The dinner at Kurenai and Asuma's apartment was in the evening, and before going there Iruka had bought a small red flower in a pot from the Yamanaka flower shop as a gift to the couple. He thought the red color of this particular flower reminded him of Kurenai's unique red eyes.

Ino had been the one working in the flower shop when he had entered, smiling her bright smile at her old teacher and chit-chatting about old times for a while, and it felt good to catch up with one of his old students again.

Kurenai was very happy for the flower. Asuma even said what Iruka had thought, that they were the same shades as her eyes, which made her smile. Asuma was as calm and cheerful as always, the two men sat in the living room and talked together about all sorts of things while Kurenai finished up dinner.

At the end of the dinner, where Kurenai had cooked her famous spring rolls, Iruka found his courage. He needed the advice of his female friend, and he knew that they both could be a great support in the months or possibly even years to come.

"I….umm….there was something I wanted to tell you guys actually…" he stuttered. Kurenai and Asuma fell silent, glancing at each other and then looking back at him. He cleared his throat, his mouth felt a bit dry. He knew he was blushing.

"Ummm…..when I went into heat almost two weeks ago, I met someone…" His friends' eyes became big with surprise, Asuma was grinning, Kurenai had her hands over her chest and heart while she waited for him to continue.

Iruka could feel his ears burning, he looked down into the table as he continued.

"I don't know his name, we don't have any contact or anything, it was just a heat thing…but I just tested positive on a pregnancy test earlier today. I was hoping I could come to you for advice Kurenai, if or when I need some."

"Of course, it's ok! You are pregnant, this is so exciting!"

She came around the table and gave him a long hug, he could feel himself tearing up just a little bit at that. Even if he had expected the support, it felt good to get it.

"Congratulations Iruka. We both know you will be a great parent." Asuma said with an approving nod and a smile.

"In fact…." Kurenai had a sly grin on her face, and she glanced at Asuma, who nodded with a smirk.

"Iruka, you're not the only one that's going to have a family soon." While she was still smiling brightly, she was also blushing. Iruka congratulated them and hugged Kurenai again, now even happier than ever to have these two in his life.

It would feel special to share this experience with a friend, and their kids would be the same age which meant they could be playmates and go to the academy in the same class when the time came for that.

The rest of the evening was spent talking about relationships, kids in the academy, etc. Asuma kept joking that Iruka's child would probably be just as unruly as Naruto, which Iruka considered more as praise than an insult, due to his brotherly love for the hyperactive blonde. He and Kurenai talked about their pregnancies. She was a few weeks further along than he was, but they had not gone public with the news just yet.

The evening went by quickly, and soon Iruka found himself walking home again. It was dark outside, but warm, and the walk felt nice. He felt much calmer now that he had spoken with his friends about his situation and found such great support in them.

The fact that they did not judge him at all when he said he didn't have any contact with the male with who he had spent his heat, that was a relief. While he himself had never had any great issues with it, the public view that omegas were mindless sluts still remained in parts of their population, and this was the first time he had feared such a reaction to his gender and his pregnancy.

While thinking about this, walking down the now quiet evening streets of Konoha, he caught a movement in the corner of his eye. The next second, he found himself pulled into an alley between two houses. His first reaction was that he was being attacked, and he launched a swift strike towards his attacker. His hand was caught by a gloved hand. His breath froze in his throat as the white, and yet somewhat tarnished mask, looked down on him.

The man tilted his head, looking at Iruka's hand which had tried to strike him down. Iruka blushed, of course, his attack must have seemed like kindergarten level to this man.

"Not happy to see me?" The voice was rough, familiar now, and yet it sounded weary, or perhaps tired. Iruka could see what seemed to be burn marks, smears of blood, and dirt on the protective vest the man wore.

He looked up into the mask again, wondering what the face behind it looked like, his body relaxing.

The man moved closer, embracing Iruka and taking a deep whiff of the smell on his neck, making Iruka shiver.

"You still smell so good…"

Iruka had to bite his bottom lip to prevent himself from moaning loudly as the man rubbed their crotches together, they were both hard.

"You are happy to see me." The man teased him with a chuckle.

With a smooth movement, the man had picked Iruka up, and pressed his back against the wall of the building, their crotches rubbing together, the masked ANBU rubbing his hard cock through the fabric of their pants and against Iruka's ass. Iruka couldn't lie to himself, it felt amazing.

Iruka couldn't keep his hands still, they wandered over the strong shoulders, the soft hair, the vest, the arm shields, he wanted to feel everything. He let out small noises, but not in protest, but rather quite excited about what was going on.

Then the masked man placed Iruka back on his feet, still holding them pressed together.

"Why don't you turn around for me Iruka sensei…and how me how happy you really are to see me again."

