The light was blinding. Yet somehow, it was… comforting? He opened his dull eyes, confused as to where he was, who he was, and why that light was so damn bright. It tempted him to walk through, like it would relieve his aching bones. He chuckled dryly. As if. Painfully shaking his head, the man finally noticed the other side of the room. It was almost pitch black.

What was this - Heaven versus Hell, Death or Life?

The teen slowly lifted his head as a child walked in. Her dark hair was pulled into a ponytail, chocolate brown eyes shining with young innocence. In one hand, the girl was tightly clutching a dragon plush while the other hand was extended to him. "Get up big brother, come play with me!" The man blinked back tears. "Kaiya…*" He croaked. Kaiya put her hands on her hips and huffed. "Well, if you're not going to join me and mommy and daddy then you might as well go back to your friends."

"No, wait! I-I can't leave you. Not again."

The girl smiled. "We will meet again, Kai. But now is not your time, you must power through this. I'll see you soon. I miss you, big brother." Before Kai could return her words, Kaiya was gone.

"I miss you too."

Kai groaned. The light pierced through his closed eyes, causing him even more pain than what he thought was necessary. It took a second for the red ninja to take note of the smooth sheets beneath him, as well as the intense ache in his back.

Kai attempted to open his eyes but gave up after finding it futile. Why was this so hard? The fire ninja wished he could go back to the other room. It was a luxury compared to wherever he was now. Maybe if he tried hard enough, he could go back…

"Oh Kai." Nya let out a sob, falling into the chair beside her brothers bed. "He's so pale." Cole muttered, taking in his friends complexion. The remaining four hesitantly followed the black ninja into the small hospital room.

There was nowhere you could look that wouldn't hurt. Between Kais shallow breaths and Nyas tears, the room was silent. "T-this is my fault," Lloyd breathed, hoping no one would hear. "Blaming yourself is not a good way to cope, Lloyd. It was only obvious that Kai would be too stubborn to stay behind. My only regret is that we weren't fast enough," Zane reasoned.

Choosing to ignore the conversation, Cole sighed and traced a scar on the fire ninjas arm.

Okay. There were too many things touching him.

Kai felt the crushing grip on his right hand with a hint of wetness on top, he also felt a warm finger tracing patterns on his left arm. The brunette could hear what sounded like gibberish with a hint of guilt and the humming of something nearby.

Ugh. What was happening out there?

The hand on his arm suddenly recoiled and the peacefulness of the strange place went away. Now he had to know what was going on. Taking the deepest breath he could, the fire ninja pried open one eye and saw a blur of colors. Squinting through the light, Kai could finally decipher the colors. His eyes landed on the tear stained face beside him.

"Hey," he whispered, a smile on his face.

"Hey," Nya sniffed, squeezing his hand even harder. "I missed you."

"I missed you too."


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