Chloe woke up with a warmth that she's not used to. She tried to move her arms but something is blocking it, she tried to move her legs but it seemed tangled with something and when she tried to move her body, she felt a weight that she's not suppose to feel.

She's laying on her side and when she opened her eyes the first thing she noticed was the soft steady breaths on the back of her neck. A warm body behind her that she snuggled closer into as she enjoyed the warmth that it brings. She felt arms around her waist and a hand intertwined with hers on top of her stomach. Her legs was tangled with a different set of legs like it was perfectly woven because of how comfortable she still feels despite their position.

Chloe enjoyed the feeling for a bit, closing her eyes again and even pulling the arms around her tighter. It took her a minute to realize that no one is suppose to be spooning her, her son can't do it and most certainly Beca won't do it. Then it hit her that Aubrey fell asleep in their bed last night. Her eyes shot open and when she looked down, she saw pale arms that makes the perfect contrast against her skin is around her. Tone pale legs that could go on forever and the smoothness that could rival a baby's skin.

She gasped quietly and panic started to rise within her, Joshua was suppose to be on the middle. Her shoulders tensed and the feeling of warmth earlier was replaced by uneasiness. The body behind her pulled her closer and Chloe felt Aubrey's front against her back and her body betrays her. She felt her stomach drop and a sensation started to act up in her core.

She took a deep breath, she shouldn't be panicking and most of all she shouldn't be aroused at this time. Her limbs was her first agenda, she carefully pulled her legs from under Aubrey's long ones. The feeling of Aubrey's skin against hers shoot up her arousal and she has to stop for a few times to regain control over her body.

She gently uncurled their hands, long manicured fingers of the blonde easily slipped out of hers. She got a grip on Aubrey's wrist and slowly lifted it up and away from her torso. She took a deep breath before totally removing herself from the blonde. Aubrey didn't move and the redhead was relieved that she didn't wake her up.

She quietly slipped out of the room and heard sounds from the living room. She saw the television was on and when she looked over the couch, her son was sitting there with a bowl of cereals on his hand. All the events of earlier went back to the back of her mind.

"Oh hey, Chlo!" Beca entered the room coming from the kitchen, holding a bowl of what Chloe assumes of cereals too. Joshua got his fascination for cereals from his Aunt Beca.

"Hey!" She said before sitting beside her son who looked well rested and happy. "Hey, Baby" She feels him up to check if he still have even the slightest fever and was relieved that he's fever free.

"Hey Mommy! Good morning!"

"How was your sleep?" It was Beca who asked, her son already zoned them out because he's watching his favorite cartoons. She was wearing a smirk like she knew something that Chloe didn't.

"It was fine" she replied innocently. The memories of how she woke up earlier came back to her and she tried to stop the smile that's forming on her lips. Before the initial shock of their position, Chloe knew she longed to be held like that for a long time. It was their usual sleeping position and how funny that after two years of being separated, they easily fell back into it. Like their bodies automatically looks for each other when they're on the same bed.

"Warm and comfy?" Beca asked with a teasing tone and interrupting her thoughts. Chloe suspected that Beca might have seen their positions that's why she's being an ass early in the morning.

"To be honest, Yes. I haven't slept that good for a long time." Chloe admitted the truth and Beca's smirk fell and a soft smile replaced it. It was a knowing smile that she knows Chloe is telling the truth. She gave her a thoughtful nod as a sign of surrender.

"Good to know" she said before paying attention to the tv in front of them. Beca left her and her thoughts alone until Chloe heard a faint sound of a door opening and closing again. Aubrey must have woken up and all of a sudden she felt giddy to see the blonde. She waited for awhile but when she didn't hear her come to the living room, she was kind of disappointed.

"Hey Bud, have you asked your mommy for permission on what we want to do later?" She heard Beca talked to her son and interrupted her sulking thoughts.

"Oh wait!" He gasped then faced his mommy with a wide grin on his face. "Mommy, Aunt B wants us to go to the big play park later with Bella and Aunt Stacie. Can we go?" He asked with a pleading tone and puppy eyes. Yeah, that's one of Stacie's surprises when she came back to the city, she came back with a two year old baby girl, Bella Conrad. She's almost the same age as Joshua but the kid is a genius, she skipped first grade that is why her and Joshua are not classmates.

Her eyebrows shot up at Beca who was apparently trying not to look at Chloe. When did Beca and Stacie became a thing? And is she using her son to get to their friend? Chloe laughed at the situation before her, Beca has a lot to tell her before she even allows Joshua to go with her. She grinned at her plan to make Beca fess up about her and Stacie.

