Hello! My name is CandleFire45 and welcome to my first SYOC story. As you can probably tell, I am quite new to writing stories, and it's quite hard for me, so If the writing is bad, please let me know. Anyway, welcome to my first SYOC story, The Walking Dead: Broken World. I have never done one before, but I am going to try, and I hope people will take interest. So, let's get started with the story, shall we?

Emily Cardin – 17 Years Old

I walked slowly through the old neighborhood, trying not to attract any corpses that may be walking around, but there was nothing expect me and my best friend Connor who was walking up ahead of me. He was holding a map in front of his face, which I didn't pay much attention to, instead, I opted to pick up a teddy bear that was lying on the road. It was brown and fluffy, and out of it's two button eyes, one was missing.

I tried not to think of who it used to belong to, even if I didn't know them. I tried to focus on my surroundings instead, which only reminded me of all the people who used to live in these homes. I must be crazy, what kind of girl cries over people she doesn't know? But all I could think about was what their lives were like before the virus happened, where were they now?

I put the teddy bear down and keep walking, but the street gave me more reminders to people's past life's. It was 1 year ago when it started, I don't remember much of the details, but all I know is that a virus or infection spread throughout the world in only a couple of days, then corpses started to walk around, biting people and ripping them apart, turning them into things as well.

I survived the first few days because I was smart, and I had Connor, I don't know what I would do without him. He was always there for me, and I was always there for him. I try to think of what would happen if this apocalypse stuff never started, would I have asked him to prom? Or would I just let us continue our friendship? Sometimes I feel a bit complicated by him, I didn't feel like I belonged to him, and there he is, holding out his map, with his golden blonde hair blowing with the wind.

I snapped back to reality, and I noticed that the sky was getting darker. I also saw Connor, who has stopped and was looking at the sky as well. I could see his glasses from my distance.

"It's getting dark, we should just camp in one of these houses" Connor says as he turns toward me.

I didn't know if that was a good Idea, I just wanted to keep moving. "Sure" I said to him, because I am a wuss "which house?"

Connor looked at the row of houses we have passed and finally settled on a green 2 story house.

"This one looks ok" He says smiling, I smile back at him.

Me and Connor walk past the house's lawn and up to it's door. I froze, worried that someone might be in there, but I guess if anyone was here, they would have shot at us by now. As Connor checked the door, a little breeze showed up, making my curly brown hair lift a little.

Connor finally gets the door open and walks right in. I stay outside a little while longer, taking in the scene as the sun sets. I loved seeing the sunset when I was a kid. Just the golden and orange colors coming together and watching as the sun lowers into the ground. I breathe in and step inside. Connor closes the door just as the sun vanishes into the night.

And that was it! I hoped you liked it! Now since this is a SYOC story, you can submit your own characters as well. However, I must warn you that I am bad at writing other characters, and if I mess them up, I am extremely sorry. Now onto the rules

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! PM me instead of writing it in a review, I fell like it spoils their character and I don't want that, anyone who writes their character in review will not be accepted

Please keep it short and simple, I don't mind detail, but since I'm bad at making characters, I'd rather you state the obvious, rather then give me all this work I must write. But you can still detail it if you want.

If you plan to make groups of character's then I don't mind, but please keep it to at least two people or maybe three. I don't want someone making a group of 6 and I must write them all. If you want a big group, then maybe make it in a backstory that they were in a big group, but they split or died or whatever.

Don't make them super important. I will not allow people who were part of the government or were important celebs, I want normal people who are just trying to stay alive. I will however allow people who were part of the military or maybe were group leaders.

I know I am a bad writer, so please give me tips or advice I could use, However I will not allow bullying or insulting people in reviews or at me. If anyone does that, I will either kill your character, or just not accept you.

Keep in mind that this story takes place in the outskirts of Georgia and are characters will move North from here.

Have fun filling out the form, I want people to enjoy making characters, so please feel free to have fun with it.

Here is the form


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Physical Appearance: (What does their body look like?)

Regular Appearance: (What do they wear most of the time? Please keep it realistic)

Winter Appearance: (When it get's cold, what do they wear?)

Voice: (What they sound like? Optional)


Outdoor Personality: (How do they act around other people?)

Indoor Personality: (How do they act when no one is around?)

Likes: (What do they like?)

Dislikes: {What do they hate?)


Fears: (What are they afraid of?)


Backstory: (This is probably one of the only parts that should be fully detailed, what was their life like before, how has the apocalypse changed them, who did they meet along the way, were they in a group? Please include everything you possibly can)

Talents: (What are they good at, they can be good at many things or one thing, I'll only allow three talents)

Strategy for Survival: (How do they survive? Do they go solo or do they stick with large crowds? Are they the one in charge or do they like to stick back and let the others talk? Do they betray others often or do they try and help? This should also be really detailed with how they operate in the apocalypse)

How do they feel about Emily and Connor: (Your character's will eventually meet my characters in the story. How do they feel about them when they first meet? Do they stick together? Or will they drift apart? Do they trust them? Please put detailed stuff here as well)

Weapons they most often use: (Everyone has a weapon they prefer, are they good with snipers or shotguns, do they use swords or knifes? Are they unique and try to combine them? Choose any weapon you want)

Relationship with other group members: (If you make more then one character, how do they feel about the other one their stuck with, do they loathe them, like them, do they have a personal history with them? Be detailed)

Preferred death: (Sadly, I will plan to kill some character's in this story, so how do you want them to die if I decided they must?)

And there we go, I hope this form is good enough for a lot of you. Please review to give me tips and advice for upcoming stories! I will try and update around every Sunday, although keep in mind that I have school and I have personal family stuff to do to, so we must wait and see.

Take Care