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Connor Graf – 18 Years Old

After closing the door and making sure it was locked, I reached into my bag and took out my flash light, since the electricity didn't work here, and it was dark.

"Are you sure no one might be here?" Emily whispered to me as I turned on my flash light.

"Positive" I say, which I was really lying to myself. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was the best idea to stop at some random house to rest, but it looked empty, and that alone gave me enough confidence to walk down the hallway.

The walls were painted green and the floor was wooden. There was a drawer with a bowl and a family photo on it, right next to the drawer was an archway that led into the living room. There also was an archway at the end of the hall, that led to an office. Right next to Emily, near the front door, was a staircase that led to the second floor.

"Listen, the house is a bit bigger than I thought" I said to Emily "I'll go check the second floor and you check the first floor, ok?" It probably was a bad idea to split up, but we could cover more ground that way, and even though I liked Emily, I wanted some alone time.

Emily nodded and headed into the living room to search for anything lurking around. I turned toward the stairs and started to climb up them, one by one. Each step I took made a creaking noise as I ascended the stairs, it would be hard to sneak up on anyone sleeping up there. But I didn't hear a peep on the second floor.

I reach the top of the stairs and looked around the hallway again. Across from me and the stairs, was a wooden door that was slightly open to show a bathroom. I looked down the hallway to my right, and it showed one wooden door and a window at the end of the hall. On my left there was 2 doors and another window at the end of the hall.

I went into the bathroom first, and found it sparkling clean, it looked dirty, but not like dead bodies were present here before. None of the cabinets had medicine, just some soap and toothpaste, which I took anyway. I didn't bother to turn on or check the sink or tub, since there hasn't been any running water since last year before the apocalypse began.

I walked down the hall with the two doors, careful to not make any noise, and opened the first one. It was a boy's bedroom, complete with bunk beds, a T.V, a desk with pencils and paper on it, and toys. I looked in the closet, where there were tons of boy's clothes. None of them fit me, but I took them because why the hell not.

I left the boy's room and went into the second room near the end of the hall. I opened the door to find a nursery. It was very pink and there were tons of toys and crayons and pictures on the wall. I didn't say a word, but tears were welling up in my eyes, so I took one last look at the nursery and closed the door quietly.

Seeing that room made me remember Jason, my soon to be little brother before he died. I remember I was 8 when I was receiving the news when my mom told me I was going to have a new baby brother, I was ecstatic. I helped my uncle and aunt prepare the decorations for when my baby brother got home. I remember sitting on the chair, squishing my face in the window to see the car pull up. I waited for hours. Then when they got back, my mom rushed right into her room and I could hear her sobbing. My dad was the one that told me that my little brother died in mommy's stomach.

I guess it didn't matter much now, I mean, who cares about someone's dead brother when every day you are running from zombies and bandits. I didn't want to think of Jason, hanging out with Emily helped me forget about him, but every so often I wonder what would have happened if he didn't die. Jason would have been born in 2008, so he would have been nine when the apocalypse happened in 2017. Would I have been able to keep him alive? I don't know.

I remembered that I was supposed to be checking the rooms, so I got my act together and walked to the hallway with one door. '

It was the parents' bedroom. They had a big brown bed with a sprawled-out blanket, as they were rushing, all the drawers were empty, and I noticed blood stains on their carpet. I went to the closet and was shocked to not find clothes, but three secret compartments. Two of them had nothing but a few crumbs of something, but the third, I felt my hand touch something familiar.

It was a pistol, a Glock 19 to be exact. There was a full round of bullets in the gun. I couldn't believe my luck, I have held a gun before, but that was during the first few weeks of the apocalypse. I lost it when me and Emily were running from a horde of zombies. I took few minutes holding it out in front of me, trying t fine which position worked out best. I couldn't help but feel cool holding it, so, like an idiot, I stood in front of the mirror on one of the walls, doing different poses with the gun.

"You look ridiculous" A voice said behind me.

I turned around to find Emily leaning on the stair well, smirking. Her eyes, which were light blue, were shining even though it was dark.

"Well I may be ugly, but I am a good shot" I say smiling at her.

"Oh really, then maybe I'll take some lessons from the great o Connor" She says bowing to me.

I smirk, and I could tell she is to. Me and Emily have known each other a long time, it was quite hard to forget how we met. It was during school, and I was walking down the stairs when I tripped. I didn't get hurt, but my glasses broke, and I am technically blind without them. So, I was stumbling around the hall while kids laughed at me. Emily was the only person who came out of the crowd and helped me to the nurse's office. We've been together ever since.

"Anyway, I checked the first floor, nothing really there" Emily said.

"Nothing on the second floor either except this gun" I say holding it out for her to see.

"Why do you always get the good toys?' Emily says, pretending to sulk.

I couldn't help but smile again "Because I know how to shoot. Besides, you got that trusty Combat Knife to use" I say.

Emily holds it out for me to see again. We got it off a dead survivor who was stuck to a pole. It looked like it was suited for Emily, who has used knifes to help her mom cook and cut stuff.

"I guess your right" She says. "Wouldn't want to accidently cut myself while we walk or anything"

"Oh, please Emily, I could accidently shoot myself with this" I say.

She starts to say something when suddenly I hear a moan. Me and Emily freeze in our tracks, it is coming from under us.

"Oh yeah" She says a bit quieter this time "I forgot to tell you I found a door that leads to a basement"

I give her a worried look, we must check under there, who knows what their might be, and after hearing that groan, I already fear what I might fine. The door leading to the basement is in the living room. I slowly open it and can see the wooden steps leading down into the darkness. I can already hear the moaning.

"Stay right behind me" I say to Emily. She nods slowly.

I creep down the stairs. Just like the stair case that leads to the second floor, this one creaks as well, but louder. Emily is right behind me as we descend, and even though I am in front of her, I hear her gasp. Then I see it.

The basement has a single couch with a radio on a wooden stool. There are plates everywhere and I can see a mini fridge and a generator. But it's the blood that makes me stop. I start gagging, I can already smell the corpses. Their all on the couch, except a man who is crawling towards us. Emily stabs the zombie in the head and it goes still.

On the couch sits a woman, a teenage and little boy, and a baby, all with bullet holes in their head. The man must have killed them, but why? I can see the gun on the flor near the couch, no bullets in it though. None of them had bite marks, and the man who turned zombie was a bullet hole in his chest. Did someone raid the house?

Emily is frozen in the corner of the room, all the cheerfulness we had at the second floor is gone. I try to stay calm and order Emily to set up our sleeping bags in the living room, but I can't even move.

"I'm going to set up our sleeping bags" Emily says quietly, she practically runs up the stairs. I stay down though, because maybe there is something in this room. I check the generator, but it's dead. There is no food in the mini fridge and the gun has no bullets, so I can't take that. The radio has no batteries, but seems t be in working order, so I take that.

Then I noticed a journal on the teenage boy's lap. I pick it up and it read "Lucas's Journal". This must have belonged to him. I look up at the boy, his face motionless as he stares up into the air. I silently nod and run up the stairs and try to forget the encounter ever happened.

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