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Chapter One:


Sarada felt a burning on her cheeks and a thudding in her chest. She was going to walk with the Hokage today to discuss her father. Her mom had put this off for a while, but now that Sarada was older and able to understand the world a little bit more. Sarada insisted and insisted over and over again for her mom to just tell her, but Sakura did not want her daughter to be brought into the light about everything her father had done in his life. Sakura left things to Naruto to explain that Sakura, herself, didn't quite get. Sarada paced in front of the Uzumaki house. She was told to report there at 5pm sharp. She wondered what on earth the Hokage could tell her that she didn't already figure out herself, or was told by her mom.

"Sarada!" Hinata called from the front door. "Come in. He is well.. he is always running late, isn't he?" She blushed at her words. Addressing the Hokage like that.

"I don't want to intrude, Lady Hinata." Sarada could not deny that she longed to step into that home, but she also knew her place.

"No worries. Himawari and Boruto are out… and I just hate for you to stand out there waiting on the Hokage. " Hinata waved for Sarada to come up the steps. Sarada followed the gesture and walked up the steps. She found herself in the doorway and Hinata had already disappeared into the other room. Sarada looked around curiously.

"I am just cleaning up the kitchen. Please make yourself at home. He should be finishing up soon in the back. I told him that you were here already." Hinata's voice carried through the beautiful home.

She breathed in deeply and could smell the faint ramen remnants. She smiled thinking about how much the Hokage loved ramen. She glanced at the hook by the door where Naruto hung his Hokage cloak and hat. She smiled thinking about how handsome he looked wearing that cloak. The warmth on her cheeks returned. She looked around to try and take her mind off her thoughts of him. She walked slowly in the home, taking every sight and detail in. She never would have thought she would find herself in the Uzamaki home.

"Sarada." The Hokage's voice filled her ears. "ready?"

"uh yeah." She said automatically.

"Okay. Let's go." Naruto turned to the kitchen and beckoned his Wife over. "We will get going. If you hear from Sakura just tell her we will be back before it's too late." He licked his bottom lip eager for his wife to kiss him. Hinata smiled embarrassed by his behavior.

"Oh Hinata.. "He chuckled.

Sarada gulped down the dryness in her throat. She had realized her eyes were fixed on Naruto and as soon as he licked his bottom lip she almost let out a noise from her throat. She always found Naruto attractive in a grown man, mentor, teacher kind of way, but today she was catching herself being awkward about it, and even a little more lustful. She turned her head quickly and just tried to focus on another part of the room. For the next minute or so all Sarada could imagine was Naruto's tongue touching his bottom lip practically begging for his wife to kiss him. Sarada shifted on her feet and tried not to think about it, but his blond hair and whiskered cheeks filled her mind.

"Okay. Okay." He playfully smiled. "No kiss… At least hug me!?" He held his arms open, and Hinata hugged him, but Naruto shifted his body so all Sarada could see was his back. She found her eyes looking over him again. She loved how he looked fit, but not too much muscle. She found her mind drifting again. She bit her lip and forced herself to start walking towards the door, and wait patiently for the Hokage. She hoped her cheeks didn't give away the way she was feeling.

"Bye, and Sarada feel free to put him in his place if he needs it." Hinata sounded stern, but she had a smile on her face as well. Hinata knew the kind of guy Naruto was.

"Yes, Lady Hinata." Sarada spoke respectfully. She felt a tingle in her spine as she thought about putting Naruto in his place. Those words were quickly taken out of context in her mind.

The Hokage and Sarada started walking and most of the walk felt awkward to both of them. Naruto was not quite sure what to talk about. He usually left the diplomacy and stuff to everyone else. He never wanted Sarada, Sasuke, or Sakura to feel disconnected from him though. He placed both hands behind his head and walked casually. He decided to wear his Hokage cloak, but leave the hat at home. That hat seemed silly to him anyways. Everyone in the Leaf village knew who he was.

He wanted to make Sarada to feel like she got answers she wanted or needed about her dad. He knew what it was like to not have a dad. He glanced at her as they walked. Sarada had a slightly quicker pace than him, and he took advantage of that to take in just how grown up she was now. He smiled at the thought of his two best friends residing in this young lady. She looked so grown up now, and Naruto caught himself looking over the curves of her body. He couldn't help but notice the curve of her back, and the way her hips moved so perfectly as she took her quick paced steps.

