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Iruka was a little more than one day away from the village when he first felt the signs of his heat coming on.

Flustered and blushing he quickly left the main road and followed a small trail into the dense woods. He was already sweating, and had to open his vest as he followed the small trail.

It was in the middle of the summer, and the air was hot even for this time of the year, combined with his rising body temperature it was near torture for Iruka.

He came into a clearing, and groaned as a small breeze carried a faint smell on it, washing over his body like a gentle caress.

His body felt so hot, and he let himself slide down along an old and massive tree, using it as a support as he sat down on the ground. The smell in this clearing was making his head spin, but he couldn't put his finger on what it was. All he knew was that his heat had picked up, and that he most likely wouldn't be able to walk any further from the main road than this.

As always when he had a mission away from the village, he had packed his suppressor medicine, and with shivering hands he started to open his bag to pull it out. With great effort he was able to get the pack out, and rolled it open next to him on the ground, the injector gleaming in a spot of sunlight coming through the leaves above him.

Now that his heat had started for real, the pills would be useless, he would have to inject the concentrated version of the medicine directly into his bloodstream for it to have any effect. Panting heavily now, he leaned back against the tree for a moment. It was rare for him to go into heat without warning like this, it had only happened a few times in the past, on a normal cycle he could always pick up the signs of it starting long before he was giving off any sweet smell or showing any symptoms for it, and would then be able to suppress it with the pills without any issue.

He moaned as the ripples of pleasure rolled through his body. He started to remove his vest, he would need to undress a bit to make the injection, and considering the condition he was in, and would be in for the next few hours, wearing this much clothes would be uncomfortable. He slipped the vest of and propped it against the tree behind him, so he didn't have to lean against the rough bark.

Getting his long sleeve shirt off took greater effort, but finally he laid back, his top bare, the breeze feeling nice and cool against his skin.

He moaned again, almost against his own will, as the wind brushed over him. There was something in the wind, a hint of something, and it was making his blood boil. He tossed his head back against the tree and his hands started stroking his chest. He opened his eyes and glanced at the injector, but decided that it wouldn't hurt to pleasure himself a while before he used it. The side effects of the injection was always pretty nasty, and he might as well try to get some pleasure from his heat, now that he was in a safe place and wouldn't be bothered by anyone else and his smell wouldn't reach any alphas.

He opened the zipper on his pants, and when both his hands sneaked down to his underwear, and started to stroke his erection through the fabric, he moaned loudly.

Little did the chuunin know that he had been mistaken about being alone. Not even a few minutes ago, in the same clearing, Kakashi and four other ANBU had been in a meeting about a mission they were going on, when they had suddenly sensed someone approaching.

Hiding well in the trees and surrounding, they had laid low, senses on high alert. This was a top secret mission, they couldn't afford being seen by anyone, friend or foe.

Kakashi's first impression when the brunette chuunin had more or less stumbled into the clearing had been concern since the man seemed injured or sick, but it only took him, and the other ANBU, a mere few moments to diagnose what was wrong with the brunette.

He was an omega, and he was in heat. There was no mistaking the thick, milky scent he was giving out.

They all watched closely as the brunette sat down, using one of the large trees for support. Right above him sat Kakashi, well hidden among the branches, silently.

The smell the omega was giving off was sweet and strong enough to send shivers down Kakashi's spine, but he could resist it. All ANBU had been specially trained to resist an omega's heat, he was no exception. He was however relieved when the chuunin unpacked a kit with a suppressor injector included, knowing that the man was capable enough to handle this situation without them having to intervene and thus giving away their presence.

But then things started going down hill. For some reason Iruka did NOT use the suppressor, instead his hands started stroking his own body, his voice let out the most delicious moans as he started to pleasure himself by stroking his cock.

Kakashi shivered again. Sitting right above the other man, the smell of the pheromones came right to him, and his sensitive nose picked it up much too easily for his liking.

It didn't take long before Iruka had removed his pants and shoes, and finally also his underwear. He laid bare, on top of his clothes, moaning and pleasuring himself for all of them to see.

Kakashi was almost overwhelmed by the intense smell the omega was giving out by now. He nearly groaned as Iruka stuck three of his own fingers into his mouth, sucking them greedily, while stroking his cock with his other hand.

Pushing his hips up slightly by shuffling forward a bit, he spread his legs and exposed his greedy hole under his cock. Iruka paused, rocking his hips into the air, his eyes closed, still moaning as if he was deep into a fantasy of his own, and then he released the fingers from his mouth, and placed them at his hole.

Kakashi had already uncovered his sharingan, allowing him to copy the scene under him, his red eye seeing everything that was on display.

Iruka stroked his fingers against his entrance, before pushing them in with a small cry of pleasure.

Kakashi could sense that most of the other ANBU was already growing very excited at the sight and smell, and at this point he couldn't ignore the fact that he too had a raging boner. The smell alone would have given him a reaction, but watching the brunette expose himself so completely, to watch the other man give in to his lust so entirely, it was better than any porn novel Kakashi had ever read.

He released his own hard cock from his pants and started stroking it, watching Iruka start to trash his head around and arch his back as the man pushed his fingers into his greedy body over and over.

Iruka was in a state of utter ecstasy. The more he touched his body, the more he wanted it to be touched. It was like trying to put out a fire using gasoline, everything he did only made him want more. He had started to touch himself, and at around that time, the faint smell on the breeze had become just a little more intense, but not so much at first.

