starscream!

Starscream: (Sees the two leave) Wait! I'm actually being serious! The Bot I'm next to, he's clearly deranged! Come on, don't leave me here with him!

As Starscream continued to struggle in his bonds, the occupant inside the next cell kept drawing pictures of apocalyptic events as Cyclonus, clearly having gone mad from his time on P-0908, kept whispering to himself as he folded his Servos around his Pedes while rocking back and forth on the floor.

Cyclonus: (Whispers himself the same mantra) Cybertron Falls, He Rises... Cybertron Falls, He Rises... Cybertron Falls... He Rises!

Somewhere on the edge of Space, Lockdown and Swindle were seen on the Death's Head as they drifted along the ocean of stars, staring at a White and Blue Nebula at the window.

Swindle: (Sighs as he settled on his chair) So... When's your next bounty?

Lockdown: (Sips on an Energon Cube, turning to Swindle) Why are you asking?

Swindle: Well, I'm just asking due to that bounty hunting/parts selling a business we talked about.

Lockdown: (Puts his drink down) I'm listenin'.

Swindle: Alright, so you know how you turn in your bounties? Well, imagine us setting shop, selling some of my merchandise, and some of your unwanted Trophies if you're interested.

Lockdown: Hmm-mm.

Swindle: And while you get your target, I sell off our goodies. Then when the time comes to turn the bounty in, we go back to the ship, we discuss the number of credits we both had from our jobs, and then perhaps we could split it off fifty-fifty.

Lockdown: (Raises a brow) You wanna split half our profits?

Swindle: Well, yeah. I mean, it's not a bad idea, sharing is caring after all. And since I'm gonna be living with you for a while, I thought we could mutually benefit from each other.

Lockdown: And does this business partnership include any fuel costs by any chance?

Swindle: (Blinked at the question, twirling his Digits) Well... We can also discuss that while we talk about our cuts, can't we?

Lockdown: (Sighs) This cannot get any better.

Suddenly, all power to the Death's Head was turned off, taking both of them by surprise as the two looked around at the sudden disturbance.

Lockdown: (Turns to Swindle) Was that you?

Swindle: (Turns to Lockdown) Wait, I thought that was you!

Suddenly, a large shadow swallowed the Decepticon ship, taking both of their attention as a bright light was seen off-panel, much to Lockdown's surprise and annoyance.

Lockdown: (Looks at the ominous figure) Ah Slag, the bitch is back.

Swindle: (Turns to Lockdown) I don't suppose you know her by any chance, do you?

Lockdown: Just follow my lead and don't say anything if you wanna keep Functioning.

?: (The figure glowed Purple as it floated in Space, guiding itself over to the window of the Death's Head) I've known many disappointments... Not once have I ever had one with you, Lockdown.

Lockdown: (Watched as the figure glowed brighter) What can I say? Both sides were getting ugly, too many Bots were there, and the Girl still ended up with one or the other.

?: (Hums as she set foot on the ship's metal) Once again, my Creations have run afoul of my direction and disrupted the current course I had intended.

Lockdown: Well, if you wanna get what you want, you'll have to get past an entire Civilization to do that.

?: (Her hands formed a fist) Civilization or not, the creation of all Cybertronains bend to my will... And you should know better than what I taught you. (Knelt down, her Purple Optics glowing as Lockdown stared back) What all Civilization is made to do is to rise... Only to Fall.


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