"Oh, let me talk to Auntie B first okay?" She asked, her excitement bubbling inside of her. Joshua nods and told Beca what she said as if she's not sitting right beside them. Beca finally looked up with a guilty look on her face and Chloe's smirk grew wider. She tipped her head towards the kitchen and Beca who's head was hung in defeat wordlessly went to the kitchen.

"When did you and Stacie started dating?" She went straight to the point as she reached the kitchen. She didn't even wait for Beca to face her before she dropped her question.

"Woah, Calm your pits, Red" she turned and Chloe noticed her cheeks were redder than the usual. She has a hint that Beca might still be on the fence if she really wanted to be with Stacie. "We're not dating. I just asked-,"

"YOU asked her out?!" She exclaimed at Beca in a louder tone than she intended. She was just overloading with new information because a few days ago, Beca was adamant in not dating because of her job.

"Well, Yeah, It was just the first time I saw her again and I thought maybe we could catch up" Beca shrugged, trying her best to look and act cool, but Chloe can see through her best friend; this is more than just catching up.

"When?" Was the short question of Chloe to her friend. She's practically bouncing with excitement for her.

"Excuse me?"

"When did you asked her out?" She elaborated the question, she realized she was too vague at her question.

"Well, we had coffee last Sunday after I went home from the hospital" Beca admitted and Chloe squealed then excitedly engulfed Beca with a hug. It was rare for Beca to really reach out to someone if she's not interested in them.

"Chloe,- can't.. breath" Beca struggled, she didn't realized that her hug was too tight. She quickly let her go and waited to hear the rest of the story.

"So yeah, after we had coffee and talked for a while but she was needed in the hospital so we exchanged numbers then started texting," she raised her finger in warning, "and before you tackle me again, Yes, we've been texting since then and today is her rest day so we decided to meet but she can't leave Bella so I suggested that I could bring Joshua so she could have a playmate." After Beca finished her statement, Chloe tackled her again.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're dating Stacie!" She exclaimed after she lets Beca go, she's a little out of breath because of excitement.

"Chloe, we're not really dating, we just agreed to meet and catch up,-" she stopped mid sentence as if she realized something "oh shoot! It's a date isn't?" She said more to herself rather than the redhead who nods her head enthusiastically.

"So do you like her?" Chloe asked, her grin never left her face. It was really the first time that Beca saw Stacie since their schedule didn't really sync with each other. Every time Beca is back home, it would be short and spontaneous visit and Stacie would be swamp in the hospital. Between being an on call doctor and a mother, Stacie don't really have the liberty to go out of her way without scheduling a get together months ahead. That is why it was really the first time that they've seen each other when Joshua was rushed to the hospital.

"To be honest, I don't know yet. We're friends, Chloe and yes she's gorgeous and smart but I can't just assume that we like each other that way. Our situation is a little bit complicated than that," Beca grimaced at the end and Chloe perfectly understands her dilemma.

"Welcome to the club" Chloe shrugged, trying to lighten the mood between them. Beca has always been pessimistic about things in her life, and sometimes she still believes that she's not meant to be happy but Chloe has tried her best to always cheer the brunette up. "Whatever happens, just be yourself Bec. Just like you said, you're friends so you don't have to always keep your best foot forward" Chloe encouraged her friend before giving her one last hug before walking back to the living room.

Aubrey was already sitting beside Joshua when they came out and Chloe almost gasped at how beautiful she looked early in the morning. She has seen her a few times that week in an early state but she looked different now, she looked like she's beaming.

"Good morning girls" she greeted them and looked at Chloe a little longer. The redhead swallowed lightly, the stirring feeling in her stomach was back.

"Hey" it was Beca who answered for them because Chloe felt words were stuck in her tongue. "Uhm, Aubrey, is it okay if I borrow Joshua later? Stacie and I are going to meet" Aubrey's eyebrows shot up as she heard Beca. She and Stacie are going to meet? Since when did that happen? She looked to the redhead beside the fidgeting brunette with a knowing smile and I'll tell you later look on her eyes.

It was the only convincing factor that Aubrey needs to give her permission to their friend. "Okay" Beca looked relieved as she thought Aubrey won't ask anymore questions. "But Beca?" She looked up again at the blonde who's wearing a serious face. "I know where you sleep" she said in a very serious and threatening tone that if Beca didn't knew her friend, she would have been terrified.

