This is a poem about the kiss of a vampire, and it is how the person feels when it happens, yeah anywho...

I'm falling through the darkness,
Everything engulfs me,
Killing, torturing,
How fall will I drop?

Memories hurting,
Images paining,
As they course though my soul,
I am lost, in my own mind.

I feel like Alice,
Dropping down the rabbit hole,
Will I ever stop?
Or just keep going?

You emerge into my head,
Your beautiful ways,
Your confident stride,
Are you real, or just an imagination?

I have stopped, things are black,
Who is with me, I do not know,
And then I see you,
Your glittering eyes, Your pale skin.

My heart is soaring, like a spirit in the night
You are with me, in your arms,
Then you kiss me...
My one and only