He knew it was a stupid idea. A really bad idea. A truly and completely ridiculous idea. And yet. It. Was. So. Tempting.

He turned, slowly, feeling the short breath of this powerful man caress him as he did. His hands trembled as he undid his pants and pulled them down. Within moments a gloved hand was stroking him from behind, though his boxers.

"You're so wet I can feel it straight through the fabric. Amazing…"

The voice, still husky, was now no doubt filled with arousal and didn't sound as tired as it had done before. It stroked Iruka's ego, to have this man, this powerful man, aroused by him when he wasn't even in heat.

He could hear the sound of a zipper, and then he could feel the hard shape of a cock rubbing up and down his cleft. His hole was twitching. He wanted this. He needed this.

Even though being this lustful outside of his heat was new to him, he let his hands stroke down his hips, pulling down his boxers, his face pressed against the brick wall.

He could hear a hiss behind him and a soft swearing.

"Damn, that's right, you kinky little teacher…"

Iruka's eyes nearly rolled back when the hot cock rubbed against his cleft, skin on skin.

"Tell me you want it Iruka, tell me to do this to you."

The hot breath was right against his ear, and he turned his head and glanced onto the white mask with lust shining in his eyes, his shame and shyness temporarily forgotten.

"Fuck me ANBU-san. I want you to fuck me again."

He barely got a chance to finish those words before the ANBU thrust in, and Iruka couldn't contain his moan as he got filled all the way.

"Ssshhh, someone will hear you." A gloved hand was placed over his mouth to help him keep silent, and he could feel his own erection jump. The glove smelled like blood, metal, and sweat. In the sweat, he could smell the pheromones of this alpha, and he melted. His mind, his body, they all melted into this man.

His first sex experience in an alley didn't last very long, the ANBU that thrust into him over and over must have been pent up from his mission, but even if it didn't last, Iruka still came twice before the other man came, each time he could sense that it very nearly pushed the man over the edge.

Jerking hard several times and drawing his breath in with a hiss, the man released his load into Iruka, leaving them both panting hard, their whole bodies covered in sweat. As he came he had lost control of his masking abilities just like he had the last time Iruka saw him, and the alley was filling up with his thick alpha pheromones, making Iruka shiver.

He was panting hard against Iruka, the hot breath felt like a soft caress over Iruka's neck. The mask felt smooth and cold against his skin, and it felt like a barrier, for some reason Iruka wanted it gone.

They stood still for a moment, and then the man pulled back, backing up slightly from Iruka.

The brunette turned around and leaned against the wall to catch his breath. The ANBU was tucking himself back into his pants with hands that Iruka noticed were a bit shaky.

"Sorry if I was too rough on you, you alright?"

Iruka nodded, and then remembered what he had gotten confirmed earlier that night. He struggled to find courage once again, but somehow were able to scrape together enough to bring it up.

"ANBU-san….about my heat…"

The man looked up, and while Iruka could only see black holes where the man's eyes were, he knew they had eye contact.

"I'm pregnant."

Iruka should have known that a secret would not remain secret in a village full of ninjas, but the fact that literally everyone seemed to know he was pregnant within the next week surprised him.

He would come back to his desk at work, and find it covered with bouquets of pretty flowers, from other teachers, students, ex-students, and parents to his students. People would knock on his door at home, tell him congratulations, and offer him food and baby gifts.

Needless to say, the very shy teacher was blushing non stop all week. He had no idea so many people thought so well of him, omega, or not omega. His house was filled with gifts, and flowers, Ino had even said with a smirk that it had been a while since their shop's sales were this high as during the week. He knew it must be a jest, but also suspected it was not entirely false.

And then, there was ANBU-san. He didn't even have a name for the man, but oh what a man it was.

While their encounter in the alley hadn't been exactly romantic, after Iruka had told the man he was pregnant, the man had nodded. He reminded Iruka that no one must know the details, but had also leaned in, one arm against the brick wall behind Iruka, and the other hand caressing his chest slowly while the man whispered that now that Iruka was no longer in heat, technically he wasn't breaking any rules while fucking the living daylight out of the omega… Iruka had moaned at that, and he could have sworn the masked man had smirked. He couldn't see it, but he felt it.

Iruka thought back on the almost sullen words from the man that followed.

"I'm not breaking any rules by doing this with you but….since you got to know me with the mask on, I can't give you my name."

Iruka understood. He had known all along what it meant. If he had gotten involved with this man and then found out he was ANBU, that would have been different. But the law and the rules that ANBU had to follow was not to give out their identity. If you knew the mask, you couldn't be told their name. If you already knew their name, you could find out about the mask.

Iruka was caught on the wrong side of the fence, and crossing to the right side might be difficult.