Sarada wasn't sure where exactly they were going, but continued on the road. She figured if there was any change in direction, he would let her know. She could feel his gaze on her. She wondered if he was checking her out or just checking on her. She slowly turned her eyes to him, and her dark eyes met his brilliant blue eyes, and they both blushed deep red. Sarada looked straight ahead now. Does that mean he was checking me out? What does this mean!? Wait! It's just a guy thing, right… Mom says that guys cannot help it sometimes. Oh, great now I am thinking about my mom's lectures… oh…

"Let's go this way..." Naruto smiled and pointed to the right. There was a small street that led off to a building of old living quarters.

"Uh, sure." Sarada didn't question him. She just followed.

"I know how lonely you must feel sometimes Sarada." Naruto led her up some steps, and into a living space.

"You know I never had my parents growing up, and the hardest things in life I had to learn on my own without the guidance of a father… and the only times I ever saw my parents.. it wasn't really them." Naruto pointed to a couch and nodded.

"this is Shikamaru's and my space away from the office. Sometimes it's too much to be stuck in that office. There is no one that knows about this place except him, and you now." He shut the door behind her once she entered the living space.

"and me?" She had been listening to everything he said, but it all sort of faded away when she found herself in a little hide out of the Hokage's all alone with her.

"well… yes." He grinned. "Sit down. Don't be rude." He gestured to the couch again. "I want you to have a safe place to come to if you ever need to talk or just get away."

"huh?" Sarada slowly sat down and adjusted her glasses that slipped down her nose slightly.

"Sarada. Life is hard, and I know the kind of person your mom is. I thought I loved her for a long, long time." He sat down next to Sarada, and his hands rested on her shoulders and he smiled brightly. "And Sasuke… well... your dad just needed more of his own dad I am sure. Your family is broken, and if there is anyone in this village that understands broken families it is me."

"but…" Sarada was still lost. She was swimming in confusion, but also staring in his big blue eyes. He was touching her and they were alone and no one knew where they were. Naruto smirked and removed his hands.

"Well then. You are at an age now where you can understand things better, and have grown up enough to make choices of your own. You can make your own opinions and piece together what you already know or think you know with what you don't know. You are rather smart… like your mom, and dad." Naruto's eyes gazed up at the ceiling and he leaned back on the couch with his hands behind his head.

"uhm. Thanks, Hokage." Sarada spoke quietly. She wondered why Naruto was going out of his way for her. She knew he had been without his parents and that many people shunned him and refused to even talk to him about his family. She looked at him stretch his body out and close him eyes. She had never seen him so relaxed. Was this like a test… or a technique he was using to catch her off guard. Sarada stared at his face feeling confused.

Naruto sighed. "16… You know it feels like so long ago for me, and yet it feels like just yesterday… "

"My mom told me you didn't become Genin till you were 17." Sarada still stared at his face. Her eyes gazed at his whiskers, then moved to his lips. She felt a burning in her tummy imagining him licking his lip at her the same way he did earlier in the day to his wife. Oh damn Sarada… what are you thinking?

"Oh Sakura." He chuckled. "Well, you do know I saved the village... a lot." He said in a 'beat that' sort of tone. Sarada let out a small laugh.

"Of course, I knew that. Uzumaki, Naruto; Legend of the hidden leaf, and our 7th Hokage… "

"Damn right, Sarada!" He said proudly. "Sarada I want you to know you can always come to me if you have any questions about your dad, or if you need to talk about anything." He opened one eye and peeked at her. She blushed brightly because she was still looking at him.

Sarada smiled looking down at her lap. This must be where Naruto goes to get away from everything… his safe place to think about life and everything

Before she really had time to register what happened next, she found Naruto's arms wrapped around her, and her ear pressed against his chest. She almost let out a longing sigh, but held it in tightly. She had never really had a male figure in her life to talk to, or even get close to, and now she has not just the Hokage, but Naruto Uzamaki. Her heart pounded in her chest as she felt his heart beat in her ear. Sarada gulped hoping that Naruto wouldn't realize she was infatuated with him. She inhaled deeply as the scent of Naruto filled her senses. Sarada felt as though she could live in this moment forever. She would never forget this feeling. As he released the hug he smiled at her and stood up.

"well then. If you want we can call it a day or we can stay and talk… what do you think?"