He had focused on it though, that faint trace, while he touched himself. When he had removed the last of his clothing, and he laid naked in the clearing, it was as if the wind was touching him all over his body. It was as if that faint smell, which had gotten increasingly stronger by the minute, was touching him all over.

His body was on fire, and he craved something, unlike anything he had ever craved before. He had pushed his body off the ground, into the air, seeking whatever it was, and he had spread his legs wide when he started to suck his fingers, realizing long ago that stroking his cock would not be enough to sate him.

He needed more. Much more.

He nearly came from just stroking his hole, his cock hard and drooling pre-cum on his stomach. He wriggled and trashed his head as his fingers pushed in, and all he could think about was being filled with something else. He imagined a male with the same smell as the scent on the wind, and his cock twitched hard. The smell that he found so irresistible had become thick now, no longer a trace on the wind, but more like a thick fog coming down over him. It came from all sides, from all directions, and it was driving him mad with lust and need. He could have sworn that it was getting thicker by the second, and it was so intense he could barely think of anything else.

He started to thrust his fingers in and out of his body, his back arching off the ground as he did so, his voice crying out from the pleasure. His hole was dripping with juices, ready to be taken, and his whole body was covered with pheromone induced sweat, meant to call out to any possible partners.

Never before had his heat hit him like this, he had never felt this needy, never felt this hot, and never had he been so wet before.

Kakashi groaned silently to himself as he watched the omega under him trash in pleasure. His cock was hard and dripping as he stroked it roughly, and even with his training to resist an omega in heat, he wanted to jump down there and just push his cock into that willing body. He wanted to push in hard and dump his cum into the fertile omega, and keep on coming.

The wet noises of Iruka's fingers fucking his own hole was music to the ears of the copy ninja, and the uncensored, unrestricted, and instinctive lust shown on that face was primal and pure.

In the back of his mind, Kakashi noticed that all four of the other ANBU, all of which was male and alphas like himself, was now stroking themselves while watching the omega. No doubt if he jumped down there, they would follow their captain. If he fucked the omega and filled the man with his cum there was no doubt that the brunette would be filled to the brim with cum from the others as well.

The fantasy of forcing the brunette to take their cum, to watch the others fuck him over and over, and to push as much of his own cum into that fertile body as he could, it nearly made him cum just thinking about it. He knew that if even one of them showed up in front of the brunette, Iruka would accept their advances willingly, greedily even, spurred on by the instinct to get fucked, filled, and get pregnant by strong, healthy males during his heat. This was the exact reason why the ninja in the ANBU, and most of the jounin class, had been trained to resist the heat of an omega. If a ninja of their level wanted to force an omega, then the omega would have no chance of escaping.

Being the captain of the unit he was with right now, Kakashi knew what would happen if he were to act on his instincts. The others would follow suit, and the chuunin omega might be scared for life by their encounter. Sending a small warning burst of chakra, much lower than what a chuunin would notice, he made sure the others knew to keep their distance from the brunette for now.

Iruka's mind was so blurry. There was only pleasure, he could think of nothing but pleasure and his want for even more. Mental images of naked bodies, sweat and muscular grunts of pleasure filled his mind. Some male omegas weren't gay, but Iruka had known he was gay since before he knew he was an omega. He tried to call out memories of some of his previous lovers to help with his fantasies, but no matter how he tried the faces of those men wouldn't come to him when he closed his eyes. The clearing he was in was so rich in the smell that made his heart race, and his blood boil, he thought for sure he would lose his mind from it. He couldn't recall what it was, but the smell was somehow familiar, and he wanted to drown himself in it.

His hand was moving fast and hard now, thrusting in hard into his body, and he had to bring his wrist up to his mouth and bite down to try and muffle the sounds. He knew no one was around, but he wanted to bite down on something so bad, he wanted something to hold onto.

He could feel his peak coming at him like a racing train, and he was barely able to draw breath as his climax hit him, his back arching and tensing up as his own cum splashed against his stomach. He panted hard and fell back against the tree, his vision growing dark.

Kakashi groaned a little louder than he had intended as he watched Iruka come, stroking himself to completion as he watched the omega push himself over the edge. He came all over his black glove, his body tensing up, his sharingan taking in the view of the omega lying directly under him.

Panting hard he realized that the omega had actually blacked out, but he also knew it wouldn't last long.

Knowing that this was his only chance to save the situation from escalating into something worse, he quickly jumped down from the tree, landing right next to the brunette. He could sense the other ANBU watching him closely as he placed himself right next to the passed out man.

This close the smell of the heat was almost strong enough to rob even the mighty Kakashi of his senses, and had he not just come he might just have given in. Hurrying before he was overtaken by instinct, he pulled out the injector from the pack on the ground and quickly jammed in into the leg of the male in front of him.

The brunette jerked as the needle penetrated the skin, and his eyes started to flutter. By the time he opened them and looked around himself in confusion, Kakashi was already gone, and his own hand was wrapped around the injector that had pierced his leg.

Iruka was confused, as he couldn't remember grabbing or using the injector, but considering that he had just passed out from the sensory overload, he let it slip. His mind was still groggy, and the concentrated suppressor medicine was already rushing through his system. He jerked the needle out from his leg with a groan, and shivered slightly as the breeze caressed his sweaty body. He shivered as he waited for the suppressor medicine to kick in completely.