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Sabine set two cups of tea carefully on the table. She dropped a dried jasmine flower on top of each. As the flowers absorbed the water, their fragrance drifted gently into the room. Jasmine, for releasing deep emotions and hidden feelings. With camellia, or specifically, the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis, the tea bush. And in Sabine's experience, talking things out over a cup of tea often did wonders. Her phone chimed in her pocket with an incoming message. Without looking at it, she gave the table a quick once-over, pulled a note out of her pocket and left it between the cups, then nodded to herself and left the room.

Less than a minute later, a grey limo pulled up outside. The driver got out, opened the car door. A sixteen-year-old boy with blonde hair and long legs got out, looking puzzled. "I thought the shoot was at the park?" he said.

His bodyguard shrugged. "It's here", he said, gesturing to the door Sabine had exited only a minute before.

Adrien shrugged back. "OK. Hey, Mari, you ready to see how one of our photoshoots runs?"

"I was born ready!" A girl his age climbed out of the car, almost tripping when her foot caught in a seatbelt. The chauffeur caught her, steadying her upright. She reshuffled the notebook and sketchbook in her arms, and the two of them went inside.

Sabine reappeared out of nowhere and locked the door behind them, then leaned her back against it. "Good to see you again, Guillarme" she said.

There was a yell of surprise from inside.

The chauffeur closed the car door, smiled at her. "Good to see you too". He walked up to the door and leant on it with her. "No offence, but I might be better at holding it in place than you are. Do you need to check the windows?"

There was another yell from inside. Something about "MOTHER! WHAT DO YOU MEAN TALK IT OUT!" The door rattled as someone pushed on it, then thumped on it harder. Around the side, a window squeaked in protest.

She grinned back at him. "Done. They're nailed in."

Two kwamis phased through the wall, grinning. "Guillarme!" Plagg said, nuzzling up to the older man's cheek. Guillarme patted him affectionately. "Hope the boy's treating you well", he said.

"He is", Plagg replied. "Though I appreciate very much you making sure there's a stash of cheese in the car."

"Well, I seem to recall never quite planning well enough on that when I was a teenager", the older man laughed. "Adrien's more conscientious than I ever was – with a much better allowance – but he's still only sixteen."

There was some more thumping and yelling from inside. Sabine pulled a bakery box out of her shoulder bag. "Anyone want a macaron while we wait? If your boy's as stubborn as my girl, this could take a while."

"Yes please, Sabine!" Tikki swooped straight down to the box. "Mmmm. Sugar!"

Guillarme helped himself to three, biting into all three simultaneously while Plagg pulled a face. "How did I ever get such a sweet-tooth as my Chosen?" he said in mock disgust. In response, Guillarme just exaggerated his chewing and apparent delight.

The thumping inside seemed to have stopped. Sabine could just make out the sound of a teacup on a saucer. She smiled. Maybe these two were finally talking to each other. About time. By the looks of it, Guillarme was thinking exactly the same thing.

"Do you ever miss it?" she said to him quietly.

"Sometimes", he said honestly. "Racing through the night, saving people, feeling like you're on top of the world." He sighed. "It'd be nice to feel that again. But I don't miss the rest." Sabine knew he was talking about the injuries. She'd patched him up often enough in her time working for Master Fu. She also knew he was lying about not missing anything – or anyone – else.

They both looked off into the distance, remembering a lady they'd lost. Plagg burrowed into his former Chosen's hair, reassuring.

"Still", he shrugged. "It's good to be here. Helping. Completes the circle."

Sabine nodded.

They settled in to wait.