Then there were the nonspoken rules.

For this man to do these things with Iruka while in uniform, it was taboo, they both knew that. Iruka wasn't sure what consequences could be given to the man for these actions, but they both agreed that their contact had to remain as secret as possible for now.

They met again, always in secret, always sneaking and hiding their contact. It was always fiery, the man devoured him, and Iruka let him do so every time. The man was always in uniform, and while he wasn't entirely proud of it, Iruka had to admit that he was starting to develop a kink for it. To be fucked and to have been bred by a member of the ANBU, to carry the child of this powerful man, it was thrilling for Iruka.

The feeling of those gloved hands on his body and his hips, the feeling of the protective vest against his back, he was imprinting on these things. They were becoming normal for him.

And then there was the smell. The smell of this alpha. He wanted it as a perfume so he could wear it for everyone to smell. After every visit, when Iruka had to shower and scrub the smell off so others wouldn't notice, he became grumpy.

It might have been hormones, but he couldn't help but to feel greedy. He couldn't help but to want more.

Kakashi was a mess. He tried to hide it, but he knew that the other ANBU had noticed. He knew that Ibiki saw straight through him.

His instincts and his feelings, emotions he'd never had before, were pulling him in all sorts of directions. Every time he visited Iruka, he told himself he shouldn't. The moment he smelled the omega, he became hard. It was difficult to leave his mission reports in the mission room without giving himself away. His eyes tended to linger on the brunette, even when he didn't want to. He was losing the battle for his own self-control nearly on a daily basis now.

But Iruka didn't notice him. Not in the way that he noticed Iruka, and that hurt.

Iruka was in love with a faceless, nameless ANBU. He was his own rival, and ironically enough, he couldn't win against his alter ego. For that man, Iruka was a hot, wet mess, full of moans and lust-filled eyes.

Every time the brunette looked at him when he didn't wear the mask, he looked at him the way he had always looked at Kakashi, without those lust-filled eyes, without that begging look on him, without that need for him, and Kakashi hurt.

He found himself coming over more frequently than he should have while wearing his uniform, even when he wasn't actually on duty.

He knew he was pushing his luck. This was a shinobi village. He could only keep a secret like this for so long.

The best would be if he stopped going over, if he broke this habit right now no one might find out, but he found himself unable to do so.

He had been over again tonight to see Iruka, even though he said to himself he wouldn't. He and Iruka had wild sex again, even though he said they wouldn't.

Iruka had fallen asleep after their passionate lovemaking, his brown hair like a halo around his head on the bed. Kakashi had his hand placed over the brunettes belly and noticed for the first time what could be a baby bump coming along. His heart skipped a beat. He cupped the small bump with his hand. In here, was his child. His son or his daughter. His and Iruka's.

Iruka was now already one and a half months along, time had gone by quickly since they met in the woods during his heat. They had grown familiar with each other now, they were learning each other's bodies and minds slowly.

Iruka stirred slowly. Kakashi watched as the man blinked a few times, then turned his head. When he saw Kakashi, or rather the ANBU he was dressed as, Iruka smiled brightly.

Kakashi ached inside.


He moved forward, his hand stroking Iruka from his belly and up. Iruka just grinned, and let him do as he pleased.

But he needed more.

He pressed his body against Iruka, his mind groggy with a new sensation, a strange sensation.

"Iruka, I need you." He could barely recognize his own voice.

Iruka frowned slightly, he too could hear the different tone in the voice behind the mask.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

Kakashi couldn't say. Instead, his hands formed the seal for making the room pitch black. For a second Iruka tensed up, ever so slightly, but when Kakashi's mouth found his, without the ANBU mask or the black face mask, the brunette moaned happily into his kiss and relaxed completely.

They made out like it was the air they had missed while drowning, like it was a lifeline they both desperately needed.


Kakashi groaned and broke the kiss. He didn't know how deep this would go. He didn't know these emotions, these instincts. But he knew he needed something.

He started to kiss all over the brunettes' body, for the first time tasting, and truly, really, tasting the other man, and he could not get enough. Iruka was twitching and trashing under Kakashi as his mouth explored the lithe body under him.

He found Iruka's hard cock, and dove down on it. Iruka's cries of pleasure were music to his ears, and the taste, the wonderful taste, he couldn't stop himself from trying to get more.

Iruka thought he must have died in his sleep and woken to some kind of heavenly dreamworld. In this dream, the masked man who he could not get closer to suddenly advanced on him, and did amazing things to his body that made his entire mind explode with fireworks.

He had never felt pleasure like this, not even during his heat, and he pulled the other man up by his hair and sealed their mouths in another kiss. He could for the first time taste this man, his kiss, his lips, and it was intoxicating.

