It was a beautiful morning overlooking Ninjago City. Jay lazily jumped off the top bunk of his bed and wandered into kitchen.

"Hey, it's about time you got up! Its 9:30, sleepy head!" Nya teased, "Nya's right. You were supposed to be awake an hour ago." stated the old sensei. The ninja seated themselves,waiting for breakfast to be served. "Well too bad y'all are up. I was going to eat all the pancakes and b-" Cole was cut off by Lloyd speeding in. "You almost crashed. Watch where you're going." Wu said, hitting the to year old with his staff. "Anyways, Lloyd how was your first sleepover?" asked Zane, "It was great considering the fact that I had to wake at 8:30 in the morning to get here." said Lloyd as he got seated."

Seconds later, Kai walked out wearing a stained white apron and balancing two plates on his hands one holding bacon and the other blueberry chocolate chip pancakes.

-Nya's Point of view-

After we began eating, I noticed Kai start to fidget a bit. He finishes his breakfast quickly. "May I be excused? I'd like to take a walk before training starts" Kai says. Sensei nods. "Where exactly are you going?" I ask suspiciously. "I just need a breath of fresh air," He replied.

A couple minutes later, I stand, letting my chair scrape the floor. "I'm following him." "Why?" Jay asked. "Didn't you see Kai not being able to sit still? Or that he was up before any of us?" I said. "I did notice him acting differently." Zane agreed. "Thank you Zane" I said, "I be long."

I leave the bounty's dining room without another word and slide down the anchor chain.

After a few minutes of running, I finally see Kai, he's going towards Ignacia, our home village.

-Kai point of view.-

I know Nya's following me, she knows me too well.

Next I wrapped the throwing stars with some dusty wrapping paper I found in the closet, Then I went to my old room and opened the drawer. Anything to create a distraction. I eyed Nya peeking through the window, I chuckled and pulled out an old portrait of four people, a family.

The first one was the dad. He had black hair and black eyes, the hair was almost an exact image of mine. The second was the mom with long red brown hair that was in a braid down to her waist and brilliant green eyes - the same ones I have. The third was, you guessed it, me. A duplicate of my Mom. The last sat on my shoulders sporting bobbed black hair and bangs combed to the side to go along with dark, happy eyes.

I wiped my eyes while taking one last look at the picture. It was the final one I had since it was all ruined. My phone buzzed. I got a text. I grabbed my smart phone and checked my messages to see an unknown number. "Curious." I muttered as I tapped and read it.

Hello Kai. It's me. Don't you remember? Those bright flames? The screams from your family? Trapped? I'm here to finish the job, There will never be another Ishihara again.

"Well that's not good." I muttered. I looked out the window to see the bright afternoon sun, crap.

About twenty minutes later I stepped onto the deck of the bounty. "Where have you been dude?!" exclaimed Jay, "Yeah! You missed training and lunch!' said Cole. Wow, didn't know they'd be this mad. The two continued to yell at me until Sensei came out to see what all the commotion was. "Stop! Kai had a right to be gone all day. Now, apologize." Cole and Jay sighed and turned to me, "I'm sorry Kai, I guess I was just jealous that you got to miss training." said Jay with a chuckle, I smiled, "Sorry Kai." Cole muttered.

I rolled my eyes and checked my phone.

Dude. Stop moving around Ninjago so that I can take care of you!

I guess I was making a face or something because Jay said, "Relax bro! Cole's just being Cole!"

"Hehe, yeah. I'm just gonna…" I chucked my phone off the bounty and into the sea of sand.… wait… MY PHONE!

"Kai? You ok? Why'd you just throw your phone?" Asked Nya. MENTAL FACEPALM

"What? No reason…" Run, Kai, run so no one suspects anything!

I ran off the bounty to find my phone.

-Back on the bounty, no POV-

"That was weird." Zane observed. "Yeah, has he been acting funny to you too?" Jay wondered.

The earth ninja rolled his eyes. "We talked about his earlier. He's probably just hiding something."

"Where is it? Where is my stupid phone?!" Kai was frustrated… as always. "I can't believe I threw my phone off the bounty!" He yelled.

A muffled song was heard from the sand. Ninja go! go! Everybody with me!

"Hey! That's ringtone."

The Fire ninja dug until the ringtone wasn't muffled anymore.

"Aug! How'd it get all the way down here?"

He picked up his phone and checked the time. 2:46pm 1 unread text ,it read.

Hey kid. Have you always been so stupid? You know where you are, right? Anyway, keep moving, I'll find you soon enough.

Seriously? How stupid did that guy think Kai was?

Kai ran back to the bounty.

"Hey guys! Heh I found my phone!" the fire ninja chuckled nervously.

"You're a bit too cheerful. What's up, idiot?" Cole said, Zane elbowed him.

"No need to be such a jerk." Kai retorted. "Okay, okay! Break it up. Let's go get our anger out on some Fist 2 Face 2!"

The three rolled their eyes and followed Jay to the game room.

Three games later

After Kai won (of course), they all went to bed.

Ninja go! Go!

Kai rolled his eyes. Stupid phone! He had a text:

Nighty night ninja. I better sleep too, I've got a long day of tracking to do.

Kai rolled his eyes and took off his high tops. A red blinking button fell out of the shoe.

Wait… the tracker wasn't on his phone, It was on him!

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