This is kinda Kieth's poem though its for all the vamps out there really... I luvs ya -_- It was a one off I've been watching queen of the damned and fallen in love with Marius and Lestat but as Anne Rice wont let peeps doa fanfiction for it the closest I could get was to Kieth... Which is the only thing I could do soo shush...Why are vampires bisexual (in the Anne Rice books)? The Blood of Time I was young when you contrived me, Innocent to the world I was taken, From the light that children play, To the black of the fiendish night The love I felt, My creator and master, My only, gave me my power, The loss of spirit, Bestowed my life, The wine of life, The life of death, The children of darkness, We are, The one and only, Gods to ourselves, Creators of the immortal mind. You ask 'What of the life you had?' I would give my soul to be me immortal or dead That's for you to choose My only advice is that of warning The sun may set and rise around you But never underestimate The power of the shadows.