"Turn around Iruka, I need you, I need you so bad."

Iruka agreed, he needed it too. He turned, and before he was even all the way around, he felt kisses down his back, all the way down to his hole. He had to grab a pillow and push his face down into it to prevent himself from making noises way too loud. He could feel the man, this ANBU soldier, licking and stroking his hole, tasting him.

"Please, hurry…" His body knew what he needed, and it seemed the other man agreed as well, as he lined himself up and pushed in. Iruka groaned, his ANBU hissed in pleasure as they joined once again.

He could feel a hand place itself next to his head as the man leaned forward and started to thrust, his breath burning hot against the back of Iruka's neck, and he shivered.

"Ah, Iruka, damn…..fuck…. it's so good."

Iruka agreed. He was pushing back against the thrusts, meeting the other man with each and every one.

But it was when his ANBU started to lick his neck that Iruka realized what was happening. He wasn't in heat, but they were both clearly in a rutt.

Moments after realizing this, he could feel the knot of the alpha pushing against him, and even though he knew what would happen if they locked, he pushed back greedily. He wasn't sure if this alpha knew what was happening, but he couldn't organize his thoughts well enough to ask, his mind becoming scrambled like every time they had sex.

All he knew was what he needed. And what he needed right now, was more.

When the knot slipped in and locked them together, and the male behind him whimpered with pleasure, his breath coming out as hard as if he had run for many miles, Iruka did another dirty deed. His arm snuck up, and grabbed the male behind him, pulling him down towards Iruka's neck.

He could feel the cock inside of him swell even more, and as the alpha behind him started to come, he more or less growled, opened his mouth, and bit down on the nape of Iruka's neck.

Iruka's eyes rolled back and his mind went blank with pleasure as their chakra raced together, joined, and formed the mate bond between them.

Kakashi had realized before it happened what was going on, he realized the danger of it as he found himself licking the neck of the omega under him without meaning to do so. He was about to pull back to prevent himself from biting, but then Iruka, sneaky, kinky little Iruka, looped an arm around his neck and pulled him down, forcing his mouth against the omega's skin.

This sneaky, greedy little omega under him, this sexy beast, this wonderful and sexy creature, who more or less begged for his cock, who's body begged to be knotted, who had begged Kakashi to breed him and fill him with his seed…. Who was Kakashi to protest against any of it? He couldn't push back his instincts any longer, in his mind, all he could think and feel was the need for MORE. MORE, MORE, MORE, and Iruka was willingly offering it all to him.

He gave in, let his instincts win completely, just like he had in that clearing, and bit down hard.

Their bond, when it formed, connected to the very center of his soul, and he had never felt so complete before in his life. Warmth flooded every part of him, from his head to this toes and every corner of his mind. The bond was strong, and it vibrated inside of him, almost as if it had a life on its own.

He wasn't entirely sure if he passed out or not from it, he might have, but when he came back to reality, the taste of blood filled his mouth. He panted, trying to process what had just happened, and then it hit him. He had bit Iruka. He, the one male that despite being considered a genius, couldn't find a way for them to be together outside of his uniform, had bit and marked Iruka as his mate.

Part of his mind and soul were ecstatic with joy, the other was overwhelmed with concern.

What if Iruka didn't want him, Kakashi, as his mate? What if it was the ANBU he wanted? Would Iruka be unhappy when or if he figured out it was Kakashi under that mask?

If he didn't want Kakashi as his mate, then Kakashi had just stolen his only chance at forming a mate bond with an alpha.

"Oh god….Iruka, are you ok?" He hurried to put his masks back on and removed the darkening jutsu.

Iruka laid blinking on the bed under him but turned slowly with a wide smile on his face.

"I can feel you in my chest. You're my mate."

Some relief flooded into Kakashi, but the concern wouldn't give in so easily.

"I'm….I didn't…. I can't even give you my name."

Iruka turned completely, looked at him, and tilted his head.

"I know." He smiled at Kakashi, and Kakashi could feel, in his chest, the words of his mate. He could feel Iruka's feelings.

It made him pause, and he had to focus on this new sensation.

Iruka felt happy. Satisfied. Loved perhaps even.

It confused Kakashi. He felt inadequate. He couldn't give his name, or his face to Iruka. He felt like he didn't have the right to do what he just had done. Iruka, sensing his inner panic through their bond, closed the distance between them and laid a hand on his mask, leaning his forehead against Kakashi's mask.

"It's ok. I encouraged you to bite me. I want your bond. I want you."

They embraced, and laid down on the bed together, Iruka held the other male's head to his chest, stroking that soft, soft hair of his mate. His secret ANBU mate.

Well there you have it, hope you all enjoyed and I hope you're keeping yourself safe in these trying times. TBC.