Yaman Kurt


As the dark, rain-filled clouds hid the moon and restricted their sight, 10 people, all on bikes, look up at the blue holograms.









*Bikes straining to go just a little faster and tires leaving marks on the *

At first Yaman Kurt gone as fast as he could and took the lead with ridiculous ease, then he stopped and let his rivals take his spot until he was the last.

He gripped the gas and brake and let his bike THE Silent Thunder roar…

Ashley Williams(1st) Taken Down By Tony Strike(2nd to 1st)!

He let the brake go and was shot forwards like lightning, yet quieter than a puma.

He smoothly closed the distance with the once 9th and now 8th thanks to Tony, and waited a few seconds for him to notice his stalker while taking in his rival. White overly gelled hair, blue lightning striped off-road dirt-bike, it was cheap and slow yet had good maneuver, but its owner was probably the worst person to drive it as he didn't notice Yaman Kurt for the 8 seconds he had been driving next to him. The best thing about light and off-road bikes were their maneuverability, they could be used to run laps around the user and patter them with light shots from every angle without getting hit, or to dodge any attack coming their way.

His rival was so absorbed in the race, in thinking only about how to go faster, that he forgot that this was a Race. Yaman Kurt thought that it was his duty to remind him that.

He slowly lifted his right leg up, placing most of his weight onto his left and then kicked his rival's left tight as hard as he could, which caused his rival to drive out of the race and into the oil barrels where he died a fiery death… Yaman Kurt wondered sure whether his head would liquify or be preserved with the amount of gel he used on it. He wished it was easily combustible though.

Joe Dawson(8th) Taken Down By Yaman Kurt(9th to 8th)!

The guy who was 7th had fallen down and was in the process of getting his bike up. Yaman Kurt extended his right arm and roared to get his attention. His rival looked up just in time to get his clothesline, thankfully Yaman Kurt had the forethought to not move too fast while doing it or else he would have lost an arm… And he had failed to kill him! Yaman Kurt cursed at the missed chance and vowed to use overwhelming force next time. No matter the cost!

Bo Jackon(4th) Taken Down By Diego Moon(5th to 4th)!

Sunny Sheep(2st) Taken Down By Tony Strike(1st)!

The 5th tried to get in front of him to prevent him from moving past him. Yaman Kurt took a moment to calculate before smashing into his back wheel while pressing the brakes, he watched as his rival fell. Yaman Kurt restarted driving, after making sure to turn 6th's head and body into a red paste by driving on top of him. His tires would be cleaned by the rainwater…

Gunther Penguin(5th) Taken Down By Yaman Kurt(6th to 5th)!

Diego Moon(2th) Taken Down By Clair Kent(3rd to 2rd)!

The 3th was holding a chain and tried to counter-attack when he noticed Yaman Kurt was behind him. Yaman Kurt smoothly grabbed the chain and punched his rival, which caused him to lose control and bounce out of the ring, sadly he was still alive and out of his reach, but disqualified which meant out of the picture for this race, maybe in a later race Yaman could get him.

The 2rd was holding onto a bat with nails on it. Yaman Kurt took his time with her, mostly due to his wish to cause mortal harm rather than glancing blows in this race. He wrapped an end of the chain to the back of his bike then wrapped the other end around his rival's neck, she tried to block by putting the bat between her neck and the chain but that only prolonged her death as the nails pierced her skin and she struggled to live while being dragged through the track by her neck.

Clair Kent(2nd) Taken Down By Yaman Kurt(3rd to 2nd)!

Yaman Kurt had to go slowly due to the number of holes Clair and Tony had blasted into their track, he directly understood that Clair had some sort of explosive weapon, most likely a mine, while Tony had a rifle of sorts, yet it didn't have any bullets around so that meant a high tech one.

Then he saw him. Tony Strike.

His bike was a bulky one and seemed to be capable of flight, he was donned in a big suit that seemed to be made to race against tanks rather than bikes… All in all Yaman Kurt could tell that he would be a hard challenge to kill.

As Tony Strike noticed him Yaman Kurt threw the mine he got on the way and saw another challenge from Tony Strike. He had a force field. Tony Strike started shooting at Yaman Kurt with a big rifle, and Yaman Kurt noticed that he was right about his weapon being troublesome as his left arm got hit and started clenching due to the amount of electricity going through it.

