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Everyone nervously waited around, Harry's trial had started about an hour ago. Lily, Hermione, Ginny, Rose, and Lils (for sake of story, Lils is Lily Evans) were sitting on the couches, James, Albus, Ron, Fred, George, Hugo, Scorpius, Padfoot, Moony, and Peter were sitting on the floor watching Ron and Hugo playing wizards chess. (Padfoot and Moony are the younger versions of Sirius and Remus.) Everone else sat at the table.

The door opened and everyone perked up, anxiously waiting. When Harry teaded into the room, he looked at noone. Arthur met Molly's gaze and shook his head sadly. Everyone sighed, but Sirius almost seemd to be fine. Harry glanced up and and, after looking solemnly into everybody's face, suddenly grinned and yelled, "I made it!"

Arthur broke into a grin too and everyone looked at them silently for a moment, then there was suddenly chaos. Everyone was shouting things like, 'Nice, Harry!', 'Way to go, Harry!', and 'I knew that you'd make it, Harry!'

The Marauders especially looked happy. Afterall, Lils and James' son had managed to stay in school. Eveybody was so happy and spent the day celebrating. For the next generation, it was simply amazing. They got to see what their parents were like when they were their age, and they were awesome.

It was finally time to go to Hogwarts, and no one was more nervous than the Marauders. What if someone knew them? What if someone noticed them? No, nobody would notice them. Right?

Prongs, Lils, Sirius, Peter and Remus were getting entirely new names, and Lily, Rose, Hugo, James, Albus, and Scorpius were just changing their last names. Prongs would be Jack Planter, Lils would be Lola Ethan, Sirius would be Samuel Blake, Peter would be Parker Pitter, Remus would be Reginald Lysander, Lily would be Lily Planter, Rose would be Rose Wilson, Hugo would be Hugo Wilson, James would be "twins" with Prongs as James Planter, Albus would be Albert (just in case) Planter, and Scorpius would be Scott (also just in case) Moore.

When they got onto the train, they wouldn't all be able to sit together, and it would also be a bit odd, so the time-travelers got a different compartment. Prongs sat by the window on one side with Sirius, Lils, Remus, and Peter stretching from the window to the door. On the other side sat James at the windown with Albus, Scorpius, Rose, Lily, and Hugo just barely fitting in, from the window to the door.

There was a bit of an awkward silence until Lils sighed and said, "Can we trust you guys with something?"

All of the Marauders glanced at her, panicking, and she said, "Someone's bound to figure it out anyway."

All of the next generation slowly nodded, and Lils took a deep breath. "Look... this might sound crazy, but... we're not from this time period." She expected them to be shock, and they were, but not that much.

Rose glanced at the rest of them, then said, "Neither are we."

Lils looked a bit surprised for a moment, then nodded and said, "We're from the past, James and I are Harry's parents."

James, Albus, and Lily looked a bit at awed, and Rose said, "We're actually from the future. James, Lily, and Albus here are actually Harry and Ginny's children. Soo... I geuss that makes you their grandparents. Good luck."

The looks on the Marauders and Lils's faces were amazing. They had just met their future grandchildren. This was an experience of a lifetime.

Sorry that it took so long to get this out, I was busy and had a bit of writers block. I'm also sorry that it's really short, like I said, writers block. If someone could help me out with a plot, that would be amazingly awesome. Thanks!