"I know, Posen" she playfully scoffed, she knows that Aubrey knows that she loves Joshua so much and won't let anything happen to her. Beca walked back to her room and left the family alone in the living room.

"Hey" Aubrey softly called Chloe out who's still glued at her place. She doesn't know why she looked so awkward all of a sudden. Chloe finally smiled at her and walked to where she and her son was sitting.

"Did you sleep well?" Chloe asked and Aubrey smiled immediately at her. She slept very well after a long time of sleeping alone. She's well rested and refreshed even if they stayed up a little too late.

"Yeah, it was one of the best sleep I ever had in along time" she replied to the redhead. She noticed how Chloe's cheeks flushed pink as she admitted it.

"Me too" Chloe shyly admitted too and Aubrey finds her blushing even more. The blonde just enjoyed her reaction and didn't comment on it, not wanting to make Chloe uncomfortable. They sat in silence, three of them too lazy to do any thing than lay on the couch and watch their son's favorite movie series, Harry Potter. It's was also their favorite movie, they binge watch it whenever both of them are in the mood.

Apparently, Joshua asked Aubrey earlier to put on the movie so he could watch. He started watching it when he was five years old all because Aubrey and Chloe are still watching it. He enjoyed it and before his Mama went away, it was his favorite past time with them.

It has been a long time since Aubrey last watched Harry Potter and it is nice that she got to do it again with Chloe and Joshua. The past week has been nothing but a blissful week for Aubrey, she cherished every moment with her family and enjoyed every family time with them. She felt kind of bad as her mind fast forwards to next week where she has to go back in her empty apartment: no Chloe, no Joshua and no Beca. She will go back to eating meals alone, working on her cases on her own, making coffee on her own, she will be alone again. The thought almost made her cry, she felt her heart being ripped apart as she kept on imagining her life next week.

She felt Joshua tugging her hand that interrupted her thoughts. When she looked down, he was pulling it to rest on his lap together with Chloe's, just like the other night. Leave it to her ex wife and her son to always save her from wallowing on her own. She felt again warm hands on top of hers and it took all her strength not to turn her hand so she could intertwine her hand with Chloe.

She was busy looking at Chloe's profile that she didn't notice Beca entering the living room and clearing her throat to get their attention. "Hey Josh, aren't you going to take a bath yet? We're due at Aunt Stacie in an hour" she asked. She was already in fresh clothes and her hair still wet from bath.

Joshua perked up and asked both his mommies to help him to prepare for his day; his mama helped him take a bath and his mommy prepared his things. It was an experience he enjoyed a lot because he felt extra special as his mommies take care of him.

After an hour, Joshua is ready and they went on their way, leaving Aubrey and Chloe at house alone for the first time. It was Chloe who snapped out of their silence, "so, Lunch?" Aubrey looked at her watch and it was past twelve and just nodded gratefully.

Chloe cooked while Aubrey tried to help as much as Chloe lets her, they're still not talking and the blonde this time was the one to break.

"Chloe?" The redhead just hummed in acknowledgment while cooking. "Uh, do you still remember the favor I was asking?" Aubrey asked hesitantly to her. Her event was this weekend and even if she's working from home, her other senior partners are still reminding her to attend.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, I kind of need the answer. The event is this weekend already." She forgot to mention the date of the event to Chloe and this is the first time that she has mention it.

"What?!" She flinched at the high pitched tone Chloe used. She can't blame her though since she's at fault here. "Why am I hearing this just now?" Chloe walked to stand in front of Aubrey with a hand on her hips. Aubrey ducks her head in shame.

"I'm sorry, I just forgot to mention to you. And with Joshua getting sick it kind of slipped out of my mind" she explained and was grateful that Chloe seemed to accept her explanation.

"Alright, we're gonna go shopping after we eat!" Chloe exclaimed that surprised the blonde because does that mean Chloe already accepts her invitation?

"We? Are you coming with me to the event?" She asked excitedly at Chloe. The women before her nodded sheepishly, finally giving her consent. Aubrey sighed in relief and went around the table to get to Chloe and engulf her into a big hug. She was not one for hugs before but being with Chloe, she has learned to put her walls down when it comes to the redhead.

Chloe's breath hitched at the contact and Aubrey felt something within her. She felt Chloe's arms wounded up around her waist and pulled her closer. She felt Chloe nuzzled against the crook of her neck and she relaxed, pulled Chloe closer to her. This is the most intimate contact they've made in years on their own. Aubrey don't know what changed but Chloe has always been more touchy between them.