After a few minutes of slow speed racing and dodging he was able to control his arm again and decided to approach with caution, which meant aggravating him into showing him all his tricks.

It took 2 laps, which got our 4 lapped race to near the finish, until Yaman Kurt decided that he had learned all his tricks and started planning on a course of action.

He got in front of him and dodged until he spent his clip and then jumped into the force field. It repelled anything not organic so his unarmored state was a benefit but as he was passing through the pain in his pelvis made him remember something. His boxer had semi-organic materials.

Thankfully it wasn't too bad and the force field allowed him in after ripping his boxer, the reason for that most likely due to the water confusing the scanning ability of the force field.

Then he kicked his rival in the face while managing to grab onto the vacant seat left by Tony Strike, who went sailing out of the force field. The motor had some sort of autopilot or something to prevent it from falling, he had learned that after managing to make Tony Strike run over the rival that managed to live through his clothesline.

Then, as he stopped to see whether his rival was dead he found him already up and lifting Silent Thunder, trying to continue the race on HIS bike…

The finishing line was about 250 Meters away, Yaman Kurt knew he could so very easily finish the race as while he had memorized the controls of his enemy, his enemy didn't, but using his another's bike to win a race while someone was on his bike meant exchanging bikes. And the thought of letting that piece of thrash even touching his carefully modified state of the art bike that was Silent Thunder was already bad enough, so he would win this race by default by crushing all opposition!

Like he always did.

He turned the stolen bike around, which was against the rules, but he was Yaman Kurt. As both bikers crossed gazes, Tony Strike's eyes hidden by his blue visor while Yaman Kurt's only protection, his puncture filled boxers, doing nothing to cover his glowering yellow-amber eyes.

Then they both pushed forwards, his rival tapped the side of his helmet which sent alarms flaring through Yaman's head as he didn't see him do anything like that before, but after nothing happened he refocused on his rival and watched him like a hawk to see whether he would try to swerve out of their collision path. He didn't.

Instead, Yaman Kurt noticed that as they closed the distance and he hit a minor bump on the road he couldn't move the handlebars in the slightest, nor could he stop the bike from accelerating. With a start, he realized that the bike had a manual anti-theft mechanism and he could literally feel the smug smirk behind Tony Strike's helmet.

But Yaman Kurt did not want to die like a dog trapped in a speeding car, unable to control anything and just watching as his life moved closer and closer to the end. So he summoned landmines, secured them on the bike so that they would blow it to smithereens when it hits something, threw some more forwards to create a dust cloud and jumped to the left as that was the side Tony Strike favored and flew towards.

He could only hope that he timed it right as he knew there was no way he could be sure, as he flew through the air he once again remembered the reason he was in this job. He simply was an adrenaline junkie of the worst kind.

Then he laughed and summoned as many mines as he could and tossed them at the frozen form of his rival when they were close enough to see past the dust cloud.

They exploded and Yaman Kurt felt himself be punctured by the shrapnel, then the shockwave slowed him down a little but not enough to stop him, then be heated up by the fire and finally hit Tony Strike. He felt his right leg break at the first contact because of the opposing forces even though the mine blast had slowed Tony's forwards motion by a lot.

Thankfully as they tumbled into the road, Yaman Kurt somehow was able to make Tony Strike hit the ground first. As the rolling stopped Yaman Kurt looked up, his vision was worse than blurry and his ears were ringing and every sensory organ he had was telling him that he was in deep shit, as in so close to death that there was no way he could survive without a full body internal organ transplants. Then he heard footsteps and managed to see Tony Strike.

His armor had blown up, he was covered in a skin-tight full body suit and was breathing hard. In his chest was the generator for his suit… He always hated those who augmented themselves with technology…

"You have been a worthy rival, Yaman Kurt… But I was better!" he raised his foot to stop on Yaman's head.

Before the foot could hit him Yaman Kurt used the last of his life force to summon one last super strong mine, directly on his face…

Gamer Over!

In another realm, a fat man by the name of Billy McUseless started cursing loudly, which caused his uncle, whose basement he was living in, to finally have enough to throw him out…