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"Rae? Rae, wake up."

His gentle, raspy voice helped guide her back to reality, and when she finally did open her eyes, she felt tears wetting her cheeks. "Garfield?" she whispered, smiling slightly when her boyfriend planted a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Another nightmare?" the titan asked, taking Raven's hand.

The woman only nodded, letting her head fall on Garfield's strong chest. She took a deep, pained breath, her eyes closing once more. A single tear escaped and landed on his green skin.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked her, beginning to stroke her violet hair affectionately.

Raven looked up, the tears coming back. "I watched you die," she murmured, her voice slightly shaking. "You and Cyborg and Starfire and Robin … you all died because of me." She shook her head. "I couldn't save you in time. I failed you."

"You didn't fail anybody, Rae," Garfield replied, picking her chin up with his finger. He pressed her lips on top of hers, grinning when she kissed him back. "Nobody died … Nothing happened. It was just in your mind."

"I-It seemed so real," Raven said. "I watched the others fade away … and then you died in my arms…" Her throat closed up and she choked on her words.

Garfield just hugged her tighter. "I'm right here, Rae," he tried to assure her. "And I'm not going anywhere, either." He paused for a second, then asked her, "Do you think this nightmare was because of today? You did take a hit for me during that battle with Slade."

"Maybe," she replied.

She winced slightly as Garfield's hand traveled up to her abdomen, where Slade had stabbed her with a dagger. She had bandaged it, her powers too drained to be able to heal it. Blood had slightly leaked through the fabric.

She heard Garfield sigh softly, felt him shake his head at what he saw. "You still can't heal yourself?" he wondered aloud.

"We were tracking Slade for days with no break, Gar," Raven replied. "We all gave it our all, but with me healing everybody … It's going to take a while to for me to get them back at full force."

Garfield understood. He, too, was exhausted. Although it was nothing compared to what poor Raven was feeling. He could see that she was far more tired than she let on. "I shouldn't have asked."

"No, Gar, it's fine," his girlfriend said. "I know, you worry. I seriously can't wait to get all my powers are back just as much as you do."

Slowly, she sat up, her arm wrapping around her stomach, the other reaching for Garfield's hand. She watched as he pulled her closer to himself and hugged her. His warmth engulfed her, causing her body to finally stop shaking. Pushing herself further against his body, she closed her tired eyes.

"Thank you, Gar," she whispered. "Somehow, you make my sleepless nights much better."

The titan kissed the top of her head, chuckling quietly. "That's part of the reason I'm here, Rae," he told her, squeezing her hand. "You know that I'm always gonna be there for you."