Aubrey slowly lets her go but mid way Chloe looked up and their eyes met. Aubrey made the mistake of looking down on her lips, now she can't look away. Chloe's lips was slightly parted, small breaths puffing out, and she suddenly nipped her lower lip and Aubrey's stomach dropped. It always drives her crazy when she does that and she always had her way with her when they were still together. But right now, it still has the same effect on her, maybe doubled since it has been so long but they're no longer together.

She's having an inner battle to go for it or respect Chloe's personal space. It seemed to Aubrey that Chloe's also having the same dilemma since she looked conflicted as well. She can see the battle in her eyes that she wants it too, whatever it is that they both want. Aubrey can feel the urging within her, the strong pull like a magnet towards Chloe, well, towards her lips.

She looked at her blue eyes as last attempt to stop if she doesn't want this but she saw her lightly nod and it was all she needed to go for it.

The moment their lips touched, both of them inhaled as if they were burned by each other. Then it was Aubrey who first moved and kissed Chloe's lips, it was tentative at first, still unsure if Chloe wants it. She opened her eyes and Chloe's was closed and she started to feel her move against her lips. Aubrey made a soft moan with how good it felt, how her body felt on fire and Chloe's lips keep on igniting the fire.

She felt Chloe's hand moved at the back of her neck and run her fingers through her hair, it was Aubrey's personal favorite hold of Chloe. It was tender and soft, she feel so much of Chloe's love as she holds her. She focused on kissing the redhead, she savored her taste; sweet and tangy, distinctly Chloe. It has been so long and Aubrey felt like crying as she pulled Chloe closer to her, she nipped at Chloe's lower lip that earned her a small whimper and Aubrey liked it, liked it very much that's why she continued doing it.

She licks Chloe's lower lip, asking for entrance and quickly granted an access. Both of them moaned this time, Aubrey smirked knowing Chloe's enjoying it as much as she did. Aubrey ran her hand through Chloe's back and the woman arched in her hands. Their tongues dueled and Aubrey felt like melting on her knees, she forgot how good it feels to be with Chloe like this.

She was about to lift Chloe up to the kitchen counter when they smell something burning. "Oh shit!" Chloe exclaimed and disentangle herself from the blonde and ran towards the burning pan. Aubrey's catching her breath while Chloe frantically held the hot pan and burnt herself. "Aaww! Crap!" She cursed again and quickly put her hand under a running water.

Aubrey recovered and saw what happened to Chloe, she went to the fridge and got some ice and put it in a towel and reached out for Chloe's hand. She gently placed the ice on top of the burnt part and Chloe hissed in pain.

"I'm sorry," Aubrey mumbled and for awhile Chloe forgot the pain as she focus again to the blonde in front of her. Her breath hitched but not because of pain but because of how divine Aubrey looked as she hovers above her burnt hand. Her swollen lips and messy hair, ragged breathing and slightly shaking hands. She did that to her, she caused that bliss on her face that she's wearing, it almost made her want to kiss her again.

Aubrey applied a little harder and it brought Chloe back to reality. Reality of what had just happened between her and her ex wife, her EX WIFE. She also don't know how it happened, one moment they were talking and the next they're kissing. Like full lip lock that might have been more if their food didn't not burn.

"Ooppss. I guess we have to just eat before we go shopping" she shrugged and tried to grin but hissed again as she felt the sting of burn. Aubrey just shook her head lightly and gave her an unamused smile.

"You should be careful next time" Aubrey reminded her. She missed this Aubrey, her Aubrey who's not guarded but caring and so carefree. Despite the loss of control that she displayed she's not freaking out. She feels so comfortable before the blonde again that it almost terrified her that past feelings for the blonde is recurring.

"Yeah, we were pretty preoccupied ealier, so" she shrugged and Chloe saw a flush of pink on the blonde's cheeks. She knew Aubrey wanted to talk about it but she kind of not ready yet, just wanting to savor the moment before the truth will crash it.

"Come on, get ready, we're going out!" Chloe encouraged Aubrey as she put the pan away and walks back to her room.

"Uh, Chloe?" Aubrey was glued on her face, still unsure and Chloe felt a little bad that the blonde is conflicted.

"I know Aubrey. We can talk while we eat, okay?" Chloe assured her and it was enough for Aubrey to relax and finally move out of her place and back to their room.